Yellowstone National Park 2 Dollar Bill Review

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Genuine Two Dollar ($2) bills are now being issued with the theme of America’s national parks printed on them. These bills are printed in color, for the first time glorifying national parks. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire the first Two Dollar bills honoring America’s national parks. Yellowstone is the world’s first national park. The historic, privately enhanced genuine Two Dollar bill is now available to the American public with the incredible Yellowstone theme.


The Two Dollar bill is exquisite and detailed with images of Thomas Jefferson’s striking portrait brilliantly framed in gold as well as the Old Faithful geyser gushing forth in all its glory. The reverse of the bill captures one of the most important events in American History—the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The legal tender status of each bill is attested by official seals from the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury.

Among U.S. currencies, the Two Dollar bill is by far the rarest. The New England mint is now offering these crisp, uncirculated bills to the American public, who are rushing to get the new Genuine Yellowstone Two Dollar bills. Get 4 breathtaking photos and a certificate of authenticity with each Two Dollar bill.



What do I get?

  • Yellowstone National Park $2 Bill
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • FREE Grand Canyon National Park $2 Bill



Reviews and Complaints
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83 thoughts on “Yellowstone National Park 2 Dollar Bill Review

  1. It’s about time someone did something about fake review sites that are all over the Internet today. I wish there was some kind of an official place where one could complain about them. I am really aggrieved because I went looking for reviews about Yellowstone National Park 2 Dollar Bill and I was sent to different pages that were trying to sell me the product. This experience was repeated over and over again till I found your site. I am not looking at any other site from now on because they are clearly put up by manufacturers who say amazing things about the product. But who can tell me about the cons of a product? Who can lead me to different options when it comes to these products? Isn’t that supposed to be the job of review sites as well?

    • Yes you are absolutely right and that’s what genuine review sites do. It’s also the job of search engines to keep track of these fake review sites and do something about them. But since it hasn’t worked out that way, manufacturers have become completely blasé and are using this to their benefit. Affiliate marketers make their money by hosting these sites and it’s users like you who suffer in the bargain. This nuisance is quite common today, and more and more people should be becoming aware of it and looking for only genuine review sites.

  2. To everyone who bought this product: OF COURSE you are going to receive tons of shoddy offers afterwards! I’m sure that the company that sells these bills believes (as do I) that anyone stupid enough to pay 10 bucks for a 2 dollar bill is a fool and will buy anything.

  3. I got the two bills I ordered in pretty quick fashion which surprised me . They did arrive together and one shipping cost was encountered . But the thing that really chapped my hyde was the endless loop of offers at the end of the order process wherein there is no “live” person ever to speak with so they got you between a rock and a hard place . It appears that if you hang up and don’t “decline” each offer individually you could end up returning things that you never said “NO” to which in my book it tricky and very low class . Its pathetic that it took me nearly 45 full minutes as registered on my cordless phone to finalize the sale and decline every offer –as they don’t allow you to complete the order unless you listen to the endless sales pitch from a machine . This is Washington D.C for ya –the Place where OUR great legislators get yo legally use non-public information to execute stock trades to stuff their bank accounts . You see to you and I it would be called “insider trading” but to them its an “entitlement” and its a HUGE conflict of interest . They will never pass a law to stop it because they are getting rich on it –enjoy your 2$ bills they soon will be worth nothing.

  4. I received these and did not order, this is a scam unless someone contacts me I am turning it over to Law enforments and our local TV station that goes after scammers. I do not want these and I will not pay a penny for them.

  5. Shipping is so freaking outrageous. They charged me 25 bucks. I ordered more than one bill and they charged for a different shipping on each item. I’m no genius or scientist, but can’t they just ship it all together??? And if you order, don’t press on any of those offers at the end, cause I accidentally pressed “yes” instead of “no thanks” and I got charged and extra thirty bucks and they don’t give you a chance to edit or change to order in any way.

  6. I ordered the $2 bill, $10.00 for the Bill and $11.90 for the shipping and handling and received it about a month later, I’m not sure what happened to some of you.

