Slim Away Review

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Everyone wants a slim, trim and fabulous looking figure. But, you cannot look slim and trim when your waist just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Diets and exercise could take forever to get you to slim down.


How does Slim Away work?
Now, there’s a new solution! You can get slim and trim instantly with Slim Away. Slim Away is an adjustable sliming garment that takes inches off your waste when you wear it. Just put it on and you will find that you belly is gone.

Slim Away is amazing and the best part is that it really works. You will feel trimmer and slimmer, and your clothes will fit perfectly. It works for everyone – size 50 down to size 22.

Just zip it up comfortably into any outfit, skirt, dress, or pants. It is great for your back too. Slim away delivers lasting results. You can also use it while you exercise. Slim Away is made of Evapo – Wrap fabric, which seals in natural body heat to make you perspire more and helps shed water weight faster.

Slim Away is made for both men and women. The 5 zipper closure adjusts to your body for a perfect fit. Best of all, nobody will even know that you are wearing it. So, you can now look slim and trim at work or on the go. Slim Away provides tremendous back support too.

Slim Away FAQs

Will I manage to lose weight with the help of Slim Away belt?
You definitely will. You will end up losing your water weight a lot quicker when you have your Slim Away belt on while you work out.

Will Slim Away belt be discrete under my clothes and comfortable as well?
Absolutely. You will find that the Slim Away belt fits comfortably under your clothes. No one will notice that you are wearing it.

When I am wearing the Slim Away belt will I find it hard to move around?
You won’t have to worry about restricted movement because the belt neatly wraps around your midsection. Hence you can go on and do your regular activities, exercises without any hindrance.

I have placed my order already but have managed to order more than I should have. Is there a way to change this?
There’s no reason to fret. All you need to do is look for our toll free customer service number on the Contact Us page. You will be able to speak to our customer service representative on it; you will need to give them your telephone number, zip code, last name. It’s essential so that they can find your order in the system. In some instances details of the credit card you used to make your purchase might be asked for, to be able to track the order.

When will I be able to buy Slim Away in stores?
The release date is still not decided. But consumers can be rest assured that they will know about the release as soon as it happens through social networking sites and blogs.

I have ordered my Slim Away belt but am told the shipping will take about 3-6 weeks? Why does it take so long?
That’s because at present we have received a huge number of orders. Our manufacturers are doing everything they can to keep up with the back orders that have now begun to accumulate.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Slim Away for just $10.00 + $10.98 s and p. Official website offer


Slim Away Video
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55 thoughts on “Slim Away Review

  1. I purchased a Slim Away belt at Walmart and the second time I put it on the zipper broke, so I took it back to Walmart and got another one. The next one I wore 3 or 4 times then when day when I had it on, the zipper broke again. I was unable to return it this time because I had tossed the box in the trash. It really made me mad how cheaply they are made. $10 may not seem like much money, but it is the principal of the thing. They are a joke. Or I should say the zippers on them are a joke. And no way to contact the company without waiting on hold for 15-20 mins or more. Poor customer service for a poor product.

  2. I bought Slim Away Belt and works great, the only issues I have is I only worn it a few time and the zipper started to mess up on me. I tried to fix it but I haven’t been about to.

  3. Like everyone says, the zipper on this product is plastic but again, you have to apply too much pressure or it will brake. I have worn it for two days for over 8 hrs each day and the zipper has not broken. yet, I have created a good amount of sweat, walking for 45 mins to 1-hr. I like this product but I would lie ke to consider something of this material but more durable. Roberta states that Walmart had something simular but has velcro. If anyone has any other ideas of this type belt, please let me know. Please do watch for SCAMS. TV advertisments (buy one get the other free, just pay separate shipping & Handling) and Websites all have SCAMS. Excersie and eating the right foods at the right time, all help you loose weight.


  4. This Slim Away Belt is a bunch of crap (and I don’t normally talk that way). The spacing of the zippers do not make it “fully adjustable”. The only difference it made in how my body looked was that I looked lumpy with it on. I’m taking it back right now. Don’t waste your money and time.

  5. Slim Away belt was a good product until I purchase this product from Walmart and the website (Slimaway). The zippers are not strong and W
    they will come a loose.

