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About My Fit Jeans

This one size fits all denim is designed to make you look and feel wonderful whether you gain or lose weight. My Fit Jeans are made with Inteli-stretch denim technology that make the jeans conform to your unique body shape, size and height. They will fit even as your weight fluctuates.

My Fit Jeans give you’re the perfect fit every time. Each of these jeans has a real zipper and pockets. My Fit Jeans has a denim blend and an attractive mid-rise fit. They come in 3 color options– dark wash, black, light wash and 2 easy sizes – 2-10 and 12-20.

My Fit Jeans REVIEW

Natalie Summers, a customer who bought My Fit Jeans states in his review that even though the material isn’t really denim, the fit is really great. The material used is soft and comfortable to wear and stretches a bit at the waist for additional adjustment as per the body shape.

Another My Fit Jeans review by Kate Tucker reveals that the overall fit of the jeans is pretty decent but the fabric starts to stretch out over a period of time. The fabric in the legs and buttocks region starts to lose more and can look baggy for those who have slimmer waistlines.

One other review by Myra Pope complains that My Fit Jeans are really tight for her and the tightness in the tummy region makes it really uncomfortable to wear especially while sitting down.

My Fit Jeans Verdict

A My Fit Jeans review by Alexis Foster discloses that the fit and the material of these pants are perfect except in the waist region. She found that for people with a little larger waist, the material is uncomfortable especially while sitting. She even found that the small waist on the pants made it really difficult for her to digest food.

There are many skinny jeans available similar to My Fit Jeans that offer denim wash in a comfortable fabric. One key competitor is the Vibrant Women’s Classic that offers similar type of material, wash, design, and style to that of My Fit Jeans. One of the drawbacks of My Fit Jeans in comparison is the fact that it is only available on its manufacturer’s website. That makes it difficult to find honest reviews that are available on websites such as Amazon and Walmart. Of course there is the option of using Google but the lack of My Fit Jeans reviews doesn’t really add assurances to its claims. Price wise both these jeans fall in the same range and even provide similar type of color options. Vibrant though has a 4 star rating on Amazon, aggregated from 1133 customer reviews. Apart from these options, one can even surf the internet for similar jeans by using keywords such as skinny jeans, denim wash pants, and denim skinny jeans.

My Fit Jeans Price
My Fit ™ Jeans for just $39.99 plus $5.99 P&H at the official website:

8 thoughts on “My Fit Jeans REVIEW |

  1. I just purchased My Fit Jeans for a Gift. It is available online. But I purchased mine at a walk in Rite Aid Store. Hopefully they are comfortable to were around the house….

  2. I purchased these jeans thinking “FINALLY, something that will fit my booty as well as my thighs.” I have a big booty and tiny stick legs. Not only were these baggy in the butt area, but they didn’t fit my thighs AT ALL. And, to top it all off, you’d have to be about 4’11” or less for them to actually fit length wise. They advertise 29-30″ but mine were more like 25.5-26″ I wasn’t looking for capris! I tried to return them and they wouldn’t accept them back. I would think twice before purchasing this product unless you are really short and hippie.

  3. I just purchased a pair last night. I was charged, then today I was charged again. They pulled money from my bank without authentication citing it was pre-authorization and the second charge was the actual purchase and the first transaction will be returned in 3-5 business days. With shipping for both transactions. I asked for the entire sum of both transactions returned to my bank and cancel my order. They are unable as the pre-auth was taken until processing was complete, then the second charge was post-processing. Why would a business need a second charge, just keep the first. Now I want nothing to do with a business that follows these terms.

  4. this was one of the worst products i have ever purchased; i knew i was in trouble when i opened the package; i ordered two pair, they looked like they were jeans for a 12 year old boy; i kept looking at the packaging for confirmation i had been sent the wrong order but that wasn’t the case; i am hippy but not the fattest woman in the world and these jeans were horrid!!!! they did not fit at all; this company’s advertising is deceptive and i have noticed recently their commercials are no longer running on tv; i was so disappointed with this crappy product that i didn’t even bother with sending them back; i just took and loss on these and scrapped them; don’t buy this product unless you are actually a 12 year old; don’t buy and don’t waste your time

  5. These jeans would be great if you’re shorter in stature. I’m 5’7″ 150 lbs. and they are a bit to short and lower waisted than expected. I guess the lower waist is from trying to compensate for the length. I suppose they will work fine with a pair of boots. However I would not purchase these again.

  6. I received a card from you it said if I did not want it to send the form back I did not send it back why didn’t I receive my order I’m a little upset I will never purchase merchandise from you ever again

  7. Order I order this so I can give it to someone for Christmas and I still did not receive it I’m going to have to go to the bank and let them know that you took my money and did not send me my merchandise please I don’t want to do this I just want the clothes or my money back

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