    I did mine online at the website and everything went pretty smoothly.
    I am however a little concerned about their follow-up call on 3 offers they provided me which includes $100 gas voucher, $25 AMEX gift card, and $40 visa gift card, they asked for my whole credit card number, and charged $1 for each offer for the trial period. I took my chances since passing on $165 for $3 was a little hard to pass on. I’ll let you all know what happens

  7. 1st of all I did purchase some of these 2 dollar bills. 2nd they are legal bank notes. 3rd. They were not designed for to be used like a dollar bill, in fact they are collectors items. 4th most of you are just jealous cause you don’t have them. 5th some of you just need to get a damn life. 6th in 10 years the 2 dollar bills in mint condition will be worth thousands to collectors. 7th they are not illegal cause all the company did was air brush them in gold and metal flake dust. 8th the company did not change the face value or make changes to the currency so they are 100% legal in all ways. 9th I had no problem ordering them and have never been charged any hidden charges at all, so if you ordered them and got charged extra money than obviously you dint pay attention to the directions on the phone when you ordered them.

  8. This isn’t a scam. Everyone saying this is a scam, didn’t read when they were clicking on the website. Yes, the way they made the site and how you order, made it seem like a scam but its not. You have to read everything that pops up after you place the order because if you don’t, they charge you for other stuff. I ordered it when I first saw it on tv, and total I paid for it was only around $20 because I ordered the case for it. I got it today and its nothing really special. It’s just a color overlay on the $2 bills. It’s just something nice to collect.

  9. Ordered ONE $2 Bill plus free 2nd bill, total for bills and shipping would have been $14. When on-line order was placed there was no final ‘confirmation’ page to review the order, it automatically went through. I fell off my chair when I saw that the amount ordered was $235.85!!!!! Somehow an extra “item” was added that I did NOT order. Called company, got same B.S. as everyone else did that the order had not “processed” yet and that I would need to keep calling until it did. HOW can such CROOKS be allowed to advertise on national television?

  10. is a TOTAL SCAM. They ask for your credit card information right up front. They never confirm the order, they just send you a receipt via email with no information but what you entered for your information and what they are going to charge you ($153.45 for products and $32.75 for shipping). Looked at the website on 1/7/11 and received an email the same day for charges of $186.20. Called to cancel. Was told to wait for 36 hours for order to process before they could cancel. Checked back DAILY on with nothing showing to allow me to cancel the order. When I called I kept being told it has not processed yet and they could not do anything. I was hoping it got lost in the process somewhere but finally on 2/4/11 (nearly a month later) the order showed on I called to cancel immediately and was told the order had already shipped! I asked for my money back and to cancel the order. rep said that I would have to tell the mailman I refuse the order? They said they would process my refund (we will see if that happens). I have already called the credit card company and canceled my card. Will have to fill out fraud paperwork to get my money back if refund does not happen on end which I am suspecting will not happen. What a pain just for looking on a website to see if there was something worth purchasing! Never again!

  11. DO NOT buy this! It’s a scam. They will charge you the moment after your credit card info is in and it’s for a hundred bucks, not 10 then you call and they say it’s been shipped. Scam!

  12. I ordered one National Parks $2 bill for $10 with folio, another one added Free. Total $14.00. The website video screamed several times to “call,” but no phone number was given. Total price unknown.

    Several more screens offered more ordering WITH NO TOTAL PRICE OF EACH GIVEN. Finally, when I was allowed to see the total bill it was $173. Then a customer service phone number was given. I received an email confirmation email WITH NO CONFIRMATION NUMBER OR CODE.

    Five business days later, Customer service has not found my order. I have an automatic payment due on my card, which will cause me bounced checks. TOO BAD – CALL LATER.

  13. The TV ad and some online ads state that the geyser on the left side of the bill is Old Faithful. This is NOT correct! The image is that of Castle Geyser, about a half-mile from Old Faithful.

    I would not purchase one of these sets if I were you. The concept is cheesy, and the shipping charges are utterly outrageous. This company is trolling for suckers, and that’s what you’ll be if you buy a set of these bills, even though it’s perfectly legal to do what they’re doing.

  14. This online company is a scam. I called right away to cancel the order, and first they told me to call back in several hours because my order is not in the system yet, then when I called after 2.5 hours, they told me the order already shipped. and told me to return after I get them, but minus Shipping, which is $36!

    ParkBills.TV website is VERY deceiving too, and WITHOUT a confirmation page before finalize the order.

    I think I will dispute the order with my credit company

  15. The ParkBills.TV site never gave you a chance to see the shipping and handling, so I figured I would find out on the order summary. Well after clicking through about 15 other side “deals” I found out that there was no order summary. $11.90 shipping and handling for 2 pieces of paper? This site reminded me of one of those movie clubs or something. Stick to eBay and leave these crooks alone.