  6. I can’t believe I just got 2 Slim Away Belts today and I was very disappointed with the fact that my husband’s zipper broke the same day and my Slim Away show all the lumps though the clothes. What a piece of crap.

  7. WOW! Everyone on this site is complaining. You get what you pay for everyone. $10 is pittance for this exercise belt. I have had things like this for years, and if used religiously you can melt away SOME water weight. I wouldn’t recommend you wear it to work or a party, but around the house it’s great!

  8. I too was fooled by this product advertisement. I brought one for my wife and the zipper broke with the second use also it was very difficult to put on do not waste your money buying this horrible thing.

  9. Can you tell me can I buy it somewhere in stores? Like Walmart or something like that? I’m in PA.. Please answer 🙂

    • yes you can, also Dollar General and Ross stores for $6.97 in some places, but its a total waste, the plastic zipper breaks after the first use. And it just sweats you a tiny bit, good if you have lower back pain though but not good for any weight loss. As the old saying goes if it sounds to good to be true, then it isn’t.

  10. I would not recommend this slimming belt, a waste of resources. The zipper is cheap and was broken after 2 uses. The product can not be worn under clothing, very bulky and revealing. Not a good choice!!

  11. I was desperately looking for something to make me look fit and hide my extra pounds for a party. I had been suggested The Slim Away Belt by a friend and was instantly interested in checking it out and if satisfied buy it. As I was keen to check what others had to say about it I searched the internet for “Reviews of Slim Away Belt”. The Slim Away Belt might be really good but the reviews on the websites I found were more than good. They carried a similar type of writing and had very good reviews but something was fishy when I realized the sites would not let me exit easily by popping up offers to buy it right away. Just a word of caution that , , and were the sites users should stay away from. Finally, I landed up on this website where I think the reviews are genuine and satisfactory. Thank you for the time taken to write a review.

    • I agree, the Slim Away Belt was horrible. The zipper broke after 2 uses. I could not wear under clothing because of the bulge, it does not present the smooth look advertised. I would not recommend the product.

  12. The best thing about the product is the packaging and the website advertisements. The website is confusing and there is no proof of purchase..

  13. I am so glad I read these reviews on the slim away belt. Hubby & I saw the TV add & were talking about it. For sure I will not be ordering this thing . Thanks to everyone that posted their true thoughts and experience with this, sorry you people were scammed

  14. Have had slim away for 2 weeks and the zipper has already broken. I saw from TV that warranty is good for 30 days. Please send details for return.

  15. The slim away is horrible, ans everyone can tell you are wearing it. The zippers that are not zipped are visible under you clothing. When I ordered the product it submitted the order without me being about to review my order and charged my credit card $135.00 when I called 2 min later they said I had to wait until the order was in their system but when it was finally in the system they told me that they could not credit me, I had to receive the product then return it and wait for my credit…. This is really a joke… I thought AS SEEN ON TV.. was an American company but when you call the call center they are in another country!

  16. The slim away is horrible, ans everyone can tell you are wearing it. The zippers that are not zipped are visible under you clothing.

  17. I was a fool like fried ice cream to fall for this scam and never received product after 2 mos and it claim that it was shipped but when I looked it up it went to the wrong person and address and I was charged 20.98 from my CC when I called back they say that it did go through which it did debit my account but they wanted to recharge me again and I am mad because they have ripped me off for nothing but nothing my money, I will be better to but a big elastic belt.

  18. It is time to stop conning consumers with these deceptive, false and fraudulent rip-off advertisements! We are currently networking across the country to stop this type of business. Clean it up or prepare to go out of business!

  19. They didn’t trick me. I don’t want to sweat in that thing and if I eat with my friends, I also think the zipper would have broken if I chewed on a tiny French fry. These people think they are crazy trying to trick me, Bonita apple bottom into buying a bulky, uncomfortable thing like that. I feel sorry for you people who bought that.

    • I got one and works great for my back maybe you all should give it time you do also have to maybe do some kind of work out instead of eating French fries with it and come on its $10 not like $100 and if your breaking zippers I’m pretty sure you need more than a slim away it’s called a work out plan!!

