My Free Coat of Arms Review

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About My Free Coat of Arms

My Free Coat of Arms states to be a system that works like a time capsule to let you find out about ancestry and heritage. It claims to go back in past by centuries and tells you about your family history, country origin and more. With My Free Coat of Arms you are also assured to document your family history for future generations.


How does it work

Proclaiming to be a patent-pending Family History Time Capsule, My Free Coat of Arms promises to let you eliminate the chore of organizing paperwork and images to find your ancestry. My Free Coat of Arms transforms the tons of information in the archives of family tree into a digital format that works on a PC or Mac. My Free Coat of Arms declares to have a 3-step Family Tree approach that has allegedly easy-to-follow methods before you access online databases. It promises to let you keep your family tree organized and the team of My Free Coat of Arms keeps an updated personalized data on the pen drive. This data maintains to be downloadable on the PC so that you can add to the existing family tree for future generations.

Know your ancestral history and origin

If you long to know about your heritage, ancestry and your roots, then My Free Coat of Arms emphasizes to let you do just that. It asserts to let you track your family history back in centuries. If you have attempted to trace your roots back into time, you must have got swamped in documents and images and given up the pursuit. But now My Free Coat of Arms asserts that it can help you find who you really are and what dreams, hopes and beliefs the first of your ancestors had. If yours is among the millions of families that have been here for at least three generations but do not have an idea about their real homeland or legacy of their family name then My Free Coat of Arms guarantees to trigger an emotion to know about the truth about your name. My Free Coat of Arms convinces to make your family history simpler and tie different names together. It states to contextualize your family in terms of its history, to reveal historical events that changed the lives of your ancestors and also let you study vintage map of your origin and know the cities.


Content, Context and Continuity

My Free Coat of Arms declares to provide content, context and continuity that gives a foundation of your family history. Your genealogy is assured to be printed in an individually-researched family histories right at home. My Free Coat of Arms guarantees that you can get family heirlooms and histories to enrich their lives too. My Free Coat of Arms claims that you can print as many documents as you like and gift them too everyone in your family and display it proudly. My Free Coat of Arms also asserts that you can make a photo album of your family history to share with your next generations. My Free Coat of Arms content claims to tell you your family name history, meaning, country of origin, variations in spellings, famous bearers and immigration details, and the original meaning and color of the symbol of your Coat of Arms.

What do I get?

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