  16. These bills are made by a private company. They’re similar to those with Santa’s face on it that you can buy at Christmas time. I am wary when I see or hear, just pay separate postage and handling. This is a red flag that you may have a scam going on or you end up paying $100 for the separate postage and handling. I am also wary when you try to contact them but the line is constantly busy. How much are they worth? Like anything else, its what someone will pay for it. You can have a Mickey Mantle rookie card. if all someone will pay for it is $2.00, then your card is worth $2.00. The value is not what someone puts in a book or magazine. Those prices are a guide only. I collect paper money and I would like to have one of these, but Im not taking the chance at ordering them for $10 and end up paying a bazillion dollars in headaches and disappointments. I see many things advertised on TV. Chia Pet, Snuggie, Saveablade, and many more. When I research, I see so many sad tales of scams and ripoffs. If my local Walgreens or Walmart sells it, that is where I buy it. I also learn to RTFM. (Read the F’ing Manual) Many people buy something without reading the instructions. If Walmart sells these bills I will buy one, but I wont buy one from their website. Caveat Emptor.

  17. When I first saw these $2 Bille, I thought they were really cool looking. I went on the website and ordered them. Then I got caught up in the extras and assumed if I clicked “add to cart” that it would let me edit my cart before submitting. However, my total was $52.80 and charged to my credit card without my confirmation. I was fine with it because I had the money on the card anyways. Now I went and checked my card statement and it says that they only took out $25+. I don’t know where this amount comes from. After reading these reviews, I am really nervous about this purchase. I know these bills are not printed by the government, and I didn’t plan on spending/selling them for profit, but just thought they would look nice in my collection. Hopefully everything is straightened up before I have to call.

  18. I guess they didn’t deface it to bad. Ask yourself, if you only had $2 left in the world, would you want that crap? You would be lucky if someone would even give you a pint of water for it. Looks fake to me, I would want two singles that anyone knows is the real deal. Good luck with in my opinion is defaced unless maybe the coloring is water colors that removes when it gets a little wet. Right now though I am offering everyone $1 each for the ones they are stuck with.

  19. All,

    If you have mistakenly ordered unwanted bills from the the National Parks, you can cancel them if you have your order number by visiting the website:

    Michael, a very nice and helpful rep on the customer service line, provided me the information and I thought I would pass it along. Michael noted that it takes the website a few hours to download the information from the ordering site, so please give it a few hours before trying. Good luck!

  20. Well if I knew that this was just 2 DOLLAR bills with added ink to it, I would have not bought it. They honestly made me believe it was government printed.

    But everybody is right they try to scam me when I ordered my bills. My total came back to $256.00. It took me a whole week to finally get that corrected, after days of busy phone lines etc.

  21. Sounds like the real scam is the additional items they manage to add to your cart before checkout. The $2 bills are nice looking but they still need to be investigated for the other scamming.

  22. I have been trying to contact them all day via their customer service number. They processed by order without asking me to confirm if it was correct and are trying to charge me $50.00 for a few $2 bills. Everytime I call their customer service number it just beeps and says “All circuits are busy”. I’m sure they will continue to be busy until after they have shipped my order and I can no longer receive my shipping expenses back. I have documented all calls so I am going to give them a couple more orders before I call my credit card company and refuse the entire purchase price and cancel the order all together. Which is a same because I would love to have the bills.

  23. Company is a rip off not because of the colorization but because they do not return your money even after you send back their product. This site should list people to contact so action could be taken in what amounts to wire fraud and why are these commercials still being allowed to air.

  24. Someone took down my informative post about this company… They are selling Counterfeit Money!!!! I reported them to the US Treasury and FBI. It is illegal to DEFACE FEDERAL MONIES.. There for they can not sell you authentic money!

  25. I would like to point out to anyone considering buying these bills something. it is a violation to alter any U.S. money. therefore if you buy one of these bills then you are buying currency that is no longer any good. it is the department of the treasury policy to destroy any money that has been defaced. so if you think about it these altered bills have a value of nothing. in the case that these are not altered bills but printed by the mint then they are in fact counterfeit bills. either way I would not waste my hard earned money at a 500% mark up on a bill just because it has a picture of a national park on if. if you really want a picture of a nation park google it and print it yourself you will save about $9.99 per picture.

