Genie Bra Reviews, Complaints, Problems, Alternatives and more

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Why Genie Bra
Are you constantly struggling with your straps? Do your underwires dig into your skin? Uncomfortable bras can stop you from looking your best! Now there is a better way with the amazing Genie Bra! The all-new Genie Bra matches your bra size with your clothing size and is the most comfortable, conform fitting bra you have ever worn!


How does Genie Bra work?
Whether you are petite or full figured, you will always have a bra that is comfortable, conforms to your shape and makes you look your best. No more unsightly back fat or uncomfortable top bulging with Genie Bra! You will get a perfect uplift fit that molds to your body, giving you an ideal cup size every time.

You look younger and lifted instantly! It is a one piece seamless bra that’s so comfortable you can sleep in it. The secret is its woven ever-last stretch fabric that custom conforms to any size and never loses its shape. The wide comfort lift band of Genie Bra gives you support where you need without rolling.

It gives you a flattering and sleek look and has specially designed pouches to slip in extra support pads for a younger and perkier look. They come in a set of set of nude, black and white and are available in lace, and cheetah print. Genie Bra is machine washable and always bounces back to its original shape and no special care is needed. Get Genie Bra for the lift, shape and comfort you have always wanted!

Genie Bra Advantages

Made from microfiber, Genie Bra avoids the hassle and discomfort caused by seams and straps. You won’t have to worry about your bust bouncing as you indulge in your favorite physical activity. Stretch fabric nylon that lasts for ever and spandex form the crux of this bra, which is more like a vest that supports petit and large body types.

Ideal for formal wear

What works?

It’s smooth, comfortable and feels like a sports bra with better definition. It fits A-C cup sizes perfectly and also works well for bigger cup sizes although you might not get same definition. Internal pads are brilliant and it gives more coverage; however the key lies in finding the right size for you.

What Genie Bra doesn’t? do

Bottom band in Genie bra might be better than underwire but it can still roll up, which can be annoying. There’s confusion when looking for right size bra as you don’t know if you are looking for shirt or bra size. Some might think it gives a small fit and you might have to buy a bra one size bigger. Unfortunately the common grouse about genie bra is that delivery takes long. Your location can also lead to huge shipping and handling costs.

The sizing guideline attached here can help you pick the right fit. Genie bra is as comfortable as a sports bra and to your relief there’s no underwire or straps. You can also use it to create a camisole look without adding unwanted layers.

Tips on buying right size Genie Bra

It’s important to remember that the sizing chart for Genie Bra is based on shirt sizes. The lettering system is fairly straightforward and the guidelines below will make things simpler for you.

XS/S Shirt Size: 0, 2, 4, 6 Bust Size: 32, 33, 34, 35 M Shirt Size: 8, 10 Bust Size: 36, 37 L Shirt Size: 12, 14 Bust Size: 38, 40 XL/1X Shirt Size: 16, 18, 16W, 18W Bust Size: 41, 43, 44, 46 2X Shirt Size: 20W, 22W Bust Size: 47, 49 3X Shirt Size: 24W, 26W Bust Size: 50, 53 4X Shirt Size: 28W, 30W Bust Size: 54, 57

When looking for right size bra, you need to measure your bust. It’s safer to buy smaller size bra if between sizes as Genie Bra stretches to fit. If the bra you buy doesn’t fit, you can contact customer service within 30 days and you will get a replacement bra in another size.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
3 Genie Bras, 1 in Black, 1 in Nude, 1 in White, Lift Pads. Official Offer.


Genie Bra Video


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  1. The Genie Bra has changed and not for the good….they used to be my forever bra until now….the material is now thinner and the straps are stretchy giving no support. Before the change the support was awesome….the material was thick with lots of elasticity and supportive, no longer the case….very dissappointed.

  2. I have been wearing the Genie Classics for years. When they stopped providing the Classics and had all of them with the foam insert, I tried the Ahhh Bra. Not a good substitute. I decided to order the Genie Bras, again, preferring their smoother fabrics. I ordered the same 3X size, since the Classics were no longer available in the Plus Sizes. What a disappointment! The bra band is much wider than before and lands in an uncomfortable spot. It will not stay and rolls up, making the cups and straps fit strangely. I hate the foam inserts and have pulled them out, as recommended. I am going use my sewing skills to try and shorten the band up. Maybe that will help. Otherwise, I don’t know what I will do. Why they stopped providing the Classic, no pads, decent fitting bra is beyond me. I’m so tired of the obsession with nipple hiding. We’re women, dammit. We have nipples. Sometimes they show. I’d be happy to just go braless as I did in the 60’s but that’s not possible in my work situation. I am so disappointed that a perfectly great product has been engineered out of existence.

  3. DO NOT BUY FROM GENIE…EVER!!!!! They are thieves. I ordered my size, which is 3X, and they sent me small. They told me my size was no longer in stock and refused to send me another color in my size because I ordered black. I have to pay for postage to return something I did NOT order!!! I will also lose the processing and handling for something I did not mess up…they messed up my order and now I am having to PAY to send these things back so that I can receive a refund for $10. They are thieves. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY….EVER!!!!!

  4. I’m a flight attendant and fuller figured. I always rang going through security and after 24 hours in my clothes I had latex rashes really badly. This Genie Bra is so comfortable as it moves with you. After laying down from my nap ( I fly long 8-15 hr flights so we take naps) I do wiggle adjust in the lavatory but I had to do that with a regular bra. I no longer am pinched, poked or dug into. Can you imagine being at 40,000 ft and your underwire pokes through and is scraping and poking you for the next 12 hours? It’s miserable and never again! I also think the Genie Bra is healthier and gives a more normal look.

  5. I love the genie bra.. I have remoyitoid arthritis now and it is so convent to just pull the bra on and it so comfortable.
    the price is very reasonable also. I use to ware an underwire bra and the genie does the same as it did..same support. and the colors are great..although I stay with the black, white, and beige

  6. I love my Classic Genie bras! I am a 36C/D, and the medium was perfect. So I ordered the Classic bras in a medium and they were so tight I could barely breathe! I did a live chat with customer service online and she immediately entered a new order for me to send out a different size at no charge, and a prepaid return label for the ones that didn’t fit so I could send them back. I got the larger size, and while a bit better, I probably should have gotten an extra large. These are not even close to being as comfortable as the Classic, and there is a bulge of skin cutting over the top of the bra under my armpits (not cute at all, and I am not by any means a larger woman!). I get that the silicone is needed for support, but geez, this is a little overboard! Next time, I’ll just stick with the Classic.

    • Noticed their sizing was changed. When first came out I also got the classic in large, but had to exchange for the medium. Then when I try them now from the stores they just don’t seem to fit, too small like was for you. Funny in stores seem to have a lot of larges and extra large size, maybe that is why. Plus hard time finding white, when go online pack of 3 all white not available. Drug store had white, but again size issue and they had soft pad sewn in which wasn’t like their regular pads. Washing they would probably bunch up. At least had the ones you could take out. Thanks for posting and letting me know I am not the only one.

  7. Do not like at all! There is no support, very hard to zip. I had to zip and then put on . Zipper automatically unzips when you least expect it to!

  8. The padding in the Geni Bra keeps sliding. I have to fix it everyone I wear it. I feel it is no different than a sports bra which is a lot cheaper. I do not recommend it.

  9. These bras are at the very least “binding”. Second time around, I ordered a full size larger. I was having shoulder surgery and was told to find a bra that I can step into. As I said, I had one of them before, but as it didn’t fit right I decided to get a size larger. No WAY could I get this one any easier than a ‘regular’ bra. Not only that, but once again (I should have learned) it makes you look like you have a “una boob”. Its totally the material…too tight, too hot, too binding. Awful

  10. I ordered these bras 2 weeks ago and they say there is a 60 day money back guarantee. Bunch of baloney! The phone number for returns just puts you on permanent hold with no sound. Second number, they give you the truth about how much it will COST YOU to return the darn things! S&H is more than the bra is even worth!! There is no support with this bra, and I can’t even get it zipped. What a rip. Buyer beware on this product.

  11. I bought 1 and thought it was wonderful so went and bout 6 more, what a mistake. Should have waited until washed. Shrunk and don’t fit at all and very uncomfortable and actually hurt. The old saying ” if it sounds to good to be true – don’t get it” they should be sued for false advertising at least to return money to those of us with so many problems. I had Cancer surgery and thought these would be perfect, right! Now where do I get the money to get new bras? Don’t be fooled ladies, stay away from ads on TV, not many you can count on and get your money back as they guarantee–well we all know the answer to that. Especially for the elderly, always hit on us! Well no more for me, no more TV buying and no more catalogs either TAKE HEED– ITS ALL A SCAM.

  12. Jury is still out. However Genie Bra puts out a 2 pack at CVS that is not the same as the 3 pack I previously bought at another store. The makeup of the one from the 2 pack is flimsy. The material on the strap is not double as it is in the 3 pack. It also feels very uncomfortable and not supportive. The Genie Bra’s in the 3 pack felt so exceptional that I bought the 2 pack. There is an “S2” stamped on the pads of the 3 pack (not so on the 2 pack).
    I thought this site was legitimate and am hoping to get the same product that I got with the 3 pack.

    Troubles already though. Both the packs came with pads and I’m told only 1 set has them in my purchase. The site didn’t mention pads at all. I had no idea any of them would come without them.

  13. The Genie Bra works well for me. My problem is the opposite of most reviewers-I am a 44 A/B, and the cups on most full-figure bras are way too large for me, if a 44B is even available. This bra was a good solution. I don’t think it would be ideal for a larger bust, but it is one of a very few options that work for me. It had enough support, was comfortable, and looked fine under a tshirt. The 3x is a good fit. I bought mine in WalMart.

  14. I ordered the special deal of 6 bras for the price of one set back around Christmas time and received both sets only to get disappointed: no support, rolls up all the time, very hot to be in. I called to return them and did send them back within the 60 day guarantee and still have not received my refund. i have no product so why am i still calling for them to give my money back??? I’m tired of calling these people since 5 months. they keep telling me to wait for them to refund me but that should have happened right after i returned their product! DO NOT BUY IT!

  15. Please eliminate the parts of your tv adverisement that is indecent. I think you will be able to find those parts. It is disgusting

  16. I have purchased Genie bras twice through QVC. My first purchase was before I lost about 50 pounds and I was unable to ‘step into’ it because of my size (about 260). Recently they had a ‘Today’s Special Value’ for three of the bras in a Jacquard print and three different choices of color so I decided to try them again. They come with the modesty pads. I purchased a 2x and although it was a struggle getting the adjusted over my arms which are very large, once they were in place, they are the most comfortable bra I have ever worn I don’t have the uni-bra look, although they obviously don’t have the separation of an underwire. I even sleep in mine. They particularly have a lot of support around the back which I really like and they don’t roll…

    I’m not sure if QVC’s are a better quality, but I know they have a lot of styles and colors, but I am sold. It wouldn’t always replace my other bras but in most cases it does just fine.

  17. I bought mine through QVC and love them for sleeping or every day use. I’m a 36C/D and ordered the Large. They’re not the prettiest, but they are uncomplicated, comfortable and economical. I’m a little surprised at all the negative comments. Most seem to be a result of ordering directly through the company. I would suggest ordering through QVC as their package deals are really worth it and if you have any issues you can work directly with QVC customer service. Fair warning…if you don’t like sports bras, don’t order these. The fit and support is almost the same. These do produce a better look with your clothing though. I ordered the pads for better coverage and glad that I did.

  18. I’m so surprised that people do not love these bras…I’m a 38c-d and LOVE them…they fit, they don’t make me miserable, and I can stand wearing them all day…and I think I look good in them.

  19. These Genie bras are absolutely not as advertised and satisfaction guarantee not upheld. I purchased 4..yes..dumb of me I know—4 of these so called magic bras. They absolutely give no shape and no support…..I usually wear a 36DD.. ordered what they recommended….well they were too big…so was told to wash….and yes they shrunk…boy did they….but they still give no uplift and shaping at all…..the weight of the breasts pulls down on the straps.feel like have nothing on as there is nothing holding the breasts up and in place…….I was suckered into buying 4 as part of a special….but now regret even purchasing one of these bras….People====out there….DO NOT BUY!! A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY and NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN> and by the way if you do not want your nipples to show through all your tops…you then have to order special pads for these bras at, of course, an additional charge….

    • I ordered a size large, I’m a 36B and according to the package, that’s the size I needed…it was way too small, I couldn’t even get it on all the way.

      I bought it at Wal-Mart, so, it went right back. I’m glad I just bought the one to try and not the package of three.

    • I ordered these bras about 5 months ago and still have to call for my refund when they say there is a 60 day money back guarantee. Bunch of baloney!

  20. After much deliberation I decided to buy one of these bras. I am 5 ft 2 and normally wear a size 36C but bought according to my dress size as you are advised. I have to agree the bra is very comfy but that is because it gives you no support whatsoever. The shoulder straps are just pulled down by the weight of your breasts and the bra gives you not shape at all. For anyone with a larger bust I would say this product is a complete waste of money and in my opinion the advertisements make false claims. Give them a miss and buy a decent bra, this is absolute rubbish.

  21. Well, I ordered the Genie Bras on the 23rd of Dec. Check the web site and they show shipped and delivery date Jan 4th. I also got free shipping and handling online. Total paid was $59.95 for 6 bras. I sure hope they fit. I am a full figure gal and bought the 2X at Walmart and it was too small but I liked the material and craftsmanship, so ordered the 4X online. I have lost weight and need something to keep the girls in place. I’m praying when I get them they work. I also got emails from customer service that my order was shipped and after reading the negative reviews I contacted customer service via email and received a reply less than 24 hours later. They told me that if I do not like the bras I can return for a full refund. The CSR stated most problems are due to wrong sizes being ordered. Wish me luck. I will do a followup once I receive.


  22. I bought those today and I LOVE them so far. I am petite with size A-B. The only thing is the sizing. I thing it’s wrong. My chest is 32 which means I should get size S or SX but I tried them on in the store and figured I need M for a relaxed fit. So far it’s very soft and comfy !!!!:) I love them, feels like you can sleep in those.

