Zone Compression Top

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What is Zone Compression Top

If you enjoy working out, running or just playing sports in general, then zone Compression Top is what you need. The Zone Compression Top is useful not only to athletes, but to anyone who wants a different look. It is a compression undershirt that promises to define and tone your body. It is the most technologically advanced compression top available in the market today.

Zone Compression Top Features

The high-performance top improves your muscle definition preventing you from straining your muscles. Its ventilated panels for cooling will keep you cool and dry throughout the day. The comfort provided by Zone compression top will allow you to feel fresh, reducing all those aches and pains that you have. It narrows your waistline giving you those perfect well defined toned abs.


Perfect Abs without Gym

Zone Compression Top promises to give you instant abs without you having to spend hours in the gym. It narrows your waistline with its tight fitting fabric. It improves muscle definition drawing in your waist for a more slim and slender body. Its ventilated panels are woven in to keep you cool and comfortable eliminating the bulk under your clothing. This compression top enhances your physique by flattening your stomach.

Comfortable and Safe

Zone Compression Top helps draw moisture away from the body, keeping you cooler and drier. It can improve your muscle definition reducing muscle and body fatigue. Compression tops can keep your body a little warmer than the atmosphere’s temperature with its ventilated panels for cooling.


You can use zone compression top and slim up those bulges in your physique. This compression top serves the purpose of being tight-fitting and is made of ventilated panels for cooling. The top is extremely breathable and can be worn under any type of clothing. It is sometimes worn without a uniform top for workouts. The flat seam makes you comfortable and is as good as not wearing anything. It visibly streamlines, improving muscle definition and drawing in your waist that will give you a perfect toned, sculpted and worked out look.

What do I get?

Sizes Available: Small, Medium and Large
Colors Available: White
Price: £19.99 + S/h. Official website:

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