    • A private company. In the advertising they refer to “the New England Mint” but if you know anything about the U.S. Mint system, there is not a mint in New England (they are in Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and West Point New York). Plus, mints “mint” coins, they do not print the U.S. paper currency. The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing prints the paper currency.

    • It’s just a $2 bill that has been defaced by a private company. There is no intrinsic value at all, just a$2 with some fancy ink on it.

  26. The government cannot legally sell money at more than face value. And technically this company is not allowed to either. So what they do is charge you for the folder display that includes the money.

    Also I highly doubt they’ll ever be worth more than the $2 they’re really worth. There has to be a market for these first. Even with the small quantities they’ve probably already sold, there’s a perceived value but not a real value. They’re only worth what some idiot is going to pay for them.

    And last but not least, what’s to keep a scam company like this from printing their own amount on the side to attempt to drive the value up? It’s no different than insider trading.

    My advice, don’t purchase them.

  27. Correction of my previous note. President Theodore Roosevelt made the Grand Canyon a National Monument. It was President Woodrow Wilson who made the Grand Canyon a National Park in 1918.

  28. The reason President Thomas Jefferson’s Portrait is on these two dollar bills is because he bought the territory from Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of France as the Louisiana Purchase. A hundred years later President Theodore Roosevelt explored and recognized these wonders of the United States as National Treasures and made them US National Parks. One man’s vision and another man’s visual wonder made these two US National Parks as treasures to be maintain for posterity.

  29. Well, I just ordered these, because I have $15 dollars left on a Visa gift card that is making it impossible to properly close my wallet, and it is literally a pain in my ass. LOL… Anyways… after you give your info, they send you through these hoops, would you like 5 more of these ones, how about these ones, how about 12 quarters for $10 (there’s a good deal), state $2 bills, etc. anyway… there is a huge “ADD IT” Button… and very close, below that is a tiny “no thanks” button… and apparently I hit a button to add a Delaware bill as well as my home state, and my bill came to $52, and there is no confirming it, you click their stupid options and BOOM, order processed… honestly, I hope their scam costs them and that I get all this stuff for the balance on this gift card, if not I will gladly take my money back and go buy a DVD… these bills are cool, whether they end up being valuable or not, I have a bunch of $2 bills, and these will be a cool addition, but this company is slimey to say the least.

  30. Colorizing legal tender is also called de-facing, and should be illegal. This is a scam – you’re paying more than anyone will offer you for these bills. This means they’re a waste of money.

  31. Big scam. Not from the Gov’t. My favorite part is when you scroll to see what else is available, it automatically goes in your cart WITH NO DELETE BUTTON! Don’t Do IT!

    I was lucky enough to cancel my card before they submitted the bogus order. They are crooks!

    • D.D.I. I too called my cc co. and they said the only way to cancel from that side was to get a new card with a new #. I said no, as when I called on Tuesday Sue said for this company that because of the snowstorm of Monday they were closed and it takes an extra day to Wednesday for my cc order on Sat. over the weekend. Ben answered today and he kept the original order as claimed and was nice enough to erase the $62+ for the multiples as you wrote get added automatically – but only for the first batch, and so yes – I agree with you that the co. ought to have a confirmation page at the end to avoid all the calls, in my case me adding another $25.90 for a 2nd set (no multiple discount as suggested) as they are colorful at about $12.50 per $2.00 bill in a folder, to keep one set and trade or give the other one to somebody else, thus $10.00 per note profit to them of 5x the value.

    • No. It’s a private company that has taken regular $2 bills and printed extra things on them. Honestly, it’s a complete gimmick, and not worth your money.

  32. I am shocked that you would put Thomas Jefferson’s photo on these $2 bills. Although not the first U.S. President to recognize that land needed to be set aside for all citizens to enjoy, President Theodore Roosevelt is the first to declare Yellowstone as a National Park. His photo should be on them instead!

    • Yellowstone was made the world’s first national park March 1, 1872. Congress voted, President U.S. Grant signed bill into law. The park grew out of an idea by Cornelius Hedges and supported by many others. It was feared that the area would be spoiled by the same type of tourism excesses of Niagara Falls, which was already becoming the over exploited area it is today.

      Jefferson is on the $2 bill because he formed the Lewis and Clark Expedition sent to explore (and secure) the West for the United States. A member of the L & C corps, John Colter, was the first European-American to explore the Yellowstone area.

