Milana Bra Review

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Do you often have bad and unwanted bra experiences? Well, now you can say goodbye to bad bra days because now there is a beautiful comfortable seamless bra designed for women of all sizes. Here’s introducing Milana Bra by Genie, designed to give you maximum comfort, seamless support, and great style. It is made of woven ever-last stretch fabric making it very easy to slip in.

Buying your bras can be a difficult task because you are looking for ultimate comfort and style. You want to try and avoid the discomfort caused by underwire and straps, at the same time you want a bra that will fit you nicely and conform to your body shape. What if we told you that you can get the comfort, perfect fit and a lot of elegance because of stylish lace on your bra? It’s too good to be true, you might think.



How does Milana Bra work?

Well, Milana Bra goes one step further and gives you the coverage of a camisole, so you can slip it under your new shirt and not have to think about wearing layers that can look quite awkward.

Milana Bra features a form-fitting seamless design without the discomfort of wires, hooks or adjusting straps. It comes with a touch of lace and also features a knitted wide support band allowing the bras to custom conform to your shape. The best part is that can be worn by women of all sizes. You can also use modesty pads if you want that extra support and added coverage.

Milana Bra is exquisitely made and the special Sempre Forma stitching is a result of Santoni machine. The hand sewn lace is an added delight because it gives your bra a classy and timeless look and can also double up as a camisole for you. Milana Bra is machine washable and it can be used over and over again because you can be rest assured that it never loses shape. Now say goodbye to bad bra days and say hello to comfort, support and stylish elegance with Milana Bra.

The Santoni machine that makes these bras adds unique Sempre Forma stitching. It is also machine washable and is made such that it never loses its shape.

Milana Bra has a woven elastic fabric, which you can slip into nicely and it is also form fitting without the cumbersome underwire, hooks or seams. Thus you can go out wearing your Milana Bra and not feel any discomfort even once. It also has a knitted wide support band, which is quite cleverly designed because it conforms to your contours. Women of all sizes will appreciate the support it gives them and they also have the option of using modesty pads under their Milana Bra for that extra lift.

The lace is sewn by hand. If you don’t want to wear a camisole underneath you can simply wear your Milana Bra as a camisole. With the Milana Bra you get the perfect look and not the ugly bulky layered look. It is available in a pack of 3 in a variety of colors: black, white and nude.


Milana Bra FAQs

Are there hooks in the Milana Bra?
There’s no discomfort of hooks/biting straps.

Are 3 of the same color bras delivered?
Currently, one color bras cannot be shipped. Milana Bras come in a set of black, white and nude colors.

What’s the right size for me?
Refer to the size guide for your Milana Bra Size.

Is it difficult to wear the Milana Bra?
No. Courtesy its stretch fabric you simply need to either pull it over your head or just step in and pull it up.

Can Milana Bra worn as a camisole?
Yes. It doubles as a lace camisole.

How is it different from the Genie Bra?
Along with all the features of the latter, the Milana Bra has an additional layer of hand-sewn lace to double as a camisole.

How can I exchange for a different size?
Contact the custom care to help with the correct size.



What do I get?
You get Milana Bra in three classic colors; black, white and nude at

46 thoughts on “Milana Bra Review

  1. Love my Milana Bras, fits better than any bra I’ve tried in 20 years. Look is great, I was a 38D, ordered XL. Also I had mastectomy last year and the Milana bras are better than any of the mastectomy bras I have, the lace overlay in front is beautiful. Can’t tell the difference in either the natural or the prosthesis breast. And my prosthesis fits into bra perfectly.

  2. I had same experience as most of these folks. Returned bras in Jan using the label as instructed and gave to postman. They claim they didn’t receive the package so won’t refund my money. This is all after several phone calls to customer service. It has turned me off of mail order. I definitely won’t order from this company ever and won’t recommend to anyone.

  3. I just called back to ask for an address where I can address my issues to obtain my refund. I was told by a representative that there is no address to write to.

    Highly pissed.

  4. I am on the phone again. I have been told that my money was refunded into my account in January, 2013. I was just told that they have no way of givng me any proof that they deposited the refund into my account. I am now out of this money and pissed.

    There should be some agency that we can report this scam to.

  5. This is nothing but a scam. I purchased these bras. They were to small and returned then in October 2013. It is now June 19, 2013 and I still have not received my refund. I was initially told that my bank would not accept the refund. Then I was told that my money would be in my account that afternoon. Then I was told the money was deposited into my account. No. On June 18, 2013, I was advised that the money was deposited into my account in January 2013. I asked if they could give me some type of confirmation number or documentation proving there was a deposit into my account. I was told no.

