Little Black Pant by Fit Logic Review

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Finding pants of the right size is a colossal challenge for most women as they just don’t fit perfectly. But now there’s Little Black Pant by Fit Logic, an incredibly great solution to this which is here to drive away all your fitting woes. Little Black Pant is an amazingly versatile pant that fit anyone’s- no matter what size or shape you have. It’s designed to fit your figure perfectly and make you look great. It really is like nothing you’ve ever seen or worn so far! It’s the best fashion pant that’s even featured in fashion magazines across America!


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Little Black Pant REVIEW

Poor quality – Anna who bought Little Black Pant complained in her review that the material is cheap and you can get same quality pants at Macy’s for half the price. They took long to be delivered and in fact she cancelled the first order because it was more than 4 weeks. She got her second order in 3 weeks but it really wasn’t worth the hassle.

Doesn’t fit well – Rita who used Little Black Pant revealed in her review that though she liked the style and “fit logic” idea she wasn’t impressed with them. They didn’t fit her well and when she called the customer service to return them she was pushed to exchange them for a different size. Since she didn’t want to do that, she was given a secret number to return them at her expense. She believes the return policy of the company is pathetic.

Doesn’t last long – Kyra who reviewed Little Black Pant exposed in her review that she liked the fit and fabric of the pant but unfortunately it stretched after just two washes. They stretched on the thigh area and are baggy on the legs, so she doesn’t use them. Washing also led them to pill on the fabric.

Good concept but expensive – Tania who bought Little Black Pant complained in her review that the idea of semi-custom pants is great because she has always found it difficult to find pants that fit her hips but don’t gap at the waist. She had to exchange the first pair she bought but the second one fit better. However the thigh area is large, which makes them look dated. She thinks that they are a bit overpriced especially when you consider the shipping costs involved. According to her you can get same style and quality options at local stores.

It has limitations – Cassandra who reviewed Little Black Pant revealed in her review that with these pants, women fall only into three shapes – high hip curve, smaller bottom, and slim or medium thighs. But that is seriously limiting because women are all of different shapes and sizes. However she liked the fact that there are 0 – 18 sizes in three shapes and two styles. She also liked the twill fabric in poly-rayon-spandex, which is wrinkle resistant and can be cold water washed.

Versatile pants with some benefits – Maureen who bought Little Black Pant revealed in her review that they are versatile enough to be worn with different shirts and tops, and you can wear them comfortably all through the day and night. Classic cut, ankle slim cut and crop styles add to their versatility. They are machine washable and easy to care; you don’t need ironing because they are wrinkle resistant. She thought that they were ideal for different occasions and women of all ages. But the big advantage she thought was that they correct problem zones like high hips, wide thighs and smaller butts. Overall these pants have slimming and shaping effect.

Little Black Pant by Fit Logic Claims

The secret behind perfect fitting and great looks of Little Black Pant is its revolutionary fit logic technology created by Cricket Lee. The quality and make used in making Little Black Pant is the exclusive internationally patented design breakthrough that makes clothing not only by size but by shape. This technology, used in creating Little Black Pant, is what lends it the ability to fit the form and figure of anyone who wears it. The pants fit the hips, things and butt just like any custom made clothing irrespective of shape and size.

What’s more, it has been scientifically developed and tested over a 10-year period. The Cricket Lee system, Fitlogic, used in it provides you with a personal two-number symbol to identify both size and shape. Once you find out your Fitlogic symbol, you’ll get your perfect fit in the Little Black Pant. If it seems too good to be believed, you can take the fit finder test to determine your Little Black Pant size and shape. Simply go online, answer some questions and enter a few details. Your Little Black Pant that fits you perfectly will be right on your screen. It’s that easy to not only find the perfect fit but also the pants that compliment your look so well!

What makes Little Black Pant even cooler is that it actually shapes your body unlike other brands that are designed only for sleek figures. But this pant is for real women in the real world. So why not get it for yourself and look enviously great always?


What do I get?
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110 thoughts on “Little Black Pant by Fit Logic Review

  1. These pants fit me just okay. They are baggy and the quality is very low. The material is very thin and there are no pockets. I have tried contacting the company twice. The second time they tried to convince me to exchange them for another size. I just want to get my money back. They can’t even get my name correct in the email either.

