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What is Slim Panties 360

They are panties that claim to offer you the comfort of regular panties while giving you the benefits of shape wear as well.

Slim Panties 360 assert that now you don’t have to contend with bulges or horrible hook marks that can become the bane of your existence. You want to make the best impression every time you step out of the house. That’s why you don’t mind spending good amounts on clothes you buy. But are you paying enough attention to your inner-wear? Does it cause you discomfort while you are out? What if you were told that you could go out feeling confident and without having to worry about panty-lines? That’s exactly what these slimming panties promise to offer you. But since we don’t have enough Slim Panties 360 reviews we can’t confirm these claims for you.


Slim Panties 360 REVIEW

Slim Panties is designed as a cheap (in every aspect) alternative to Spanx. Well, Slim Panties 360 is not the only “slimming panties” in the market. There are tons of tried and tested slimming panties available at with genuine reviews and ratings, so we do not see any purpose why you should buy the Slim Panties 360. One thing we can be sure of is that no slimming panties is going to do what they show in the SlimPanties TV ad, thats too far fetched.

You need to appreciate the camera tricks used to show the smoothened fat of that lady in the Slim Panties 360 video ad. That TRICK is what impresses us more than anything about the product. The “360 Degree” is just a fancy name given to a cheap slimming inner-wear to make it sound scientific – morons fall for this.

Note that they are so bent on selling their shapewear with unsubstantiated claim that they don’t care to publish important information about the Slim Panties 360 like what material is used and washing instructions – though common information it seems Slim Panties don’t care about having such valuable info on their page.


No sizing chart
The does not provide the sizing chart an absolute requisite for buying the right size Slim Panties. Most of the reviews that we have analyzed are of women who ordered the wrong size. This is very unprofessional on Slim Panties 360’s part not to put up a sizing guide/chart on their website. It is somewhat tricky to find the right size of Slim Panties 360 that fits you. We have a found this page here which will simplify your size-finding task.

Will Slim Panties 360 work for me? – It all depends upon how much fat you have in the tummy, buttocks and in the thighs, if it is just too much – nothing on the earth will smoothen it to your liking, you are going to have bulges.

Slim Panties Pricing – It costs $27 and is available only with the official website No need to elaborate all the hassles involved with these as seen on tv sites. The other similar slimming panties are available at much lesser price on, branded Slimming Panties (like Spanx) are even costlier.

Does Slim Panties never roll-down? Well, this fact is not attested yet due to lack of actual user reviews, but based on our research we think there is no need to believe this. All the slimming panties if not of proper size, roll up.

Is Slim Panties comfortable – Nothing that is tight is comfortable, it is bearable though. It does restrict your movements a little bit. But for a few hours its ok.

Slim Panties 360 Features and Benefits

360 degree compression for stunning slimming effect – For starters, these panties stress on the fact that you will start looking two sizes smaller in a matter of seconds. That’s because it instantly shapes the body while giving you the much desired slimming effect. But we are more interested in knowing whether you experienced it and look forward to hearing about it in your Slim Panties 360 reviews. The secret of these panties lie in the 360 degree design with extra wide compression band that covers the entire waist and abdomen. Thanks to the high compression front panel and side compression panel, your body is shaped without any difficulty. What did you make of this compression band? We hope to know more about it in your Slim Panties 360 reviews.

Slim Panties 360 can also give us more information about the non-slip silicone band that never rolls down, which is why you get the perfect fit every single time.


Assures you complete comfort – While these panties give you a cool slimming effect, the comfort you get is never compromised upon. That’s partly because of the ultra cool breathable fabric, which can keep you cool and dry at all times. We will analyze Slim Panties 360 reviews closely to analyze this claim for you. These panties can be worn all day long without any discomfort, according to their claims. They also emphasize on the fact that they will help you eliminate pantylines and unsightly bulges while hiding excess fat with ease. These seem to be tall claims that will have to be confirmed after going through Slim Panties 360 reviews.

Another advantage of using these panties is that they don’t have any zippers, hooks, buttons or seams for that matter. Thus they do the job without causing any irritation at any point. Slim Panties 360 reviews can reveal more about these features.

What do I get?

See the official website:

25 thoughts on “Slim Panties 360 REVIEWED | EXPOSED

  1. I ordered mine on Sunday July 31 and my order came on Friday. I ordered a large even though I wear a size 10 jeans it was too small. I wore them all day Saturday and then hand washed them and tried to stretch them out and it didn’t work. I am going to send them back and go up a size to ex lg and I might be more comfortable. The band stayed in place although you have to keep the front even with the back all the way around and it shouldn’t roll down.

  2. If you only want to order 2 pairs to try it still is the 3 payments of $19.99 which is $60.00 more with tax. Why can’t u just order 1 or 2 pair to test for a cheaper price to try before you invest the $60.00 and are disappointed like so many people who have posted reviews.

  3. Wow! I’m so disappointed to read all these negative comments! I was just about to order them! I agree that the ladies in the commercial did end up questionably small waists. And why is it taking so long for shipping? I better think about this some more.

  4. Your video is ridiculously fake
    Who ever edited the video to make the waists smaller needs to get some more training
    Everyone look carefully..if they have to rely on digitally enhancing the video
    It means the product doesn’t work

  5. I did not trust the ads every one lies now a days but I order it took 2 months but they came I tried and now my jeans are falling off me they do not roll down I have had them on for eight hours now I wish I would have order more

  6. Hi: I am very interesting for slim panties ,so could you let me know the price? and I saw extra TV got the slim panties buy 1get another 2。 It is same or not?

  7. Hi: I am very interesting for slim panties ,so could you let me know the price? and I saw extra TV got the slim panties buy 1get another 2。 It is same or not?

  8. Now I’m Scare To Order …. Can’t Fine a Phone number to Order ….Someone please tell me the truth. …?

    • Emma McMorris seems to love hers,
      Saying that she wished that she had
      ordered more.
      Try calling 18007092101
      Going to order me a couple

  9. i rang to ask sizes. i was told 3 sizes 8 to 10, 10 to 12 and 12 to 14. no others. so what is the model in the ad wearing? she looks to be a size 24.
    But what size 8 person is going to wear them. Duh.
    I havent ordered any further as they wont talk to you unless you give your email. No way.
    I have read the reviews and now wont bother. Much appreciation for the info. lea

  10. Can see some health concerns with these products…
    Where does the muffin tops end up ? Is everything pushed internally where your organs will be cramped up? Seen comercials for obesity showing what all the body fat this going to have a similar affect?

  11. Well I watched the ad, was impressed and ordered, $99.90 aud. Came yesterday. Tried them on today.
    A complete waste of money. They do not alter my shape whatsoever , I am around 60kg and wanted them to hold my tummy in.
    I look exactly the same with the on as I do without them. What a con

    • So very true, I received mine around a week ago, I have tried them, I found no .in my shape at all, plus the item does roll down, I am very dissapointed again, Shame on tv programe that supports there lies. Will never purchase anything on line again

  12. I ordered Slim Panties in May… have not received my order yet. It says website is down. Very disappointed.

  13. I order the slim panties mid November 2015, have not received the order, paid for 5 day priority shipping, today is January 6, 2016, I have not received my order, there web site is down, it states coming soon. Very disappointed

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