Genie Slim Jeggings

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What is Genie Slim Jeggings?

Genie Slim Jeggings are super comfortable jeans for women that claim to be the answer to your problems of wearing skinny jeans. With stylish jeans meeting leggings, they proclaim to bring fashion and comfort together. Genie Slim Jeggings assert that they can be just slipped on easily and also give a more toned look to your lower body and eliminating panty lines.

How does Genie Slim Jeggings work?

Genie Slim Jeggings state to be made of a special fusion of fabrics – including spandex – that enhance your body’s shape. This patented blend convinces to give added comfort while looking as stylish as jeans. Genie Slim Jeggings maintains that to give you the authentic look of denims, they have pockets, and at the same time, they stretch like leggings. Genie Slim Jeggings also declare to have a special lifting material that can make your lower body look more toned by lifting your buttocks, toning your hips, thighs and legs.


Scintillating new skinny jeans
You need to get into those hot skinny jeans. How difficult could that be, right? You just need to tuck your tummy in, pull the jeans with all your might, and somehow manage to just squeeze into them. But Genie Slim Jeggings assures that you’d have none of the above hassles when wearing them. Genie Slim Jeggings proclaims that they are a much easier way to get into skinny jeans. Designed to look just like jeans, Genie Slim Jeggings maintains to give the feel of leggings thus becoming a stylish and at the same time extremely comfortable bottom wear. Proclaiming to be made of a patented mix of different fabrics that include spandex, Genie Slim Jeggings stretches just like leggings to fit just about any size. Genie Slim Jeggings also declares to have pockets to look just like you are wearing jeans.


Also gives your body better shape
You can expect your pair of Genie Slim Jeggings to go a step further than your regular jeans or leggings, as its creators state. It has a special lifting design that gives a more sculpted look to your lower body. Genie Slim Jeggings claims to lift your buttocks, tone your legs, thighs and hips and also hide the unsightly pantylines that neither traditional denims nor leggings can achieve. Since they slip on easily, Genie Slim Jeggings assert that they are the easiest way to cover muffin tops and give your lower body a smoother look while looking super stylish. Genie Slim Jeggings also proclaim to match with just about any kind of top or blouse you want to wear. You are assured to get Genie Slim Jeggings in blue, gray or black colors to team them up with any color you like.


What do I get
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49 thoughts on “Genie Slim Jeggings

  1. WOW they have now over charged my original order by doubling it and adding 2.00 extra P&H of 7.99 cost is this how they are making their money ? they will keep you on the phone when you call trying order one set with there additional items they are trying to force you into buying ! this company is nothing but a scam! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM YOU WILL REGRET IT . I to am going to report my miss representing findings to the BBB hopeful someone can stop this unscrupulous company from doing this to on line ordering !

    quality terrible – overcharges- terrible customer service – they hang up when you get them cornered. I read all the poorly handled business practices they are pulling on other customers shame on U! scamming is against the law so sad they are still getting away with stealing money from un-happy customers they should be shut down NOW ! someone help Please !

    • I agree. Am a loose 20. So 2x should have been looser. Nope. Not even over but. Someone forgot to use a model over a size 10. Sad

  2. 12/14 I’ve placed an order for two pairs and I never gotten a phone from these people until 5 months later I get a notice from them stating they regret not shipping out my order. The best thing to do is report them to the BBB and b/c they will get your money back. They need to be busted and do some prison time as well, the BBB does work.

  3. DO NOT BUY! The sizing is so far off. Large-x large won’t even fit an 8 year old. If you still want to chance it just know that if you wear a size 0 pant-jean you need to probably order a size 2X in these cheap pants. Maybe they’ll fit you but i doubt it. The must make their $ on shipping and handling charges. I have yet to read one positive review on this product. Unfortunately my dumb ass read the reviews after i purchased. It took 4 weeks to get them and I live an hour away from their shipping location.

  4. I never got them, so I called a month later and they said my credit card didn’t go through…weird. I never received an email or phone call from them. She said they will try again April 13th wtf. So I cancelled my orders. Glad I did to after reading reviews!!

