2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute Review

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About 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute

2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute states to be privately minted collectible from National Collector’s Mint. 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute is a $50 Buffalo gold piece that claims to be the recreation of the purest gold coin that the US Govt. ever struck, based on James Earle Fraser’s American original Buffalo coin of 1913 to 1938.

How does it work

For collectors and people who are fond of memorabilia, especially of the glorious history, 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute proclaims to be a proud possession. The 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute has been struck with 0.9999 24 karat pure gold and the design of the gold coin proclaims to be based on the original Buffalo coin of the 1913 to 1938. So you can have keepsake of the history of the nation.

Own a part of America’s History

History lovers and those who have a passion for collectibles and memorabilia, 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute promises to bring a golden opportunity to possess a part of the rich American history. 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute claims to be the recreation of the original Buffalo nickel that was minted from 1913 to 1938. The original Buffalo coin was always wildly popular with collectors and investors. However, the US Govt. had to stop production because there was a shortage of the special gold blanks. Because of this, the price of the gold coin shot up hugely and people could no longer afford to own the collector’s item. However, now 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute promises that you can own part of the American history by owning this minted gold coin and feel proud of your possession and impress your guests and friends with the collectible.


Outstanding recreation of James Earle Fraser’s American Buffalo

The proof of the original coin, 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute declares to be made from 14mgs of 24 karat gold. 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute emphasizes to be National Collector’s Mint’s private minting that is non-monetary. The recreation of James Earle Fraser’s American Buffalo 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute guarantees to be against a mirror-like background on one side. The other side of 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute states to have the iconic Native American Indian Head standing out in stunning relief. 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute promises to be a great deal for any collector because gold prices have shot up by 300% since 2002 and there is only a limited edition of the coin.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity

With the 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute, you are alleged to own a part of the glorious American History. To convince you of its authenticity, 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute asserts to come with a complete Certificate of Authenticity that is individually numbered. This certificate of 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute assures that each coin is minted in 14mgs of 24 karat Gold and is Proof Struck and based on the famous Buffalo nickel. Keeping the law and authenticity in view, 2015 Gold Buffalo Tribute promises that it has a mark of ‘copy’ designated to each coin.

What do I get?

You get one 2015 $50 Gold Buffalo Tribute Proof today for $9.95 + $4.95 S&H.Official website 2015buffaloproof.com


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