Slim N Lift Aire Slip Review

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Do you wish to wear that cute little black dress for an evening out but can’t get yourself to because you are not really in good shape? Well, you cannot magically lose weight in one day and don’t want to wait for another occasion to wear the sexy dress. So, one option for you is wearing a girdle that tucks your bust, tummy and hips. But then, that is not really a great option because most girdles are so thick that they would show underneath a body fitting dress especially if you are wearing something sheer. More so, given the girdle’s thickness you would end up spending the evening feeling hot and uncomfortable. They are also often too tight for comfort and have to be strapped, adding to the discomfort. A lot of these girdles are also good enough only for your bust, tummy or hips.


Slim N Lift Aire Slip
However, now you do not have to worry about all the above mentioned problems when wearing a gorgeous outfit because help is at hand with Slim N Lift Aire Slip, which is a slip that will instantly take your bulges away and smooth out your silhouette instantly. Slim N Lift Aire Slip is very light and easy to wear and made from microfiber fabric, which is breathable and comfortable so it will give you the much needed comfort and you wouldn’t even remember that you are wearing it underneath your dress. You can wear it all day long or throughout the evening out without feeling hot or uncomfortable.

There are three ways to wear the Slim ‘N Lift Aire Slip – at the waist to tuck your hips, below your bust to tuck the tummy or above the bust to give them a great shape. You do not have to compromise on the light or dark color of your dress that you want to wear, as the set of Slim ‘N Lift Aire Slip comes in both, black and beige colors. Slim ‘N Lift Aire Slip is sheerer and lighter than ever and comes in all the sizes, from small to XXX Large that is dress size 8 right up to 30. So now you can look and feel in fabulous shape and confidently wear your LBD!



What do I get?
Get N Lift Aire Slip in your choice of size for just £29.99 + £4.99 p&p. Official website



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4 thoughts on “Slim N Lift Aire Slip Review

  1. Hey, I have commented on this forum before, hopefully this isn’t some spam site and is actually a site where people read up on reviews. I wanted to purchase the Slim and Lift Slip which is a great shaping slip to wear under pencil skirts and fitted dress. There is a coupon for 15% off the promo price on Facebook, so for anyone interested in any of the Slim And Lift Aire products copy and paste this in your URL and hit like on the Facebook page to have the code revealed to you


  2. Bought all the slim and lift products and I am happy with my purchases, I use the slip under pencil skirts and I use the body shaper for dinner dresses or when I am going out to a nice party and I want to wear something tight and fitted. I definitely would recommended this product to anyone who’s looking for a quality body shaper.

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