St. Gaudens Gold Coin Review

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Who doesn’t like owning a piece of the greatest American history? And if it is something as exquisite as St. Gaudens Gold Coin then you just got to own it and feel proud. St. Gaudens Gold Coin is a Double Eagle Gold Bullion Coin and is among the most beautifully and precisely struck gold coin minted by none other than the renowned sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens in 1907. It is the larges gold coin minted in the US and is made of one ounce of pure 24k gold.

St. Gaudens Gold Coin

One of the greatest Numismatic achievements of the country is so precious that it sold for an unbelievable $3 million at an auction. It may seem like an impossible dream to own this precious coin but you can realize that dream by buying the tribute $50 St. Gaudens Gold Coin, which is layered in more than 40 mg of 0.999 pure 24k gold and proof stuck giving it the sheen and elegance of the original bullion coin. Just like the original gold coin, the tribute $50 St. Gaudens Gold Coin has the statue of Lady Liberty on one side and the bald eagle with an olive branch on the other. And these images are made more exquisite by the mirror like background. These images are a symbol of triumph and peace and will make any true American proud of possessing the part of history.

You do not have to worry about the originality of the bullion gold coin since the 2013 tribute St. Gaudens Gold Coin comes with the certificate of authenticity that confirms that each coin is in deed proof struck, the design is original St Augustus 1907 design and it’s layered in 24mg gold plate. Each order has a strict limit of 10 pieces and with the price of gold sky rocketing the production may stop soon so now is the time to have the piece of this history. The velvet box that St. Gaudens Gold Coin comes in is as beautiful.



What do I get?
Get the St. Gaudens Gold Coin for only $10 plus $6.95 S&H. Official website



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