  23. These BRAS SUCK! They are nothing like the Rhonda Shear Ahhh Bras. The Ah Bra is worth the money. The Genie Bra is a complete waste of money. 1. they don’t fit like they say they do. They run like 2-3 sizes under. 2. Customer service is non-existent. 3. No number or contact. I finally got a number to call when searching the internet and its a long distance number and they never pick up. After about 45 mins I hung up. I found a email and they are unprofessional and will not give complete details on how to return them. They just say here’s a PO box return there. SO if you are looking for a decent no strap bra. Its not a genie bra. I didn’t realize is was one of those As Seen On TV things. Never again. Out $60!

  24. I tried on medium, large and x-large and the x-large is snug but okay I guess. It seems like they are all very similar in size like one size fits all.

    My bra size is 36A and according to the size chart the XL should fit 41-46 around the bust. This just is not true. It would seem to me that these bras were not inspected and just randomly sized. They could be a good sports bra but were not adequately inspected. They were purchased from a big box store so at least I got to try them on. If I had ordered them according to their size chart it would have been very frustrating.


  25. I watched the infomercials and read the website, debated but and then placed my order. I was so excited when I got home and my bras had arrived. That is where the excitement ended. The material is not comfortable – it is rather rough and scratchy. The fit is terrible. And there is absolutely NO support. This bras SUCK!!! The advertising is FALSE! The customer service is even worse. It isn’t a toll free number and I have already been on hold 29 minutes to get the RA # to return them and in the end the RA # is the same as the ORDER #. What a waste of time and money!!

  26. I just noticed that on the ad that is shown quite frequently that on the left side there is a black woman standing back first to show that there is bulging with other bras and on the right side in the same shirt to show that the genie bra has no bulging is a white lady. That is so deceiving to show two different body types and expect for us to not notice such a small, but important difference. It wouldn’t be surprising to find that the bra used in the ad is enhanced with wires or something. #justathought

    • I would agree that the pictures of the bra on models have to be shown with under-wires on or something similar…these bras absolutely have no support to them….none at all…they can not hold up a breast let alone hide a bulge on the backs….as shown….

  27. The Genie bra is the most comfortable bra I have found. I will not go back to the regular bras. Thanks so much my back does not hurt anymore. Bought at RiteAid.

    Elaine Stephens, Georgia

  28. OK, Wish I had found this site sooner but here is my story. I am very large chested and had lost a lot of weight so all my old good quality bras do not fit anymore. I had bought them at a plus size specialty store called Catherine’s about 5 years ago. They still wash and wear as good as the day they were bought. At that time I was a 54 F. I am now down to a 40 DDD. I have been basically going bra-less for a long time since I have moved and the closest Catherines it 2 and a 1/2 hours away. (Each one mind you was about 90 bucks but well worth the money I invested in them) In a pinch i have wore a 46DD sports bra if I absolutely need one (for a friends wedding) I just had major surgery and wanted to find one that was comfortable enough to fit that i could wear even while sleeping as 1 of my 3 incisions from surgery is 12″ vertical and almost up to where a bra would sit. I figure it would take pressure of the incision as it healed and I saw the Genie Bra in Walmart. My mom is big chested too so I got the 4X ones so that she should have been able to fit in one as well since it was a 2 pk. The fabric was nice and soft and would not have irritated my surgery site which was a plus when I opened them. According to sizing both me and mom would have needed a 3x but i wanted bigger cause I planned on sleeping in mine. Well after I came home from the hospital and surgical rehab I decided to try it on. I think that even a contortionist would have a problem getting it on. It was sooo tight. My boobs were popping out of everywhere and it was even harder to get off. Since I bought them b4 my surgery it is too late to return them but thank goodness I am only out 20 bucks. I would NOT recommend this bra to anyone unless your an A or B. It’s flimsy, not made well and is total false advertising. I feel so sorry for anyone who ordered this product of the website and the horrors of returning and the S&P that they paid. Thank goodness there was a place I could leave my story for others to read. Buyer beware is all I have to say and if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I do buy stuff online on occasion but I do make sure I research the product completely before purchasing, but as I was doing my last shopping b4 the surgery, with the fit requirements I figured it would work. I figured wrong. Now I will have to wait until I find someone who is going anywhere near that store I used to shop at before I will consider buying another bra. At least, I am home recovering and I do not work anymore because of my health and other issues that I dont have to worry about going braless, and I already have the gravity problem so I just wear bigger shirts and if someone makes a comment I ignore it. On the flip side I wish they made bras for men to hold up their balls so they would have to go through what we go through. that would be the day, they would probably come up with a law making it illegal. LOL. Well I hope my review helped someone b4 they got sucked in by the Genie of the lamp!!!!

    • KEEP BEING A PEST YOU IGHT GET THE RIGHT REP WHO WILL TRY NOT TO LOOSE YOUR BUSINESS. I agree they roll, the satin comes off the cup so it is hard to put back in and they are like a sport bra but they are comfortable and that is what I wanted. i have no reason to flaunt me 34 c’s I bought my first three 2-3 years ago My weight fluctuates between 130 and 140 depending on my health. I loved them. Now I have decided to order more as they have Spring colors and YES the bra shows on just about any top you wear. When I called they were having a special on getting 3 Bras at $69.95, 3 Tankinis for free and 3 leggings for $59.95 The representative said I would need a Small & I informed her that I was comfortable with Medium. I fell for the gimmick and bought the Prior client Special. When they got here everything was a small. I could not even get my foot in the leggings! I was ill, had major surgery and then a long recovery where I could only wear the bra. When I called about trying to get the right fit I was told I had to keep the deal I got and they would change the sizes. They got here the bras are Medium as are the Tankinis, and the leggings are Large. I put on the Tankini to go to dinner and the cup pad is at best is 1/2 the thickness of the bra and I was swimming in the Tankini!! I called back and was told I had to keep the same deal. I asked to give me more bras or I would try the panties. Which the representative never mentioned. She held firm. Finally I said you know let me try on the bras on it was 5PM and while I was getting then she HUNG UP !! i called back 2 days later and told them the whole story. This time they had delivery date wrong but told me the supervisor would e-mail me that they would refund my money if I returned the product then I could reorder and get the items I needed. Let’s see!!

  29. These bra smash you, they roll-up in front making them very uncomfortable & it did not hold the bulges in under the arms. I would advise not to buy any & save your money for a fitted bra.

  30. I am a 34AA and I love my Genie bra. I had a lumpectomy a few years back and have to add padding to my bra. I bought mine at Walmart and the sizing is perfect. It came with pads which is what I need, it stays put and is so comfortable. For the price $10, I am very happy since I have spend much more on padded bras. I am a 56 year-old woman, so these bras aren’t just for teens.

  31. In the advertisement it states that no roll-ups. The band doesn’t stay flat, it rolls up in the front and digs in, making it uncomfortable. I’m a size 34 so I bought a medium size. No future purchase for me.

    • I had the same problem. I bought two of them and they were THE most uncomfortable bras ever. I felt they were too thick, not enough support and were shapeless. I am a 38C and it not only rolled up but I found it had rolled up over my chest completely and was bunching up under my arms which was very constricting especially as I was not in a situation to do anything about it until I returned home. Embarrassing beyond belief. I purposely bought the size larger than I would normally buy but it was still very uncomfortable. Never again.

  32. I do not understand why so people are posting problems and complaints. I have looking for a good fitting bra without having to pay a fortune for about a year now. The price was affordable when I saw it in Rite Aide so I bought one (contained 2 bras with the pads already in place). I figured it was worth a try since I had tried about everything else and had a drawer full of bras that I hated. I have loved it every since I put it on. Not that it matters, but my husband loves the way I look in them. they are so comfortable and give me the support I need. The extra lift is just a bonus.

    Finally after nearly a year I found a bra that meets my needs. I will never buy a different type of bra ever again. I was disappointed in the limited color choices at the store, but I just visited the web site and there are many many color to choose from there, even classic white. They even have promotions and the one they have now gives you a free set. Excellent product. And for the record, I am somewhat large chested….

    • Am I ever glad I checked out the reviews before buying. I was considering it,but not any more. stick with what you know seems like good advice. And you know the person asking you to email you with questions is just trying to sell you more. Genies are not real, apparently!

      • Gee Fran, sounds like you have trust issues. Kelly from Genie is just doing her job. I think it’s wonderful that someone from that company offered to help anyone who needed some help.

        I’m checking out the reviews too but whether they are good or bad, or both like it is in this case, I’m the only one who can decide how I feel about the bra. I plan to buy one from Walmart or RiteAid so if it doesn’t work out, I can return it.

        I read all the reviews and when I got to Fran’s reply in regard to Kelly from Genie, I couldn’t help but say something. It sounds like Fran has gotten burned a couple of times. Take it easy Fran and please try to find the good in what people do.

  33. I bought a set of the three Genie bras a few weeks ago and have to say how disappointed I am. I order the large size as I’m a 20-22 but they don’t fit properly and I think they are more a size 18. The pads are next to useless and they are very flimsy, falling apart after a couple of washes. Getting them on and off needs you to be an athlete and they don’t give any support or shape. So all in all a complete waste of money. What they say on TV is absolute rubbish and not, they only show the smaller ladies who I’m sure can wear anything anyway. Don’t waste your money!

    • True! I suspect all the glowing reports on here are from the makers and sellers of the product. If you are any larger than a 32A forget it. This bra is not for you!

  34. I usually wear “slip-on”bras and find them very comfortable, so yesterday I purchased a box of 2 Genie Bras from the “As Seen on TV” aisle at my local pharmacy store. I wear a 14/16 top, and per the box I could take either a Small or a Medium – I bought the Medium size. The compression felt good when I tried it on, but I found the band to be a little tight. Initially I was just going to exchange it at the store for a large, but I found myself fiddling with the straps – they were too short for me, and are not adjustable. I don’t know if the straps are longer on the Large size, but just decided to return them and go back to my original brand.

    • I was planning to buy a Genie Bra next week after years of finding a decent fitting bra. After reading these reviews, it sounds like a waste of time and money(on SSI and can’t afford to waste a penny). I am a 44DD, and have very heavy, dense breasts and very large and noticeable nipples. I need SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT! This is starting to sound like a bad idea.

  35. I bought three Genie Bras and received three free. I ordered the size I wear in a sport bra. X-Large. Well neither of the black fit me. Too small. But the two white and two beige fit. My complaint is the rolling up on the band. They all did this. Very uncomfortable. I wish there was a way I could fix this problem. It drives me crazy! ):

    • I bought 2 Genie Bras in the store,and I’ve had nothing but problems. They roll,they dig into my shoulders.I bought the size I was told to,so I called them and I got a man on the phone. He didn’t even want to my comments,he made out like it was my fault they were giving me problems.They could have at least offered to send me the size they thought I should if that was really the problem.I’m not every going to buy another one.

  36. Just bought 2 genie bras. Got 1 on now. It is so comfortable just love it. Would love if you could send me 2 more free. I will be your free advertisement 4 the genie bras.

    Gretchen Jones

  37. I love this bra, my daughter took mine and loves them too, had to purchase more. I have purchased several at Target and CVS will continue to purchase in the future. I do not think I would order them though,quite a bit of the problems people have had seem to be with shipping/shipping cost

  38. After seeing the Genie bra on TV, I checked the reviews and decided to give it a try. I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond because I did not want 6, and felt that I could get 2 and with their coupon at a reasonable price. As it turned out, that was a smart move as I had to take the first pair back for a larger size. I ended up with 2x even though I am not that big. I have had back surgery and other bras were not comfortable even if they were front closing bras. I can put them in the washing machine but tend to rinse them out by hand. I am very happy with the two I have. I like the way they make me look. I just wish I could buy them in a variety of colors beside black & tan.

    • Barbara,

      You can buy them in multiple colors from their website. Go to the website and click on shop and you will not believe all of the choices that you have. I love mine too. I will never purchase another type of bra again

    • You can buy pink and blue at WalMart. I had to get a 3 X to fit and am also not that bit. China makes them and I find everything I guy normal size 16 on top and I buy 1 x if made in China.

  39. I was so exited to see the advertisements – but it rolls up and frankly someone with a large chest – this give no support just squishes together – bought a size larger just to make sure but don’t waste your money – anyone with a large chest knows – we need support – and this offers zero support.

  40. I am wearing my Genie bra and was trying to find out if I should remove the pads before washing. Nothing specific but since some reported them falling apart I think I will. I bought mine at Riteaid 2 for $19.95. I was prepared to hate it and bring it back but I love it. A lot are complaining about sizing but there is a guide on the box so I just looked up my size and bought a large. It seems most of the complaints are also about buying the product online. So I would say know your size and don’t buy online. I did not pay extra for the pads they were included in the box (4 of them).

  41. I cannot believe how awful this has been with Genie Bra. I spent months looking into either getting the Genie Bra or the Ahh Bra. I was recently at a Bed bath and beyond near my house nearly 2 months ago when I noticed they had the Genie Bra, so I grabbed a 2x (which it clearly stated that it would fit me I’m a l/XL shirt. Got it home and no surprise it didn’t fit, so I returned them the following day. I came across a forum of where a actual Genie Bra person from customer service was helping everyone with their issues with the bras (mainly wrong sizes.) I told the person of what happened and they told me that I would need to go up a size or so. So when I called to order they said that they didn’t have the 4x in stock. Within 24 hours I received a call from them (don’t know how they got my number except from the call I placed the night before to the call center for ordering.) They offered me a GREAT deal so I thought to myself, “OK this sounds great” (which I knew there was going to be a catch somewhere.) The man that I was speaking with I told him that I would need a 4x as I had just bought a 2x from a store near my home and it didn’t fit at all. He steadily told me no that I would need a 3x over and over and over again. So finally I told him that I guess we could do the 3x as long as if it didn’t fit I could get the 4x no problems involved. He clearly stated that when I received the 3x’s if they didn’t fit just to call back in and let them know and that they would send out the 4x’s before I could return the 3x’s. Well I did the purchase on March 13, 2012, I received the bras on March 21st and n surprise they didn’t fit (AT ALL!) I immediately called in the call center and told them what happened they sent me a return label which I had to go print off and the FedEx place near my home ( so I spent money on that) and sent the return in the mail the following day. I steadily check their order status to see when they will be sending out my new bras… nothing… All the website says is that it’s “in process.” I called twice got the run around both times everytime I asked to speak to someone over them they could never do it. The first man I spoke with assured me that there was nothing wrong and that it didn’t state on their computer of inventory that there was a backorder, so I believed him. The last woman I spoke with on the second call stated that the item was on backorder and that they should be receiving a shipment of them soon, to just wait and they would send me out an email when they are being shipped to me I asked why I was never told of that and she couldn’t give me an answer. finally I emailed the person I talked to in the beginning that told me to go up a size they emailed me a few times (got an attitude with me over nothing) but when it came around to me asking about when I might receive my shipment I never heard from them again. That happened about a week ago. Well today I went on their website and sure enough it said “in process” still. That was the last straw I called, lady I was speaking with told me that they were on extreme backorder and that it would be another at least 3-4 weeks before they might even receive the size, but they are not sure because they are actually thinking about eliminating that size with lace. So she was saying not to worry I would receive them in a few weeks, I corrected her and told her no! you mean around 2 months right cause the shipping takes about 2 weeks itself, after they finally receive them. I demanded an answer as to why none of the times I spoke to people I was never told about the backorder and possible elimination of the size I need (ones with lace). She also admitted that she couldn’t give me an answer either. So I told them I wanted a refund of my money. Still in shock as to how TERRIBLE their customer service was to me.

