Sunshine Ingots 1 Troy Ounce Review

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If you wish to purchase silver for a special occasion or for building your collection in silver commemoratives, collectibles, coins, artifacts and articles, consider the immensely trusted Sunshine Ingots from Sunshine Minting. Being a premium precious metals minting facility famed for producing large volumes of excellent quality ingots, bars, coins and other base metal minting products, Sunshine Minting supplies superlative quality Sunshine ingots to you.


Sunshine Ingots 1 Troy Ounce
Sunshine Minting, America’s most trusted and respected source and a chief supplier of ready to be minted silver coin blanks to the United States Government as well as other governments across the world. Its expertise and commitment to silver quality weight and purity is beyond compare, so if you want to buy silver of the greatest quality, purchase Sunshine ingots. Sunshine Minting offers you a great opportunity to be the proud owner of the same superlative quality of silver. Here’s a wonderful opportunity for you to purchase 1 Troy Ounce of Sunshine’s .999 fine silver for just $39.95.

When you receive your Sunshine ingot, please note that it bears the “Silver Eagle” hallmark including its weight and purity designation. Each mint-condition ingot measures 2 inches by 1.1/8 by 3/16 of an edge. If you really pursue purity and class and don’t settle for anything but the best, opt for Sunshine ingots. You’ll really cherish whatever you chisel out of it, be it a collectible or any other article. That explains why Sunshine Minting is trusted and valued by the United States Government and other countries.

Fluctuations in the precious metal market are always volatile, due to which the price keeps changing. So the best course of action is to rely on Sunshine Minting Inc. and place your order for silver soon. Your purchase price is fully protected by Sunshine Minting’s 60-day solid gold money-back guarantee on every product you purchase. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with anything you buy you can return it within 60 days and you will be duly served as per your wish.

Bring home the true splendor and aura of silver, the divine metal for any occasion or simply buy and preserve it for posterity with Sunshine ingots. It’ll be a very wise investment for future indeed!



What do I get?
1 Troy Ounce Sunshine Silver Ingot today for $39.95 + $4 shipping, handling and insurance. Official website

Customer Service Toll-Free: 800.452.4381

Mail: National Collector’s Mint, 8 Slater Street, Port Chester, New York 10573

Fax: 914.935.3321



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