  2. Little Black Pant-Fitlogic—Cricket Lee.BEWARE!!! Very poor quality pants. Cheap crepe with side pocket. Very hard to get to fit. IMPOSSIBLE to return. There is no information with the pants about how to return. You have to dig around on the Internet and then NO ONE answers their 800 phone. Someone will answer your email. You go back and Forth and IF you are lucky they will respond with a RMA number and how to return but usually they wait til you are past the 30 day limit. This has happened to me twice. Do NOT believe these emails they send you that your “ friend Ann has recently purchased. “ they pull that info off your Facebook. Terrible company. Should be investigated for fraud.

  3. Perfect, comfortable fit, quality material, and wash very well. I splattered bleach on my first pair, but could not find the pants online again. When I accidentally came across a posting for them, I immediately re-ordered. I am as happy with the second pair as the first. Shipping both times was less than a week. I wish there were more colors.

  4. Got my pants did not fit too short I ordered the tall called and got a number to return but I had to pay $10.00 to get them and $ 15.00 to send them back would never recommend these pants to anyone what a rip off!!!! Plus they tell me at least two weeks to refund

  5. I thought it was worth a try, but no….they did not fit at all, and you are required to obtain a return number from customer service….good luck getting through to customer service.

  6. I think these pants are err I left. I had to get 3 pair before they fit but the fit isn’t great. The waistband rolls even though they are not tight. The fabric is so cheap they bag within an hour of wearing them. Expensive cheap pants. Mine are going in the donation bag.

  7. Little Black Pants are not worth the money. Americans should not settle for such a cheap product at such an inflated price. My order took way too long to get here and did not fit when it arrived ( not the company’s fault but still aggravating). Also, I got crop pants when I wanted straight leg. I was a sucker to buy these pants the first time. Never again! Janet Greer

  8. I LOVE these pants! They fit great, which I was VERY skeptical about when I ordered them. I just wish they offered more colors without having to buy a black pair first! I really want to order two more pairs, but don’t want to purchase another black pair. they also did not have the “short” sizes in the brown or grey options, which was disappointing.

  9. I have read the reviews, and totally disagree with the negative reviews. I love these pants, they fit me perfectly, with no bagging and they are so comfortable, they have gotten to be all that a wear. The sizing is a little tricky, but I returned 2 pairs with customer service’s help, and had my new ones within 1 week. I found customer service to go above and beyond, had none of the problems other customers are discribing below. Also, you need to take good care of these pants, you cannot just toss them in the washer and dryer without some damage occurring, better off washing and hang drying. I would recommend these to everyone I know!

  10. I just got my first pair this week and I don’t get the hype at all I would never buy them again basically stretch pants for $50? I could get them for 10. no fan and no recommendation here

  11. I ordered a pair online and really don’t like them at all. quality is low at best and since they are basically stretch pants now sure the sizing matters. would never order there again

  12. I love the fit of the Fitlogic Little Black Pant. But sadly, the three pair I purchased in the fall of 2016 have all pilled so badly that I can’t wear them for work when I need to look nice. I emailed them about the fabric to ask them whether they have considered using a different fabric that doesn’t pill and received no response whatsoever. If the pilling problem were fixed they would be the only work pant I buy. As a side note, I hang them rather than machine dry them. As they are today, however, I won’t buy them again and need to send the ones I have to the thrift shop. A huge shame.

    • I was going to try these pants for work based on their advertisement (the concept sounds great), but based on all the reviews I think I will pass. Thank You

  13. Horrible customer service. Pants were two sizes to big- not even close. Three phone calls, promised return shipping label- no label and I have to pay shipping!! No online return.. have to cal

  14. WOW! Canadians be careful! I am so upset with myself for not reading these reviews BEFORE I ordered! The set up is so poor I thought I was ordering from Canada it said Eastern Time and no where on the order do you get to preview so you can see ALL of the charges before you submit! Your confirmation tells you you shipping charges (understandable) but $22 in customs & Duty?! Plus in US funds?! So deceiving! I just called customer service to get my order cancelled if it hasn’t been processed yet….the lady was nice and cancelled my order. She couldn’t, however, provide an email confirmation of the cancellation. So far there is no charge on my credit card, but I will keep watch for anything suspicious and I did receive her name, extension, and confirmation number of the cancelled order.