  42. I bought these at Wal-Mart. What a joke. The ad says simply buy your shirt size. These things weren’t made for anyone with real boobs!! I bought the 3X (my shirt size) it took me less than 3 seconds to realize that this thing is nothing but a glorified sports bra and the sizes are so far off that my 3X genie bra is wearable by my 15 year old daughter who wears a 36 B (Shirt size Medium). Wasted my money. To the lady who talked about her 38DDD woes, You have better luck ordering something that size online. I guess I’ll have to stick to the net at $58 a bra (44 J).

  43. LOL… To tell the truth, I only wear these around the house, my nips will show otherwise. I know this will be posted online as well. LOL

  44. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS CRAP. I ordered the bras for my daughter and myself. The customer service person who took my order was completely incompetent and put me on hold at least 3 times, asked me my name and spelling over and over again and just generally could not answer any questions I had. The next day I see that my account was debited TWICE for the same order, debiting my account a total of $238.00!! I called them immediately and they said, oh we do that on every order to see if you have enough money in the account to pay for the purchase. WHAT!? I’m still waiting for them to put the money back into my account that they have stolen from me. I have not even received the product yet. Don’t order anything from them on line, if you must have them, buy them at a regular store. These online people are thieves.

  45. I ordered the Genie Bra from and Infomercial. The sales person and I discussed what size to order which was a 1X. Received the 1X and the bottom front, back and shoulder straps roll. Call Genie Bra and they exchanges for the 2X. Same results. They sent me a 3X same results. At this point I quit calling and returning the bra. Not as advertised.

  46. I got these bras as a gift and they are very comfortable but the pads fell apart right away. I have been calling customer service for a couple months and can not get through. I guess I will go to Wal-Mart and buy them. Just makes me mad that all the pads fell apart. I am trying to sew them back together now. I tried to glue them, but that was a big mistake. Yuck never will I ever want anyone to waste their money on these bras. What a joke. If you don’t get the pads, you hang like you have no bra on.

  47. Hi girls I need an advise.

    I’m thinking about buying Ginny Bra (no shipping problems since i´m in Mexico) just want to know how they work in small bobs I’m 34 B and my mom is 34 A, so what do you recommend?? Buy them or not? And if I buy them in Small or Medium ??

    Thank you

    • They are great, depends on your body size my daughter is a size 8 in clothes and she fits into either small/medium – I am a 16 in clothes I went with the XXL for comfort. I think they are very confortable.

    • Remember, you must buy the pads to make the boobs look perking but I guess you are young enough so you don’t have to worry about that. I would not recommend these bras to anyone. Go to Wal-Mart and buy one, just to make sure.

  48. I purchased the genie bra for myself and my daughter – My daughter is a small she loves the bra – unfortunately I ordered the medium and found it too small – I gave them to her to wear. At least shes happy with them. In my opinion order a few sizes bigger then you usually wear.

    • just an update from my last posting – As my daughter now has 6 Genie Bras in small/medium she wears them all day and finds them very comfortable. I’m little jealous as I have to wear a underwire bra which is really uncomfortable. So I’m going to order them too. I have worked out that the sizes are American sizes so In Australian sizes I should be a extra-large but because I like clothes looser I’m ordering a XXL as it gets hot here. I’ll keep you posted on how they feel – I too have read the reviews good and bad. Will admit did feel reluctant in purchasing them but here goes.

      I went down to Big W to check out the Ahh Bra and found the Genie Bra a better quality. I’ll keep you posted.

      • I have been wearing the bras now for a few weeks – they are very comfortable – you dont even feel like you have one on. No more pulling up straps and fiddlng with the bra – I am a 36c and found the xxxl the best size for me. I have found when you wash them take out the padding and place them back once they dry.

  49. Most comfortable bra you’ll ever wear! Most comfortable bra my ladies size 5 1/2 foot! Never in my life have I forced my “girls” into something that was so uncomfortable and even more unflattering. And I’m a tiny, petite little thing every place but cup size. Maybe an XXXXL Genie Bra might have looked okay on my 5′ 1″, 120 something pounds, Misses Size 2-6, Junior 5-7, Size Small tops fit me very loose, 32 DDD self. The Medium Genie, however, looked absolutely hideous and felt worse. I shudder to think of what it would have been like had I gone with my clothing size and gotten a Small or Extra Small Genie bra! Probably would have needed to have been cut out of it!

    • Update…returned them with a USPS delivery confirmation…I received email confirmation the day that they were delivered and the credit was posted to my credit card the next day… kudos to your customer service for a sorry product.

    • I returned mine also but I lost out on the shipping charges, but I am sure that was all it cost to make these cheap bras. They win again. Maybe they should team up the the money guy on TV. They are both scams.

  50. Got the Genie Bra at walmart was tired of wearing underwire bras and its hard to get a regular soft cup bra cause it don’t hold the girls up. So I decided to buy the genie bra I agree with most of the reviews in here THEY SUCK! I wish I found this site before I bought it. The genie bra is more suited for smaller busted women A and B cups. They dont work for us full busted women like me I wear a 38 DDD which is a hard size to find as is. It gives no support what so ever! SAVE YOUR MONEY! So glad I didn’t buy it online and paid all that extra shipping.

  51. Amerimark has been considered as industry in the supply of all kinds of women apparels, and the best to way to shop at this shop is to make use of free coupons offered by the company itself, which helps you to save some amount of your money.

  52. It is never surprising if you look out for genuine product reviews on the net. But what is surprising is that such real reviews have vanished from the internet world today. I can say that because I experienced this a few days back when I was surfing for Genie Bra reviews. After hearing so much of commercial hype about Genie Bra, I thought of buying it at the comfort of my home, as the product was available online. I entered the keyword Genie Bra into Google search and I could visualize so many sites in front of me. Three dazzling sites attracted me –,, Unfortunately, I found something strange. The site actually had reviews supporting Ahh Bra. The other two sites were equally useless. Today, when I googled again I found this marvelous site. It answered all my queries related to Genie Bra and its usability. Finally, I bought the product from this site. I am grateful to all the reviewers who helped me to take a confident decision.

    • I must say that your hunt for genuine reviews has taught you the realities of internet world. Good that you did not fall for the conspicuous reviews posted on the manufacturer sponsored sites. In the end you chose what was right!!

  53. Wish I had read reviews first. Sent for the genie bras and received them they are the 3 pack tried them on and yes they do roll up and no support as I am a 36d the straps stretch when you put them on. Sent them back in there original packing filling in returns note saying they do not do what they are supposed to do and sending them back by recorded delivery like they said. Four days later I received them back through the post normal delivery with a letter in saying they smelt of perfume and they would not refund my money saying they normally charge £10 to send them back but will waiver it this time (cheek) altogether it has cost me £49 for something that is useless.

  54. I saw these bars and sounded like the perfect bra for me. WRONG! must get at least a size or two larger, you get one big boob where there should obviously be two! An they make you flat chested! I am a 34D and I looked like a 34A. the under band DOES roll, and just by trying one on, it had frays and snags. you could go to Walmart even, and get a better fitting and more flattering bra than this! Commercial is deceiving, so save your money! Hope this review helps you.

    • I agree totally, this bra is useless if you have a decent size bust. It just pushes them together and flattens them, comfy yes but useless.

  55. Luckily I got my Genie bra REALLY CHEAP on eBay! A Seller divided up a 3-pack and sold the bras out of it separately I guess. I ordered an XL, and it is so super small! I normally wear 12-14 shirt sizes, so thought this would be plenty big, but it was hard just getting it on. Then I had to take the pads out to get any coverage whatsoever. It’s like a sports bra, makes a uni-boob look. But I will use it around the house since the eBay Seller doesn’t take returns. But the main problem I have with the Genie bra is – I googled Genie bra reviews and could barely find this site. Had to first go through a butt-load of fake review sites that gave nothing but good reviews. I sure hope enough people see this site to be able to save their money!

    • Ditto Joan, it does nothing for me either, only gives me one large breast instead of 2 medium sizes….wont be buying another!!


  56. Depending on brand; I wear a small/medium. Decided to buy the medium Genie Bra, at Wal-Mart, today and it ‘rolled’ up immediately! I’ve always been thankful to be small breasted because bras are so uncomfortable and I could choose not to wear one ~ being 50 something… I’ll be returning these tomorrow!!!

  57. Horrible! I ordered the genie bra 6 weeks ago, finally received them today and they are awful. They offer no support at all. I am a 38C normally and this bra flattens but does not lift. I also ordered some for my mother who is a 40DD and the support is laughable. And yes they do roll up on the sides and stomach. These bras are truly only good for women with an A or B cup size and who have a small waist size. Definitely not what they are portrayed to be!

    Also I live in Canada so I payed for the bras, the S&H, and the UPS fee. Altogether I payed $218.95 to get 12 bras. Which at the time I did not deem to bad considering bras are often $30-$50 each. Then after trying them on I phoned to get a return code and asked for the amount I would be refunded…$99.98. I was shocked! She very politely told me they never return shipping and handling and if I paid UPS charges “That’s not our problem”.

    I just hope that others will research these bras before buying them, unlike I did. And if my comment convinces even one person NOT to buy these bras, then I am glad I posted. I will now be using these bras for pajamas because I will certainly not throw away the $120 I paid to get them here….Live and learn…

    • Thanks so much! I’m also a “bigger/plus sized Canadian girl” and was considering ordering these bras. Your comments helped me greatly! I will NOT be ordering these bras!!! So, if it is any consolation, your email helped me… thanks! Sorry you had to go through that. : (

  58. As many other reviewers reported the bras did take longer to arrive then originally stated. Considering what is charged for shipping, that is a bit of a disappointment. But not nearly as disappointing as the bras themselves were. The fit was nothing to get excited about. But, since I really did not want to find myself struggling with straps falling down when I participated in sports, I figured that was a big enough plus to warrant the purchase of them. Then I washed them, and found a whole new disappointment. The elastic strings were sticking out of one bra after only one wash. Two other bras in the same wash were okay, for now. But repeatedly, after every wash since I purchased these bras, I have to spend 5 to 10 minutes maneuvering the so called lifting pads back inside via the tiny holes where they belong.

    The bras come out of the wash with the pads wadded up in balls. Oh, and the thin silky coverlets on the pads themselves, came off completely within the first wash or two also. The pads take on a shape of their own, and when you get them back into position, they have new folds or ridges that do not look shapely. Deformed is more the word to describe how they look. One more odd thing about these bras; when the package arrives, the inside plastic package with the bras does not say “Genie Bra” on it anywhere, or any other manufacturer’s name? And the bras do not say “Genie Bra” on them either. So, if this deal sounds to good to be true, take it from those of us who trustingly purchased them already, it’s a SCAM! I going back to Macy’s or JcPenny shopping for real sport bras now.

  59. Not happy with the Bra’s the material is so thin, I have 2 shirts on and my nipples are showing through, not good especially as I work in the public eye, why could they not make then a bit thicker??/ Then the price and shipping, it took a month to come from US to Canada, UPS delivered it, wish it was regular mail. They charged me $30 in taxes. Now I paid $130 for 6 skimpy little bras that I would not wear anywhere except around the house maybe. Why I never saw any nipples on tv?/ they must have put a pad in. False advertising for sure. Unless you want to show off your breast nips go for it, but rather embarrassing for a leader at a church. Darn!

  60. Don’t fall for the Genie Bra claims. The “uplift” is an illusion produced by the little triangle foam pads that go in the bra. They might work for an A/B cup. But those of us with fuller busts ……. a total joke. The fabric that is supposed to keep it’s shape for a lifetime, actually lasts about 3 months before it starts to loose it’s shape. And the “6 bras for $60” turns into $85 by the time you pay the huge shipping fees (which you don’t see until you actually place the order) A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY.

  61. The Genie Bra SUCKS!!! They have no support. They send sub-standard items and then try and get you to upgrade. Do NOT PURCHASE THESE BRAS. I would like to file a class action law suit for false advertising against this company. ANY LAWYERS TAKING-E-Mail.

  62. TOTAL RIP OFF! If I had seen these comments earlier, I would NOT have wasted my money nor my time (waiting over 6 weeks for delivery). I agree with many other posting here: if you are an A-B cup or already have natural perky boobs, then YES this bra will work for you. But for like me [and so many other women out there], if you are bigger than a D cup and your breasts sag, then NO this bra does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for you. It is made of 96% nylon (same material as panty hose). So if you think you will get “support”, then stick your boob in a panty hose and see for your self. Absolutely no support and the nylon makes you sweat. I get much better support and quality from the cheaper sports bra from my local walmart than these pieces of crap. Would like to get all of my money back, but as many people already posted that it is very difficult to any money returned, so I guess I am stuck with them. I give this product a 1 star rating for a total MISLEADING commercial. Crappy! Crappy! Crappy!!!

  63. I am going to disagree with most of the comments here but that is because my needs are different. If your needs are like mine you might be happy with these bras. I am a 36C. I bought the genie bra at bed bath and beyond. The size chart said I needed a medium. Got a black medium. Tight and smashes me in. Actually, I only wear it on my walks and light jogs and it works great. I like it. I went back and got a large nude. Fits me much better and I love love love this bra. I hate wearing bras so much that I have chosen to not wear a bra and have opted for a tight tank top for the last few years. Going braless has been wonderful but every now and then I need better coverage depending on what I am wearing. I like this bra because it gives me just the right amount of coverage and support without too much like a regular bra. For those who need better support or for women who are bigger busted this bra won’t work. For women like me who prefer to go bare under this is just right!

