Hot Wrapz

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About Hot Wrapz

An innovative solution to conceal bra straps that includes a transparent strap and glittering beads. It is used by snapping the beads onto the transparent strap provided and attaching it on the bra strap to make it look fashionable.

Designer solution to peeing strap woes

If you are fed of the perpetual nuisance of your bra strap showing up any moment, Hot Wrapz could be the perfect way to get the better of it. Hot Wrapz is promoted as a smart, stylish and yet simple solution to help you not only conceal the ugly-looking bra straps but also make a fashion statement without using strapless bras or other less helpful or even risky alternatives to a regular bra. Hot Wrapz comes as a kit in which a clear strap is provided along with colorful gem-like glittering beads. You can select the colors that match your outfit, fix it onto the clear strap and then fasten it on the strap of the bra you are using.


Quick and easy

Hot Wrapz guarantees that it’s also a convenient way to cover up bra straps that saves your time and is easy to manage. You are assured that you can get your Hot Wrapz ready within minutes without having to struggle with it. The clear strap provided can be attached to any bra strap as they get the perfect grip on any size.

No limits to flaunting your collection

Hot Strapz promises to make it possible for you to have the luxury of wearing virtually all sorts of outfits that you could not so far for fear of the straps showing any moment and cause embarrassment. You can wear off-shoulder tops, tanks, one-shoulders, racer backs, also tops and dresses that have their own straps confidently without feeling conscious or keep shoving the straps inside every other minute In fact, you can expect your outfits to actually look better with an added dash of fashion and glitter. The beads can be changed easily and are available in many colors so you can coordinate them with your outfits and even mix and match.


What do I get?

  • 1 set of Clear Hot Wrapz
  • 1 Hot Wrapz Carrying Case
  • 1 Hot Wrapz Color Gem Collection
  • 3 Hot Wrapz Headbands

All this for $10 plus $ 9.9 P&H. Official website


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