RMS Titanic Centennial Coin Review

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Are you a coin collector? There’s some fabulous news for you and all the other ardent coin collectors, worldwide! The commemorative Titanic Centennial Coin is being presented by the RMS Titanic Official Steward of the Titanic wreck site and all its artifacts, just for you!


RMS Titanic Centennial Coin

The glittering Titanic Centennial Coin honors all those who sailed in the ill fated RMS Titanic and preserves their legacy. On the 10th of April 1912, around 2,223 passengers sent off joyously on the maiden voyage of the magnificent RMS Titanic, the White Star luxury liner, from Southampton towards their destination, New York. But, just on the fourth day at sea, it tragically collided with an ice berg and sank into the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, 375 miles southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The tragedy cost 1,517 people their life. It was the worst disaster to occur during peace time.

It’s been a hundred years since then, but the Titanic tragedy still lives on in people’s minds, with many movies and books based on this maritime disaster including the successful ‘Titanic’ movie. To commemorative a century since the tragedy, the tribute Titanic Centennial Gold Coin has been released. This beautiful 100th Anniversary, limited edition coin is clad in glittering pure 24 kt gold. The obverse of this exclusive coin showcases the majestic RMS Titanic, at sea, with ‘100th Anniversary’ inscribed above, along with years ‘1912-2012’. ‘Titanic ‘is inscribed below the Titanic portrait. The reverse of the coin has the White Star logo and fleet.

You can now, own a piece of history with the radiant Titanic Centennial Coin! With this purchase you would have also contributed to the preserving of the artifacts and legacy of one of the most beautiful ships that has ever sailed! You will also receive a wonderful Deluxe Display Stand that features a full color portrait of RMS Titanic; the display stand will showcase your gorgeous Titanic Centennial Gold Coin marvelously. Your splendid coin will make for a perfect gift or keepsake; it will make for an heirloom that your future generations will cherish. Your friends and family will love receiving the tribute Titanic Centennial Gold Coin!



What do I get?
Buy the 100th Anniversary Commemorative 24 Carat Gold Clad RMS TITANIC Coin for just $19.95 + $7.95 p/h. Official website www.TheTitanicCoin.com.



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3 thoughts on “RMS Titanic Centennial Coin Review

  1. I still can’t believe people fall for these scams. These coins are sold by the so called “United States Commemorative Gallery”, which doesn’t actually exist. These “proofs” are gold & silver plated, in an extremely thin coating that’s worth 1/100th of the price they’re selling them for. They include a bunch of replica collectibles with your worthless coin purchase and value the whole thing at $190 (in the commercial, on the website it’s valued at $100), yet these same exact “collectibles” were sold at book stores in 1997 when the Titanic movie was released I know, I bought them for a total of $10. SCI Direct LLC, the marketer of these coins has been sued numerous times for false advertising, misleading claims, and credit card fraud. DON’T fall for this scam.

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