Statue of Liberty Coin Review

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What is Statue of Liberty Coin

It claims to be a commemorative coin that is minted to honor the 125th anniversary of Lady Liberty. The coin is minted by National Collector’s Mint and is a $5 Coin that is struck in solid .24 pure gold. The coin has Lady Liberty and her torch held high with the American flag on the obverse and the Liberty Bell on the reverse.

Honoring Lady Liberty:

Statue of Liberty Coin proclaims to be a great way to follow the torch of freedom and honor Lady Liberty’s 125th anniversary. Note that there are no Statue of Liberty Coin reviews available yet that claims the same. Statue of Liberty Coin promises to be a real commemorative coin that is minted in gold and presented by the famous National Collector’s Mint. Statue of Liberty Coin seems quite fanciful but its claims will be validated once we get to analyse genuine user reviews.

Significant coin:

Statue of Liberty Coin asserts to be the best possible way to honor Lady Liberty who has been a guardian to New York with her raised torch that symbolizes the light of freedom to the world. But is Statue of Liberty Coin really a perfect way of rejoicing the great statue will be verified once Statue of Liberty Coin reviews are out. Statue of Liberty Coin convinces to be of a great value since it is minted with non-circulating Cook Islands legal tender. Due to lack of Statue of Liberty Coin reviews we cannot simply believe upon on all the claims made by it.


Exceptional features:

Statue of Liberty Coin declares to be a $5 coin of 16 mm diameter that is struck in .24 pure gold. The details and artistry by the mint on Statue of Liberty Coin will be attested once it is reviewed. Statue of Liberty Coin alleges that the Cook-Islands legal tender coin comes with different design on both sides. Statue of Liberty Coin states to have the Lady Liberty raising the torch high with an American flag in the background on the obverse. The reverse of Statue of Liberty Coin consists of the famous Liberty Bell to symbolize and offer tribute to the United States of America. How well the designs on both sides of coin are minted? Statue of Liberty Coin reviews will expose the truth. Statue of Liberty Coin guarantees to be permanently engraved with its weight and the pure gold content. This far-fetched claim made by Statue of Liberty Coin will be proved once we receive user reviews. Statue of Liberty Coin maintains to be individually numbered and carry certificate of authenticity. Is Statue of Liberty Coin really worth its price? Send us your Statue of Liberty Coin reviews.

What Do I Get?

  • Purchase one Statue of Liberty Coin today for $99 + $5.95 S&H and insurance, 2 for $198 + $10 S&H + insurance, 3 for $297 + $12.95 S&H + insurance, 4 for $396 + $14 S&H + insurance, 5 for $495 + $15 S&H + insurance.
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  • 2 thoughts on “Statue of Liberty Coin Review

    1. Normally, gold bullion coins say .999 fine gold, about as close as you can get to pure gold, unless it’s minted by the US mint which uses .900 fine gold with a little copper in it to wear better. I’m assuming .24 pure gold means these coins are only 24% “pure” gold with other base metals filling out the rest. A very deceptive practice. This is further evidenced by the low price. You could buy 10 of these 1/10th oz. coins for about $1000. That would be 1 oz total. An ounce of .999 fine gold is around $1250 spot price without any markup. Nobody is selling pure gold for $1000. You would need over 40 of these coins to equal 1 oz. of pure gold. Buyer beware.

    2. What the heck is “.24 pure gold”? Obviously they are trying to confuse people into thinking 24K gold, but what they say is meaningless.

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