  15. Was considering purchasing these pants, but after reading most of the reviews, I have definitely changed my mind. Thank you to all for being so honest! You saved me time, money, disappointment, aggravation & frustration!!

  16. CANADIANS BEWARE — Just ordered 1 pair of Little Black Pant as I am a hard fit. The most disturbing thing was the $21.02 charged for shipping and duties to Canada. No where is it indicated there will be that much of a charge and it looks like you are ordering from Canada. So Canada be aware

  17. I purchased 3 pair of the LBP. Loved the fit but the side zipper is pain & my zipper rippled after one week!

  18. I was very excited when I saw the ad for Fitlogic but was disappointed with the product. Pants did not fit well. I bought the same size in two different styles and each fitted differently,…neither very well.
    The material was very thin; it felt cheap.

    Fitlogic does not pay for returns. I paid almost $14 in shipping for the privilege of trying them on.

  19. A complete waste of money. There is nothing special about them in any way. I would return them but since the shipping cost me $24, it will cost me another $24 to return them. I will then have spent $48 for nothing! I could have bought a nicer pair of pants at Marshalls or Winners for $20-$30. I’m stuck with a pair of pants I don’t like and it cost me over $70 for the privilege. Ladies, don’t be fooled!

    • I agree! A colossal waste of money. As soon as u opened the package and felt the fabric, I was shocked by the extreme poor quality. They fit me, but are no where worth the price of them. I wish I had read the reviews before I bought. I immediately returned them. My recommendation is DO NOT BUY!!! THEY ARE A WASTE OF MONEY. You are being ripped off!! And you have to pay to return them!! I lost about $15 through the experience after returning them. NOT IMPRESSED!!!!!!

  20. does fitlogic not know that a heavy set woman with large breast cannot zip a side zipper. I can’t, so am returning these pants….

  21. Not really impressed with the side zipper. Too difficult to do up and undo. Would prefer a front zipper.

  22. I fully agree with most of the reviews here. Don’t waste your time. The fabric is cheap, they fit twisted, seams twist from crotch to waist. Didn’t like them when I first got them, but made the mistake for letting them sit around too long before trying to return them. When I asked to return them, I was actually laughed at. Most places give you 90 days, this place 30!
    Give this pant a PASS!

  23. The Little black pants were a huge disappointment. Fit was fine on day one but by the end of the day the fabric had pilled badly on the inner thigh. I took them to the dry cleaner and they were huge when I got them back. I cannot wear them anymore because the waist stretched out so much they fall off of me. A big waste of money.

  24. My experience with this company has been horrible. I ordered pants based on their questions and the pair I received were way too small. I contacted Customer Service, answered the next round of questions and I was sent a new pair – 4 sizes bigger that were way too big. I again contacted customer service with my exact measurements and was told they couldn’t fill my order. I’m not oddly shaped. This wasn’t a crazy request. I was then informed that I needed to ship one of the pairs of pants back at my own expense. No attempt to make me happy. Ridiculous. Now I’ve been waiting weeks to get the one UPS label they are willing to pay the shipping for. My advice, stay away from this company. No effort whatsoever to try to satisfy my order and very slow customer service. At this point, I just hope to be able to return them and never deal with this company again.

    • I’m with ya’all on this company and their service. Sure should have researched this first! They tell me Kristen is the owner/supervisor … I’ve called daily for over a week to try to return my 2nd shipment of pants with NO reply! She is never in and now she’ll call next week? Plus, why are they making up their own sizing charts?! I do not normally wear a size zero or two or four. This company is absolutely terrible, I am now finding out! They said to just give the pants to someone else – UGH!!! On my “dime”?

  25. Don’t buy their pants. You can never win with fitlogic. Twice they sent me pants that were to short; I returned them. I reordered because I liked the fit and the fabric. The ones I just received are long enough but the fabric is totally different–cheap and flimsy and the good fit of the previous ones is gone. Baggy and droopy in the seat. You can’t win with fitlogic; don’t even bother to try them out. Plus they make it very hard to make returns.

