Slim and Tone Leggings By Genie Review

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You want to put your best foot forward every time you step out of the house, which is why you trust your favourite outfits to do the job for you. Leggings are almost an essential element of all women’s wardrobe and you just cannot do without them. But does your pair of leggings only end up highlighting your problem zones rather than giving you that flattering figure. In that case you need to look at Slim and Tone Legging By Genie, which will make you feel slim and trim and add a spring to your step.


How does Slim and Tone Leggings By Genie work?

360 degrees of slimming technology forms the basis of this product, which works wonders for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. If you have been feeling inhibited because of the problem areas like tummy, inner thighs, outer thighs, buttocks and hips then you can step out or the house carefree and with abundant confidence if you are wearing these leggings that will handle these problem areas beautifully. That’s because they have built in invisible shapers that will smoothen out the problem zones and also make sure they look toned as you want them to be.

Do you seriously need to go on a crash diet before making that big appearance or sweat it out in the gym relentlessly for that matter? Why not stake a claim to those shapely legs that will make you feel super confident with the help of this product. This lightweight, slimwear is also known for comfortable compression, which is one of the highlights of the product. These leggings are comfortable for use because they are ultra soft and they are seamless and high-waist for that cool look too.

Slim & Tone Leggings FAQs

Is Slim & Tone Legging easy to wash?
Yes, Slim & Tone Legging is machine washable and can be also tossed in a dryer later.

What material is used to make the Slim & Tone Legging?
Slim & Tone Legging is made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex.

Are Slim & Tone Leggings better than standard leggings?
Slim & Tone Legging is a fusion of stylish traditional leggings along with the slim-wear control and compression ability of a body shaper. Its seamless fabric design helps conceal cellulite and provides 5 zone comfort of invisible support over common problem spots. The waist can be adjusted to high or low to provide extra tummy support.

Does a pack of 3 come in same color?
No. Each pack consists of Slim & Tone Legging in charcoal, black and cocoa color.

How to judge the right size for Slim & Tone Legging for purchase?
Slim & Tone Legging is available with respect to pants sizes. For surety the sizing chart should be referred.

Is wearing Slim & Tone Leggings difficult?
No, they are made to slip on easily like traditional leggings. But they should be treated like tights to ensure right fit due to its compression abilities.

Can Slim & Tone Leggings be worn without covering up?
Yes. They can be worn without pants as tights under skirts and dresses.


What do I get?
You can get three leggings for three easy payments of $19.99 at

60 thoughts on “Slim and Tone Leggings By Genie Review

  1. I typically will always read reviews before I order from a TV infomercial. And because of this I want to give a huge thanks to everyone that wrote a review. WOW!! I have never seen so many negative reviews before! Their idea of what they advertise sounds great, but I think I will take all you advise and but them from my local CVS. Then I can return if I don’t like.. So THANKS again!!!

  2. I just purchased a pair at my local rite aid and they fit nicely. I figured if the were junk I could bring them back.

  3. These jeggins are horrible, I got the 2x size but couldn’t even get them on, they fit as fit meant for a size 12, They are very short and I received the “Lined” ones and didn’t order them. Just attempting to try them on, they were extremely hot! The laundering label says you have to hand wash and lay flat to dry, and thats probably because the lining would shed and pill off in the washer/dryer and shrink as well. I would never order from this company again. A total waste of money in my opinion.

  4. This is by far one of the WORST companies to deal with. Made purchase 01-08-2015 and 03-05-2015 no product yet but a postcard saying if I no longer wanted their product sign & return which I did the same day. Then mysteriously they charge my card on 03-12-2015 and ship the products 03-14-2015 and now I have to wait until the package arrives though it should never have been sent, refuse the package and wait for it to reach their warehouse and be processed then I Might get a refund.
    REPORT THESE PEOPLE TO BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!!!! Just because the owner is from another country (India) & they hire only other people from there gives them no right to ignore all USA good business practices!!

  5. So glad I looked up reviews on this product and competitor Jeaneez. Both had horrible reviews. One or two satisfied customers. I’m sure they were a size 2 and did not need them. Thanks for the reviews, probably saved my life. Can’t have my blood pressure going to the level I would have taken it to.

