1925 and 1931 Ford Replicas Review

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Boys will always be boys and will always love their drives. And if the car is one that is a part of the National heritage then they will do everything they can do get their hands on it. That’s what car and pickup trucks collectors are looking for and now they can stake a claim to that amazing piece of history that reshaped the automobile industry not only in the country but all over the world. The 1925 Ford Pickup Truck, which was a pioneer of sorts in the automobile industry, is now available to you in a stunning die cast model that no collector can do without.

How does 1925 and 1931 Ford Replicas work

Those were the days when American car industry was reshaping the future and bringing about revolutionary changes in the car market. Ford has always had its strong reputation and 1925 pickup truck model was one of the major highlights in its career. It changed the way people carried their goods around and it was the first assembly line production for a pickup truck too. That’s why; it has a place etched in people’s hearts forever and it’s also considered a classic piece of automobile industry revolution. Now you can buy it and show it off to fellow collectors or display it proudly in your collection.

And as if the history of this amazing pickup truck model is not enough, you will be thrilled to know that the model is brilliantly designed and has gorgeous features that will take your breath away. It has classic wooden wheels and wood cargo bed like the original model and as a mark of authenticity it comes with the Ford logo as well. It also has many other design elements that won’t go amiss with collectors, including twin running boards and double bead headlamps. There’s also the hand crank and windshield wiper, which give this model that very realistic touch. As soon as you open the door of the model you will be thrilled by the intricate interiors.

But that’s not all, now this stunner is available on a brilliant offer with the 1931 Ford Pickup truck. It comes with a chrome trim and grill and detailed engine to add to its charms. Those were the days when you could buy a car in your month’s income and now you can buy these amazing models at reasonable price too.



What do I get?
You can buy 1925 Ford Pickup for $10 plus S&H at www.myfordpickups.com. You can also get 1931 Ford Pickup by paying additional S&H.


1925 and 1931 Ford Replicas Video


3 thoughts on “1925 and 1931 Ford Replicas Review

  1. 1925 and 1931 Ford Replicas is a total scam. I thought I was done ordering the trucks but had to through their catalog of offers before confirming my order. Only then did I see the additional $15.90 for shipping of small models!. I’ve had TV’s shipped for less. These are no bigger than a shoe box. Stay away from this Ford Replica scam.

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