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You do everything possible to get into the best shape so that you can make a dazzling impression when you go out. While these measures might work on some of your body zones there are others like your arms for example, that remain a problem area. There are many who have said that they find it difficult to shake off that extra fat they manage to pile on their arms. In some cases it’s the loose skin that can become the bane of your existence. Thankfully now you have a way of getting around it in the form of Sleevey Magic.

How does Sleevey Magic Work

Forget doing those specialized sets of workouts for toned arms; Sleevey Magic lets you have them almost instantly. Yes, giving your arms that shapely appearance has never been easier. Now you have an option to expand your wardrobe while you give your arms the beautiful look they truly deserve as well. Get rid of the flab on your arms instantly with Sleevey Magic, which is made out of super soft stretch material that is quite comfortable to wear. And importantly advanced compression technology is at the heart of it, which is why it works so well.

Not only is Sleevey Magic effective but it’s incredibly stylish to wear too and you will find the fact that it is reversible appealing. That means you have two great looks with this simple addition to your wardrobe. Sleevey Magic is very convenient to wear as well and you will find that it fastens under your bust without any problems, which is a huge advantage. Another benefit of using it is that it’s extremely versatile, which means you can use it with practically any kind of sleeveless garment.

Sleevey Magic can be cleverly used to hide any kind of blemishes that might be leaving you feeling inhibited. You can also use it to hide tattoos you might not want to show off on certain occasions or scars for that matter. Available in V-neck and Scoop neck styles, Sleevey Magic gives you the shot in the arm, quite literally.



What do I get?
Get 2 Sleevey Magic in reversible Mesh in your color choice of White or Black for just $29.95 + $17.90 P&H. Official website


Sleevey Magic Video
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18 thoughts on “Sleevey Magic

  1. Could you please give me the right number
    to talk to customer service l order in may
    the sleevey magic for my mother and
    she has, nt recieve anything
    thank you
    andrew sanchez

  2. I ordered the combo black & white sleevey magic back in May and had to return for a smaller size. I haven’t received nor heard anything about my exchange. Have tried calling the customer service number to no avail – no one ever answers. So sorry I ordered – just want my money back at this point!!

  3. I went online and began to purchase the product but the continual offers to add – a gift set purchase, scarf, hand bag, one more item, were such a turn off the entire thing felt wrong and I did not complete my order. Each of these wonderful add-ons have shipping charges which is ridiculous. I think this may be a really great product but they come across as sleazy which is unfortunate.

  4. I LOVE these!!! They totally work. Personally, I will not wear anything sleeveless without a jacket over it but I live in a desert climate and thick fabrics can get uncomfortably hot, so I really like Sleevey Magic because it’s breathable fabric that I can wear it under all sleeveless dresses, blouses and tanks. Anyway, in addition to covering up (my arms are a little untoned and have a scar I prefer to have covered) it also adds to my wardrobe because it changes the look of stuff I already own. What’s cool is you can reverse it for a scoop neckline or a v neckline. The quality/fit of Sleevey Magic are better than some other brands I’ve tried, they’re the only ones I would purchase again.

  5. Only order if you don’t expect any communication or customer service from this company. I would advise going elsewhere as there are other products on the market that do the same thing.

    • Hi C Smith,

      We are very disappointed you have not received good customer service. All in all most customers have been very happy with our customer service communication. I would love to speak with you about this to find out where we fell short in satisfying your needs. I will look into this further.

      Thank you.

  6. I placed an order for Sleevey Magic only minutes ago only to discovered that I am being charged almost $18. 00 for s/h when I ordered only one of the sleevey magics. Why would you do that? That is wrong and already I am unhappy. Please cancel the order immediately and credit my credit card. That is such a sleevey way to get more money for the cost of an item that you promise delivery in 6-8 weeks. For $18. 00? You have got to be kidding me? Please reverse the charge today.

    • Hi Linda,

      I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with your order. The cost is $29.95 + $8.95 processing & handling for the first Sleevey Magic in mesh. You get the second Sleevey Magic in Lace for Free and pay $8.95 for processing & handling. Essentially you are only paying $8.95 for the Lace Sleevey Magic. The total for both is $47.85. These are available in small boutiques across the country but they are $50- $55 EACH. I can guarantee you that you will be absolutely thrilled with your Sleevey Magic purchase. Did you cancel your order with customer service? If you still want to do this, please call the customer service number 866-961-5941. Thank you so much.:)

      • Actually you can get them at Walgreens for 14.95 (on sale) or 19.95 (regular). I’ve only seen them there in the black mesh though. I did get one and love it!

  7. Horrible Sleevy Magic Customer Service – NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. When Ordering on web site the systems enters your order without letting you review it, then offers NO WAY TO CANCEL an order. Very sneaky.

    Tried calling their “Customer Service” number BUT no one answers and it just cuts you off.

    Sent 3 emails IMMEDIATELY after order with Read Receipt and they’ve never been opened or read even 5 days later.

    I imagine there will be some long drawn out process of getting these charges reversed on my card and returning the product. That’s IF they even supply a return address.

    • Hi Eve,
      Thank you for speaking with me the other day. As I promised, we will make this right! This is a brand new campaign and it was more successful than we anticipated. We will cancel these orders and get your Sleeveys out to you by the end of September. We really appreciate your feedback and will correct the issues you had with our customer service so it doesn’t happen to anyone else!

      Here is our customer service number for anyone else out there that needs it:
      866-961-5941. I would love to hear back from you after you receive your Sleevey
      Magic.. Thank you again.

      Kind regards,
      Lisa Brady
      TV Host, and Actual User, of Sleevey Magic

      • I was just looking over the product never confirmed my order than out of no where got an email saying I ordered it when I did not confirm anything and it charged me 51$ I want this canceled I cannot afford that much I am struggling as is how do I get this order canceled asap I want my Money put back asap I have a 14 month old son whom I need that money for HELP PLEASE IAM IN A VERY LOST CONFUSED PANIC AND IAM EXTREMLY UPSET it is extremely hard to get in touch wroth anyone through that customer service line

        • Hello Maile,

          The customer service number is 1-866-961-5941. They are open Monday thru Friday between 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time. You have to allow 24-48 hours for the order to reach their system. They will not charge your credit card until the order goes out to you. You can refuse the order when it arrives and it will go back to them and they will credit you back. No worries, they are a legitimate company. 🙂 Hope this helps.

          Happy New Year!

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