Magic Gravity Bra Review

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You are often self conscious about your appearance when you go out for a social gathering with friends or a professional do. And it’s only natural because you understand the importance of being at your best at all times. Wearing a bra that makes you feel uncomfortable makes matters worse for you. Moreover traditional bras with their straps, underwires are nothing less than barbaric torture for your body.

How does Magic Gravity Bra work?

But with Magic Gravity Bra you can feel comfortable at all times. You can wear your Magic Gravity Bra under fitted tops as well and it still won’t show any bumps or bulges, giving you a smooth appearance in public.

Magic Gravity Bra has stemmed from revolutionary body form technology that that gets rid of bra lines and rolls for good. You don’t have to face the discomfort of wearing traditional bras any more. Importantly Magic Gravity Bra lifts your breasts and supports them perfectly so that they look firm and make you feel good about yourself.

When you buy Magic Gravity Bra you are also assured of the quality of the product because only the highest quality material is used for making it. Magic Gravity Bra is also made to last and you won’t have to keep replacing them all the time. Soon enough it will become your constant companion for work gatherings, family functions and night outs with the girls all alike.

Magic Gravity Bra is discreet and is available in small to plus size shapes.


Magic Gravity Bra FAQs

Is it possible to check the current order status for my Magic Gravity Bra?
If you write to the sales team at, one of the representatives will track your order and get back to you with the results via email at the earliest. However you need to remember that the 800, toll free number is only for orders and calling it won’t be of any help to track your order. That’s because the Order department cannot access the information required for tracking orders.


Can the payment be made through a Money Order or a check?
Yes it absolutely can be. You can make your payment payable to
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Magic Gravity Bra
449 E. Brookville Rd.
Fountaintown, IN 46130

You will need to add shipping fees to your payment and also make a note of your name, phone number, email, shipping address and the size of Magic Gravity Bra you want to order.


What are the normal Business Hours for you?
Normal office hours for United States are from Monday to Friday between 9am to 6 pm EST and closed on holidays.


How is the Magic Gravity Bra shipped?
Through US Postal Service ( for delivery and your signature is necessary for the delivery to take place. You will be emailed a tracking number when your order is shipped. (You are advised to check your spam folder if you don’t find the mail in your inbox)


Can Magic Gravity Bra be machine washed?
Yes, definitely. Magic Gravity Bra is machine washable for your convenience.


Can Magic Gravity Bra be put in the dryer?
Yes, you can easily put the Magic Gravity Bra in the dryer.


What is the fabric used to make Magic Gravity Bra?
The Magic Gravity Bra has 96% Nylon and 4% Spandex.


Are there any hooks in the Magic Gravity Bra?
Not at all; there are no hooks in the Magic Gravity Bra, which is seamless, one piece bra that is so comfortable that you can sleep in it.


Can one order 3 Magic Gravity Bras of the same color?
Unfortunately not because Magic Gravity Bra is sold in a set of three colors; white, black and nude.


Is it difficult to get Magic Gravity Bra on?
It’s not difficult to get on at all because your Magic Gravity Bra conforms to your shape. It does not have a tight constricting band that can be uncomfortable.


Can Magic Gravity Bra be worn as a camisole?
Yes, in fact you can easily use your Magic Gravity Bra as a camisole. It will give you an effortless camisole look without adding any bulky layers.


What’s the right size bra for me?
The XS/S size goes from Shirt Size, 0, 2, 4, 6 and Bust Size 32, 33, 34, 35 while the Medium size is for Shirt size 8, 10 and Bust Size 36, 37. For Shirt Size 12, 14 and Bust Size 38, 40 you can opt for the Large size Magic Gravity Bra and for Shirt Size 16, 18, 16 W and 18 W or Bust Size 41, 43, 44 and 46, you can choose the XL size. There’s also the XXL Size for 20 w and 22 w Shirt Size or 47 and 49 Bust Size. And for 24 w and 26 w Shirt Size or 50 and 53 Bust Size there’s the XXXL size Magic Gravity Bra.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
You can buy Magic Gravity Bra at and get 6 bras in black, nude and white for $49.99 plus $19.99 / 6 bras S&H charges.



Magic Gravity Bra Video
No video yet


21 thoughts on “Magic Gravity Bra Review

  1. I was never really comfortable with any of the bras that I have tried so far. Since I am not a skinny, slim lady, bra shopping is a pain. One fine day I came across an ad for this Magic Gravity Bra. It at least looked comfortable and underwire-free. But from my past experiences I had learned not to blindly believe in the advertisements. So I decided to carry out a good and complete review on it. Unfortunately, I could not find any website which would describe me its cloth quality, whether or not it contained any bulges, does it last long and stuff like that. Most websites only said that it would make any lady look beautiful and sexy, so order immediately.

    It wasn’t a review exactly, most pages seemed like a promotion scheme or a fake or a goof. But I wasn’t going to give up this time. Last but not the least, I scrambled across this site and finally received some details regarding this product and its features compared to other brands. This was exactly the type of review I was looking for. This site really helped me. Here are some of the sites having false reviews –,,,,

    • Thank you for acknowledging us with your feedback. This is exactly the reason we have added this review section to our websites. So that consumers can share their experiences and remarks regarding a product so that it helps other viewers to take a proper decision regarding the purchase. After all, customer satisfaction must be on the priority list.

  2. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! Commercial is mis-leading, bra not like what it sound. They have 30 days money back guarantee, but you will have to pay S&H of 19.99 and 20% restocking fee, $30 paid for one awful online purchase experience. Waited 2 months for the bra and will have to wait for 2 months for the refund.

  3. I waited forever for these Magic Gravity bras. Contacted them 4 times. Charged my card on June 26th and didn’t ship till Aug 9th and then I had to contact them cause tracking was not there. What a waste of money. They are more like training bras!

  4. Rolls-up, No Support and Tight – Tammy’s review

    Order just came 6 weeks later. paid for expedited shipping too! What a joke! No support at all I’m a 36 F. Thought that was the main plus on this bra “great support” no matter what size or shape. And it rolls up. Tight as well just go all natural..

  5. Hi I ordered my magic gravity bra on 7/1/11 and it came out of my bank on 7/5/11 and I still didn’t get my order.

    What can I do

  6. No received the Bra yet

    I ordered this Magic Gravity Bra and it was billed 7/1/2011 and it still has not been sent! There is no phone number to call either!

  7. Review Magic Gravity Bra

    Has anyone tried the Magic Gravity Bra, is it any good?

    Is Magic Gravity Bra comfortable to wear?

    Does Magic Gravity Bra offer discreet support?

    Does Magic Gravity Bra get rid of bra lines?

    What did you think of the price of the product?

    Did you face any problems using this product?

    • Rolls Up & No Support

      I just got my Magic Gravity Bra I AM A 36-C I a medium is not what I expected, there is no magic at all they don’t work.I AM VERY UPSET WITH MY RESULT. DO NOT BUY THIS KIND OF BRA.


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