  26. I received my pants and they were EXTREMELY short in th crotch. No way I would even wear them out of my bedroom. I tried to find a customer service number on the website, but couldn’t. I sent an email on 9/29. I received an email reply that someone would contact me within 48 hours. A week later I got a call. Was told a “fit expert” would contact me within 48 hours. It’s now 10/26 and no contact. They are holding $189 of my money. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

  27. I received mine in the mail yesterday. I tried them on and the crotch was really short and tight even though I am only 5’1′. I would not have kept them anyway because the fabric is terrible. I am trying to return them. I am on hold with them right now and since its been over 20 minutes on hold, I thought I would read some reviews. Wow! I wish I would have read these first. I would not have ordered. We will see if I have a better experience with my return.

  28. I ordered two pair of these and the first ones that arrived were two very different sizes, and even the smaller size was a little too loose. Customer service was very helpful, though, and arranged for me to return them at their cost (although that might not have happened if both pair had been the same size). They asked some more questions about where the smaller pair was loose, and recommended I order two sizes smaller. The replacements fit very well and I’m quite happy! The material is thin, but I don’t always want heavy fabric, especially this time of year. All in all, I’m quite happy with the pants and the customer service I received. Although there isn’t a huge range of size types, they do have one that works for me, which is more than I can say for many others.

  29. Did not fit! Fit is guaranteed, however, customer is forced to pay shipping charges both ways so you are out $14 with nothing to show for it – very poor way to handle a ‘guarantee’

  30. Ordered one pair on a Saurday. Received order confirmation; was being charged for 2 pair. Canceled order immediately. Received a customer service recept stating; received complaint would reply in 24 hours. Also I tried to calling customer service: Saturday, no one there till Monday morning. Called CS Monday morning, rep. stated she could not cancel order; it had all ready shipped. Asked to speak to Supervisor, no one every took my call after an hour I Hung up and canceled my credit card – they had not hit it for the charge. All totally bad business. Would never order anything from this company again

  31. They are nothing special. The fabric is a poly rayon blend but I haven’t washed them yet so I can’t comment on that aspect. They fit ok but still a bit baggy in the hips although I went with a 1. I’m going to keep this pair because it’s not worth the effort and postage to return them but I think I could get a better deal on pants at the mall.

  32. I ordered two pair of these pants which did not fit me at all even though they should have. I had surgery and was not able to return them in 30 days and they refused to take them back. The workmanship was shoddy and I would strongly discourage anyone from buying their products. According to their criteria the pants should have fit me but they were so off! Beware of this company’s claims and instead buy from a reputable company!

  33. Thank you for all the comments, it’s definitely made me decide to pass on this product. The same lame response (excuse) over & over from their customer service person certainly helped with my decision too!

  34. I am having the same problem! Sent it back with delivery confirmation showing they received it May 23. I have called several times and sent emails. Always told the bland excuse they are processing and are behind because of technical difficulties which were solved June 23. It is now July 14. I am concerned they are fixing to file bankruptcy and that’s why they keep delaying refunds. looks like I will need to contact the credit card company to reverse the charges. I hope it is not too late.

    • Hello Ann,

      I can assure you that we are not filing for bankruptcy. We are a growing company that did experience technical issues processing refunds that have been resolved. All refunds were processed. We appreciate your patience and thank you for trying LBP! Rhonda J Manager of Customer Service at Fitlogic

      • Hi Rhonda,
        I’m still waiting for my call back about my return but was told by customer service that I could not return the two pairs of Little Black Pants that do not fit me because it has been just over 60 days since I received them. I usually read reviews first but in this case I did not and I’m so disappointed that there is not a better guarantee on your pants. I’ve never worn them and had been working a lot and traveling so I could not get to a UPS Store to try to ship them back until last weekend. Maybe I’ll sell them online or donate them to an organization that helps women. I would encourage Fit Logic to consider a more friendly return policy. I wish I could have had a better experience and could have recommended Fit Logic’s Little Black Pants.

