Genie Shaping Brief Review

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Are you sick of the extra body weight that you carry around? Your muscles jiggling when you move around must make you so conscious and embarrassed. It takes exercise for hours and stringent diet to keep the cellulite in check and to keep the muffin top at bay. But not anymore. You just need seconds to be in great shape with Genie Brief the wonderful shaper that will make you look slimmer than you are within seconds.

How does Genie Brief Work

The quick and easy way to lift and firm your sagging body and to make it look svelte is a comfortable option that needs just pulling up of the brief to say goodbye to the muffin top. Wear the Genie Brief and your buttocks will look lifted, your tummy will be flatter and the flab will disappear as if it was never there.

The secret of Genie Brief lies in its seamless design that lifts each body part while keeping you so comfortable. You do not have to worry about panty lines. Its Belly Zone is also concealed so that it hides the muffin top. It also has a Back Zone that smoothes out the bulges and hides the back flab well. If you want proof of the effectiveness of Genie Brief in hiding the bulge you can take the shadow test.

You will notice that the shadow of your butt will be raised at least an inch more than when you do not wear Genie Brief or wear some other traditional brief. And the firming of your body will easily make you appear 10 lbs lighter and two dress sizes smaller instantly, easily and comfortably. No one would ever guess you are wearing something underneath because of its seamless design.

Another great feature of Genie Brief is that even if you have a flat butt, wearing the brief will make it look rounder and more lifted. You do not have to worry about unsightly back gap either because Genie Brief will hide it well. No more pulling and adjusting your brief as Genie Brief will comfortably fit you and stay in place.



What do I get?
Get 2 Genie Shaping Briefs (1 Black and 1 Nude) for just $19.99 + Shipping. Official website



Genie Brief Video

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