Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra Review

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Tired of the discomfort of traditional bras? The constant pulling, tugging, pushing, and adjusting? Aren’t you tired of the wires, the clips, and the barbaric torture of your bra? And finally, when you find a bra that fits, you end up with those unsightly rolls and bra lines. Not only that, but who knows what size to buy? Some of them fit. Most of them don’t. That is why over 80% of the women today wear the wrong bra size.


How does Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra work?
Your discomfort and worries are over. So check out the Ahh Bra and feel the Ahh experience. Discover comfort. Discover great looks. Ahh Bra’s breakthrough “Body Form” technology does away wires, hooks and adjusting straps. It instantly transforms your appearance. You will simply look great. Why look bulgy when you can look firm and beautiful? Why the uncomfortable when you can say, ‘Ahh’.

You can wear just the Ahh bra, which doubles as a camisole. You get enough support, you don’t need another bra. No hooks, no eyes, no underwire. No threads that pop. No elastic to pop. You can stretch it and stretch it all you want and it will stay and go back to the way it came.

The Ahh bra has the following features: seamless microfiber pullover, v neck, wide shoulder straps, soft, full-coverage cups, center ruching for bust shaping, ribbed band for comfort and support, 96% nylon, 4% spandex, machine washable, tumble dry, close-fitted: follows your curves.

Women across the globe have been looking for a good supporting bra with no wires and straps. Good for sport and even to wear for work under tight blouse. The ahh bra collection is the happy news women have wanted to hear.

The Ahh bra is made with “body Form” technology, without wires, hooks, and adjusting straps.

AHH Bra instantly promises to transforms your breast appearance. With no bra lines or bulges, you get to figure it out. And on top of all be very great and comfortable look.

The AHH Bras comes in three colors: nude, white, and black. The Ahh bra is promoted by Rhonda Shear from the shopping channel and it is:

Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra FAQs

How do I know which size will work best?
The size of your Ahh Bra will be the same size as your top. To know your specific size you will need to go through the sizing information. Ahh Bras are created with a unique design making you comfortably fit into more than one size. Ensure you choose a smaller size to benefit from a little more support.

Does the Ahh Bra really work?
More than 5 million Ahh Bras have been sold around the world and countless women vouch for the comfort and versatility of the Ahh Bra. Unlike other bras that may poke, itch, scratch, and make you uncomfortable the Ahh Bra is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Is the Ahh Bra machine washable?
The Ahh Bra is machine washable. You can also put it in the dryer and there won’t be any pilling nor will it lose its shape. Neither will the Ahh Bra bleed or fade with several washes.

Who buys the Ahh Bra?
The Ahh Bra is designed for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. It features a breakthrough seamless design that contours your shape and offers endless style options.

What makes the Ahh Bra so soft and comfortable?
The secret to the Ahh Bras softness and comfort is that it is knit using the most excellent yarns on a hosiery machine to give you a fantastic seamless and tagless design. The material used is a unique blend of 96% Nylon and 4% Spandex to give you an incredible 4-way stretch and a soft velvety feel.

Is the Ahh Bra difficult to get on?
The Ahh Bra is very simple and easy to wear. Simply pull it over your head or step into it. Since the fabric is stretchable you can comfortably slip the Ahh Bra on without worrying about it losing its shape or popping seams.

How supportive is the Ahh Bra?
The Ahh Bra is the most comfortable bra for women of all shapes and sizes. The wide band under the bust and soft center front, and side ruching makes the bra extremely comfortable and supportive. To benefit from additional support without the bulk of a traditional bra, try wearing two bras.

  • Seamless microfiber pullover
  • V neck, wide shoulder straps
  • Soft, full-coverage cups
  • Center rucking for bust shaping
  • Ribbed band for comfort and support
  • 96% nylon, 4% spandex
  • Machine wash, tumble dry
  • Closed-fitted: follows your curves, outlining your figure

The Ahh bra get good reviews by small to medium size breasts women. The wide straps at the bottom flatten any “fat waves in the back and the front, the gap between the caps make a nice cleavage to go with “V” neck sweaters and shirts. The overall support is good and the bra is comfortable to wear and feel good on the body, even if you have sensitive skin.