    I am still trying as of today June 19, 2013 to have my money refunded. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

  6. I ordered a 2x Milana bra pkg. of three. They were the wrong size and I returned them the 25th of May. I received the 3X pkg. and decided the bra was not for me. Just did not like the idea of pulling them over my head so I returned them. I have been trying to receive credit for the transactions but so far, nothing! I have emailed customer support 2 times and they will not respond to my trying to settle my account. I have already been charged 19.99. I sent them back with the Milana return label.

    The order # is 21522201318144160.

    Please respond!

    • I had similar experience. Did you get refund? If yes, how??? I haven’t yet. They say they didn’t get the package I mailed in Jan using their label.

      The website from admin listed is not valid. What a joke.

      I feel your pain!!!

  7. I ordered this product for my girlfriend and of course the sizing an (XL)was outrageously small. So after a product return and using the correct size as the chart indicated. I received another bra (2X) and it too was not the proper fit. So now I just order a (3X) and after three weeks of no communication. I decided to call to find out what the hold up was.

    After a long arduous phone call (15 minutes) I was told that it would take three to four more weeks to received the bras. Seven weeks to receive three Milana Bras. Plus who knows how much the phone call will cost as I felt like a hostage trying to get information.

    I’m very disappointed and most of all a simple act of love and kindness for my girlfriend has turned into a massive ordeal over a bras.

  8. Ordered 6, only received 3…which is fine because they are terribly made, seam is right over the nipple so not good for thin shirts, they do not bounce back into shape after being washed and they smooth the boobs in….been trying to get a refund on the 3 they didn’t send me since February. They keep saying the refund ‘is being processed’ have given them until this Wednesday and then will file complaint with my bank, the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney Generals Office. Wish I had read the reviews before ordering.

  9. My purchase came in time and I’m very pleased. It has done everything it says it does. Thank You Milana bra.

  10. I bought the Milana bras from the website. I do like them, its the only bra I can where without underwire and I am a size of DDD. I haven’t wore them in the summer time yet though, that will be the ultimate test. My Only complaint so far is one set of pads fell apart and customer service won’t do anything because they tell me I already sent them back. NO I sent the seamless ones back because they didn’t fit right, but not the original Milana bras. They must not know how to read…

  11. The Milana bra is not worth the money you pay for it. I bought 3 from the TV and received them wore one and put it in the washer and it fell apart. I called and they told me that I would receive a replacement and I have yet to receive the replacement item. I sent the damaged bra back called for a second time and still nothing. Recently I washed another one and that guarantee that it will pop back into shape and once again it did not. This maybe just me, but I may have got the bad ones, but as I see it they are not what they advertise them to be.

  12. I have not tried the Milana Bra…I have tried the Genie which is the same product. It is comfortable, but does not provide support or lift in my book. I am a 38c. my bust is heavy and dense. Guarantee you I am not lifted with the Genie. I use it for sleeping.

  13. I bought the Genie bra (1 nude, 1 black) several months ago at a local store and liked the feel of it immediately. I still think of this as a sports bra as it is so plan and I, like a lot of women, like to wear pretty under things. And this is defiantly not a pretty thing to wear. After several months of washing and wearing both, I’m noticing some problems. 1) The seams are starting to unravel. 2) The bottom is starting to roll up under my breasts and this is starting to become uncomfortable. 3) The inserts pads are starting to fray around the edges. 4) The inserts do not stay in the same place and move around. 5) The bra is piling, little tiny balls of material, in the arm pit area. I was going to buy some more in different colors as the nude and black are getting boring. I was looking to by the ones with the lace insert but after reading the complaints I will wait until they come to the local stores to buy them. I guess its back to the old bras. Thank you for the warnings about using this company itself. And you all have my sympathy on your trials.

  14. I stopped payment on these Milana Bra. I called to send them back and in the mean time had my debit card canceled and now they wont send me my money. So guess what?? I got free bras.

    • Good for you..I think you should all stop payment on your credit cards for false advertising and report them to BBB right the way don’t wait months to do it. Email BBB and include them on the email so they see you mean business.

  15. OMG! Wish I read this before ordering. Ordered Milana Bra and paid extra for quick shipping. 5 days later….nothing shipped. Unable to reach anybody by that phone number and waited online for 20 minutes. The advertisement assures uplift and support but now i wonder from all the reviews. I ordered by phone and was assured of lift and support as well as expedient shipping.

