21 Day Fix vs Insanity vs Insanity Asylum vs Insanity Asylum Vol 2

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21 Day Fix

Fitness and nutrition expert Autumn Calabrese has created 21 Day Fix, a fitness program that helps you lose weight up to 10 lbs or more and shape up in just 21 days. This is a combination of a simple 30-minute workout session and portion control eating plan that is easy to follow and continue. 21 Day Fix includes a 7-day workout program that includes cardio, cardio with weights, resistance for upper body, toning of lower body, yoga and pilates. 21 Day Fix motivates people to take time out for exercise since the session lasts just 30 minutes. It works for all kinds of exercisers –newbies, seasoned exercisers and seniors. The nutritional plan of 21 Day Fix doesn’t need counting of calories or carbs. It has color-coded containers for fruits, vegetables, oils and seeds, cheese and healthy fat, proteins, carbohydrates and drinks. If the food fits into the container then you can eat it.


Insanity is a 60-day body transformation workout system in a DVD format that gives you a year’s worth of results in just 60 days, that too at home. Created by Shaun T it is meant to be a very tough regime that helps you lose anywhere between 30-90 lbs in just 60 days. Insanity does not require any weights, equipment or going to the gym and is a 45 minutes a day, six days a week routine session that people of any size and shape and anyone from a stay at home mom, student, soldier, doctors or anyone hard pressed for time can do to get an insanely sculpted body. Insanity used Max Interval Training where you exercise in 3-5 minutes block continuously without a break so that your body adapts to working at maximum capacity. Insanity includes plyometrics for legs and glutes, upper body resistance, cardio for fat burning, cardio abs, and recovery.


Insanity Asylum

Insanity Asylum is a state-of-the-art training program that is used by professional athletes and can give you months or years of results in just 30 days. Former track star runner Shaun T has designed this program with Athletic Matrix, which uses dynamic multidirectional exercises taking cue from actual movement patterns of professional sportsmen.

Insanity Asylum has six levels of pro workouts. Speed & Agility has intense cardio drills to burn fats and train your body to become fast and agile. Strength has resistance training to get strongest physique. Vertical Plyo makes the lower-body explosive with vertical jumps. Game Day improves athletic skills, Relief features athletic stretch session to increase flexibility and promote long and lean muscle development. Back to Core gives you a strong core and back to push you beyond limits. Insanity Asylum also includes Agility Ladder, Speed Rope, Workout Calendar, Nutritional Plan and the Game Day to give you 30-day total body transformation plan.

Insanity Asylum Vol 2

Insanity Asylum Vol 2 is the follow up of Shaun T’s 30-day Insanity Volume that increases your speed, agility and power with athletic matrix. Insanity Asylum Vol 2 is the next 30-day training program that features 7 new workouts to make your body leaner, stronger and faster. It has X Trainer test to challenge your mind and body on every level – strength, power, agility and speed. Upper Elite has training sets to shape your shoulders, chest, back, biceps and triceps. Ab Shredder has toughest midsection shred moves. Power Legs recruits maximum muscle and targets the lower body.

Back & 6 Pack features a 360-degree workout to build a lean and strong center by working your back and abs together at a high level. Championship + Fit Test takes Game Day of Volume 1 to the next level where Shaun T tests you at the end. Off-Day Stretch is a stretch routine to improve flexibility and Agility Tutorial for agility moves.


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