Shape Ems Review

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Who doesn’t want to look hot and sexy when they put on their favourite dress or shirt for that matter? But is your bust size making you feel inhibited and leaving you lacking in confidence? If you want to pump up your bust by a couple of cup sizes and get a fuller looking cleavage then you can rely on Shape Ems every single time. Who needs those expensive padded bras that work for only certain type of dresses when you have this brilliant product that will enhance your cup size every single time?


Shape Ems
Yes, with the help of these adjustable pump-up bra inserts you can enhance your bust line almost instantly. And you can boost your bust by one, two or three cup sizes; you are the one who remains in control. That’s because the secret of these inserts lies in the button, which lets you pump them up to the desired level. The adjustable soft air technology means you can get exactly the kind of curves you are looking for. And when you want to release the air, you can simply press them and your job is done. Get the perfect size for every dress.

Not only that; you also get these inserts in different shapes for fullness, lift and cleavage. You can wear them with dresses, shirts, sweaters and tops for that matter and not only boost your bust line but your confidence levels as well. Regular silicone pads are awkward and can be quite heavy; but these inserts are lightweight, so much so that you can swim in them. Moreover these inserts are known for their breathable non slip fabric and combined with natural fit, soft air technology they remain completely undetectable under your dress.

Enhance your bust line almost instantly and get into your favourite dress brimming with confidence with Shape Ems.



What do I get?
Get 2 Sets of Shape Ems for $19.99 + $13.90 P&H. Official website

For a sensational price of $19.99 you can get one set of Shape Ems for cleavage, fullness and lift each, in your choice of colour; black or nude. You can also add another set to your offer by paying additional shipping and handling fees.



Shape Ems Video


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