Rotating Closet

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One of the problems with homes today is that you are always found wanting for space and that’s why you have to make do with smaller wardrobes and closets. But it means you have to contend with a lot of mess and clutter all around you. Are you finding it difficult to find just the right amount of space for your shoes, clothes and accessories? Do they end up falling all over the place when you are looking for something specific? In that case you will be happy to have Rotating Closet at home. It’s a smart way of organizing things in your wardrobe so that you can find them easily when you want.

How does Rotating Closet Work

With this closet you can expand the space in your wardrobe and have more order in your surroundings. It comes with sensational features like the fact that it can hold up to 15kg of weight, which means it has space for all your important items. And it can rotate 360 degrees, which makes it possible for you to find just what you are looking for at the right time. The four sides it has mean you can store anything from clothes to shoes and accessories and have them neatly organized.

It gives you around 8 times more space for your shoes; in fact it can hold up to 40 shoes without taking up any additional space. This closet is ready to use instantly and there are no tricky installation procedures required. It also gives you around 5 times more space for your clothes and 4 times more space for your compliments as well, which will bring a smile to your face. And when you don’t want to use it, you can fold it away and it will be only 2 inches wide and four feet tall, saving you any storage hassle.

It contains 5 rigid shelves that don’t bend and they are very resistant so that you can store large number of shirts you want. There are 30 transparent pockets as well, which are ideal for shoes and you can find the right pair at the right time, making things more convenient for you.



What do I get?

  • 5 Rigid Shelves (2 inches wide).
  • 30 convenient transparent plastic pockets.

All this for just £24.99. Official website



Rotating Closet Video

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