    Mrs. White

  6. Most horrible customer service experience ever!!!

    After viewing the informercial for the thousandth time, I decided to give the Genie Slim Jeggings a try. So, without hesitation, on 12/15/14, I placed my order (3 – Slim Jeggings L/XL – Blue, Grey, Black for $19.99+$10.00 S&H=$29.99 Total). Well, on 1/15/15 when I hadn’t received my Jeggins nor had I heard anything from the company, I called to inquire about my order. When I called, I spoke with the rudest customer service representative ever! Although she informed me that my order was backordered and that I should receive my order within the next two weeks, she was very short, rude, and condescending. She could not offer an explanation why I was never contacted regarding the backordered shipment, nor did she apologize for my inconvenience, and frankly speaking, I feel she did not care. Ultimately, I was disenchanted with my encounter with this customer service representative and decided to cancel my order and opt for a refund. I was promised a refund on my credit card within the next 2 days. Hopefully, I will receive a full refund as promised. As my order never shipped. In short, based on my experience with this customer service representative, I don’t recommend conducting business with this company…ever!


      • I just received my slim jeggings after waiting 6 weeks. I wear a size 1x so I ordered a size 3x figuring that they would run small because of the price. When I took them out of the package and held a pair up I thought to myself that they look awful small but I figured that maybe this was some kind of a “miracle” fabric that stretched to size. Well, when I tried to put them on, they only came up to my crotch and actually hurt my legs because they were so tight. I am so disappointed with this product so buyer beware! My daughter is a size 2 so I am going to give her the jeggings and hope they even fit her!!

        • My mother in law bought a size 3x and they were way to small for her. She said it looks like me or my daughter could fit them, and she was right. I wear a size 9/10 and I have on a pair right now. My daughter wear a size 0 – 5 and I’m sure she can fit them also. I think instead of giving them away everybody should send them to back.

  7. I was watching the infomercial and was really excited to order but luckily I looked up reviews (tons and tons were obviously an ad for the jeggings including buzz words like ‘light weight material’ & ‘slims and tones you’ -what kind of customers include these statements so closing parroted on the commercials? please!). I can’t believe the scams this company has pulled on people, now that the jeggings are 3 FOR 1 @ $19.99 it makes sense why….the company doesn’t send the product out and are now probably wallowing in poorly made, inferior garments probably made in a sweatshop somewhere nasty. THANKS TO ALL WHO POSTED – NOT BUYING!!

    • The best thing to do is go to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchase a pair; try them on and if you don’t like them take them back.

  8. Wow!! came across these reviews while looking to buy the jeggings for a friend. Thank you for the reviews. I am sick of internet scum who prey on people with billing scams. The despicable slim who act in their infomercial should be ashamed and are likely just a bunch of wannabe actors who will do anything for a few dollars and a camera….I always hope that some raging maniac will locate the leaders of these scams and…..make them go away. Gutless maggots!

  9. I was also scammed by this company! There was a website for tracking the delivery, on my printout(bought them online) so I tried it and all you vet is a screen shot of your invoice. No tracking info or any other means of contact! Lucky for me I was only ripped of for $35 but I have learned a valuable lesson…read reviews before buying ANYTHING online or from TV!!!! Thanks, everybody! I will just eat the $35 rather than waste my time and energy on calling them. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  10. I ordered leggings 23may istill haven’t got them they told me last week they were to be shipped moday I got a card today they will be shipped in thirty days.

  11. What a scam, why do you spend so much money and time to advertise, God is watching you, burn in hell you scammers!!!!

  12. Slim and Tone leggings is a SCAM . You will be told you will receive 2 pair but only 1 and pay 27.88. Do not use your credit cards to purchase.

  13. What a total rip off.. I ordered these leggings the beginning of December.. called today once I looked up to see when they would arrive and discovered to total balance came to almost $72.. I thought I ordered by one get one free with free shipping.. no the WEBSITE screws you.. I called to see when they would be shipped and I was told within the next day or two and it would take 10-15 days for them to arrive.. I immediately wanted supervisor which I was told he or she was dealing with another customer.. lol …I waited for about 20 minutes and got cut off. I called back and stated I wanted to cancel my order and was told from a different “couldn’t understand me” agent?? that the item had already shipped and I would have to accept and send back but I still was responsible for the $32 “process and handling” charge. what a BIG BIG rip off.

  14. Thanks for all the realness. Not much of it around and took awhile to get to legit reviews and not fake ass advertisements & paid endorsements. Just wondering if you would recommend buying them from Bed Bath & Beyond? This would bypass the Genie folks at least as far as customer service goes and you could return them directly without waiting for them to shipped to you in the first place.

