Gladys Knight Shaping Tank Review

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You want to look your best every time you go out and make an impression. However that can be quite a task at the best of times, as we all know. What if you were told that you could look about 20 pounds slimmer with just a simple addition to your wardrobe? Yes, Kymaro Shaping Tank lets you do just that and also ensures that sagging bust lines get a lift and your midsection looks toned as you’d like it to be. Moreover when you have Kymaro Shaping Tank on, you won’t have to worry about the awkward bulge your bra can cause as you will manage to get rid of those annoying rolls for good.


Gladys Knight Shaping Tank
Kymaro Shaping Tank is versatile for wear and gives you many options to work your look. You can team it up with your cardigan or top for a sensual look or you can wear it under your dress for an invisible and smooth look. You can wear Kymaro Shaping Tank on many different occasions and throughout different seasons, giving your confidence a major boost because you naturally feel happy about the way you look.

Kymaro Shaping Tank doesn’t have any elastic material that can be quite uncomfortable, to say the least. It conforms to the shape of your body and thus there are no awkward roll ups and curls to deal with. It has a stunning lace detailing that looks elegant and sensual at the same time. Moreover the lower lace details means you can tuck your Kymaro Shaping Tank or un-tuck it if you want to go for the camisole look.

Kymaro Shaping Tank is extremely comfortable to wear and is made out of smooth to touch fabric that will fit your skin beautifully. Kymaro Shaping Tank is just the right combination of fashion, comfort and control that gives you brilliant shape, amazing support and what’s more, it improves your posture as well. Here’s a piece that’s a must have in your wardrobe. And did we mention Kymaro Shaping Tank has the name of soul queen Gladys Knight attached to it; now that’s a true mark of quality, style and elegance right there.



What do I get?
You can buy Kymaro Shaping Tank for $29.95 plus shipping and handling charge at And you get a Modesty Piece with your offer too.



Gladys Knight Shaping Tank Video


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