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What is Shruggies

As per the TV infomercial it is an intuitively designed shrug that keep arms warm without ruining the look of a dress. It also possesses the property of concealing flabby arms and makes them look trim and fabulous.


Shruggies Features and Benefits

Beat the chill – Shruggies promises to be the best buddy of any woman on a chilly night with its ability to provide snuggly warmth to the arms. Although there have been no Shruggies reviews yet that will verify its claims. Shruggies proclaims to be a lighter-than-air solution that is so sleek looking that it enhances the look of a dress instead of killing it like a sweater. Currently there are no Shruggies reviews available that will substantiate its claims. Shruggies also declares to be equipped with the ability to make the arms look thinner and toned. Did you find similar results while using Shruggies? Send us your Shruggies reviews.


Ground-Breaking Technology – Shruggies claims to bear an amazing technology that makes its fabric much better than other types of shrugs. It is difficult to agree upon the claims and comparisons made by Shruggies currently due to lack of user reviews. Shruggies alleges to have Nurowarm fabric that has 4 way stretch technology embedded. It keeps Shruggies lightweight and super thin yet can keep it super warm for the arms to receive a toasty feeling. As of now there are no Shruggies reviews out that will verify its claims. Shruggies states to be breathable with light-as-air property. Shruggies further declares that the fabric is snag proof and does not squeeze or pinch. Such abilities of Shruggies make it praise worthy; user reviews will soon expose if that’s true.


Numerous Advantages – Shruggies asserts to have such a compact size due to its fabric that it can be folded to a small size that fits in a purse or even a back pocket. This makes it convenient to carry too. Shruggies sounds interesting but will be only getting our backing once we get to analyze its reviews. Another benefit that Shruggies maintains is to provide trim and toned looking arms. The soft fabric encompasses the excess weight and pulls it off into a sleek looking arm without straining or discomfort. Plus Shruggies convinces to be designed to add up style to any clothing. Which is why Shruggies assures that whether it’s a party, a meeting, shopping or regular office day, it works perfectly well.

Does Shruggies really have such universal properties? User reviews will soon reveal the facts. Shruggies states to be great for concealing tattoos, stretch marks, unsightly scars, etc. but is also versatile enough to be used as a scarf, belt and a headband. The addition of a pocket at the back of Shruggies helps in carrying items such as cards, money, keys and phone easy. More shall be revealed once users review it. Shruggies guarantees to match on any fabric and is machine washable for easy management. Available in multiple sizes, Shruggies sure sounds impressive and will be attested once it is reviewed.


Size Chart
XS: 0-4
S/M: 4-8
L/XL: 10-14
XXL: 16-18

What do I get?

Get 4 Shruggies 1 Black, 1 White, 1 Lace, and 1 Gray Shruggies for $14.99 + $13.98 S/h. Official website: