American Pride Coin Collection Review

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The world may be in a state of unrest, but we are blessed to be protected by all the four branches of US Military of our great nation. To express deep gratitude is the least we can do for them and one way to do that is to proudly own The America Pride Collection, a set of four beautiful coins layered in 24 carat gold that pays honors to all four branches of our military- the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.


American Pride Coin Collection
The America Pride Collection is presented by the Historic Coin Mint that has taken the noble initiative to make it possible for the citizens to own this valuable symbol of love and respect for our military. The precious coins express appreciation for the Special Forces that keep us safe from all harm.

The four coins have been designed in 24 carat gold, which come with an illustrated detail card, a numbered seal of authority, and encased in fine protective capsules which can preserve the coins for generations to come. Each of the souvenirs pays rich tributes to the different branches of the Forces and are designed to be preserved and serve as reminder of the Special Forces.

The America Pride Collection is not just about the four coins. It also brings you a whole lot of unbelievable mementoes that belong to the greatness of our country. On acquiring the four coins collection, you get the wonderful “Weapons Systems Briefing Pack” which contains previously undisclosed classified intel on the latest technology. You’ll also receive an exclusive, limited edition American flag gold lapel and even the most special complimentary membership to the American Pride Club, which brings even more beautiful offers to you.



What do I get?
The total cost of the entire package is $540 value. Each of the coin is originally valued at $89 but if you place an order today, you can get them for just $19.95 plus $9.95 as shipping and handling along with justice coins as a special token. What’s more, the membership can be discontinued if you so with. So why not own the coins and the rich heritage that are valuable beyond words. Official website



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