  5. I got my pants in today after waiting for a got damn month and the crap don’t even work. Look I am a biracial woman with ass and thighs. I work out at gym five days out a week. You tell me this bull crap fits any one any size. I am a size 16 in pants. Now ou tell me what the hell is this.
    Attention… For all the females that has a ass and thighs this will not fit you. The martial is 95% polyester and 5% spandex

  6. What a piece of CRAP !!!!!!!!!! Would not go past my knees and I ordered the next bigger size too….. Paid $30.00 and will receive back 7.50 Profit for you 22.45 for crap …..
    WHAT A RIPE OFF company almost 100 % profit…I waited 8 weeks for the delivery as well !! Only wish I had read reviews before I ordered.

  7. Bad quality, dont do as they claim, are very short so if you’re tall they will be capris on you, added shipping and handling costs on delivery so if you live in Canada you will pay almost $80.00 for three pair of crappy quality leggings that you can get elsewhere for less. Also, they don’t charge you until items are shipped which takes well over a month. Never again.

  8. Wow, good commercial. Very deceptive and convincing. The product is not worth buying according to these reviews. Thank you all for the heads up.

  9. I ordered the offer 3 pair for $19.95. Not a great deal when you don’t get what you ordered. It took about 12 weeks to receive the package and I only received the blue pair. I contacted the company and got conflicting answeres. First they were out of the black and grey jeans and then my order had been cancelled. Bottom line I wound up paying over $40.00 (extra shipping and handling). The company refunded me $5.00 The jean material was of fair quality but I will never order from this company again. I just chalked this upas a learning expierence and wrote it off as a loss.

  10. I was thinking about getting an extra pair of jean and seen the ad for Genie Slim jeggings. of course the woman just excellent in them. I knew that was not the way I was going to look in them! the waist looked high and it had pockets. i was skeptical that I was going to get 2 pair for 19.99 of something that I would like. I decided to look for a review other than the ones in the ad. I am so sorry for the people in this review who lost money and received bad customer service, extra s/h charges and long wait times. I wish to THANK YOU very much for bothering to take the time to warn the rest of us about internet JUNK! It is a shame that there are people who constantly prey on people with quick scams and garbage. I feel like I have to be on guard about everything that sounds good. Thank you all for opening your hearts and your anger to expose this product and warn the rest of us from disappointment and monetary loss. You are people with empathy and it is refreshing to see.

    • I agree! THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to warn us about the nightmares possible when ordering this falsely-advertised product from such an unscrupulous company! I almost ordered them but decided to check out some reviews first. Thank goodness!! I feel so badly for the terrible experiences so many of you have had, but so grateful you took the time to expose this product (and this company) for what it is: A SCAM!

  11. ordered mines on January12 still never got mines can’t get in contact to get a refund bad service just horrible with they lame ass

  12. This product is HORRIBLE! They say that they are “jeggings”. THEY ARE NOT. They are TIGHTS with the look of jeans PAINTED on. I told them when I complained that I have jeans, I have tights, and I have leggings already in my closet, and these are NOT leggings! They are not a combinations of jean + tights materials to be a super stretchy jean material. THEY ARE TIGHTS. PERIOD. Expensive tights! The product was misrepresented, and I wanted all of my money back, but they will not return my s/h fee of almost $20! The product is crap and so is the company.

    • My girlfriend really wants these .She is a 2x /3x . They are now 14.99 for 3 Although you say they are horrible, on a scale of one to ten are they ok to wear with at t shirt for a lady just for minor things outside??? 3 for 15.They cant be that bad.Are they???

      • i got on here late but i hope you did not buy these for your girlfriend. they are horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you are looking for reasonable pricing on clothes to wear around the house try family dollar store or even wal-mart. although they are going up in price too i found leggings for 7.99 and up. good luck.

  13. True, these do take 6 weeks to arrive. I received mine today, 6 weeks after ordering. I must say they were worth waiting for. Very comfortable and no muffin top. My credit card was not charged until they were shipped.