  64. Well..
    I did not order off the infomercial cause I was too cheap to pay the extra Shipping. Then I see them @ Walmart…hooray!,,,I brought home the box of Bras/2 in pkg./black/nude. I got the XL/1X size, size 14 top. I was looking fwd. to getting out of my sports bra into one of these…..EEEEEKKKKKSSSS!!!! I am a size 38/G….and I normally can wear the XL/rarely 1X. The Bra did not fit, it squashed the “girls” down, and they wanted to come out on the side under the armpit…this bra, has a very slim girl with, smaller breasts pic. on the Pkg…these bras are for her…cause the extra padding which is suppose to conceal…I could not get to work…and I like to wear and extra Concealing Bra…

    I am glad I did not waste Any $ on Shipping…I do not recommend these bras to larger busted women @ All. Actually the fit seemed like I would have needed the 3X…

    Very disappointed,,,,cause it was NOT like the Infomercial…These bras are going right back to Walmart for refund.
    I put my Sports Bra back on and it has more comfort than the Genie/Bra…in an XL….I don’t wear the Sports bra for dress…I was just casual today…Thanks…do try @ Walmart before any added shipping$.


  65. The genie bra is a very comfortable fit. However, when I washed the black bra (second wash), the silk-like lining on each side of the removable pad came off. I returned it to Walmart and she said everyone was returning due to this and uncomfortable fits.

  66. I’m so glad that I read these reviews.. I was so excited to try this bra, but after reading so many bad reviews, I’ve opted out of purchasing them. I have large breasts and have never found a bra that fits comfortably. I guess the search goes on. Thanks for the reviews!

  67. I was so excited about the Genie Bra. I saw the infomercial and ordered them online. They finally arrived today. I had to go try one on right away. It does not hold by breast up and there is no support what so ever. The fabric is so flimsy. I called to return them and got more disappointment. I am going to have to pay to ship them back and I am losing the P&H for two sets. These bras are definitely for women with perking and firm breasts. They should mention this in the website and on the infomercial. They are NOT for everyone.

  68. I did not buy my Genie bras from the traditional Genie Bra website. I paid 2 for $20. I love them for comfort. They remind me a lot of a sports bra with a removable cup. The straps are wide and don’t slip off and for me, the entire bra is very comfortable. I think I have finally found a bra that I can live with, but then, I like sports bras. I you don’t like that type of bra, don’t buy this.

    • If you really want these try They are 3 for 29.95. Then google an amerimark coupon code for free shipping and extra savings. I do not recommend spending even the $30 on these though. You can get 2 really good 18 hour bras for that price.

    • I purchased my Genie bras (2 for $19.96) from a discount store on the “As Seen On TV” aisle. I had seen the infomercials and was considering purchasing them to try. After hearing the complaints here, I am glad that I did not order them online.

      I normally wear a 34 D (other bras), and the Genie bra packaging stated that I would wear the Large. The Large works for me, and I like how it gives me the coverage I need. With other bras, I noticed that I did not have a smooth look in the front (i.e. “boob fat”)! No more boob fat, but a smooth appearance!!!

    • I also bought 3 genie bras on the 6th november this year and money taken out of account but still no bras.according to genie bra they have no record of my purchase. I went through PayPal so I am lucky I will b refunded. I also think it is a scam.

      • I ordered 3 bras from this site 4 weeks ago – was promised delivery within 9-15 business days. Still have not received them, have emailed them a number of times but have had not one reply. I am getting worried I have been scammed and have lost money I really can not afford to lose. If I don’t get anything in the next couple of days I will be contacting our local consumer affairs department.

        • I have been in contact with the Genie Bra customer support – my order reference number does not match their numbers at all. I really do think we have all been scammed. Am contacting consumer affairs today. 🙁

        • I have now been in touch with Consumer Affairs, they recommended I email them once again demanding a reply within 7 days, marking the email with reply wanted and high priority. They also advised me to contact my financial institution to arrange for a reversal of funds paid. I am not talking about the actual Genie Bra company here – it is somebody ‘taking them off’. They call themselves ‘New Genie Bra’ I cannot judge whether the bras are good or not as I never received them. 🙁

  69. Hi, I bought the Genie bras and they are so comfortable, I work in a nursing home and one of the resident asked me about them so I gave her one of mine to try she loved it so I ordered them for her too(she is 89 years old). The best bras ever!!

  70. I ordered my Genie Bras about 6 months ago and LOVE them. I got the standard order 2 white, 2 nude, and 2 black size 2X. I wear mine all the time and I found no difference in the sizes between colors. I feel better support from them than sport bra’s and much more comfortable. I have not found that the band is tight at all. I use these for my INSANITY workouts, work, and just being at home. I have lost about 60 pounds and plan to get more in a smaller size. Doing INSANITY without these would have been very painful.

  71. OMG. Do not buy this bra unless you are really skinny. I’m average size and weight. I’m about a 36B. I got a 2X simply because I’ve had similar bras before and they always fit tight around the rib cage. Well, this is no exception. I can hardly breathe the band is so tight. I’ve now cut it in 3 places and it still feels tight. Nothing comfy about this bra.

  72. Beware the 3 are not the same size the white is perfect the nude is smaller and the black seems like a size smaller to bad the white even feels like different fabric.

    • I had a similar case as Sue. The white one was loose, black fit with no support and nude crushed me in. They all say 2x but ARE NOT the same size.

  73. I saw the infomercials before and was pretty skeptical, so I didn’t buy any. I saw them at Walgreen and CVS yesterday for 20 bucks, so I tried them. I am large busted DDD cup. When I put it on, I got the uniboob squashed look. No support. I went over a speed bump in the car and the girls were bouncing. God help me if I have to run. I wore it for a day and I will say it is as comfortable as a jog bra.the band rolled up, and the back slid up. The reason why underwires were built was for the support you get. If you go to a department store like Dillards or JC Penny, they have professional fitters. If you have a properly fitting bra with the right band size and cup size, it should be relatively comfortable. You may have to try different fabrics or manufacturers to find one you like. I like the Wachol brand at Dillards. They are beautiful and they fit well. As for the Genie, I am going to keep it to walk around the house in.. it is worth 20 bucks. It will probably do better with smaller busts.

  74. I am so thankful I came here first! I still want to try it, but instead of getting it online I will go to Walgreens or Walmart or BBB so I can try it on before I take it home. Then I will know if it will work for me instead of wasting my money–some of you it works and others it doesn’t. This is one of those things you don’t want to get over the phone or online!

    • You are right..try it first before buying them online.otherwise it will be definitely a waste of money.I regretted buying them online without trying them first. I am not at all happy with the bras. because – they are not at all flattering – they come with padding, which you have to remove before you wash the bra otherwise the cloth on the padding will come loose and you cant fit the pad again inside the bra. very bad..

      There are better bras for the price.

  75. I have now worn all three bras a couple of times.

    What I have found is that while all three of the bras that I bought are 2x none of them fit the same way. It is like I have ordered three different sizes.

    The white one fits the worst. It has no support at all. My opinion is that it has been previously worn and stretched out by someone else which I’m not thrilled with.

    The black one fits perfectly but has no support. It is the most comfortable of the three as it feels like I am not wearing a bra at all.

    The nude one is tight. I like to feel that my bras are holding me in and this one holds, crushes and strangles me into place. It looks great under clothes and offers the most support of the three.

    Due to the design these may give the illusion of a sport bra for the big busted but that theory is a joke. If I even made an attempt to jog in these I would bounce out in the first few steps.

    I have washed all three twice and there has yet to be any shrinkage or tatter but they are still fairly new.

    Had they all fit like the nude one I would be a genie bra loyal but they don’t and I am not going to order more.

  76. ABSOLUTELY! DO NOT PURCHASE AHH BRAS…..THEY CHEATED MY OUT OF MY REFUND $20.00. You can purchase the bra now at Walmart–1 at a time–not 3….if u want to try it and Walmart will GLADLY refund your money.

  77. For the last couple of days I have been reading these reviews regarding the Genie Bra. So many people have been saying not so great things about Genie Bra, while some others have had success. The other day I went to the mall and found a store called “Showcase” here in Ontario Canada and it cares all products found only on infomercials before it hits Walmart , etc. Anyway having all these bad reviews stuck in my mind, I decided anyway to go ahead and buy them. I purchased the box of three for $59.99 plus tax, totally by passing the customer service as so many of you have been having problems with and also passed the waiting time for delivery for weeks and some of you also saying months. After I got home I was scared about it fitting me right, I bought a large for my C40 size and it fit great, I am really happy I bought this bra and plan on going back for one more, wish there was more colors to choose from then the standard black, white and nude. It feels great sleeping with Genie bra on and gives me the support I need, no more poking and stabbing my ribs, with my sports bra I had it gave me the look of a uni-breast So far I am pleased with my purchase, the bra doesn’t ride up, only thing is if you plan on running or doing intense workout best double up if you have big breast.

  78. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in Customer Service. The order went through without my finalizing it. They rip you off by not returning the HUGE $50.00 plus shipping and handling. When calling customer service, it must be another country, as they do not seem to understand English on a Return Authorization, but keep trying to sell you more product. The only way to get through to them and to make them understand is to almost be “professionally rude”. So, I am out $50+ dollars, the bands ride up and roll, no support, no company integrity, but I am taking the hit and returning them and warning all others to NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY.

  79. Ladies,

    Thank yo so much for your reviews on the genie bra, I saw the ad on TV this morning and went online about to order them till I saw they were $59.99 for 6 bras and then $15 for the shipping etc. The only reason I hesitated in buying was because I thought the additional $15 was too much. I’m so glad I was hesitant and so glad that this evening I was able to see the reviews here. I really appreciate this because you all just saved me some money on buying an inadequate bra.
    Thank you again for your honesty, you are all awesome.

  80. Genia bra is a rip off company. I wore the bra for one day and it was the worst bra I have ever worn. It rolls up on the band and uncomfortable. I returned the bras over 2 weeks ago and they say they have not received the package. They were quick to charge my credit card, but slow about refunding my money. I will end up paying for the products I am not wearing. I have called the company several times. I made a big mistake in purchasing the items. The one Hanes place online have the best bras for reasonable prices. Don’t waste your money on genie bra!

  81. Do not buy these if you are large breasted and want support for the girls!

    I made the mistake of watching the infomercial over the Memorial Day weekend while staying at a B&B with no computer to check things out.

    On the phone, they DO NOT tell you what the shipping/handling will be, they DO NOT tell you that the shipping/handling is non-refundable, they DO NOT tell you that in order to return the bras you must fork out your own money to the USPS ($17+)

    In all, I spent more than $138 on the bras and am getting less than $90 back. It took just two weeks to get the first shipment, but over a month to get the replacements. I still haven’t seen the refund – I was promised the refund today – that it will post to my credit card within 5 business days. They acknowledged the return September 1. That’s more than 2 months. I don’t think they would have ever refunded my money if I hadn’t called in today.


  82. So glad I got to this site. Before buying anything online I am looking for reviews before buying, sure saves alot of headaches and I am finding that most things advertised on tv are overpriced and not worth buying! I too was looking for a comfortable bra but thank goodness I didn’t buy these! I will look for a reputable store that specializes in intimate wear, and get sized and will just pay more for a good bra or stick with my Playtex bras, which are the most comfortable I’ve found. Again gals, thanks for the heads up! Love it that we can find reviews on just about everything thanks to the internet. I am learning to look for reviews before buying just about anything now!

  83. I saw an infomercial about the Genie bra. I could identify with all of the ladies, and I was so uncomfortable all the time, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and buy them. They took about 6 weeks to get here, but I have absolutely no complaints. They are all I was told to look for and more. Two weeks ago, I had a routine mammogram done and they found a lump I could not feel. The following week, I had a biopsy, that was more like a lumpectomy. I was told to wear a good bra, and should be fine. Well, I went home after surgery, put on my genie bra, and have had virtually no pain. When I went back to the Dr. a week later, he was amazed at the lack of bruising and swelling. When he left the room, and the nurse came back in, I had just put my bra on. She said that was why I didn’t bruise or swell. The bra held me in place comfortably and I even slept in it and it kept everything from shifting around. I LOVE YOU, Genie Bra! Thank you so much. I do have cancer, but we caught it fairly early. I am looking at more surgery, but with this bra, we can do it!

    • Congrats on finding and treating your cancer early!!! I am glad that the bra helped you with lessened bruising and more comfort.

  84. I ordered my bras through Amerimark. Three 2x bras in three colors (black, nude, white) were $27.97 total, including the shipping and an online discount code. Great price but a very long wait. It took three and a half months for the bras to get here. They kept saying that they were on back order. I finally got all three and they looked flimsy. I am a 44DD in 18 hour bras and before I put the bra on I wasn’t expecting much. I put it on and had to position the girls so they would fit. Let me be completely honest about this bra, it feels great. I have no back roll and I’m not being corseted to death. But with comfort comes…nothing even resembling lift or support. The girls are being lovingly cradled not lifted, shaped or separated. This is a short comfy tank top that gives me uniboob, nothing more.

    By short I mean short. There is just room for the girls, no bottom couple inches of fabric that the models in the pictures seem to have.

    The pads are sewn in and the front rouching stretches out.

    This is worth about $20.00 for the three. I will keep them because they are comfortable but even for a little less than $28.00 I will not buy more.

  85. After many weeks of seeing the ads for the genie bra, I was about to order; however I decided to google comments and must say that I was absolutely horrified (and thankful) for the negative reviews from a “statistically significant” number of women who purchased the bra! I will definitely not be purchasing!

  86. I am a 40 DDD I ordered at 3X which is larger than my shirt size. I would need a 6X for these to fit!!! Absolutely horrible. I ordered the 3 free ones in a M for my mother as a gift and she likes them OK but says they don’t give any support..but she says they are very comfortable. I returned mine but not hers and I’ll BET they don’t return my money. That’s fine I just don’t want them to charge me the next two payments of $32.98. Thanx to this site, I got Kelly’s email and sent her a note asking for those future charges to be taken off. I remain hopeful….

