Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review

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If you are a collector of classic watches, then you are probably looking to add a true gem to your collection. And if you are thinking of gift ideas for your loved ones, then you won’t settle for anything but the best. Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch works brilliantly on both these counts, which is why it has become a huge favourite with people today. This absolutely glorious time piece has great nostalgic value, which adds to its attraction and makes it a stunning collector’s item. And it’s classy and elegant design gives it beautiful charm


Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch
This Sterlington Collection’s Limited Edition watch is nothing less than a collectible time piece and is available to you in both silver and gold tones. And there are many other fantastic design elements that add to its look. For example it has a gorgeous round silver tone bezel, which will simply take your heart away. The case has been intricately cut and so is the back, which will sensuously reveal the skeleton movement and instantly make a mark on everyone around you.

What’s more, this watch comes with a sweet pocket chain and a fob, which will ensure you have time and tradition on your side. If you are going for that classy, elegant look then this watch will be your perfect accomplice. You will undoubtedly wear it with aplomb and will let it have that place of pride in your watch collection as well. You can have it dangling from your vest or let it peek through your coat pocket and get you all the attention you deserve for your classy tastes.

This watch is not just about the looks though and is known for its accurate battery free performance. Before you know it, this watch will have made a place in your heart and your valuable collection. And if you want to bring a smile to the face of your loved one, then you can give it as a present and get brownie points for your magnanimous and thoughtful gesture.



What do I get?
You can buy Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch for $19.99 plus S&H of $6.99 at www.kansascitypocketwatch.com. You can also get the watch in gold tone for $10 extra.


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19 thoughts on “Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review

  1. I have idea what all these insane insults are about the railroad watch. it’s just a cheap replica of a type rumored to have been stolen by Jessie James in a train robbery and returned later. I have one, paid 10 dollars at a local auction for it and have had it over 1 year. By the way it is battery powered and the winding stem is only to set time on the watch. Mine has been running and keeping good time for about a year now. But in conclusion “you get what you pay for” personally I think it looks cool and like it. 🙂

  2. I bought one in a local pharmacy for $9.99, it caught my eye as I was walking out. I’m a rail road buff and have a dedicated room for a large layout that I am working on. I thought it would be a nice piece to display in that room. It’s very light, painted silver, if you pay over $9.99 plus tax, you paid too much, the thing stopped working after a couple of months, I tried to get the battery out to replace it and found that after taking the back off, there is no mechanism/gears, only a plastic cover that is cut out to look like gears and it sticks on. After trying to figure out how to get the battery out without breaking the thing altogether I decided to just display it, it’s that fragile. In all actuality the display tin is worth about the same as the watch and both couldn’t have cost more than $10.00 to produce.

  3. I don’t know where they get the call center workers but they need to look further !! The first one told me 5 different answers to each question and when I said just cancel this order she said OK and hung up..Called to get someone else to try again to order and she was just as bad.. Said I could not order a gold one without first buying a silver one..Can not just buy one .Then went back and forth on the shipping cost and delivery time..Finally I said just cancel it again. This is ludicrous !!!!!!!!After reading these reviews I am glad I cancelled..There better not be any charges to my card!!!

  4. KANSAS CITY POCKET WATCH: Absolutely awful…cheap looking and so light that it may as well be made from thin aluminium/aluminum. The worst part is that these people that sell this item had a promotion stating that you could purchase two watches for $9.98 plus a one time shipping charge for $9.99. So, I went online, made the purchase, received the items in one box. Next thing I know my bank statment showed i was charged $39.96 – which I thought, “okay, maybe I got the shipping amount incorrect”. But then, two days ago I got a brand new charge for $19.98 on my bank statement – 2-3 weeks after receiving the product! I called and they refused to credit telling me I picked the wrong promotion – even though it was the ONLY promotion offered, on both on TV and online. I know I read it correctly both on TV and Online when I made the purchase. So, $59.94 later and an escalatd phone call to the sellers, I finally got a $10 credit. I would never purchase this watch or deal with this company again!

  5. I ordered a Kansas city pocket watch in December 2012, I finally got it after many excuses in march 2013, it is not very accurate, it will lose or gain about two minutes every twenty-four hours, how ever when I ask them to send me a replacement that will keep better time they promptly refunded my money,minus the shipping charge, and charged me five dollars for something I am not sure of what it was for. I got no certificate of authenticity as offered in their advertising. when I inquired about it I got no response.

    • For the price, can you expect anything other than junk? HOW STUPID CAN PEOPLE BE? It’s one scam and swindle after another and people just continue to fall for them. WHAT NEXT? PERHAPS A NEW CADILLAC OR MERCEDES FOR $79.95? OH YES, ORDER TODAY AND GET A SECOND ONE FREE. JUST PAY ADDITIONAL SHIPPING AND HANDLING (probably about $75,000) Yes, P.T. Barnum was right when he said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  6. This is just another “A seen on TV” piece of junk.

    #1 It is NOT nor will it ever be a collector’s item.

    #2 The “Sterling Collection” does NOT exist. It is one of many marketing names used by TELEbrands Inc.

    #3 This stopwatch is NOT endorsed by Kansas City OR The Kansas City Railroad Historical Society.

    #4 They use the words “gold tone” & “silver tone” as a means of manipulation & misrepresentation, common tactics by Telebrands. The “gold tone” & silver tone” they refer to in the ad…..is PAINT!!

  7. Its been 6 weeks. Where is my railroad pocket watch& I’ve gotten nothing but excuses. You people advertise 3 to 6 weeks but that’s a lot b — maybe this is a scam. What will the BBB say about all this? I hate to have To go that way but

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