  14. My wonderful husband ordered me 3 pairs and the blue pair had 3 small holes, like a moth had been eating on them. After a run around with customer service and being told that we would have to pay returned postage to get them replaced, we gave up and hope to get our money’s worth on the other 2 pairs.

  15. I ordered this slim jeggings back in November, never to receive them . You took my money at time of order, but then when I never got them I called and they said they tried to process them for shipping three weeks ago and my payment did not go through. You got my money and I have proof you took it at time of order, my bank statement shows it. No I will not send you a copy for I am afraid you will clean out my account!! So if your company didn’t get my money at time of order then the person that took my order did. I am reporting you to the BBB and posting on Facebook to everyone not to buy from you!! You steal our money and don’t send the product !!!!!! Shame on You, you just lost my business and want my order or my money back!!

    • That is sooo scary! Thank you for keeping me from buying this obviously deficient product from a company that either scams its customers, or hires employees who scam people. Your review doubtlessly saved many of us from being “taken for a ride!” Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!

    • i am with you i just recently went through this. i however received the 3 pairs of garbage they call pants. i am sorry you lost your money. but even if you received them you would see you still lost your money. just like i did. pants are junk! they are shiny and have pockets and buttons painted on. and i guarantee you no matter what size you order they will not fit. unless of course you have the body of a 12 yr old boy or a supermodel! i am going to join you by contacting the BBB. however i am not on facebook so i hope you gave them HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I ordered this product on 12/23/14 and not only have I not heard from this company, they have yet to ship this order out to me. The ONLY good thing I can say is that my credit card was not charged. I JUST wrote them and asked for them to cancel my order. This has been the most ridiculous transaction I’ve ever dealt with and please pass on the word to all you know NOT to deal with this company! EXTREMELY unprofessional!

  17. I ordered mine on the first of Jan. I called customer service and was told my order was being processed. I still have never received them. I even emailed customer service. CRICKETS!!!!

  18. Freaking suck ,,,, I want to cancel the order but can’t ,,,,your Company is dishonest ,,, WARNING::: DO NOT BUY hidden fees & no customer service

  19. I have no idea if this produce works as advertised since I placed my order online on December 2, 2014 and never received it. My payment was made via credit card.

    My order #21572201449263039.

    I tried calling the number given and was immediately disconnected. When I called back, the phone continued to ring. When I tried reaching the company via email, I was completely ignored. I believe this company is a scam, and certainly would not recommend doing business with them. If I do not receive my order or full refund, I certainly an going to file a complaint with the business bureau, and if necessary, contact my attorney.

    • I ordered on December 16, 2014. I called about my order and was told that they had not received it. I filled out the order form online and mailed a check for payment in full. Was told that they had not gotten the check or order. I am waiting for my next bank statement to see if the check was cashed and then I will proceed from there. I called earlier this month and inquired about my order. I advise no one else to try it. IT IS A SCAM!!!

      • do you work for the company? if so e-mail me and let me know why i just lost my money and am stuck with merchandise that i cant even give away! also what about all these other customers who have been ripped off? who will help them? i am contacting the BBB and possibly my local chicago news station. they love to do stories on people getting taken advantage of. how do you sleep at night working for this company?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Now I know why I never shop online, I filled out your forms 3 times with the required information. It is too bad you don’t understand the English language, granted I’m in Baden Ontario, Canada. However my English and spelling were correct as was all the other required information. No worries, I will NOT order anything from you or any other American firm online ever again.

    • This company is the poor exception to ordering on-line. It is usually a very smooth and hassle-free process but THIS company has to be the worst I have ever dealt with.

    • please do not group all american companies together because of one bad one. i am not even sure i was talking to someone in america because of the thick accent of the man i spoke to when i called them. just because it says its american it isnt always so. dont give up on us. just do what i wish i had done and read reviews before buying.

  21. How is this in any way a “review”. Sounds to me like an ad. At no time in any of this does it give an actual review of the product.

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