Genie Hose

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What is Genie Hose?

It’s a new versatile panty hose that covers all flaws, has hidden seams and can be worn in three different ways.

A cut above the rest

Genie Hose promises what other brands of panty hose don’t. An ordinary panty hose doesn’t work with open toes footwear and tends to get torn easily. However, Genie Hose, created by America’s number one bra in America, claims to have revolutionized the purpose of a panty hose. The designers of Genie Hose tell you that it offers the ultimate flexibility and rolls luxuriously over your body. It actually stays off your toes unlike others and is most comfortable too.

Perfect for open toes

Genie Hose allows you to reveal or hide your toes as and when you like. Genie Hose is open and not stitched at the front of your toes so you can roll it back while wearing open toes footwear or cover your feet completely over your toes and soles when needed.


Ultimate comfort and elegance

Genie Hose apparently goes well with all types of outfits, including short numbers. You can also wear it ankle-high to look shapely in dress pants, which are noticeable for being tight-fitting. What’s more, you can pull it up while taking a pedicure or at any other moment. You can also be confident that this panty hose will conceal all problems such as blemishes on legs completely.


Fits comfortably

Genie Hose is designed to fit snugly over your waist and promises to cause no discomfort or suffocation. It also has a soft and breathable cotton panty panel and offers a perfectly comfortable fitting over five problem areas around hips.

For the perfect toned, flattened look

Genie Hose claims it makes your tummy look perfectly flat. It smoothens panty lines that are really embarrassing and gives your legs that toned, finished look. Also unlike most other brands, it doesn’t wrinkle at the knees but remains smoothly intact.

Three times better

Genie Hose apparently is a lot more stretchable as compared to various leading brands. Also, it is durable so you can wear it over and over again.


What do I get ?

  • You will get Two Genie Hose for $14.99
  • Official Website :

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