  20. I just got my Slim Away belt I ordered only 1 but ended up with 2 says for only 10 dollars but they ended up charging me $33.98 what the heck is that when it advertizes 2 for 10 what a rip off I tried using the belt but it is so bulky and its obvious you can tell you have it on under clothes its not easy to zip up either I went to the first zipper and it still was too big and bulky it says it fits to a 22 waist my waist is 24 and I had it too the smallest but still way to big and bulky….don’t waste your money on this product not worth it I wish I would have read the complaints before I ordered mine…what a big rip off!!

  21. This Slim Away is absolute garbage. It’s almost impossible to place it in the right position and even when it’s placed properly the zippers jam and end-up splitting. It’s nothing more than a modern day corset except that it’s bulky and can easily be seen under clothing. The product does nothing like it was advertised. Worst of all I was ripped off because the website said it was only $10.00 plus $3.99 shipping and handling. I only wanted one. Instead they sent me two and out two charges of $20.98 each on my Visa card on 10/24 which I am not going to pay. I took the Slim Away and threw it in the trash where it belongs.

    • They charged me twice also, I’m still waiting for my refund now I sent that smelly product back to them and they take their sweet time promising to send you a refund, but they have no problem double-charging people.

  22. I fell for the 2 for 1 Slim Away “offer” as well. Once you enter your CC number, consider the order placed. There is no confirmation page, “you are about to place this order” statement, just push the “next” button and you are comitted. The Slim Away unit consists of about thirty six inches of stretch material with a plastic zipper placed about every six inches on one end. Very uncomfortable! Of course the plastic zipper lasted about 20 minutes before it broke. It material has to be pulled tight to work and the plastic zipper can not take the tension. Worth about $2 at most … until it breaks … then it is worthless.

  23. Be aware this devious company has devised a very crafty and clever scam to rip us out of our money. To all of you who have a complaint against these people for one reason or another (please) don’t allow them to get away with it! I would highly suggest you do (as I did) go to your bank and advise them of the problem explain what your complaint is against this company that you believe they scammed you and that you wish to dispute the amount you paid and wish to claim it back (they must and will reimburse you immediately) at which point they may ask you to speak to the fraud department please do so as I did and advise them of the problem you had with this company they will probably sympathize with you as they did with me and suggest you also contact your local BBB and then ask you to sign a letter they will be sending you contesting the order and amount paid which will conclude this unpleasant incident (please) as a matter of principle do it.

  24. Slim Away is a Rip-Off and does not work. Do not place any credit card information down without being absolutely certain you want a towel with zippers on it.

    They will use your information to process a order anyway. Than you will have to dispute it with your credit card company. A total Rip off.

    This product is another one made in China too. Buy American Stay committed to our Country. USA products made here not abroad.

  25. Ordered two deluxe Slim Away Belts, for my back problems more than weight loss, and they arbitrarily canceled the order for no valid reason except “we are unable to ship your product at this time.” This is no way to do business unless you have something to hide!

  26. I tried ordering Slim Away by phone, order process is automated. Process is very confusing; I only wanted one Slim Away, but I wound up receiving four products. Box states “Adjustable Slimming Belt,” not “Slim Away.” I was offered (at a higher price) an “upgrade” to a more comfortable fabric; I now understand why. Product is not comfortable. I have approximately a 36″ waist, and I had to adjust to the slimmest fit. Just doesn’t measure up! When I complained to customer service, I was offered $6.99 credit to my credit card, and I keep the products. I wouldn’t recommend this product.

  27. I just ordered. However when I got to what should have been a summary of what I ordered it was wrong and did not allow me to add or remove items. It submitted the order without allowing me make corrections.

  28. Don’t order: These people are rip off artist!! They take your money and send you nothing!!! I have been waiting almost a month and I wound up canceling the CC transaction….I contact the District Attorney and they are starting an investigation for fraud.

    The only way you’ll loose weight is watch your carbs, cut your food in half, walk jog or exercise for at least 30 minutes a day if you can. I am so disappointed in this company.

    • Thank you Rob for your comment. I surely will not order this thing now. There is not one good review on this belt.

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