Hot Peplum

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What is Hot Peplum?

It is an elegant flare that you can wear like a short overskirt over any outfit to make it more fashionable and stylish.

Adorable and eye-catching flares

If you have a keen taste for fashion that stands out as vibrant and unique, Hot Peplum is something you would not like to pass over. Hot Peplum is a flare designed like a short overskirt that you can wear over any outfit to make it look trendier and chic. Originally an overskirt that usually comes attached to a dress or a blouse, a peplum is a popular wear in everyday life as well as in fashion industry. Designed like an overskirt that can be worn with any top of your choice, Hot Peplum promises to add a zing to your entire look and personality without doing anything extra. All you have to do wear it like a skirt that fits snugly at your waist. It compliments your figure perfectly all over and makes you feel confident that you look lovely.


A pretty range to choose from

Hot Peplum is available in an array of different colors and designs including Shed Black, Cool Mint, Chic Pink, Aztec and more. Some are plain while other feature tasteful designs and print in different colors. The designers of Hot Peplum state that they blend impeccably with all your monochromatic outfits and also work as eye-catching mix and match add-ons with color blocking for contemporary style. They illustrate how even a simple or drab outfit that doesn’t excite you anymore can be transformed into some sort of fashion ramp wear with a Hot Peplum.


Designer style for less!

A Hot Peplum does not cost a bomb; it is very easy on your pocket as it’s available for very reasonable price. That means you don’t have to give up or feel you are compromising on stepping out in style. Its promoters assert that you can even be a proud owner of more than one Hot Peplum without worrying about the cost factor. If you have been planning to take your personal style to the next level without spending a fortune, Hot Peplum is what can take you there.


Suits many moods and occasions

You can wear Hot Peplum not only on casual outings but also on formal occasions as they are perfectly suitable for both. It looks great with even any top, dress, leggings and even a shirt. It’s simple and elegant at the same time, so you can look subtly graceful as well as a trendy fashionista in different situations when worn with appropriate blouse. Besides stunning looks, Hot Peplum guarantees a secure and flattering fit that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.


What Do I Get?

  • You get one Sleek Black and one Cool Mint, and one Chic Pink Hot Peplum and Aztec patterned Hot Peplum for $19.95 plus $7.95 P&H.
  • Official website:
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