    • Thanks for your take on the Genie Bra. I, too, am a 3D sized woman and wondered about lift/uniboob/comfort/etc. As to future charges to your account, in similar circumstances I’ve contacted my bank/credit card company. They were able to tell me what to do to ensure no future charges were made to my account . . . I’d recommend a phone call to your card’s customer service.

    • Julie….contact your credit card company, they can help you get your money refunded. Call them now and ask for a “disputed claim form.”

  87. DO NOT PURCHASE – ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE BIG BUSTED! No support! Might be OK for A or B cup but still TOO EXPENSIVE. worth maybe 5 bucks ea. The BBB should be contacted – they are making a bundle charging people for multiple S&H charges.

    • I bought the bras a size larger and they fit me great. I think they’re better for the smaller busted Ladies. I did have to get an exchange but the girl I spoke with had an American accent. The return was there fault and I wasn’t charged a return. I don’t know maybe I got lucky because I really can’t complain about there Customer Service. Again I think they’re more suited to smaller busted Ladies.

  88. I bought 2 Geni Bras from Publishing Clearing House. I have had a rt mastectomy and have had to wear a prosthesisis. I put on the Geni Bra, and Wow! I did not need the prosthesis! I am amazed and very happy about it!

  89. I recently bought the full offer of 6 bras, they are great! Although if you want pads in your cup, you need to order them separately for $1.99/bra :'( I did not order the pads & my nipples constantly show. I am glad that I found a bra I can sleep in comfortably though!!! I love the genie bra!!!

  90. I am a size 12 in most things…14 would be the highest size I have ever had in tops and dresses. I ordered the L size which is supposed to be the 12-14 size. wow…it was so small…it squished my girls horribly. so I contacted genie bras and returned them at a cost of 8.50 and I asked for a replacement to the XL-1XL size. They sent them to me at a cost of $12.95. AND THEY DON’T FIT. so let’s see…so now i’m returning these ones…$82.39 was the original cost for 6 bras…including delivery. then the $8.50 to return them…and $12.95 for them to send me the next size…now I’m returning this batch at another charge of $8.50. for a total of $112.34. so I am out approximately $58.00 as they will not refund postage and handling…BUY THESE ONLY IF YOU GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO TRY THEM ON FIRST. DON’T BUY THEM FROM TV OR ONLINE.

    • Just buy them from Walgreens!!! I think they come in packages of two. You won’t pay shipping. I love them! I would NEVER order them online like all these people.

      • These bras are also available at Wal-Mart in packages of 2 (nude and black). You can try them on in the store before purchasing, and you can get a refund if you decide you don’t like them. Be sure to keep your receipt for easier return. Best wishes to all!

  91. The Genie Bra People have copied my concept of putting cups in a top ?? The BUSTFREE BRA is Australia invention, with no bad reviews, you get your order and it fits, I can not believe you are all sending money over seas when we have the best bra right hear in Australia, and healthy for your breast, will take you to our site, Our Company will be contacting the Genie Bra company and reminding them they can not sell my design of the cups as it is a registard product, Looking for comfort you need Bustfree Bra, we are no scam and look after our customers, Kelly Westall , located on the Gold Coast QLD.

  92. I am very glad that I too read this website. I have been looking at these infomercials for weeks now trying to decide whether or not I would like to purchase one because I hate ordering from some place where I cannot go in and deal with them personally. I will have to admit…your commercials are A one. They really having you feeling like there’s no other bra for you but when you look at how many dissatisfied customers it turns your stomach. No one has $70 or $100 to waste on some bras. Why can’t people just be honest about their product. People understand…you are watching TV…the same way they can make people and cars fly they can also make a product look like is surpasses the rest. Just read the reviews before purchasing any products online or from TV. These reviews have saved me potentially $100. Thank you

  93. I came online to order the genie bras and stumbled across this complaint site. After reading the MANY negative reviews, I will not be spending any money with this company. As I was reading these reviews about dealing with people that can’t speak English and “Kelly’s” (customer service) response, I was reminded of another commercial. TV spot shows a guy in some far away place answering phone – “Hi this is Peggy”.
    Thanks to the women who have posted comments and prevented others from making the same mistake!

  94. I have NOT tried the genie bra but know a great place to get properly fitted for a bra, My Intimacy stores. they have a website with store listings. Their bras are not cheap (as my Mom used to say, you get what you pay for), but if you are hard to fit, if your straps cut into your shoulders, or if your underwires are so uncomfortable, you will love the helpful staff, gorgeous bras and wonderful fit.

  95. I purchased the Genie Bra and was very angry. When I put the information into the system and hit review, it automatically charged my card without telling me the full cost of what was immediately being charged. When I called them, I was told it wasn’t in the system and to call the next morning and they could make sure the order wasn’t placed. When I got up the next morning and turned on my computer, the order had been placed and the bras had shipped. So, immediately it was $85.00 on my credit card.

    I have received them less than a week later. They appear to be nice bras. I am a 38 C/D and a size 14. I ordered large. They feel a little big with not enough support and my nipples do show. Not sure if I am going to like them or not. Just very angry with how the order was processed. I feel scammed and taken advantage of in the order process. None of the pictures show any problem with coverage. The band in front does ride up also.

    • Wow…when I read all these reviews, I am shocked and appalled. I have the bras, they give no support, It cost be $51.96 for shipping and handling. The package was small enough to fit into my mailbox. I could have purchased six Hanes bras for the price of shipping and received free shipping becase of the money I spent. I went round and round with the customer service people and they have a script. No information in the bags and had to go find my information on the computer. RIP OFF COMPANY!!!!! AND NOW I AM STUCK PAYING THE BALANCE FOR THE “DEAL” I RECEIVED, BECAUSE I AM NOT SPENDING MY MONEY TO SEND THEM BACK. MAYBE SENDING THEM BACK COD IS THE ANSWER!!! ORDER NO. 21546-2011-41421-153


  96. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! It is false advertising. The implication is that it is comfortable, fits beautifully and gives lift. NOT. It didn’t have any more support than the bra they give you in the hospital after you’ve had surgery. I was disgusted when I spent $60, waited three weeks, tried it on and my breasts hung as if I didn’t even have a bra on. Sure, you can return them but you pay for postage and handling so they made $20 on me!! Pretty good scam if you ask me. I’m hoping I can do more by contacting the Better Business Bureau.

  97. I watched you infomercial many times, I have been in search for a good comfortable bra for months now and can’t seem to find one, so I watched and watched finally I found one at BBB, it said to shop your shirt size pick the larger of the size you wear, so I choose medium I wear either a small or medium shirt depending on the style. I put it on and it rolled up, so I went on the Genie Bra web-site to ask why it was rolling up and they said it was to small, THAT WAS ALL I WANTED TO KNOW. So I went back to BBB and tried to exchange it and they were out of the size large so I returned it.

    I get home and my phone rang every hour from Tri Star Products trying to find out why I called them, when I told them, they said they are running a special buy 3 get 3 free for $65.97 includes shipping, they also said they are offering a KIYOSEKI PRO (SILVER) flatiron, I explained to them I have short very baby fine thin hair and I need a curling iron to get fullness in my hair, they told me it can be used as a curling iron and said I could receive it for $19.99 today originally $129.00 and told me many Stylists use them in their shop, I asked my Hairstylist and she said she has never heard of it. So I finally decided to order after about many calls day after day. (That should have told me right away not to order)

    It was after I got my confirmation per email that I decided to goggle search the KIYOSEKI PRO (SILVER) and the reviews were terrible. I received my 3 size large Genie Bras buy 3 get 3 free plus my KIYOSEKI PRO (SILVER) will not hold curl or give volume in my hair a big waste of money. Tried on the Bras and they rolled up, so I called Customer Service and told them they are still rolling up and they told me they run very small you need the next size up, so I agreed to exchange for the next size up which was XL/1 XL, I received the Bras and tried it on and it still rolled up, absolutely no support, no lift, so I called again and told them, this time I got some man I couldn’t understand from another country and he said try bigger size he talked me into a 3 XXL.

    I am 5’4″ weigh 125 pounds and wear a 36 C in a normal bra, I have never in my life wore anything in the XL size let alone a 3 XXL size. I received the 3 XXL last Friday and tried it on and it still rolls up very uncomfortable always adjusting and pulling it down, very hot this Bra doesn’t breathe. So I was charged – First Shipment –

    The following item(s) have been shipped to you:
    1 KIYOSEKI PRO (SILVER) $19.99
    1 SEAMLESS BRA L BUY 3 GET 3 FREE $39.99
    GROSS: $59.98
    TAX: $0.00
    P&H: $33.97
    TOTAL: $93.95

    My shipping wasn’t free they charged me $33.97.

    Now after reading all these reviews I am also afraid I have been taken for a ride the KIYOSEKI PRO (SILVER) doesn’t work for my hair it is sitting in my closet wasted my money there and have tried many Bras that all roll up not comfortable.

    I am still in my 60 day guarantee window, but after all this I feel my time and trouble and hassle from so many pressured phone calls from Tri Star Products I should receive a full refund of $93.95 and I shouldn’t have to pay for all the items to be returned, the company can’t deliver a good product they should have to pay not me…..

    Very disappointed, very deceiving from the infomercial. Need to return all items at their expense with a full refund in order to be satisfied with my experience and all the trouble I had to go through to try to get these to fit so I could wear them.

    I will send another update IF I hear anything from this Company.

    • Thank you all for your reviews…I am a single mom and currently unemployed but was going to order my teenage daughter the Genie Bras. After the horror stories..I will not be ordering. Thank you so much for your reviews!

      • I was considering ordering these bras but after reading the angry feedback from dissatisfied customers all I can say is thank you for saving me money. I won’t order anything from them!!!

    • at 5’4″ you should have ordered M size – I have ordered the genie bra for me and my girls – M size – we are 5′ and from 100 to 135 lbs and the genie bra with the pads are the best thing I have EVER worn and am about to order 12 more! I do not recommend the ones without pads – customer service was great and sent me free of charge the ones with pads – yes, the sales tax is ridiculous, but in the end worth the product!

  98. Thank you all Ladies, for your horror reports. I,too, am full figured & could not wait to order my genie bras, but thanks to your honest reporting (I stumbled on this website) I will be making NO purchases to genie bras!!

    I am with those of you who do not to send your money out of the U.S. and deal with (foreign) customer service that can not even speak English.
    Buy local! It’s great for our economy!!!

  99. Hi everyone, my name is Kelly and I am a Genie Bra representative. If anyone has any issues with the product, please email me at I am certain that I can answer all questions and resolve nearly every complaint. Also, please feel free to make any suggestions.

  100. I usually wear size S tops and 34A bra and I just bought 2 genie bras size M because I don’t like clothing to be too tight. The S would have been way too tight and the inserts were a little bit too big and I trimmed them at the bottom, 5/16 of an inch and they now fit perfectly. My ribcage just below my bust-line measures 30 inches. I’m guessing that even a L might be more comfortable.

    Unless you like clothing to be snug, definitely buy a size larger than the sizing instructions suggest.

  101. My “as seen on TV” Genie bras arrived on Friday. I was so excited.

    Now I’m starting the return process. Why? They didn’t fit at all. I used the size chart and ordered carefully. While the bra “fits” (meaning I can get it over my arms and chest), my breast are much bigger than the “cup” area, so they spill over, there is no definition between my breasts, ridiculous spill-over, and no support period, none, zero.

    Then I read reviews and looked at my own receipt and see I’ve spent 26 dollars on a very lightweight package which 4 weeks to arrive.

    Disappointed and disgusted.

    • Ditto to Cynthia> As Cynthia says…Exactly. They shouldn’t even offer this quality bra in the full busted sizes. I have worn “minimizer” bras in a 40 DD for years, and they are much more satisfactory. I thought this would work as a leisure bra, but it provided no lift, provided no separation and was too suffocating to be comfortable. To add to that the band rolled up immediately.

      In requesting my refund. I TOO WAS TOLD OUT OF MY $85.97 …only $59.00 would be refunded! So I’m charges $26.00 to try the product.

      I’M NOW WAITING FOR A “SUPERVISOR to discuss the amount of the refund. This was a very lightweight package. NO WAY was the UPS charge $26.00!

    • Oh dear, I really wish I’d had the sense to look at reviews of this product BEFORE I ordered it. I specified L size and quite frankly, although this IS my correct size, I doubt that putting two bras together would really cover the girls !! I also question whether “Kelly” is a real person (in which case she must be working 24/7 and have no other life) or is “Kelly” a cover name for any employee who is tasked with replying to irate customers?

      I must say that when I called the 1300 number to ask about sizing issues the young gentleman (!!) who answered was very pleasant … unable to help but pleasant. However, what I want is a product that fits properly, as promised in all those television advertisements. Thanks to all who have taken time to comment on this product.

    • Oh great I wish I saw all of these first, I thought that $26.99 for shipping was High . I guess I am the next victim to be out money.

      And I still have not received them yet!

  102. Oh, I’m so glad I Googled to find reviews of this product before plunking down my hard-earned money. The infomercial is so well done and I was so excited about this bra… but now, there’s no way I would take a chance on it. Not only am I not interested in dealing with the hassles of trying to return something that doesn’t fit, but on principle I won’t deal with companies who outsource their customer service departments to India or anywhere outside the US if I know about it beforehand. Two strikes and you’re out, Genie Bra.

    • Hi Gina, I am sorry to hear that you have been discouraged from ordering the Genie Bra. There are plenty of happy customers who are extremely satisfied with the product, maybe not so much on this site. If you would like, please email me at and I can give you more information about the Genie Bra. Also, I have some suggestions on how you can still the try the bras.

    • Gina, just so you know if a company outsources their CS dept overseas they must have one in the US as well. ALL you have to do is ask if you are speaking to an agent in the US, if they say no, tell that that you want a US agent and they have to either transfer you to a US agent or arrange for a US agent to call you. I have done this for several products that I purchase online, including my Norton Anti-Virus Software, plus it put the jobs back were they belong, in the good old USA.

  103. My Genie Bra has squished my spine. I couldn’t figure out why my back is killing me…it’s my Genie Bra. I loved it at first, but a month later, I can’t wear it.

  104. I ordered the genie bra from QVC…followed the ordering instructions. When they came they were way too small and not at all like I expected. I am so disappointed.

