Snuggle Wings Review

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Babies need loads of cuddles, hugs and warmth all along to feel happy and also to stay secure. So all you people who have the adorable ones at home, make sure you have SnuggleWings as it’s the perfectly cozy and soft way to keep them safe and snuggly swaddled. Babies move and play with their hands, which though natural and cute, could hurt them. Since you can’t keep a watch on babies every moment, slip SnuggleWings on them to keep them safe and protected always.


Snuggle Wings
SnuggleWings helps you swaddle your baby perfectly as it is necessary for their well-being. It is the perfect product for babies as it keeps babies swaddled. You shouldn’t stop swaddling babies prematurely as discontinuing it can increase the risk of SIDS. It is comfortable and adjustable as it’s designed keeping babies in mind. It comes in an arms at side and arms on chest version which affords babies flexibility to sleep in different positions. With SnuggleWings they feel totally safe and protected. What’s more, SnuggleWings is very easy to use as you have to only insert each arm of the baby in it for maximum safety and comfort.

SnuggleWings is made of super soft fabric which is suitable for babies’ tender skin. It fits and gently secures baby’s arms inside the swaddle, which keeps swaddle blankets away from babies’ face. You don’t have to worry about babies fluttering their hands about and harming themselves by playing with it.

SnuggleWings can fit most babies up to 7 months and since it’s made from breathable 100% interlock cotton, it’s the perfect product for them. It keeps babies steady so they don’t wake up due to excessive movements even at night.

You can use SnuggleWings with any swaddle blanket to swaddle your baby easily, safely and for much longer time as compared to any other way. It’s the nicest way to pamper little ones and keep them secure for sure. Make it a part of your baby’s wardrobe and keep your bundle of joy comfortable, safe and secure always!



What do I get?

  • 1 Arms Over Chest SnuggleWings
  • 1 Arms At Sides SnuggleWings

All this for just $14.99 plus $13.90. S/h. Official website



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