If you are large busts the Ahh bra is good in the house or when going out under large loose sweater. It is comfortable to wear but do not give enough support large busts women need when working out or wearing tight shirt. But even if you do have large busts the Ahh bra is a good leisure bra.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer – www.RhondaShearAhhBra.com)
3 Ahh Bras in Nude, White and Black colors for just $59.99 + $9.99 shipping/handling.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra Video


32 thoughts on “Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra Review

  1. I came across the advertisement of Ahh Bra on television was quickly interested in checking it out. But before buying it I wanted to know if anyone has tried it and what are their takes and opinions about the product. To find more I logged on to the internet and used the “Ahh Bra Reviews” in the search engine page. Lists of top websites displayed were completely disappointing because of lack of genuine content. All these sites had something suspiciously similar in them, the five stars rating of the product. These websites also included a direct link to purchase Ahh Bra and provided with some kinds of bonus offers too. The most annoying part was that the site would not allow you to exit from it without putting pop ups that try to stop you from leaving. I would like to warn everyone about such sites. The list of site that are completely dishonest and fake are ahhbravsgeniereviews.com, jeteye.com, healthbeauty.seasonaldeals.com, mybrareviews.com, ahhbrareviews.org, theahhbrareviews.com, ahhbrareviews.net, howtobebeautiful.co, geniebrasreviews.com. Thanks to this site finally I have something to read and believe on before purchasing the product.

    • Yes the sites which sell the manufacturer’s product directly are not real and are in fact a sponsored website which fools the search engine into thinking that it is genuine by using SEO methods. It is sad that such malpractices are on the rise but on this site we make sure that the user reviews are real.

  2. This Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra is a scam, this bra has no support at all, no padding and the straps roll up and the bottom rides up, really disappointing!!

  3. This bra is a scam. I ordered my shirt size like the commercial suggested and it was too big and my breasts drooped with no support. On top of that, I tried to return them and wasn’t able to because they include the 15 days it takes to send the bras back in forth in the 30 day return period. Do not buy this bra, Rhonda Shear is a false advertising thief.

  4. Check out the Dream products bra out of California they are made of the same stuff and are only $7.95 and about
    $3 shipping. I ordered one and will let you know how it fits and feels.

  5. I found out you can get the comfort bra from Dream Products in California and it’s made of the same stuff and it’s only $7.95 a bra and less than $3 for shipping and they have been making them for years. I ordered just one to see how it will do as that I hurt from the roll up stuff as that I am chunky in my old age. I don’t care about support as much as I just needed something to cover the boobs and not rub me raw and be so tight that my ribs hurt. I will let you all know how this bra feels when I get it.

  6. What is the smallest bra you make? Obviously this is not a training bra, so at what point could a young teenage girl start wearing it?

  7. Bought my Ahh Bra at Walgreens w/out seeing commercials. Just wanted some support for sleeping, lounging. am 38DDD so bought XL. Not too expensive if you don’t pay for shipping & handling (which is a ripoff) and the bra does well for the purpose I needed it for. Went back and bought 3 more and now sleep comfortably. Would not wear out in public as no real support, but mat’l is OK and washes & dries well. Would NEVER order online or by phone unless from Amazon!!! Also, much better than the Genie – friend bought those and they are ridiculous!!! Ahh Bra yes for in-house only, Genie never!!

  8. I purchased and am NOT HAPPY! I am a DD cup and this bra does NOT support at all. I even put on 2 bras as stated in the infomercial and still no good!! Also my nipples show a lot because of the material, so this bra will not do. I am returning ASAP!!! I hope it’s not a problem to receive refund.

  9. As with everything, it depends on WHERE you buy. It seems Amazon is a very good place to buy both Ahh Bra & Genie Bra, they have a great reputation and stand behind their return policy, also check Bed Bath & Beyond. In Canada both the Ahh Bra and Genie Bra are available through the Shopping Channel as well as Amazon, the best deals are always found when they are on TV, even though they are available at other times.

    I prefer to use this product as my around the house bra, or sleep bra, instead of going bra-less as that is no longer an option and it it great for that.

  10. Don’t deal with these people they misrepresent.

    Their commercial said if you order now they will send you their bras in 2 days at no extra charge. Then when you order and have given them all your info. they say they are backed up and it will ship in 5-10 days. That should have been a warning to us of scamming . They quoted a incorrect total and submitted a higher cost to our bank than we had approved by phone. They quoted shipping and handling and did not include the tax like they should have. When do you ever order something and then get off the phone and figure in the tax yourself ? It is always calculated in the grand total as we assumed it was and should have been.We presumed that was in the total cost as they did not break it down over the phone they just gave us a total. In the end they wanted over $78.00 for 3 bras. That is insane. We returned them unopened after receiving them 11 days later and filed a complaint with the bank for the monies to be reimbursed to us.