  35. I ordered these pants in early May, received them and found they were, in my opinion, of poor quality and not fitting well. They were returned May 16th. They were received within 10 days. It is now July 7th and I have yet TO RECEIVE THE REFUND.

    • Hello Karen,

      We are a growing company that did experience technical issues processing refunds that have been resolved. All refunds were processed. We appreciate your patience and thank you for trying LBP! Rhonda J Manager of Customer Service at Fitlogic

  36. I love my Little Black Pants just because they fit so well, however, I have found that the material is incredibly hot and sticky in the summer Texas heat. I am putting them away until the winter.

  37. I bought a pair of these black pants … Their sizing is ridiculous! I normally wear a slim size 10. I bought the 8.1 and they swam on me. I returned them (shipping on my nickel) and got a pair of 6.1 and again the were big enough that I could put them on without opening the button or zipper … Then the calamity … I broke my hip the day I received the 6.1 pair and with surgery and time at rehab I missed their 30 day window for returning them to exchange for a 4.1. And guess what they said !!! SORRY, no exchange or refund. I will be reporting them every way I can. This is disgraceful business practice …

    • Hi Joan,

      We do offer a generous 30-day Money back guarantee, as well as, a fit guarantee. We have found that about 15% of the women that try LBP, do need to try again. I sorry that you broke your hip. Unfortunately, I cannot comment regarding your request to refund nor exchange as I do not have enough information to review your account. You can email me at and I can review your order account. Rhonda J Customer Service Manager

  38. DO NOT buy from this company!!!!! I returned a a pair on 5/1016….horrible fit and cheap material. I have yet to receive a refund. Every time I call, I get various excuses. Going to report them to the Better Business Bureau!!

    • Thank you for your comments. We do offer Fit Specialist that assit with fit. I am sorry that you were not pleased with your LBP! All refunds have been processed. We do apologize for the delay, as we did experience a technical issue. Those issues have been resolved. We are a growing company that did experience growing pains due to rapid growth. Again, thank you for your patience and for trying LBP. Rhonda J Customer Service Manager

      • Rhonda, I wish to cancel my order please. How do I do that? My confirmation # is 636085630110427855. I am really huge on reviews, so let’s show these unhappy commentors that you do have upstanding customer service.
        Thank you in advance for your time.
        Vicki Lynn

  39. I ordered these pants back in beginning of May 2016, returned them May 15, 2016 due to poor quality material and fit, paid shipping both ways, they received my return 5/17/16 emailed twice in reference to my refund 6/11/16 emailed again still have not received my refund they keep telling me it takes 10 business days, which I understand but it is now long past 10 business days and still no Refund.
    Contact Better Business Bureau and see if my Bank can assist in this matter.

  40. I purchased these on 4/25/16 – returned them on 4/26/16. The pant material felt cheap, the length was only to my ankles and I’m 5’5″. The fit I will say was good. Not flattering, but did fit well. I am slender in the middle, and have “saddle bags” or fuller thighs if you prefer. I cannot complain about the way they fit, only the cheap feeling material (I have yoga pants that have nicer material than these do) the length of the pant and the customer service. Not real pleased with the service I got. I returned the pants, and have been waiting a month for my refund – minus the shipping charges of course!

  41. Customer Service is poor at best. They promise to ship out in 7 to 10 days. After they dont arrive, no tracking number, yet they have your money, they say promise empty statements they will arrive before vacation. I asked since they were late to overnight them…still no can do. Unless you have a month or two to wait..go somewhere else.

    • I could not agree with you more on the customer service! The pant material felt cheap, the length was only to my ankles and I’m 5’5″. I returned the pants, and have been waiting a month for my refund – minus the shipping charges of course!
      I hope you like them!

  42. They didn’t fit at all and the fabric was cheap. What really irks me is the shipping. Who charges shipping on clothing nowadays, then to top it off, return shipping on sub-par products? I’d rather take my chances ordering from any of the major women’s clothing stores and return them for free if they don’t fit or I’m dissatisfied in any way

  43. The company needs to get their customer service in order. I ordered a pair of pants, which I received about 3-4 weeks later, pants seemed nice enough but didn’t fit quite right. As advertised, I called to exchange for different size, no problem the gentleman said. Waited 3 weeks, no pants, and now I’m getting closer to the 30 days return for the 1st pair. I call them back, they say orders are back-logged and unbeknown to me, my order had been cancelled. Thank goodness I called! I promptly returned the first pair (I paid postage of $6.95) and I have yet to receive my refund. Gal said it would be 1-3 business days once the pants were received. They received them 7 days ago. Very disappointed.