  33. ARE YOU PEOPLE REALLY THAT GULLIBLE TO BELIEVE THAT THESE 2 DOLLAR BILLS ARE ISSUED BY THE US GOVT? YES they are REAL money. Colored by a private company to sell for a profit. Are they RARE? of course not. Are they SPECIAL? That is up to the purchaser. Are they neat YES! They in no way hide any of the costs involved. Shipping and Handling cost are clearly shown.

  34. I asked the BEP, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, in DC about the bills. The government has nothing to do with the program at all. The bills are simply colored $2 bills. I bought them anyway because they look really cool…

  35. Here’s an e-mail I just sent to them. WHEN it’s corrected I’ll report back to here Monday afternoon 12/27 with a progress report. In the meantime you might CALL instead of CLICK. At least for this site #___ of #__ for this company. “To: affiliates @ offershot dot com

    Dear Sirs:

    Thank you for processing my credit card order (using #_____ MasterCard) of about 1/2 hour ago after seeing the commercial on TV for these colorful $2.00 bills for both Yellowstone and The Grand Canyon, and in the folder for each.

    I agreed to pay for this only, but after pressing the “No thanks” to the next pages somehow the charge for the 5-note pack of Yellowstone in sequential #s was added in at $64.75. Please erase this.

    Next time to call the order by phone 1-877-235-7881 for ANOTHER set once you send me conformation of this being erased, as I would like two sets in total: one to keep and the other to give or trade at the next coin show. OR if you’d like to amend by first to erase the error THEN you MAY add in the 2nd set. I’ll follow-up on Monday morning to the 1-888-326-0978 Customer Service # M-F 9-5 E.T.”

    • They took the legal tender actual U.S. $2 bill and then printed over it with national park images. So, it used to be legal tender!

  36. Order number 1354014 was placed on 12/18/2010 at 06:42:31 PM PST. I want to CANCEL this order. Shipping is outrageous, to charge $5.95 to ship the second $2.00 bill, it doesn’t ost anymore to ship 2 then to shipping 1 bill.

  37. The Yellowstone and Grand Canyon two dollar bills ARE legal tender, absolutely! They are NOT fake money!!! Just like the State Park quarters program that has just begun, and similar to the States quarters program that ended a couple of years ago. In fact, for each State Parks quarter that comes out, there will be the corresponding State Parks two dollar bill. The release schedules may differ, however. As far as scammers, I’m sure they are out there. I would suggest if you want to purchase these bills, go to a reputable internet dealer, like the New England Mint, or wait until you see the TV commercial and buy from there. Indeed, they may not appreciate in value like coins or other rare bills, but they are very cool, none the less, AND ARE legal tender. Who’d want to spend them is another question altogether.

    • They take regular $2 bills and they “colorize” them. As someone else said, if these were really printed like this by the US government, then you could order them straight from your bank. I love how they claim each is individually numbered. OF COURSE they are! Each US bill has a serial number. The company selling this SCAM is simply putting a nice neat colorful border around the serial number on the lower left. Notice the EXACT same serial number in the upper right, that is on all US bills also? This is nothing more than a very elaborate and, granted, well done, color job of a REGULAR $2 US currency bill.

    • These ARE illegal. It is illegal to deface U.S. currency – look it up. These appear to be REAL $2 bills that this company runs through a color printer and adds these ‘scenes’ on them. Any thing like this is defacing and illegal. And NO Chelle, the government is NOT putting one out for each park, this “as seen on TV” business is doing it for profit. The state coins were MINTED by the US Mint. I can’t believe people are so gullible.

      • THESE $2 BILLS ARE REALLY NOT ILLEGAL. If they were to say, add a zero to the right of the 2 and say it’s a twenty dollar bill would be illegal. Defacing is only illegal if your intent is to try and CHANGE the value of the bill or coin. That’s why penny smashing machines are legal, it’s not trying to change the value of the coin.

  38. Yes they are an absolute scam, even though I canceled my order the next day they went ahead and charged my card $96. and ever since they just hang up on me. make sure u file a complaint with the better business bureau. they have over 170 complaints against their company. Mr. Alan Lipset is the name of the company vice president. The actual name of their corporation is Lipenwald. Inc

    • It’s just a regular $2 bill that this private company took and added color to, and then make it sound like some official US mint release. It’s crap….yes it’s a legal tender $2 bill….no the coloring is not official. I could take crayons and color all over a regular $2 bill….and that is essentially what these people have done…albeit they did it very well, as far as I can see. Still doesn’t stop it from being a scam, the way they try to portray it as if this is some officially colored government printing.

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