    Thanks for the heads up folks and hope retribution is swift!!!

  16. I just purchased the bras and am very disappointed. They do not support as advertised. I guess they are comfortable if you don’t mind drooping and bouncing when you walk. I will not recommend these to anyone.

  17. The Milana Bra seams are stitched to create the look of your nipples protruding. This is very awkward if you are wearing a thin shirt. I feel very self conscious and have stopped wearing them due to this. The design should be reconfigured and the seam place in a less obvious position.

  18. they are nothing like they show on TV. the lace only came up to my nipples. Never even came close to the top of the sports bra. there isn’t any support. This bra is a joke. Do not order this crap. they must have had “plants” in the audience when they done this infomercial. They are as useless as tits on a boar hog. all this is, is a sports bra. I have big boobs and the pads didn’t do crap either. The pads ride all the way up in the bra. So it shows a line on your clothes where the pads are at. This woman should be run out of town for this.

  19. Do not by the Milana Bra. It does not hold true to the claims on TV. I have been trying for a whole week now contacting Milana Bra company to no avail. You dial the number they give to on the emailed invoice and all it does is rings and rings. I even had my credit card company try and contact them no avail.. So right now I am up a creek as I cannot cancel the other 2 monthly payments on the stupid bra. My advice is DO NOT ORDER the Milana bra directly from their website. I checked the better business bureau and there has been 771 complaints against the product and their customer service.

  20. I saw the ad on tv and thought they were worth the try. While ordering on their website, they offered three camis for AN additional payment of $19.99. So, thought 3 camis for $19.99 was a good price. After I started to move through the process I saw that the ad was very misleading and the camis were an additional payment each month. I tried to remove the Camis but couldn’t see my entire order and it NEVER asked for you to confirm the order. But the order went through and I couldn’t cancel it. I got an email confirming the order and it said that no changes could be made for 6 to 8 hours. After that time frame I called customer service and was then told I couldn’t cancel for 24 hours. I asked her if the order would go out before the 24 hours and she told me no. When I called after the 24 hours I was told that order had already gone out! So I had to wait for the order to get to me, refuse it, and wait 3 weeks for the refund! All on a order I didn’t place! The bras are ok, but after washing them, the pad inside moves around and fold up. This was a terrible experience and their website and customer service stinks!! Don’t trust this company!!

  21. I purchased the 3 Milana bras plus 3 Genie bras and 3 pairs of underwear. I’m a size 38DDD and they assured me that these would fit. I need to return some of the items because they do NOT fit well. I didn’t receive any invoice with the delivery and I have been calling the number given on the website. The number is always busy. I see that another customer has had a similar problem with trying to return an item(s). I guess I’ll have to stop payment on the items!

  22. I ordered 3 Milana bras size 44d and they do not fit. I want to exchange them for 46dd. I have tried calling the customer service tn# for hours at a time but always get a busy signal. Is this a legit tn# 1-973-287-5185 or just a rip off to the public. Please respond to my e-mail address above. I need an RA # to return these items. If I do not hear from you, I will return them without an RA # and notify my charge card to refuse credit. Thank you!

  23. I bought the Milana Bra bra on QVC, and yes you do have to know your size. I’m a 36D, but I bought it in a large. I’m a disabled veteran, part of which is my back. I’ve bought bras from Victoria secret, and many others,and nothing can compare to the comfort and lift I receive by wearing this bra. I now own all but two. I tell every women I meet about these bras. They are pretty and I’ve even flashed a friend so she could see how beautiful the bra is. I am and will continue to tell every women I know about this bra. It’s time to give up the underwire and give you and comfort aspire.

  24. I purchased products form this company, and they sent me the wrong size. I called them about returning, and spoke to two different reps, both of whom told me the return postage would be covered. The label they sent was bogus. The post office would not accept it. I emailed them, and they said they do not pay for return postage.

    1) Why on earth do I have to pay money for a mistake that they made?
    2) Why on earth did TWO different customer “service” reps tell me they would pay for the postage?

    Three trips to the post office; still haven’t sent the package; interest accruing on credit card; no satisfaction; reps lie. SCAM — DO NOT BUY MILANA BRA — REPORT TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL!!

  25. I absolutely LOVE this bra ! It fit perfectly, looks beautiful, and so nice not to wear 2 shirts to have the layered look. I purchased more immediately.

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