Pajama Jeans Review

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Do you love stylish sexy jeans? Do you love soft comfortable pajama bottoms? Now get the best of both clothes with the pajama jeans; the high new fashion and sensation that suit every figure perfectly. Pajama Jeans look like designer denim jeans. Mock fly, front and back contrast pocket stitching, brass rivets and smooth par lifting design.


How does Pajama Jeans work?
The pair like flairs to stylish boot cuts. The secret is the co-standard; denim fabric that stretches fits every figure perfectly like a sexy second skin. When you wear pajama jeans, you feel just like as if you are in baby’s blanket i.e. Pajama Jeans is very soft and is comfortable as your favorite pajamas. It is so comfortable that you want to sleep in them.

Pajama jeans is quite different from the ordinary jeans. Ordinary jeans’ are uncomfortable and leave marks on your skin, but pajama jeans are so light weight and comfortable that you can wear them and do your work easily. The unique fabric resist wrinkling, so therefore it is perfect for traveling, great with sandals and sneakers or mold them up to queue cuffs.

Best about pajama jeans feat perfectly every figure from petite to plus size. Give us your plus size and we will recommend the perfect fit for you. Pajama jeans are so comfortable, your wear them every day. It is great for a busy mum and also for those who want a quick trip to grocery store.

Pajama Jeans Fabric
DormiSoft fabric – a proprietary blend of cotton and spandex

Pajama Jeans Reviews
How often has this happened that you had to compromise with looking good wearing with feel good wearing?

The jeans have a fashion statement beyond comparison. They go with anything and look casual and fashionable when out in public. But do they feel comfortable to wear them to bed?

The question was rhetorical since jeans are stitched in fit to shape comfort and does not facilitate the feature of flexibility like a pyjama making them uncomfortable for wearing for a long time or in free body postures.

But pyjamas are not fancy to be worn outside and jeans are not comfortable to wear at home. The comfort and style comes together with pajama jeans. They are super cool to wear in and out without having to worry about fashion and styling.

Normally the people at home love to wear pyjamas for the comfort and ease but always have a worry in the backend about having friends, family, neighbours or any door bell ringers. Hence, there is compromise and bounded wear of pyjamas in restricted parameter.

Thanks to pajama jeans for bringing style with comfort in most beloved clothes attire – the pyjamas.

Pyjamas to live in, jeans to sleep in! Pajama Jeans are the best of both worlds!The fashion wear extremely comfy in feel and too stylish that one would love to wear it outside and inside the house.

Pajama Jeans is the exclusive and only clothing that you can wear to bed and get the luxury of relaxed and stylish feel.

Title line style cut with European trend gives an edge to the regular pyjama look and denim factor adds up to the look.

The pajama jeans definitely live up to the hype. I think these will give my black yoga pants a rest this winter!

Though genuine denims are usually hefty the Pajama Jeans are very light and comfy. It is strenuous to wear denims for one whole day since they are not gentle such as silk cotton or versatile like polyester. They do not get flexible with the body posture and while the look is stylish, you are never comfortable under the denim skin. Or so was my belief.

Pajama Jeans changed the definition for the good. Denims have never been so close. Being at home means finding the luxury of lounging at home in our beloved clothes, however comfortable looking attires compromises on more presentable looking versions. But with Pajama Jeans there exists a happy bargain regarding the ultimate comfort of pyjama pants, and then the complementing, widespread selling point of elegant blue denims. Given that denims will almost always be in style individuals are now experiencing the realization they can get a loose fitting denims that don’t just serves the purpose of denims and presents them the comfort of a pyjama.

They’re slack enough on my legs where it doesn’t appear like there’re “skinnies.” Things I did so of having denims possible sleep in was acquire free fitting denims. It worked well for which I wanted to accomplish. That is just regarding them although is they are very comfy. It’s similar to I’m wearing nice sweats they don’t look like sweats. My sweetheart didn’t even know that they existed. Hubby didn’t recognise that I had gotten a few pairs and was slipping into them with cool look and comfortable attire.

Comfort and style was much too amazing when I found that people could barely make out a difference if at all in denim jeans vs. Pajama Jeans. I’ve now done away with dressed in my sports pants every day simply because I’ve got my Pajama Jeans.



