Grand Victorian Watch Review

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Time is the most important factor of human life and it is no surprise that everyone keeps a track of time by using watches. Watches have been in the civilization since many ages now and in the beginning were only found with handful of gentlemen. The most remembered watch is perhaps the chain style Victorian watches that were a part of the trend in early eras. With the advent of wrist watches the need for such pocket watches was completely eliminated making them extinct. Now you can bring back the magic of such amazingly looking watches with the new Grand Victorian Watch courtesy Sterlington Collection’s Limited.


Grand Victorian Watch
Grand Victorian Watch is a working collectable edition of the classic Victorian Watches that once became the symbol of gentlemen. In olden times Victorian watches were supposedly the symbol of wealth and had distinguished design that told more about the personality and character of the men who wore them. Grand Victorian Watch comes with very similar design that is magnificently created with intricate details and round silver or gold tone bezel depending on the customer’s choice. It comes with a complimenting designer chain that holds it well to make it the perfectly looking pocket chain and watch from the olden days.

Grand Victorian Watch is not just another cheap replica or imitation of the original pocket watches like other competitor products. Its uniqueness comes in from the way it functions on windings and not on any kind of battery source to provide accurate timing all the time. The design adds up all the classic looking numerals and even has a flap case to cover the watch. The case is cut in an intricate way along with its back to reveal the actual working skeleton of the watch which in itself is highly appealing.

Grand Victorian Watch is a must for all the avid collectors and even for those who want to introduce a new stylish trend to their regular life. The classy looking watch fits perfectly in vest, coat or pant pockets with its chain dangling along to make a statement. For a limited time only, Grand Victorian Watch comes for a very low price and adds a little extra cost for gold plating over it.



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  1. Review Grand Victorian Watch

    Is the watch working really battery less?

    Does the back and front cut really reveal the interior skeleton of the watch?

    Does Grand Victorian Watch bear resemblance to the classic pocket watches?

    Is the watch available in both silver and gold plating as desired?

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