Skinnie Genie Review

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What is Skinnie Genie

The TV commercial claims that Skinnie Genie is a cami shaper with seamless design that works perfectly as a layer as well by extending over hips and then further as a dress. It asserts to smooth your tummy, hips, and bust and make you look 10lbs slimmer easily.


Skinnie Genie REVIEW

It’s useless – Karen who bought Skinnie Genie complained in her review that it’s too big and one size fits all doesn’t work. She also found no smoothing effect but it causes uniboob. She thinks Sphanx Thintastics works well and so do skinny tees, but this product is just a waste of your time and money.

False impression – Kim who reviewed Skinnie Genie exposed in her review that she bought them for her friend and after believing they are long enough, from what she saw in the infomercials. She was shocked to find that they are only 18” long. Their quality isn’t good either and they don’t feel good on the skin. It also rides up and is uncomfortable, which means you have to keep adjusting it all day. She was hoping that it would be a good present for her friend who could get into a nice outfit on a special day without any bunches and lines. But it was a big flop.

It doesn’t work – Sharon who used Skinnie Genie revealed in her review that she is 5 ft 4 and they were too long for her. She had to keep tucking them in her jeans but there was too much material that kept bunching up. She also thought that her breasts didn’t get desired support and it didn’t flatten her stomach. It doesn’t fit well under the arms and is uncomfortable. But the worst part is the pad inside the bra that keeps moving and cannot be removed.

Not worth buying – Dannie who bought Skinnie Genie complained in her review that the fabric isn’t good and the sizing is all wrong. There just wasn’t enough room for her breasts. They are difficult to put on and the pad has a wrinkle right at the tip. It can’t be smoothed and makes the bra look lumpy. If you pull it down it flattens your breasts, higher and it shows outside your clothing. They are all the same size but somehow black is tighter than white and nude. She wishes she hadn’t bought them at all.

Don’t last well – Teresa who reviewed Skinnie Genie exposed in her review that they worked well initially but began to ride up after a few washes. They shrunk even after washing in cold water and now it leads to a muffin top from under the elastic and the waistband. They also lose shape around the breast area. The bottom part is too loose and she gets no support from it.

Smooth shape to your body instantly

Skinnie Genie is a seamless cami shaper that promises to get rid of bumps and flab on your body instantly. Skinnie GenieSay states to be super smooth and light and makes you look 10lbs slimmer. Skinnie Genie asserts that you can wear it by itself or for a layered look. Skinnie Genie assures to be stretched in any direction so you can stretch it long for a layered look. At the same time, Skinnie Genie convinces that it retracts back to its shape so that you can wear it under a crop top. Skinnie Geniemaintains that you can pull it up on the bust to cover your cleavage for a professional look at work. The same Skinnie Genie states to be pulled back down to be worn as a hot dress right for a night on the town.

Stretchable and retractable fabric

Whether you are a size XS, S, M, L, XL or XXL, that is pear shape or apple shape,Skinnie Genie maintains that one size fits all. The secret of Skinnie Genieis emphasized to be in its four-way retracting seamless memory flex fabric. This quality claims to make Skinnie Genie stretch in any direction and even retract. In spite of this, Skinnie Genie declares that it will never lose its shape no matter how you wear it. Skinnie Genie assures that it will always smooth out back fat, get rid of muffin top and bra hangover effectively. Traditional shapewears are uncomfortable but Skinnie Genie promises to give utmost comfort when you wear it. Skinnie Genie assures that it does not pinch or pull the skin. You don’t need to squeeze into Skinnie Genie as the cami proclaims. You just need to step into the one-piece Skinnie Genie and pull it up for a great shape. Skinnie Genie also states to be feather light enough to even float away with a balloon. Senior women suffer from sagging skin but Skinnie Genie guarantees to make them look younger and their body more toned instantly.

Wear it for any occasion

Skinnie Genie convinces to have comfortable shoulder straps to give your body the right support. Skinnie Genie guarantees that it does not wrinkleand gives you a smooth look all over. Skinnie Genie asserts to create the perfect look for your workplace and business meetings. Skinnie Genie can also make you look red carpet ready or for girls’ night out. Skinnie Genie can be worn to just chill at home in the evening or for summer cocktails. Skinnie Genie asserts to be comfortable enough to allow you to sleep in it. Skinnie Geniestates to come in Black, White, Nude colors to go with any color trousers or top.

What do I get?

You get six Skinnie Genie for three payments of $19.99. Official website

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