What do I get?

  • 1 Pajama Jeans
  • 1 Grey Crewneck Tee

Sizes Available

  • 3 XL Fits Sizes 26 to 28
  • 2 XL Fits Sizes 22 to 24
  • 1 XL Fits Sizes 20
  • Extra Large Fits Sizes 18
  • Large Fits Sizes 14 to 16
  • Medium Fits Sizes 10 to 12
  • Small Fits Sizes 6 to 8
  • Extra Small Fits Sizes 4



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Pajama Jeans Video


40 thoughts on “Pajama Jeans Review

  1. I bought my wife 5 pairs of these and a little over a year the pockets in the back began to come apart and the seams in the crotch began to fray. The quality is horrible! She found similar product at Walmart for 1/3 the price and is wearing those now and thus far happy with them.

  2. My Pajama jeans are very comfortable and they look good except for one problem. They were cut off grain and one leg keeps twisting so that the side seam ends up down the center of my leg. This is very annoying.

  3. How difficult can it possibly be to find a genuine review site today? I found it practically impossible to find an honest review about Pajama Jeans till I found your site. Meanwhile I had been through several sites like,,,,,,, which were supposed to have reviews for the product. But all they some had was a wishy-washy explanation about what these jeans were. It could well have been from the brochure of Pajama Jeans. What’s worse is one site led me to a random catalogue of vaguely related products while another one offered me some special offers, which I couldn’t care less for. Thankfully on your site I found really helpful information about Pajama Jeans and what they have to offer me. The review was honest and spoke to me directly as a user without any hidden ulterior, which I found hugely refreshing. That’s what all the review sites should be doing; if they claim to offer genuine reviews I don’t want to know about special offers or a sales pitch to buy the product.

    • We are glad that your grievance was sorted when you visited our site and we can assure you that you will always find genuine reviews of products with us. We rely on our honest content rather than optimization methods like others and we believe that’s what helps our site stand apart from the rest. That’s what our readers count on us for in the first place.

  4. I bought these at Walgreen’s; did not get the tee-shirt included when you order online, but did not get talked into buying 2 pairs either. I had to hem them as they are very long. They are indeed very comfortable, and look good enough to run to the supermarket. However, the color keeps rubbing off on my hands, shoes, socks, etc. even after several washings.

  5. Dear Pajama jeans, I want to tell you a story about my experience with your product.

    My sister sent me two pairs for Christmas, and I was so excited! But when I went to try my size smalls on they swallowed me whole.

    I sent them back to my sister, which cost me $27.86 Now my sister is out eighty dollars, and I am out for the postage!
    I would like to be compensated in some way. PAJAMA JEAN! Get a hold of me!!!

    Cheri lynn Reno

  6. Don’t order online. Go to Walmart to try them. That way if you don’t like them, you can take them back. I ordered online and only wanted 2 pairs, ended up with 4 pairs and a $200.00 bill. I’m trying to cancel this order because I found the pants at Walmart and picked up a pair there. There is no way to edit your order. Once you order the pants, you’re stuck with them and I guess you have to call to cancel. I’ve been trying to call, just a machine. I’m waiting for the charge to come up on my credit card so I can cancel the payment.

  7. Ordered(January 28, 2011) and received(February, 2011) Pajama Jeans
    for my wife. She absolutely loves them and wears to go shopping, to
    go to doctors and any family gathering. Jeans are great looking and
    clean up like a charme.

    However(you knew a “however” was coming), after 9 months threading
    on back seam(not all seams) has broken and frayed from waist to
    straddle. Jeans still show no wear. I realize the 60 day guarantee is
    long gone, but I wanted to advise you of problem and ask for your
    consideration of some remuneration since the threading is defective.

    Thank you in advance for your comments/action on this matter.

    Donald L. Spinks, Sr.
    (678) 355-5387

    • Got a pair as a Christmas gift. Loved them so much went to Bed
      Bath and Beyond and bought two more. Comfort and fit are great. The only negative is the dye rubs off onto my hands and furniture. I’m hoping after they are washed this will no longer be an issue.

