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As per the TV commercial it is an innovative way to quickly tie and lock shoe laces in place. It makes tying and untying laces easy and does not let them come undone while running or walking. It is an athletic accessory that aids regular runners, triathletes and sports enthusiasts.

Tie no more

LOCK LACES proclaims to provide the solution to the everyday problem of tying shoes laces. Laces are frustrating because they untie most of the times and it takes bending and efforts to tie them again. This issue is allegedly solved by LOCK LACES. It is assured that LOCK LACES does not have the issues of untying. Because of this LOCK LACES claim that its knots will never entangle further forming a mega-knot of sorts. Instead LOCK LACES guarantees that it makes life so easy that people can simply start using it right away. Also it does not matter who is using LOCK LACES as it convinces to be very effective and user-friendly for all types of people. This means LOCK LACES can assertively work for runners, walkers, triathletes and regular people. The secret behind the amazing performance of LOCK LACES is declared to be its unique design.

Convenient and secure design

LOCK LACES guarantee to be an amazing no-tie lacing system due to its patented technology. This technology of LOCK LACES is stated to be engineered keeping in mind the need of performance during various activities. Most activities require better performance while walking or running, something that LOCK LACES claims to provide. Also it is promised that LOCK LACES helps in reducing pressure points to promote better circulation. LOCK LACES allegedly achieves this by using simple compression technique which eliminates heel crushing. LOCK LACES proclaims to be made from a very strong and durable nylon material. The locks used in LOCK LACES maintain its effectiveness as there is high-tension alloy spring used in it. This alloy of LOCK LACES does not rust or corrode which helps them outrun the life of the shoes themselves.

Numerous advantages

LOCK LACES states that one of its many advantage is the 7 multi-branded strand of elastic. This elastic material of LOCK LACES allegedly helps in providing better flexibility while keeping the shoes tight yet comfortable. LOCK LACES convinces to be far more effective at this comfort when compared to cotton or nylon shoelaces. Using LOCK LACES can reduce the number of breaks one has to take while running to tie the laces that unties at some point. When it comes to usage, LOCK LACES declares that it is very easy. LOCK LACES states that it needs to be cut to the size and the lock is to be moved as per requirement. LOCK LACES assures that this lock will never loosen. Another advantage that LOCK LACES states is that it is universal so it can fit shoes of kids and adults both. LOCK LACES asserts that to suit individual taste and requirement it comes in many different colors.

What do I get?

You get six sets of LOCK LACES™ for just $38.98.Official website buylocklaces.com

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