  12. Search for and read reviews before buying the Ahh or the Genie bras.

    I saw the claims the Ahh Bra was making in their infomercial and knew they’d be exaggerated for the most part—as with most infomercials. I thought about ordering anyway to give them a try, looking for a comfortable non-wire bra. They seemed expensive, so before I ordered, I searched for reviews for both the Ahh and the Genie. There wasn’t a lot about the Genie, but HSN.com, Amazon.com, and a few other sites had a lot of reviews for the Ahh Bra. They changed my mind fast. Reviews are mixed, but usually fall on the negative side—too big, too small, flimsy, not supportive, expensive, exorbitant shipping, etc.

    Even those with complaints, however, did admit they were comfortable. With this in mind, I found a site selling the Genie bra for what came out to $10 per bra. This induced me to try the Genies. (Other loungers were that or more.)

    I went in forewarned, eyes open, knowing I would not be getting a supportive bra. I was right. The Genie is okay comfortable, but NOT a supportive bra that replaces a drawer full of bras. It (and the Ahh) are lounger-type bras. Better than no bra at all, but not a good bra.

    And, they are definitely NOT sports bras. Too much jiggling.

    Though I continue to wear them to work and out and about, I would not recommend the bras to anyone over a B cup. I would not buy them again.

    Why not return? I’ve read reviews that said shipping costs are not refunded. $10 for 1 bra is okay, but minus $20 for no bra is not.

  13. Thank goodness I have read the reports. I was rather suspicious of how it would support a 40D. now I know it would not.


  15. I had been curious about trying the Ahh Bra, but wasn’t going to pay $60 for something I didn’t know if it was any good; so when I saw the commercial for Buy One Get One Free for $19.99, I immediately called. You had to choose the same color for both bras, but I didn’t care about that. The customer service woman proceeded to tell me my total was $39.89 and I about hit the floor! I asked why, when it’s $19.99 for 2; and that’s all I was ordering. She explained to me that they charge separate shipping for each bra (which they don’t tell you during the commercial) and the cost of shipping is $9.95 each!! I felt kinda bad for the customer service woman, because I could not help but get irate and tell her how much they are scamming people and this buy one get one free deal is a joke, they are compensating for the price buy charge outrageous shipping fees. Think of it this way; with the USPS Priority Mail, you can mail 2 small bras for about $5-$6, and they are charging nearly $20!

    I guess they learned people aren’t wanting to spend $60 for 3, but they might buy 2 for $20, and then add the extra cost in the shipping, so you still end up spending $20 a bra! Buyer Beware—this company has some dirty practices in play!

  16. I was SCAMMED, this is how. I called for the buy 1 set get 1 free. I asked for this deal in complete detail. Then the order man Ron, says how many sets do you want to order today 1. Buyer beware.

  17. I’m a 38DD and the support stinks and I wouldn’t wear it out of the house BUT it’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn around the house and the straps have not fallen once… good enough for what I need it for.

    • Monica – did you buy the bra to wear around the house only? I seriously doubt it! So you can’t say the bra is good enough for what you need it for. You need it to be supportive enough for you to wear anywhere and everywhere, as their silly information indicates.

  18. I have been wearing my Ahh Bra all weekend – sometimes one and sometimes two together – really testing more than anything. I love it. The only adjustments I do are to keep checking if it’s really there! So comfortable. I am now wearing one under a sweater set as I leave for work – and I love the look. Plus no tugging or pulling or lines or …. anything! I am a 36DD and this is a bra I will no doubt buy more of.

  19. My guess: if you’re fat, if your tummy sticks out further than your breasts, the band below the cup on the Ahh bra will roll up and dig in like a tourniquet. Fat women need a bandless bra. Thank you, Connie, for confirming my suspicions!

  20. I DO NOT love my AHH Bra. The AHH bra is cut too low to wear as a layer-look under a blouse; The lower half of the AHH bra is cut short and rolls up under the breast; the sales woman told me that she had never tried on.. should have been a “red light” to me. So sorry that I wasted my money. My female friends and family tried to tell me.

  21. This Rhonda Shear Ahh bra did not deliver as promised. Both my daughter and I are D cup sizes. This bra offered little or no support and did not fit well at all. Not worth your time and money if you are over an A cup size.

  22. I’m a 34D and I’m tired of HUNTING for right sized bras and I don’t like paying $40 for “special” bras with under-wires. Will the Ahh Bra work for me? I’m a 6 on top if there’s no button-front, so I’d lean toward a Small Ahh Bra – if I knew they supported me.

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