Jeff Gordon Wall Clock Review

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About Jeff Gordon Wall Clock

Jeff Gordon Wall Clock asserts to be a collectible wall clock featuring the 4 times Nascar Cup Series Champion and legendary car racer Jeff Gordon. Jeff Gordon Wall Clock claims to be the celebration of Gordon’s exciting and thrilling career. Jeff Gordon Wall Clock states to have Gordon’s famous #24 car, his authentic autograph, and photograph. It maintains to have 100% accurate quartz that makes it reliable.

How does it work

To celebrate the phenomenal career and also relive the thrill of his races every second of the day, Jeff Gordon Wall Clock convinces to have a miniature #24 car zooming past on the top of every hour. The car of Jeff Gordon Wall Clock assures to roar around with the sound of a racing engine. To make the experience even more authentic, Jeff Gordon Wall Clock miniature car alleges to have the exciting call of the finish.

Celebrate Jeff Gordon’s illustrious career

The prodigal car racer Jeff Gordon has won the Nascar Series championship four times, has a record 79 pole positions and 92 career cup victories and 5 400 brickyard wins. Now to celebrate his final fulltime spring club season, the manufacturers of Jeff Gordon Wall Clock convince to give the collectible wall clock to relive his incredibly thrilling career right at home. Jeff Gordon Wall Clock emphasizes to have his authentic autograph, photograph, and his famed #24 Car in the dial design. Jeff Gordon Wall Clock also states to have a detailed artwork like racetrack lighting, the quintessential checkered flags and also his enthusiastic fans. At the top of every hour the miniature car of Jeff Gordon Wall Clock proclaims to roar with racing engine sound and call to finish to give the exciting feeling.

Ideal collectible for any room

Jeff Gordon Wall Clock declares to be a must have for any racing fan to decorate in the living room, office, den, garage or even the bedroom. Jeff Gordon Wall Clock asserts to have light sensor that shuts the roaring sound off racing engine automatically so let you sleep undisturbed. Jeff Gordon Wall Clock promises to have accurate quartz movement that gives it complete reliability. Jeff Gordon Wall Clock assures to come with individually numbered certificate of authenticity to prove that it is a genuine collectible piece. Alleging to be a limited edition collectible wall clock, Jeff Gordon Wall Clock convinces to be a pride possession for any racing fan.

What do I get?

You will receive the Jeff Gordon Wall Clock™ for just $19.99 +$6.99 S&H

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