Genie Woman Bra Review

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What is Genie Woman Bra?

As per the infomercial it is a comfortable wire-free brassiere which is designed specifically for women with fuller figure to provide comfort, support, lift and shape.

Comfortable bra

Genie Woman Bra guarantees to be the most comfortable bra that is designed for women with fuller figure. Such claims have been made by several other bra manufacturers but how well does Genie Woman Bra work will be only known once it is reviewed. Genie Woman Bra promises to provide all-round better lift and support which regular bra fail to do. Such a comparison is farfetched as there are no Genie Woman Bra reviews available from any current users. Genie Woman Bra alleges to understand the need for plus size women who need extra support and lift with its unique design. Genie Woman Bra’s design is still under doubt and will be only proved once we get to analyze Genie Woman Bra reviews.

Nifty design

Genie Woman Bra states to be designed in a seamless wire-free way to help provide comfort, support, lift, and shape the torso region. Currently there are no Genie Woman Bra reviews available that will substantiated with its claims. Genie Woman Bra asserts to have multiple layers to perform the stated job. Genie Woman Bra alleges to be made using Genie Everlast material which provides 4-way back smoothing. The straps on Genie Woman Bra are put with padded comfort for hours of wearing. The sides and front portion are also lifted further with inner padding. Additionally, there are 2-ply inner and outer lining too. Such heavy-duty construction does make Genie Woman Bra a must buy but there are no reviews from users yet that can instill confidence in it. Genie Woman Bra also convinces to support all types of sizes with its lace front that even has 3 adjustable hook positions for comfortable wearing. Genie Woman Bra can make the perfect bra if it really works as it claims; Genie Woman Bra reviews will expose the truth.

Goes with any clothing

Genie Woman Bra convinces to be perfect to wear under anything including a dress, t-shirt or top since it has 360 degrees of shaping technology to define curves, smooth out the rolls and even out the bulges. More will be revealed once Genie Woman Bra is reviewed. Genie Woman Bra assures to be comfortable because its fabric is made of 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex with removal pads and Lace Front is made from 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex fabric. Such fanciful claims made by Genie Woman Bra will be only validated once Genie Woman Bra is reviewed. Genie Woman Bra declares to help conceal bumps and since it is without wires and seams one has to simply step into its one-piece design. Whether this system is flexible and easy or not will be proved once Genie Woman Bra is reviewed. Genie Woman Bra claims to come to 2X and 3X sizes with machine washable feature. Did you find Genie Woman Bra comfortable? Send us your user reviews.

What do I get?

You get Genie Woman Bra for $19.99 Plus $3.99 P&H.Official website

One thought on “Genie Woman Bra Review

  1. I have tried genie bra. I am a 38dd and it has amazing support. It is also comfortable on the shoulders and the back. It still has great support after many washes.

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