Slim N Lift Aire Bra Review

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If you have got the curves you should be flaunting them with aplomb, not covering them in bras that make you look lumpy. But finding a good fitting bra for you is quite a task because many of them are just shoddily made and don’t do justice to your curves. While you can buy designer bras from high end stores, they often cost you a fortune.


Slim N Lift Aire Bra
And since they end up getting stretched and losing shape, do you want to invest that kind of money in them in the first place? Would you rather not have a reasonably priced solution that offers you just the perfect solution? Slim N Lift Aire Bra is just that; extremely comfortable and brings out the contours of your body beautifully.

How often have you struggled with the underwires, clips and hooks of your bras that you paid hundreds of dollars for? After spending that kind of amounts, you shouldn’t have to go through the discomfort or pain you are put through and have to endure in silence.

Slim N Lift Aire Bra involves no hooks, underwires or straps; hence you will not face any discomfort whatsoever. Moreover they will fit you beautifully, so that you can ensure you feel good from the inside and look your best on the outside whenever you go out.

Slim N Lift Aire Bra is extremely versatile and don’t stretch, which means they last for a long time. When you buy Slim N Lift Aire Bra you get three of them; in Midnight Black, Pure White and Sexy Nude for the price of one. What more could you ask for?



What do I get?
You get three comfortable bras in White, Black and Nude colors when you order Slim N Lift Aire Bra for the price of one; that is $59.96 at



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16 thoughts on “Slim N Lift Aire Bra Review

  1. I bought the bra hoping it would help “hold me up” as it advertises. I was very disappointed in the bra. It is obviously not good for women with large breasts. It is good for around the house but not out and about because it does not hold my breasts up and they also “flop” around in it. The straps also roll up and end up hurting my shoulders. Very, very disappointed in the waste on my money because I bought two of the bras.

  2. Bought this Slim N Lift Aire Bra a week ago, 2 sets, tried it today. Disappointed!!! Its comfortable, but its only good for wearing at home or sleeping in it. It does not give any support and shape. My very 1st thought was that I bot a wrong size and I needed a size smaller, because it was too loose on me. Nothing is rolling up (as it was described in other reviews) but it still does not make me willing to add extra “stars” in rating. The price is too high for this product!!! Its not worth even 5 dollars!!! Do not recommend anyone to buy Slim N Lift Aire Bra.

  3. The whole ordering experience was horrible. I responded to the advertisements to get a second set but NOWHERE on the ordering screen were you prompted to get this second set – and when my order arrived there was just ONE set. They didn’t respond to emails – but said they did. The bras themselves aren’t comfortable and provide absolutely NO support. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! Avoid THANE CANADA to boot – why provide customers to such a horrible company??

  4. Thane Slim N Lift Aire bras are a waste of money. They provide no support whatsoever and give a flattened shap for a full figure woman, in addition it does roll both underneath and the shoulders slip. Ok only for use under casual wear where shape is not important. The TV advertising is extremely misleading, a scam even as they show full figured women happy with these things. I addition, customer support is terrible, they just talk right over you and do not listen. Will never order from them again.

  5. I was disappointed with these Slim N Lift Aire Bras. I’ve tried their competitors’ bras too, and was equally disappointed. I have a large bust, but the bra creates what I call a “uniboob”…. and my now “one” boob sags almost to my waste!!!! They are comfortable to wear around the house, but they don’t look good. Because my boobs are heavy, the straps pull and buckle up quite thin on my shoulders. I don’t look like any of the women on the ads! lol These bras are only suitable for women with small breasts. Anything else is false advertising.

  6. Hi,

    As above I’m a fuller lady and was looking forward to these bras but they didn’t support and once you start doing any work they fall out…. also the padding needs adjusting all the time goes out of shape… very disappointed not suitable for bigger ladies. I’m 40e had support bra’s from m&s in the end they are perfect fit.

    Sorry Aire Bra you haven’t got it quite right for fuller figures.

  7. I just received my package of Slim N Lift Aire Bras yesterday & am extremely disappointed for the following reasons:

    – I had hoped to give one set to my Mum for Christmas but they didn’t arrive. Turns out it was because they had my name as Coral E Surname instead of Nicole E Surname. I’ve never been called that before & no idea where the operator got that from.

    – I told the operator I am a size 12 in blouses. They’ve sent me a size S Slim N Lift Aire Bra. It is ridiculously small; my nipples keep escaping out the top as so little of my breast is covered.

    – I don’t feel at all supported, there is no lift whatsoever. I can pull my breasts into good alignment by lifting the shoulder strap but of course when I let go it’s a flop. I paid the extra for the “deluxe” kit with extra support; hate to see what they’d be like without that ineffective of padding.

    – I’m reluctant to give the second set as a gift to my Mum now so have a useless set. So disappointed, I was really excited about giving her a really comfy, supportive set of bras as I’d been with her shopping one day & was disgusted by the rude, condescending manner of a woman in the Myer lingerie department selling a poorly fitting bra. I was hoping Mum would not have to go back there with 3 fabulous new comfortable Slim N Lift Aire Bras, bummer.

  8. I tried to order the Aire Bra but got quite a hassle! ALL of the ads I’d seen for the bras say that if you buy one set you’ll get a deluxe set free. Well that didn’t turn out to be the truth. They said I’d have to order TWO sets of bras and then I could get a deluxe set free. I’m annoyed because it says it’s a 2 for 1 deal…..but really that’s a 3 for 1 deal….not nearly as good! They were going to charge me $170 to get nine bras….who in the world needs NINE bras??? Especially if you’ve never even tried them on before?? I called customer service and didn’t get any help or any answers! Just the run around. I was hoping to go with them because they are a Canadian company but I guess I’m just going to get the Genie bras…way better deal! Humph, that was a disappointing experience! What happened to the customer is always right?

    • Dear Leigh – I hardly ever complain but I am just about to call this company. You could describe me as having a large bust 34E but for my age I am still quite firm. I agree with you about the selling technique – I was also asked if I wanted another set for just 1p – but of course I had to pay extra £4.99 postage and packing – never mind – I thought I would give the second set to a friend of mine who is the same size as me. When the bras arrived I was quite excited but I have to say I felt like a freak – the bra gave me no shape at all – maybe they are OK for women in their 20’s who have small boobs – but of course they don’t need them in the way I do. Ho Hum – now I have the hassle of sending them back. Thank you for your review. Kind regards – Liz

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