Skinny Cami

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How often have you bought yourself a dress or a blouse you really liked but then put off the thought of wearing it? You realize that your bulges seem to show in the dress, which makes the whole exercise of buying it pointless. You try everything possible like working out in the gym or opting for one diet plan after another to be able to look at your best. But you don’t always see results you want. However there’s no reason to fret because you have a simple option of wearing Skinny Cami and eliminating those rolls and bulges for good.

How does Skinny Cami Work

This revolutionary camisole will be your way of looking around ten pounds slimmer almost instantly. Thus you won’t feel awkward or inhibited wearing your favourite dress or shirt at any time. The secret of this camisole is right in the middle where it is made out of a firm control fabric that is 67% Nylon and 33% Spandex. That’s why your torso is slimmed down and you look around 10 pounds slimmer. The top and bottom areas of this camisole are made of 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex, which makes it not only comfortable but you can leave it exposed as a layered shirt.

When you are wearing this camisole you will notice that rolls and bumps, even love handles will be well hidden. You will also be happy to see that it enhances your bust line and your back gets adequate support as well. It’s extremely versatile too and you have the option of wearing it under your layered tees or shirts for that matter. And it’s available in different sizes thus giving you several options and it will fit your particular measurements. Nursing moms will find the optional clips very handy too.

Some of the highlights of this camisole are that you get a smooth line through the whole mid section unlike your other regular shapers. The reinforced stitching is well constructed giving you a long lasting option and it also smoothens out the back area, giving you all the respite from bulges and rolls.



What do I get?

  • 3 Skinny Cami
  • Height, Bra size, Waist measurement, at smallest point, hip measurement at widest point (usually right across the butt) Length from bottom of bra (just under your bust) to navel.

All this for $39.95 + $7.00 S/h. Official website



Skinny Cami Video

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