Pope Plate Review

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About Pope Plate

Pope Plate states to be a limited edition plate that commemorates the Pope Francis’ first US visit in 2105. Pope Plate claims to let you cherish the prized moment in the history of the US for generations by owning this plate. Pope Plate assures to be plated with 22K gold trim and have an authentic AFC seal along with a certificate to establish its authenticity.

How does it work

To commemorate the Pope Francis’ first ever US visit in 2015, the Pope Plate has been issued on fine porcelain with full-color depiction and 22K gold trim. The plate will be signifying the Pope’s visit to the three cities – Washington DC, New York City and Philadelphia and the owner can be proudly displayed on any desk or table in the house or office and can also be hung on any wall.

Be a part of American history

If you want to be a part of American history, Pope Plate promises to let you do that by owning a plate that commemorates the Pope Francis’ debut visit to the US in 2015. Pope Plate alleges that it commemorates the much-revered Pope’s once in a lifetime three-city tour in New York City, Washington DC and Philadelphia. While millions of citizens are visiting these cities to pay homage to the Pope, Pope Plate guarantees to inspire you with his kind visage and eyes with the full color depiction of his historic visit. Pope Plate also maintains that it is crafted from fine porcelain with great details and has a 22K gold trim adding to its value. It convinces that it will only increase in value given it historical significance and brilliant look.

Hang it on any wall or place it on any desk

Pope Plate declares that its display stand lets you place it on any desk anywhere you want. Whether it’s the display in any curio of your living room, office table or even your library, Pope Plate proclaims that it will add to your décor. Not just desks and tables, Pope Plate claims that the plate can also be hanged on any wall anywhere you like. Pope Plate assures that the issue of the plate is restricted to just 50 firing days and the dye would be destroyed after that.

Guarantee of authenticity

Pope Plate guarantees that it is an authentic issue and for that it bears an Authentic AFC seal and has an Authenticity Certificate. Pope Plate maintains that with this plate the owner can be a proud part of invaluable moment of history for generations to come. Pope Plate states to let you create your own legacy of faith that you can share with your entire family for generations to come.

What Do I Get?

  • You will get Pope Plate for $19.99+ $7.99 P&H.
  • Official website: popeplate.com
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