    • Hi Coleen, I’m sorry to hear that your original order did not fit you. I would suggest calling QVC to see if they can have the correct size sent out to you immediately.

  105. I first ordered a 2X but it did not fit.I called to return and was told they told me the wrong size and would send a 3X. I received them and they fit but my breasts were drooped…NO SUPPORT.I called customer service and was told that I should get the ones with the padding.I stated I didn’t need padding but was assured these would give me support. I just tried one on today and what a joke! The padding was so small that my breasts runneth over! They fit horribly!!! I called customer service and the women didn’t speak English well enough to understand. But I did understand that I had to pay the return shipping!!!!! So now I am not only out the original $25 shipping but now have to pay to return. This is a ripoff! They screw you w/the shipping. DO NOT BUY THESE BRAS!!!

  106. When is genie bra to be sold at walmart?

    Do you take out the liner when you wash the genie bra?

    The pads that come in the genie bra do you leave them in or take them out when you wash the bra?

    Does the ahh bra and genie bra show your nipples when it is cold

    • Retailers dictate what products they offer. We are expecting Wal-Mart to carry our products soon, but I cannot provide you with an exact date. In regards to the liner pads, yes you need to remove them before you wash the bras. As for your final question, we offer the pads to provide additional coverage. However, everyone’s body is different and this may or may not occur depending on a variety of outside influences and how a certain person’s body reacts to that. Again, I would like to clarify; I am with Genie Bra customer service and I cannot answer any questions regarding another company’s product because I am not familiar with their policies and product.

  107. Well, my genie bras finally arrived and I would have to say that I like them very much. I am fairly flat chested and find that normal bra straps always slip off and the bras don’t do much for me. I ride horses and find the bra gives my little boobs good support and the pads do at least give me some shape. The bras are quite ugly though so if you’re out on the town looking to pick up you’d better wear something else as any bloke would run a mile if he saw you in the genie bra.

    I spoke to their customer service reps about delivery a while ago and they are terrible and rude and can’t speak proper English. They obviously use a script and if you ask any questions that are not on their script they just repeat the same thing even though it is completely irrelevant and random. Don’t bother trying to call customer service they are useless but the bras are not bad.

    • I appreciate your kind words and I apologize for any difficulties you have had with us. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and are constantly seeking to improve in all areas. Please email me at I would like to ask you some questions in regards to our services. I understand that you must be busy, but if you could take the time I would appreciate it.

  108. I am getting to be a really frustrated customer as well. It is advertised to order your shirt size and this certainly is not the case. I tried the next size up and still have to re-order another size. I wish I would have read these reviews before I got tangled up with this company. I like the way the bra’s fit for the most part except for the pads. I think they could be bigger so they fit better in the bra because they do tend to move around a bit which makes me a little self conscious.

    My credit card has been charged for my full order as well and with that order I had ordered the lace trimmed bra’s in one size but then realized that I also needed the larger size in these as well with pads. They did fit a little better than the regular style with pads. My point is, though, that I have been waiting since July 25, 2011 for this exchange for the Lace Trimmed Bra’s with Pads and still have not received them. I was told that they had an overwhelming response to the lace trimmed bra’s. I can definitely see why women would rather have the lace trimmed vs the regular style but can’t figure out what they were thinking when these lace ones are only offered once you order the regular style !!!

    I am still dealing with exchanging bras, rude and hard to understand sales persons when needing to exchange, deal with backorders and even talking to a Supervisor who treated me the same way as the sales people. I thought we were the customers which need to be handled much better than we are it sounds like. Is this because they are getting so many complaints and then they won’t work with a person on returning the shipping and processing charges when things have gone on so long, waiting for backorders and such.

    I even saw these same bra’s for sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond and you don’t have to pay for the shipping and then deal with rude sales people.

    In ordering the exchange sizes once again, I am being told that these are on backorder but will be shipped out soon. This is what I was told with these lace bra’s back in July. How long do I have to wait for these? I asked this question to the sales person and he said it should be in a couple weeks and if not then maybe another couple of weeks !!! I asked the question about refunding my entire order $$ plus processing and handling since I have been dealing with these bra’s for so long and he adamantly said that the processing and handling charges wouldn’t be returned. This is total bologna. I wonder if they understand when they won’t work with customers, that their product certainly doesn’t get recommended but instead is talked about how hard this company is to work with. I wonder if the gal who made and patented these bra’s knows what is actually going on and if so, would be concerned about how her customers are being treated. Word gets around enough, they will be losing customers vs being willing to work with us, they would probably gain customers based on the experience.

    I would love to be contacted by someone who has some authority in that company so I could work with this person and get satisfied. Right now, I am not at all. Even when calling to inquire about the backorder status (especially on a product that I have already paid for), I was treated like the person didn’t want to be bothered with any of this. Isn’t this what customer service is suppose to be about.

    • I apologize for any frustration this has caused you Kathy. My name is Kelly and I am sure that I can help answer your questions and solve the problems you are having. Please email me directly at with your order information so that I may look up your account and assist you.

    • I am in the same place you are I bought the bra in the shirt size its not even close to the size I need and now the “as seen on tv” store wont give my money back and now I am trying to get through to customer service of Genie Bra and have had to deal with a lot of frustration and BS. So I definitely understand how your feeling and thought customer service came first but apparently not.

  109. This is a copy of the letter I just emailed to Genie Bras:

    I ordered my bras (6 of them) in July. They JUST (October 14) arrived. I received multiple emails about receiving, sending etc…dates included…all erroneous and misleading. After the length of time it took to get them, returning them is an enormous hassle and after reading these reviews, getting a timely refund is unlikely. I am ready to write this off as a huge loss (I make $900 a month on Social Security so $85 is a lot of money for me to lose). If I have to take a loss of this, I will be sure to spread the word to other unsuspecting victims of your less than truthful advertising. And terrible Customer Service.

    The sizing is a joke. I wear 3X and am a B cup. O ordered, per your advice, a 3X. I am spilling out the top and there is no dividing of individual breasts…they are squished in there like a heavy duty sports bra. I look like I have one boob that goes from one armpit to the other. Real attractive. I might as well wrap an Ace bandage around my chest. I look flat with cleavage. I am so disappointed. I had told several friends that I was waiting for them and was excited to report how wonderful they are. Instead I am telling my friends to save their money. Most of the ‘fit’ reviews were told they ordered the wrong size. We ordered the size you told us to order…the same size as our tops. Again, I would love to return them and get a full refund but I am doubting that is worth the inconvenience and the amount of work it will take to follow up multiple times, as was necessary for receiving them. And is returning them on MY dime? What a scam.

    I am anxious to hear what you are prepared to do to make this right for me. I have tried two of the 6 bras thinking maybe the first one I tried on was the wrong size. They are unfortunately all the same size, the size you told me to order. I am only a B cup and there is no lift, there is no separate…just smash.
    My email is ….
    My mailing address is …
    My order number was 01982215466230443832

    I do not want to talk to anyone on the phone. I require someone who speaks English well enough to be understood. I no longer have any faith that you will make this right. I do not have the original packing slip…the package was torn when it arrived and the packing slip was in pieces. How do you suggest I return them? And by the way, I’d like YOU to pay for it, it’s your product, your faulty sizing, your erroneous claims regarding delivery. I would like my credit card to be reimbursed in a timely manner without my needing to make multiple calls or wait 4 months as I did for the bras that take “4-6 weeks for delivery”.

    I await communication from you. Shame on you.

    Diane Tiehen

    I’ll write a review when I hear from them and again when I receive the refund. Today’s date is October 19, 2011.


    • I do apologize for any inconvenience the backorder may have caused you Diane. Certain sizes are in high demand and we are trying to have every order shipped immediately. The bras should make you feel constrained. The issues you have presented seem to be a sizing problem. Many of the issues that arise with the bras are due to incorrect sizing. I understand that you used our sizing chart to determine the bra size you were going to order but, I would like to make it clear that if you are between two sizes you should order the larger size. I do understand that our customers either order the incorrect size or receive a size that does not work for them. Therefore, we offer an exchange program for customers who order directly from us. Please email me at and I can give you more information. Also, the order number you provided is incorrect. We do not have your order number in our systems. However, I am sure that I can help you. Please email me as soon as possible so that we may resolve this matter.

  110. When I went to place my order online it went through as processed BEFORE I saw the 25 dollar postage charge. I would never have ordered this and then immediately I called and they would not cancel my order. They did finally agree to a rebate of $12.99 but I am going to check to make sure I get this.

    I have no major complaint with the bra but I feel that the purchase process is very deceptive. BUYER BEWARE. I will not recommend.

  111. Ordered 3 bras months ago size 16/18 waited 5/6 weeks they arrived size 12/14 GREAT! got in touch with them (THIS WAS THROUGH HIGH STREET SHOPPING WEB SITE).

    THEY SAID MUST BE PROB AT WEAR HOUSE so would send me the right size, I told them not to bother as it would all take too long.

    I asked them to send me a pre paid envelope as they wouldn’t give me the postage and packing money back, so after waiting weeks and weeks and phone call after phone call to say still not received A pre paid envelope they said they have posted them out. strange that! as they can send your order out but cant get a label to you.
    after asking for someone at head office (something which they don’t have) I spoke to a manager who said he would send a van to pick the bras up the next day.

    After a couple of weeks I rang to see if they had put my money back on my card, you guessed it they hadn’t but said they would, a few more weeks went by and its supposed to have been put back on my card including the p&p I had paid to get them. they said I only get the bra money back but I insisted they give me a full refund as they sent the wrong size. apparently it cost them £25 to send a curious to pick them up.

    The sizes are small so if you buy one I would go for the bigger size but please DON’T order from HIGH STREET TV, IVE NEVER HAD SUCH BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE LIKE THIS. I told the manager that but he didn’t seem all that bothered but he did get my money back, thanks for listening ;(VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER)

  112. I just received my Genie Bras I ordered 6 and was so excited that they had arrived as my wires had popped out of my last bra But my genie bras don’t fit , my shirt size is XL I ordered XL and no way are they Australian sizes so now I’m selling all six bras so I can re-order I’m thinking about ordering the 3xL, Question what is the difference in cup size for 2 XL and 3 XL.

  113. I have ordered a Genie Bra over 2 month ago , the money has been taken out of my visa acc. 2 month ago and I have not heard from them at all.

  114. I like the comfort of the bra, but the pad is too small for my cup size. They would be good for a B cup but I am a D cup and they do not cover but a small portion. When I try to arrange them to the shape of my bust, they end up way too high. If I lower them to fit the bottom comfortably then the point on the pad is about 3 inches too low and make me look saggy. You need to make larger pads for the larger busted women.

    • I agree that these bras aren’t meant to be for large busted women. I wear a 2x in tops and ordered a 3x in Genie bra. The pads are way too small and make me squish out the top. There needs to be more material to cover. I am having knee surgery and ordered these to wear in the hospital while recovering. Will never wear as a normal bra.

  115. Was so excited to come and order! Commercial made it seem like the perfect bra. Glad I stumbled upon this page first. Saved me frustration and $$.

    • Yeah I am with you there. I see the commercials and tonight my husband mentioned it. I am 50 and so far lost 60 pounds. Wanting to get a bra to handle the saggy issues and I am also large chested. Definitely glad I didn’t order online. I May still go to BBB tomorrow and check out the bra, once, but still undecided. I am more annoyed with Kelly who thinks every thing is a size issue…whatever! I search everything before I buy it so Kelly go away and let people comment and vent. I search for a week before I decided on a cell phone.

      I don’t care the cost of the bra I am looking for something that works! I think if I ordered online and saw the shipping cost I never would have ordered. I ship a lot of things and order online all of the time and that sound outrageous! Will post again if I buy one at the store tomorrow.

      • Well went and got them. got the 2X cause that is a little larger than my shirt size and that doesn’t fit, pushed the “girls” right out the top. the good thing is I got it at BBB so I can return it with out hassle, they don’t have any other sizes. I will try to find a good quality underwire bra now 🙁

  116. Okay, so I did not order the bras directly from the tv ad but through Dr. Leonards catalog. I did get them and I am pretty happy with them so far. I normally wear a underwire bra and have tried bras without them before and hate them. This one actually feels pretty good. My only complaint is that it does not breath well. I live in Texas and it is HOT!!! So to have a bra that just makes you hotter is not COOL! lol Great comfort and overall pretty pleased with my purchase!

  117. Well to start I also purchased the 6 for a ridiculous price of $85.00 , but of course us women are looking for comfort and great look. I received my shipment and was totally disappointed, and I could swear they didn’t look like the TV commercial, I called and told them if they were sure they had sent the correct bras. They said they would send me smaller size. Just so happened I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, I opened the package to check it out and it was totally different to what they had sent me. To top it off I just received the smaller size bras, and they’re exactly like the ones at BBB. Why didn’t they send me the correct ones in the first place. I mean, what was the purpose of sending me the cheesy ones. Wow they think they can con us with there cheap product, watch out ladies do your homework.

  118. I purchased the Genie Bra and was terribly disappointed from the purchase to the refund!

    I was excited that [hopefully] I had finally found a bra that would fit my [very] full figure. I hit the website to be happily presented that my size [4x] was actually there.

    4 weeks later I had not received my order. I received just 1 email that the order was received. Tracking the order from the Genie Bra site was not an easy process, but once I figured it out I was able to assess that “the order had been received”; and that was all I could assess.

    So I called.

    A young man apologized and told me that the 3 and 4 X sizes were their most in demand sizes and they had been back ordered. I explained that I had received no contact about the back order. Again, he politely apologized and refunded me the shipping and handling for my wait.

    I thought this was a great thing – I would find I was wrong.

    Three days later I finally received an email that the order had been shipped, and the electronic payment of $59.99 was taken from my card. I began to excitedly await my purchase, which took about another week to arrive.

    Finally it came, about 8 weeks after my original order. I happily opened my package to disappointment!

    There they were, my TINY Genie Bras! They were very small, at first appearance to be the size of a typical B… maybe a C cup bra. Yet the packaging was clearly marked 4x as was each tiny, cute bra.

    So, hoping against all hope, that they really were made of miracle material and strength, I attempted to try on my bra as directed by the infomercial. Embarrassingly, my eyes were more than correct!