    • They have these jeans at CVS & Dollar General, you could bring them back. I think, maybe, they were made for going out fast & not wearing sweats, or PJ’s…..

  15. Glad I read these reviews before ordering. Customer service is number one in my book. The numerous of bad customer service reviews turned me off.

  16. I just bought them and I have to say they are GREAT!!!!! They definitely take inches off your legs, stomach and buttocks! I am going to order another pair because my husband commented how slim I looked in them. Another great quality is they breathe!

  17. Your commercial says that you can buy the Genie slim & tone leggings @ Walmart stores & I’ve been to 2 Walmart stores in my area which is in Union City, Ca. & they said they don’t sell them. Please E-mail & let me know, if any of the Walmart stores do.

  18. I bought these because they claim to be thicker that regular leggings because I wanted to wear them under a tunic. When I put them on I looked like I was wearing thick panty hose. I felt naked and couldn’t wear them as I intended. My regular legging were much better.

    • yeah, Yogi, I agree! they say you can wear them alone. HAH! I bent over the other day and you could see my panties through them because the material is so thin. Also I dont like walking around with a ‘cotton crotch’ that everyone can see, its like you are trying to “get by” with just wearing your panty hose. I wish they were thicker and I would probably invest in more.

  19. I want to thank all of the women who took the time to give their honest opinions on these “magic” genie products.

    I bought the “Cami” and finally threw it away. It was like wearing another layer of a shirt that didn’t hold my breasts up, nor did it help my flab around my torso. What a rip-off…so much so, why would I even give it to charity or a friend? With friends like that, you know how that goes? And trying to return these things is an exercise in futility or you need to get a script for Valium to get you through all their B.S.

    These people on TV are actors. My daughter is a voice over actor and also a producer for a major Network. Do not believe ONE word these people have to say…or show. More than likely, hey have the uncomfortable and painful SPANX on when they show the “difference” of before and after.

    I am in debt to all of you for I did not fall for their leggings. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’ll buy my leggings from reputable companies or even the flea market before I through $20.00+ into the trash again. Peace and Love to you all.

  20. They advertise that these Slim and Tone leggings are not see through. That is not true. I received mine & put them to the test. I had on white underwear & put on the black leggings. If they were really not see through i wouldn’t be able to see what color underwear i had on. They failed the test so i am returning them & getting my money back!

    • Yep you can see through them! 🙁 I kept mine, they are really comfortable and do suck you in in spots, I just wish they werent so thin.

  21. When I first saw the Slim and Tone Leggings By Genie commercial I was so ecstatic about the new product. I mean leggings that sculpt you!! that’s an opportune a woman should never pass up. But after I read the infinite comments about how unsatisfied and furious they are with this company, I couldn’t help but take the advice and not order. Thank you everyone and to the GENE company, you lost a valuable costumer who spends money like there’s no tomorrow! and Just a thought, you would probably make A LOT more money if you had good customer service, good products, and reliable information!

  22. Yet more fraud on behalf of Genie Company and Slim Tone Leggings.

    Just checked online to find out the Attorney for this company and they listed an Attorney with the name Daniel Holmander, when I did a search for this Attorney it said its not even a recognized attorney so more fraud, again I will say THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. RIP OFF AND FRAUD DO NOT GET RIPPED OFF LIKE I DID!!!

    • Yes…this is a scam…they will not send you a second pair ..and bill you $27.88 for one pair. They are not high quality and I was told I was purchasing 2, scam.

      • Yes they do send three pair, for 19.99, plus all the shipping, handling, and fees. But even the ones with the fleece lining make you look naked. My sister’s husband told her she looked nasty, because he could see every bump, bulge, crack, and crevice like she had just painted them on her skin. I can’t even get in touch with them to get a return number. They won’t answer. This is the worst product ever.

  23. I ordered the pack of three of the Slim and Tone leggings website and they actually arrived within 10 days! I was really surprised.

    I ordered a 3X based on the waist measurement, but rec’d a 2X instead. No problem. They fit wonderfully.

    They ARE thicker than standard leggings, but you can still see skin through them especially if you hike up the waistband over your waist. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t wear them with a cropped top or anything that doesn’t cover your butt and crotch.

    They’re super comfortable, I wear them at work 10+ hours a day and they’re like light compression hose. They’re well made; the seams are reinforced and they smooth all the lumps and bumps. I think they’re a great value. I’ve seen thinner designer leggings for $50+ each.