  44. “It’s the first and LAST pair of pants I’ll ever buy” from FITLOGIC!!!

    I was drawn in by the prospect of a fitted pair of pants for $49.95 and so answered their questionnaire and as a result ordered a Slim Ankle Size 6, Style Number 1 pant. I received them today and can honestly say these are without a doubt the least flattering pants I’ve ever worn. The material feels cheap; the crotch is baggy, as were the legs… nothing about these jeans suggested anything near a custom fit. I called their CS Dept and was assisted by a lovely CSR who tried her best to resolve the issue. However it was ultimately decided I should return them. That is when I was told that I WOULD HAVE TO COVER THE COST OF RETURNING THEM! She also suggested that I send them via traceable mail… It is going to cost me almost HALF what I paid to buy the pants in order to ship them back! UNACCEPTABLE… It’s a gimmick… Buy your pants the old fashioned way… Try them on before you buy.

    • I am so glad I decided to read the reviews FIRST! I tend to buy and then review myself. Thank you for this! I think now days, ANY customer service or shipping/return issues are going to give that red flag up indication that warns the customer that they aren’t the first priority. Making pants that don’t live up to their promise – they will never lose because they are still making money on the return while the consumer loses time and money and gains frustration. Nice to hear the customer Service gal was sweet. Wonder how long that will last? SHE needs to go find another product to represent before this job robs her of her good attitude! Following this site- you saved me $50+ !

  45. Material is cheap feeling for a pair of pants that supposed to be $100. The fit was AWFUL – big everywhere even though its a size smaller than I would have anticipated. They sat high on my waist – above my belly button. And now that I want to return, I am out the $7 shipping and have to pay whatever it will cost me to get them back to them.
    I had read some negative reviews after placing my order and tried to cancel my order a few hours later and I swear they expedited the shipping so they couldn’t cancel it.
    Overall, I would not recommend these pants or this company. People take a chance when they buy clothes online and the risk of having to pay shipping both ways is just too much for a customer to take on, IMO.

  46. Terrible service. I ordered the pants, they sent an email they were on back order but would send the capris right away if that was acceptable.

    I said yes but questioned why capris would be the same cost as full length “pants.”

    They did not answer but sent the capris. They are cheap, low quality and worse than a pair of pants I’d find at Walmart.

    A total scam.

  47. This company has the worst customer service! After waiting many months for delivery of these pants that did not fit based on their “FitLogic” I attempted to return beyond their 30 day window which I wasn’t aware had even passed due to my constant travel. The response for an exchange was an email that stated I was beyond that timeframe so no exchange and to “have a nice day.” Come on you can’t cut a break to a customer who waited months for you to deliver these ill fitted pants? Very poor customer service.

  48. I purchased 4 Fitlogic’s Little Black Pants last year and LOVE THEM! My closet is full of pants and none fit me as well as these pants. Based on recent reviews it’s apparent the word has spread about these amazing pants, but they are worth the wait. I just ordered 3 more and not sweating over the ETA. Undoubtedly demand will drive the price up so enjoy the spectacular sales.

  49. Buyer beware. My order was on 3/13/2015. I still have not received my order, yet I did receive that they “grew too fast” and they have my pants at the fulfillment center now (4/30) to be shipped. Two weeks later, I still haven’t received them; however the company continues to advertise and sell to others. Please read the complaints and notice the rudeness of the responses especially from Cricket Lee. No sincerity, no integrity. Professional business knows that If you cannot fill your previous orders, stop selling! Fill those orders. Get your company fixed and try again.

  50. I ordered the fitlogic pants a month ago and have still not received them. My credit card was charged immediately. When I tried to look up my order on the customer service site, it said I couldn’t be found. There is no phone number to talk to a live person. Good luck to anyone that purchases these pants.

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