Zip Laces

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What are Zip Laces:

They are shoe laces with zips that claim to offer you safety, comfort and style.
Zip Laces are meant for people of all ages, who have had enough of having to tie and untie their shoe laces. You know what a pain it can be, especially when you are in a rush to get out of the house or when you come back home and want to get your shoes off at the earliest. But often you have to contend with naughty shoe laces that also break sometimes, which is another nuisance. Zip Laces claim to offer you a way around them and a whole lot of convenience.


Zip Laces avoid the hassle of regular shoe laces

How often have you seen your shoe laces snap and break while you are tying them, adding to your woes? That won’t be the case with Zip Laces, according to their claims because you simply lace up your shoes once. You can then zip them up when you are ready to go and unzip when you want them off. It’s all that simple and convenient for your regular use. Zip Laces also mean that you won’t have to be worried about your laces being untied while you are walking or running, which can be a safety risk in itself.


Zip Laces are meant for people of all ages

The reason Zip Laces are said to be versatile is that they have something for everyone. Kids tend to love them because they can get ready on their own without the need for adults. Teens will find them funky and fashionable, which is just what they want. Zip Laces also make sense for grownups, especially those on the go because it saves them time and hassle. Elders will find them useful too because they are a lot easier on the aging hands.


Zip Laces help you make a style statement

Now you can add that extra cool element to your shoes with the help of Zip Laces. They will be your own fashion statement that will get you attention. You can use Zip Laces in different colours to go with your outfits or create your own funky combinations. They work with all shoes equally well.


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