  24. In the 1st place the you can see right through the leggings, the Cami rides up all the time, not comfy at all and hard to put on… I am size 11 got a size L according to the size chart, and you can see my flesh and all the lumps and bumps. Called customer service for A WHOLE WEEK!!! Finally called ordering line and got a person who said she would put in a complaint and also added she found the Cami does ride and roll up as I said!!

    No reply from complaint tried again, finally got someone who would help me… well I stated my complaint and she had the nerve to ask me if I could give them to a relative, if I don’t like them my relative would not, and I paid $129.99 for camis and leggings… plus $9.99 for rush TOOK OVER 3 WEEKS, I LIVE AN HOUR AWAY!!!! they emailed me and said the would return my $9.99 for “rush deliver”, but never saw that.

    3 words….DON’T DO IT!!!

  25. I was really skeptical about purchasing the Leggings because I am a plus size woman. I received the leggings n tried them on and I was very surprised when they actually worked held my stomach, hips and lifted my butt up. U look great with dresses. I would recommend buying these leggings worth the money.

  26. I seen the infomercial and decided to buy these for my wife. I wasn’t told until after my order that it was going to take 3 weeks to get my order, now its over 3 weeks and I called them for them to tell me its going to be another 2 to 3 weeks before I get my order. Quite ridiculous to have to wait over 6 weeks to get your order, especially now days when shipping is so much quicker.

    I ordered these for a birthday present for my wife which even with the 3 weeks I had just enough time to get it before her birthday, now her birthday is over and I had to go purchase another gift for her for her birthday.

    Very disappointed in the whole ordering and shipping. I will comment on the product if I ever receive my order. They shouldn’t be having the infomercials and selling them if they cant keep up with previous orders.

  27. Why on earth would you people try to sell something that doesn’t work! I’m actually watching you right now on tv! To me it all seems like an act! I was going to buy it but I see some really bad reviews and also for customer service not being nice! What are those ladies actors or something so you can try to sell this. Don’t mind paying extra money if its worth it and this isn’t worth it! So glad I checked the comments before buying this! Not to mention some of the ladies on the show were a bit heavy and then you had ones that had a very nice shape!

  28. These Slim and Tone Leggings By Genie are a total ripoff. I ordered them and never received them. I can’t get a hold of the customer service department–there is only a busy signal. I had ordered a package promotion with some bras, and received the bras, but they simply cancelled my legging order with no explanation and charged my card for the same amount! Now I have to battle with the credit card company. Stay away from this company.

    • I was actually going to order them but thank goodness I saw some of the reviews! Most of these things that they advertise on tv I think they are all BS!

    • I am totally mad at this “Genie” company and Slim Tone Leggings and I am writing every single site that reports both the Genie Company, promotes Slim Tone Leggings and I am going to contact the BBB and the corporate attorney for this company, its FRAUD x 1,00000000000!

      I ordered the Slim Tone Leggings back in Feb 2013. When I received my 3 pairs of 3X leggings and three 4x cami shapers none of them would have fit a 4 year old! They did not stretch, were no where near plus sized unless you have a plus sized toddler and I was totally upset with my order so I promptly returned it. On March 22, 2013 I received an e-mail that said they received all of the leggings and cami shapers back from me and they were going to credit my bank account back the $104.00 they owed me less the $9.99 shipping and handling fee. After 5 phone calls with customer service reps that are all based out of the USA, I still have yet to get my money back into my account that was supposed to be in there within 5 business days.

      I have repeatedly asked when calling to speak to a supervisor and am always told they don’t have any supervisors to talk to, then I asked for the contact information to write in a complaint to the company they would not give me that information either, so then I asked for the customer service department in refunds to contact me, which I was promised they would and they never contacted me so I called back and was told no one would be contacting me and I had to contact my bank because they claim they refunded me back $104.00 and on 4 separate occasions I told them I went personally to the bank and they had no records ever of any refund or pending refund which I stated to their messed up customer service agents and they said I don’t care we sent it and hung up on me….so I called back only for the same run around, I asked for an address to fax or mail in my bank statement showing there was never a refund and they said they don’t do that so here it is April 13, 2013 and still no refund, and I am furious!

      They stole the money I rightfully am owed back, this is a scam and I would NEVER EVER spend a dime on this company ever again and anyone that is even thinking of purchasing any products from Slim tone leggings or the Genie company is making the biggest mistake of their life, its all a scam!

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