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What is Slencera?

It is an incredible revolutionary one-piece shaper that promises to give you amazing and real slimming results in 2 phases. This one-piece shaper starts just below your bustline and continues down to your buns and thighs giving you that perfect figure that you always wanted.


Incredible Slimming Results In 2 Phases

The amazing Slencera Shaper will help you transform your body to slim in 2 phases. Phase 1. Once worn the Slencera shaper will ensure you look 2 sizes slimmer instantly. Phase 2. Wearing the Slencera shaper for 30 days will give you the real slimming effect.
There is no other shaper like the Slencera shaper. It gives you real slimming results unlike other ordinary shapers. The Slencera shaper runs just below your bustline down to your buns and things making you look and feel slimmer and sexier so you can wear any outfit you want. It guarantees you concrete slimming results so you will always feel confident wearing any kind of dress.
The best part about the Slencera shaper is that once worn you get slimming results instantly and also if you wear the shaper for 30 days you will actually burn fat.


Made with Bioceramic fabric

This revolutionary innovative one-piece Slencera shaper is designed to give you real slimming results. It is made with a Bioceramic fabric, the latest scientific breakthrough. The Slencera revolutionary shaper is unlike other standard shapers. The bioceramic fabric helps you burn excess fat so that you achieve real slimming results.

How It Works

As soon as the bioceramic fabric touches your skin, the 4000 bioceramic particles present in the shaper absorb the heat from your body through far-infrared thermal energy. This makes your body activate more circulation and produce more heat to make up for the original loss of heat helping you burn excess fat. Using the Slencera shaper for 30 days is sure to guarantee you real slimming results unlike any other shaper.


Fabric Composition

The fabric composition of the Slencera shaper is: 35% bamboo charcoal, 55% polyamide and 10% elastane.


Available Sizes

The Slencera shaper is designed to be worn by people of all sizes. It is available in a variety of sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.
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    What do I get ?

  • You get SLENCERA Shaper for £59.95
  • Official Website :

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