    These 4x, full figure friendly bras would not have fit a woman of any size higher than SMALL! There was no Genie in these bras!

    I checked the website and there it was a 60 day return policy. So I, the same day I received the product, packed it back up to ship back the next day.

    About a week later I received an email that the return had been received, and I began to await my refund. Which did not come and neither did any communication as to when I would receive my refund. So, again, I called.

    Well! The representative told me that the original 12.99 refund (remember the refund extended for my inconvenience) was a “FINAL” sale; on top of that the rep was incredibly rude!

    I was firm and told her that she was not understanding me and if she could not process my purchase refund then she needed to connect me with a supervisor. Several minutes later she came back on the line and informed me that her supervisor had approved my refund and apologized that the original rep [who refunded the 12.99 s&h] was mistaken in his information. I explained that the original “refund” had nothing to do with the return and she, again was rude.

    I picked my battle, thanked her for her time, clarified that I would be receiving the entire $59.99; which she affirmed.

    It only took two days for the refund to appear in my account, however, it was short the $12.99, which was never even taken from my account in the first place, because the courtesy was extended before the company processed my purchase.

    So this morning I will take the time to contact them one last time to secure my entire refund.

    I will never do business with Genie Bra again. Even if they do resize to “REAL” women’s sizes.
    From start to this step, right before, finish this was a disappointing experience.

    Customer Beware: If the product appears to be too good to be true … It’s usually a lie.

    There is NO Genie … NO Magic … NO Miracle in this product. Genie Bra is a lie and a disappointment.

    • I am so grateful to you for writing in. I too am a 4x and was going to order them until now. I had the same thoughts as you, finally something in my size. How wrong would I have been? I am a single parent on a fixed (very fixed) budget and was trying to find the money, relieved that I don’t need to find it now and that I didn’t find it. I cannot afford to waste that kind of money. Thank you again, Andrea and I wish you good luck in getting your money back.

    • these are not for full size women. Anything made in China runs really small. I am a size 16 on the top and wear a 1 X in most stuff from China. To get a Genie Bra I had to go to 3 X and I love them. The 2 X rolled which meant it was too small.

  119. I talked my mother into buying this bra as she has difficulty putting on her bra because of physical limitations. I will also tell you that she is well endowed. After she tried the bra, she sent it to me to try…I also am well endowed.

    We both came to the same conclusion, you would need to wear 30 of these bras at one time to have the same support as an under wire bra. If you want a leisure bra, buy this. If you want a bra that will support you…don’t buy this bra.

  120. I just purchased this tonight at Bed, Bath, Beyond. I read that most of the comments concern shipping and lack of product. I walked into BBB and they had a wall full of these. I also only paid $20 for 2 bras.

    Ok that said: I will not run a marathon or exercise in them. There is support for my giant ta’s. I wear a 42dd. My husband even notices a difference. My personal opinion, about these comments that people post, is that they are not getting the correct size. I was able to take one of the bras into the bathroom at the store and tried it on. I was pleasantly surprised.

    For someone who hates wearing bras and takes it off as soon as I am able, I can sleep in this,

    I will definitely suggest this to others and purchase more.

      • I also returned the 2X and opted for the 4X because I am a 42 DD. Just got my 4X after waiting for 4 months, and finally accepted the 4X in black. Well guess what, I do feel the 4X is any larger than the 2X. The cup size is what I need. I also look squeezed into this and my breasts are mashed. Any answers. Why cannot you order by breasts size?

  121. Thanks to all, who took the time to write their personal story about Genie Bra. I was about to do an on-line purchase but quickly did a google search which landed here.

    As 99.9% of comments are disappointed with the Genie Bra item and postage, I’ve now decided not to purchase and will advise all my friends to leave them alone.

    Thank you for saving me money and stress due to a poor quality of product and extreme postage costs.

    • Smart move, Wendy. I’m in the process of mailing mine back now. Talk about being ripped off!!!! I would advise ANYONE that is contemplating buying these pieces of JUNK not to waste your money. Playtex has an all cotton underwire that’s pretty comfortable for about $15…..well worth it compared to these!!!

    • This email address failed!

      The stupid site where you order would not work right for me, so I gave up, BUT you deducted 59.97 from my debit card FIVE times! I do not want 30 bras. I want my money back! Since I gave up, I do not have an order number nor did I receive a confirmation email, only the money deducted!
      My name is:
      Nancy E. Kidd
      2819 E Dublin Granville rd.#106
      Columbus, Ohio 43231
      (614)895 0025

      • I assure you that this is a valid email address. Please retype the email address and try again in order for me to help you.

        • I was just about to order this bra cause I loved the commercial and I have a hard time finding good bras, but thank god I read this first never mind, I will not get these sounds like a bad experience and this Kelly lady says the same thing over and over, probably automated service not a person. Thanks ladies for being helpful.

  122. I have side spillage from my bra why?

    I am a slim person, but I am big busted. I wear the right size bra, so why do I have back fat peeking through my shirt?

      • How about a little truth in advertising “kelly” your product is j-u-n-k…are you the “steve” that I orginally spoke to in India?? How you can work for such a sleazy company is beyond me….what a scam!!! How this company can blatantly rip people off, especially in this economy is simply unconscionable!!!

        I’m contemplating, only after reading all the negative remarks, of bringing my complaint to the attorney generals’ office for false advertising.

    • The Australian market determines the value of the product in that region of the world. Additional charges may be due to customs fees, shipping charges, or other expenses in order to provide the product in that geographical area.

    • The original product is not padded. We offer our customers the option of upgrading to the padded bras. The padding is removable.

    • We do provide invoices to our customers. They are located on the outside of the packages in a plastic sleeve near the shipping label. We also email all the information to our customers if they provide an email address.

    • All of our size charts are used to maximize the information provided to our customers in order for them to make an accurate purchase. We inform all of our customers to use their numbered shirt sizes in order to determine their size in the Genie Bra. If you or anyone else would like help in determining their size, I am always available by email at

    • They could just be out of stock of that size in that particular location. I would suggest trying another location or ordering directly from us.

  123. Wow!!!! It’s a shame that this company has bad business ethics! Someone needs to do something about the amount of customers that have been taken advantage of! False advertising is illegal and must be stopped! I am so appreciative to those of you that told your story about the scam Genie Bra has put out there and continues to do so! I will never buy this product and will discourage others from future purchases!!!

      • This bra is not for top heavy women. I had spillage on sides and top. The person taking the order insisted I was a small/x small. Waste of money. Pain in the ass having to take the pads out.

  124. I ordered 9 bras back on July 13th. As of today’s date (October 8) I have received a big fat nothing. I can’t speak as to the quality of the bra it’s self, but the quality of the customer service and manufacturing is abysmal. My order status is noted as “in progress” where it’s been since Genie Bra billed me and promised these bras would ship in 4-6 weeks.

    I really wanted these bras and really believed they would work. I am really disappointment. Order at your own risk. My experience has not been positive.


    • Please be aware that they must ship within 2 weeks of charging your account or this is fraud and theft. Report them to the Better Business Bureau and send a email to Kelly at customer as she has several comment posted above

  125. Well this was the biggest waste of money ever. I figured out this scam but way to late. They don’t care that if you return the items, they make their money on the shipping and processing. The bras can’t weigh more than a few ounces so the postage has to cost them near to nothing. After waiting almost 4 months you get these flimsy bras that surely cannot hold up anyone’s breasts. They are 96% nylon and 4% spandex. I bet to make these cost this company a dollar for 6 bras if that. I am sure they were made in a 3rd world country where they exploit the people with meager wages. DO NOT BUY THESE BRAS!

  126. I am so mad. I paid $$$ for shipping and handling and they do not use a reputable shipper. Some company called Streamlite with no contact numbers just a web form. This no name company drops it off at the USPS and they don’t put a delivery confirmation on it. (For $25 bucks in shipping, they can afford a $1 confirmation tag.)

    I ordered my items on August 9th. I received notice they shipped on September 21st, but Streamlite (that no name shipper) says it was picked up on September 26th and that they dropped it off at the USPS on October 3rd. Its now October 7th and still no bras.

    I just got off the phone with “Brian” who had a heavy Indian accent and said they would file a claim with the USPS and then reship the items. But, how long do I have to wait and will they arrive? That remains to be seen.

    My advice, save your money and your sanity and go to Lane Bryant and buy Cacique bras. I will not be making this mistake again.

  127. This is actually my second order from Genie Bra. I really liked the first set as I am quite large & they were much more comfortable than most my other bra’s. HOWEVER… biggest complaint is the amount of time it takes to receive the order. First order took about 12 weeks. This time it has been 124 days & I only just now found out the shipper actually has the order to deliver. The DELIVERY & HANDLING COSTS, are outrageous! I purchased the Ah Bra at the same time that I ordered Genie Bra’s. Delivered 3 weeks later with shipping costs of $8.54. The shipping & handling for the Genie bra’s $25.98. This is ridiculous. Then I find out they will be delivered with my regular mail by the mail man (this is after they were shipped by common carrier for 10 days). The handlers must have to wear diamond encrusted gloves for it to cost this much. The post office only charges about $8.50 for Priority mail. LAST TIME I WILL EVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AND I RECOMMEND YOU DON’T ORDER AT ALL! Thank for letting me vent.

  128. Genie Bra is a JOKE…My mother ordered these items before summer even began. A week after she had cancelled the order the bras arrived. I have been going around and around with this company including within the past 1/2 hour (oh, thank you for your comments here, because prior to this sight I was connected to INDIA) to get call tags or postage paid tags for these things to be returned. I was told withing this past 1/2 hour that I was e-mailed proper tags to return these items. Haven’t seen them yet, but I did get the usual address label that I am expected to pay the shipping. What is the law, if you are sent something you did not order it is a GIFT.. This company is HORRIBLE and their tactics are a definite SCAM from where I have been sitting. I have read on here that they are supposed to be presented on QVC. Well, I wonder where my next letter will be going, and I suggest that anyone who has had the same horrible experiences caLL QVC as well. I am sure they would be interested in your feedback.

  129. Hello again, this is Kelly from Genie Bra. I am pleased to say that I have received various emails from Genie Bra customers and I have been able to assist most of those who contacted me. If anyone has any questions or comments, please email me at I will do my best to help everyone.

  130. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME… order on 7/8/11… Order shipped 9/27/11 (about 10 weeks)…..order returned 10/5/11. There is NO support! I was skeptical from the beginning, what offended me most was when I called to obtain the required ‘return authorization number’ they first tried to sell me a more supportive bra…one with support cups…what the heck! I’ve already waited 10 weeks, spent an outrageous $25.98 in handling and processing for a sub par, thin, elastic training bra !! They did not have a toll free number (1-973-287-5154) and their customer service is out-sourced to a non-English speaking county. The customer service rep. was very hard to understand. Getting these suckers back in the mail today…..wonder how long it will take to get my c/c credited???

    • Betsy … you may not get your credit without further phone calls! When I called to inquire to the refund time period I was told it was a “final sale” … well a supervisor and a rude rep later they were refunding my entire $59.99 which this morning showed up as $47.00 …

      Good Luck.

  131. Finally after a long wait,my bras came. While they are fairly comfortable, they offer absolutely no support what so ever! I am not sure if I am sending them back or not – sounds like that is almost as long a process to do as it took to get them (almost 10 weeks)

    • You should send them back… I am… it took me 3 months to receive mine, and they are CRAP!! No support at all. I don’t know what the “models” in the commercial were wearing, but it was not this Genie Bra!!

      • Took forever to receive the bras. Now that I have them, the quality if very poor. There is no support but if you have read other reviews, I’m not saying anything different. I’m shipping the bras back at my own expensive after paying $25 to get them shipped to me in the first place. Oh yeah, and upon receiving the order back from me, there is a fee involved that will reduce my refund by another $25. This is definitely a scam people. Don’t buy this product!

        And, lastly, the return address they I was given does not exist! I’m very angry that I’ve been ripped off!

  132. All of the comments above are correct, in my estimation. They do not support – they squash! They dig into your shoulders! They roll up under the breasts! They do NOT SUPPORT! I returned mine for a refund, seems like over 3 weeks ago and received half of what I paid for them. I was charged $105. (including $25.00 shipping) and received $77.00. I totally agree – this company is a SCAM! Like most greed running rampant throughout our country, they WANT the money, but do NOT want to give it back when it’s due! Stay away from this company and the Genie Bra!

  133. Purchased the genie bra from their very convincing infomercial first time they sent me the wrong size took forever to get them on the phone to return for the right size, finally after about 2 months I received them. What a rip off their shipping and handling charge was outrageous !!!! not to mention the false advertisement about life and support, these bras have no lift or support, you might as well wear no bra at all, they are good for sleeping and hanging out in your house that’s it!!! they are garbage, and it makes me so mad that people get away with ripping people off with this bull! and they are not cheap, but you can probably get the same bra at your local .99 cents store, don’t waste your money.

  134. Well I have read the reviews and am VERY disappointed in what I have read. I was looking so forward to trying this product because I have such a hard time finding a bra that doesn’t hurt. I’m about a 44D and apparently if you are a large woman this product REALLY doesn’t work. I’m thankful that I didn’t get ripped off like alot of these poor ladies on here.

    • After reading these comments, I think the consistent deception, the loaded processing charges, and the hoops required to even try to get a partial refund, lead me to believe a class action suit can’t be too far in the future. My wife got hers today, after 2 months, and we were absolutely disappointed. There was no documentation in the package and I don’t even know what the pads are. Don’t get suckered.

    • Hi Michelle, I rec. mine in the mail after one week of ordering and I must say I love them..I’m a very saggy C cup thanks to my kids and I have enough support. I did have the cups added to mine and I’m not sure if this makes the difference in them or not..They are like the pads bathing suits would have in their tops…It seems everyone is unhappy but I am not..I actually want to order more in other styles whenever they become available..I like the lace and leopard but I saw they are out of stock…That’s my only complaint..I’m young (32) and would love to have something a lil prettier!!! I will my band on mine does roll up, but I’m pretty sure it’s b/c I don’t have a flat belly!!! I’ must say if I did I think the band would stay flat..But it’s not bothersome when it rolls up, in fact I can’t feel it at all…It’s so comfortable…Had to give this bra some props since it seems everyone is bashing it…SO if you order be sure to get the pads or cups whatever they are called added it’s worth the extra $2 and I think you’d be happy!