  8. Thanks for all the comments. I’m interested in the pajama jeans, but after reading the comments, have decided to check Walmart or use Amazon. I’ve ordered lots from Amazon and it would be the best alternative if I can’t find them locally. Was also interested if they ran large or small for their size and got that answered too.

  9. I bought 2 pairs of pajama jeans. Although the wait was very long, I did eventually get them. The Good – They fit well and are comfortable, nobody notices they aren’t regular jeans, I wear them almost all the time. The Bad – I am 5’5″ and they had to be cut and hemmed, were way too long to wear even with my highest heels; they take a long time to dry; the fabric shows wear after a few months, so they won’t last as long as regular jeans; if you need dressy jeans, these won’t pass. I would definitely recommend buying them, and they have them now at Walmart so you wouldn’t have to pay shipping and handling or endure a long wait.

  10. Total ripoff, I’m complaining to consumer affairs; they somehow manage to trick you into ordering TWO pairs when asking for a backup size, then a call to cancel the order, then TWO months later, I get a POSTCARD saying sorry for the hold up, if you dont want THESE two jeans, return the postcard, so I return it the next day (yesterday)..TODAY $95.80 taken out of my bank acct., call to the company and a very rude …woman…I think..named BONNIE, insists they did nothing wrong in all of this and my only option is to send them back for refund (minus the 15.00 shipping) which I will NOT do, they are being reported for fraudulent charge and a consumer complaint WILL be filed. Horrible! not to mention, they are cheaply made, do NOT fall for this.

    • I meant which I WILL def. do, but will NOT pay for either shipping or handling. guess I got suckered and HAVE to pay to send them back. Dont use this company though…terribly disorganized and rude

  11. Sorry I love the product and would love to buy them but the issue is the XS would fit me everywhere but the length. Is it possible to make an up-size for tall people? That would help all of us that are above average height for a woman. I thank you for taking the time to read my comment and hope that in the future that there will be a pajama jean for above average height individuals like myself so that I can switch to wearing them for my jeans. Have a great day!

    Best Regards,


  12. Do you have a longer inseam length for the tall female. I have a 34 inch inseam. I would like to order a pair of these jeans, but that is the only thing stopping me.

    • I have the same issue I am above average height as well! I hope that in the near future that they will come out with tall version of all of the sizes so individuals like us can wear them as well.

      Best Regards,


  13. I paid for my Pajama Jeans over 15 days ago… Where are they? I tried to find out about the status and all I got was an automated phone which wanted me to order more and wouldn’t address my inquiries. They didn’t have a problem taking my $39.95+ shipping! And they insured me that it would be 5 to 7 days for delivery! The interesting thing that really boils my butt is that I had gotten an e-mail from them to confirm my order and it didn’t have a confirmation number and it MIRACULOUSLY DISAPPEARED from my e-mail box! At first I thought I deleted it and I looked back…I DID NOT! It just disappeared! How is that possible? I want my jeans or my money back!

  14. I saw the advertisement on TV so I looked them up on the web. I ordered a pair of jeans. I just got them yesterday and I am wearing them now at work… OMG!! they are awesome.. so comfortable and they fit perfectly. In Regular jeans either they fit but the waist doesn’t or the waist fits but they are too baggy. I have such a hard time finding jeans that fit me, because I am short waisted. These jeans are nice and snug too and the waist is adjustable, which is nice.

    I am telling everyone in my office about them and passing the link to the website to them….. I wish I could afford an other pair, but not right now…No complaints here… I love love love love my new Jeans.

  15. I ordered the 2 pairs of Pajama Jeans on Black Friday. When I called to check on them December 10 I was told they were back ordered and not to be delivered until after January 3. When I placed the order I was told I would have by Christmas. Everyday I see ads for these things and cannot believe they do not have the product.

    I will be surprised if I ever get them.

  16. I ordered two pair of the PajamaJeans for Christmas gifts on Nov. 18th. It is now Dec. 17th and I have not received them yet. The website says 2-3 weeks until delivery but it has already been more than that. If they are not able to deliver on time, they should say so. Now, at the last minute, I have to shop for the ones that aren’t getting their PajamaJeans. I definitely would not recommend this company to anyone.

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