  135. Walgreens ad today showed the bra on sale so I gave it a try. I got one size smaller and it held better. I imagine the recommended size would give me more freedom than I usually get.

  136. hey!!

    I bought my bra at Bed Bath & Beyond and saved a a lot of stress. I bought it with a coupon and I saved money and stress, then when I discovered that the bra didn’t work!! I returned to the store in a very easy way!! Cash on your hand again!!

    I went to Soma store an I bought an excellent bra that smooth you back and have good support, the price is around $50.00 but is worth it. The back is wider so doesn’t show any back fat if that is your problem.

  137. I was just getting ready to make a HUGE mistake! I saw the infomercial from Genie Bra and was ready to purchase the whole shebang for myself, my mom, and my 4 daughters..and my new daughter in law…. at $85.00 each (including S&H) it seemed like an OK venture – 6 bras – roughly $15 bucks each… OK. fine – I’m poorer than a church mouse, BUT…. for the new “miracle bra?!” I was willing to make the sacrifice to bring comfort to the loved ones in my life.

    NOW – after reading just some of the HUNDREDS of negative reviews…. my jaw is just swinging, here! UNBELIEVABLE! Occasionally, you read about the unsatisfied customer – that happens – sometimes, no matter what a company does to make good, there are always the ONE or TWO who can’t be satisfied. But THIS!!! WOW! Tons of passionate responses from so many with the SAME story…WOW!

    Now, I’m not the kind of person who must learn from the school of hard knocks. I can absolutely learn from others people’s experiences. So, what’s the point? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – for all of you who took the time to send out the warning!!! I’m so sorry that you had a bad experience – (I know it happens now and then, but I hate that it does). Thank you all, for sharing and saving me from what appears to be a HUGE headache and a HORRIBLE product. Good luck in your attempts to deal with the “monsters!”

    As for Genie Bra: All I can say to them is, “SHAME ON YOU! Don’t you people know that your FIRST priority is supposed to be your customer!??? – You remember….. the people who PAY YOUR BILLS?! If you make your consumer your priority, they will be happy, you will be happy and whatever issues you have with your products should be workable!” Think about it.

  138. I ordered the Genie Bras thinking I’d finally found something great. I waited over 2 months before they got here. They are awful. I ordered a 2X because that was the size t-shirt I wore. I usually wear a 44D. I don’t know who they used for models, but they weren’t D cups! The first thing it did when I pulled it up was roll at the bottom, which they said it wouldn’t do. There was “spillage” everywhere AND back fat. When I called to get the RA # to return them, the person I spoke to was rude and would not connect me with a supervisor or give me a supervisor’s name. I will never order anything like this off TV again. Even though I watched the advertisement numerous times. I won’t be fooled again.

  139. Hello everyone. I am a customer service representative with the Genie Bra. I have been reading reviews online and have been disappointed to hear that some of you are having problems with the product. On the other hand, I am pleased to see that satisfied consumers are leaving comments. I want everyone to know that many of the problems that I have read can be rectified. Please email me at I am here to help.

    • I just got 2 of these this past weekend, very happy with them. Kind of surprised at all the poor reviews. The bottom band does roll up, but that’s the only issue I have with them.

  140. I ordered my Genie bras on August 10 and was told it would be 3-4 weeks before delivered. After more than the 4 weeks, I checked my order status online and it indicated that the order was “in process” and would take 4-6 weeks for delivery. It is now 7 weeks and I still have not received them; and, on top of that, the order status is STILL “in process.” Where are they? For over $30 in shipping fees I should think that the order was at least processed or a notation made that it was backordered, or SOMETHING!

    • It took mine 9 weeks before they were shipped, but I still haven’t received them. 10 days to ship – kind of ridiculous.

  141. I wore one for six hours and had to take it off…it cut into my underarms so bad it left marks. I wear a medium shirt or 8/10…the sizing said order your shirt size and said a L was a 10/12…since I’m a little bigger than a skinny 8 I ordered the L. Yes the material is soft, no it doesn’t support (uplift)…very disappointed.

  142. I purchased my Genie bras at a local department store and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I wear a 38A which is impossible to find. So I would settle for a 36A and looked ridiculous. 1. Back fat from too small circumference. 2. Cups were too close together so I looked stupider. LOL These are VERY comfy and my boobs are back where they belong. I ordered the large according to package size chart and it works. I guess if I had larger breasts it would be a problem but, alas, I have tiny boobies and am very glad.

  143. Really confused about what to do now and have a couple of questions…

    Can it be worn as a sports bra?

    Will it make me look smaller as I’m currently unimpressed with my lacking size?

    And will it be visible under my many vest tops??

    Just want a comfortable, not too pricey, enhancing bra!

    • Hello Maria,

      Yes you can wear the bras while exercising and no it will not make you look smaller. We also offer additional padding if you would like the additional support and more coverage. The question regarding if it would be visible really depends on the style and material of the tops you are wearing. If you have any more questions please email me

  144. Because I was skeptical and didn’t want to spend a lot of money ordering on-line or from the infomercial I was delighted to see the bras sold at the local Bed, Bath, and Beyond (if not satisfied easily returnable plus decent deal if you use one of their coupons). I bought one set of two (nude/black) in a medium, my bra size is 32DDD and although it is not exactly as is appears on the infomercial I’m happy with the purchase.

    It’s not just pull on and poof perfect boobs…it’s pull on, bend over, tuck in, separate, pull down, and then although not perfect, it’s pretty close. You do have to adjust every now and then because the band does hike up. Adjusting the band and pulling down from the back worked for me to keep the lifted look. Using the pads also helped with the lift and support but with a semi form fitting t-shirt the pads were visible.

    Overall though I’m happy to have a bra for day to day outfits that allow me to give my 3 (expensive/limited use) bras a break and have a longer useful life.

  145. The Geine Bra is a ripoff,they don’t fit right then they send u a different size and still don’t fit. This is the best part,I sent them back they got them on the July 25, it is Sept.23. I have called them on Aug.16 and talk to Frank,he said in 3 business days call on Aug 25 Susie and Sept.16 Peter and then a Supervisor,then Sept. 23, April-all said in 3 business days. I don’t think I’ll ever get my refund. I think something needs to be done with this Company.
    I would like to know if anyone ever got one to fit!!

    • Hi I work as a journalist and wanted to find people willing to speak up against these scams from both Genie and AHH bra. This seems like false advertising.

      CONSUMER RUN FROM THESE ADS. I wanted someone who is interested in speaking out against this fraud to contact me at


      • My husband bought my two sets of three Genie bras hoping he would find a comfortable bra for me. What a rip off!!! The time it took to get the wrong size bra in the mail was 3 months! When I returned them for a larger size, I was hoping they would redeem themselves by producing an excellent product. What a joke!! The bras are horrible! I could not be more unhappy. The material is so thin you could see my nipples through it, and there is no support. Has anyone informed them of the effects of gravity???? I am returning the bras and hoping they reimburse me faster then they deliver a poorly designed, over priced, glorified sports bra!

  146. I can’t actually say what I think of the Genie bra since I ordered them close to 2 months ago and have yet to see them. I can; however, comment on the company. LIARS! First I was told 4-6 weeks which is ridiculous. I order clothing online all the time and I never have to wait that long. Well that time came and went and then I was given another ship date and now that has also past and they still haven’t shipped them. On top of that I think I spoke with one of the rudest and least helpful CS reps ever!! Not only did he talk to me in a condescending and unapologetic manner, he basically told me they would ship the bras when they felt like it. You can keep them!

    • I’m having the same problems as well. Ordered August 7th and still no word to date. My acknowledgement from Genie Bra didn’t even give me a tentative date and when I try to use their online tool it doesn’t work. Not impressed at all with this company. If I can get a refund and cancel my order please let me know.

      • Well, SUPPOSEDLY all you have to do is call customer service to cancel, BUT, who knows when they’ll hit your bank with charges? They told ME that they don’t pull the payment until your shipment goes out. Have they already charged you???? I will NOT do this again. I first ordered on May 3rd or 4th and called in August to see why my order was still “in process”. I was told that they were on back-order and that if I wouldn’t cancel my order, they’d add…..oh, I don’t remember what line of crap they gave me, but I was told it wouldn’t be much longer, so I said okay! Then a couple of weeks later, I go to check the status and it tells me the order was cancelled! Freaks!!!! So I call back SEETHING and was told that they were sorry and RE-placed my order, with the promise that it wouldn’t be but a few more weeks. THAT was on August 4th. I just called today and guess WHAT???? They’re on back order and should be here around October 26th? I said things I shouldn’t have and when the CSR asked me if that date was okay, I said “what choice do I have?” and hung up, but NOW, I’m thinking, I do have a choice. I’m cancelling right now. I will have to watch to see if they stay out of my bank account though and they freakin’ well BETTER!!! I’m FURIOUS! What’s the company name they’d use to pull payments with, anyone….please let us all know so we’ll know what to watch for. I don’t check my account that often because of online identity theft! Those of you waiting, GOOD luck!!

        • I bought the six bras and from the infomercial I needed to order my shirt size. I did that and found they were too tight. I didn’t send them back because I read in the reviews how difficult it was to get your money back, or get them to answer so I gave them to my friend and my daughter who is a size smaller than I am. My daughter tells me she did love them but they didn’t hold up to wear very well. She reports to me the stitching came loose around the bottom band.

          I later ordered the Ahh Bra’s in a set of three. While they are thinner than the Genie Bra I like them better because there is no band to come detached from the main part of the bra. So far they have held up to wear! I vote Ahh Bra!

          • I’m seriously considering getting a few of these, now there is a third company & I heard even a few more that sells these all with different names. I was searching for a source that would possibly compare them all.

  147. Hello everyone. My name is Kelly and I am a customer service representative with the Genie Bra. I have been reading reviews online and have been disappointed to hear that some of you are having problems with the product. On the other hand, I am pleased to see that satisfied consumers are leaving comments. I want everyone to know that many of the problems that I have read can be rectified. Please email me at I am here to help.

  148. I bought two sets of six (two sizes). I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED. It was not “uplifting”, I looked saggy and my nipples showed through even when I wore two on top of each other. I returned it on time and kept the post office receipt. Called about it when I did not get a credit. They said it takes weeks to get the refund. This is a scam. If I had just report it to my credit card as a misrepresented product, they would have reversed the charge.

    • Hello Madelyn. My name is Kelly and I am with Genie Bra. I’m sorry to hear about the problem you are having with your refund. It does not take weeks for us to process a refund. We usually are able to process a refund once we receive the products back. Please email me at and I look into your account and see what the problem could be and resolve it for you.

    • I ordered the Genie Bras but they did not work for me tried two different size, I am waiting on the refund, which I believe should take 3-5 day. I spoke with Justin today, he stated that I should have the refund in 3-5 day or less. Where is my refund?

  149. I just received my bras in the mail. They are freaking awesome! I love them! They are so comfortable and provide great support. My Bra size is 38 dd and I ordered an XL. I can’t describe how great these feel! I think that most people who have a problem with these bras aren’t ordering the correct size. Don’t be discouraged by all the negative comments. These truly are wonderful! I’m a believer! !!

  150. My husband got me 6 Genie Bras for our anniversary…and I LOVE them. Comfortable, easy to wash/dry, lift is perfect ( not so high that my boobs look fake). Lol, my hubby loves the results also…he cannot keeps his hands off! I would like to try the pads, to see how those work with it. I am a 38D, and I have the XL. It is the only bra I have found that my boobs do not spill out from the sides, and front. I will definitely be ordering more. Saw the insert in the packaging, and cannot wait to get the animal print, as well as lace, and would love to see more color choices.

      • Kelly, are you dumb? “so many good comments? LOL, Shame on you and your company, for taking people’s money and delivering very poor service and a quite low quality product

        And for all of you posting reviews, THANKS, you saved me from buying a disappointing product and having lots of trouble trying to return it

  151. I purchased the bras from the website, I am a 44DDD I wear a 3xl shirt, they say size up so I ordered the 4xl. They came pretty fast. I was so excited to put them on. What a let down literally. They didn’t even cover half my boob! My nipple was almost above the top of the bra! I pulled and tugged but they didn’t cover no matter what I did. And the material is cheap feels like beefed up pantyhose. Anyway I thought maybe they shipped the wrong size so I took it off and checked nope it was a 4xl. I though well maybe its just this one so I tried the other two on and the same result. I was so depressed. I ended up sending them back and getting my money back less shipping and handling. They scamsters really take you on that mine was 26 dollars to ship.

    long story short if you are well endowed don’t waste your time!

  152. Scam! Do not recommend for you to buy. Materials so cheap. they actually make more money on shipping and handling. You do not get refund of S&H when you return the item. When I called 10 hours later to cancel my order I was told that the item has already been shipped. I was told to just return the item. Now I am going to pay for the S&H. I checked my email and the package was not shipped yet when I contacted them. What a rip off. Customer Service no good.

    • A lot of these seen on TV scams make their money solely on the shipping and handling that they WILL NOT refund because the actual value of the product is the shipping. I had this experience when I bought the Kymaro Body Shaper. It didn’t fit of slim and they charged exuberant shipping that they would not refund. So ladies, remember, if the company charges ridiculously high shipping and don’t offer to refund that as well if you are dissatisfied with their product, then they are most likely a scam!


    • If you cancel any order and they ship it anyway, just mark the parcel “return to sender” and they pay the shipping.

  153. I am small and Genie Bra did not work at all for me. The straps were too wide on the shoulders, they fit too high under the arms and the cups flattened my breast and were not flattering. They are over priced when ordered on line, didn’t know I could buy them locally so I’m having to go through the hassle of returning them and losing the money I paid for shipping! They make money on that, I lose on this deal!

    • To CFSFlorida:

      I had the same problem. The Genie Bra totally FLATTENED my small bosom!! I’m 36C, tall slim, wide shoulders, small cup.

      I love the idea of the Genie Bra but I wish they would define the cups better, i.e. more tucks each side of the cups. There’s no “give” in front? Their TV ads have DD women? No small bosomed woman wants a bra that makes her even smaller?

      TO: Genie Bra: If you would put a few more tucks each side of the cups for more definition, I promise I will buy them. Thank you for listening.


  154. Thought this would be the answer. What a disappointment! The pads were not compatible with hugs – who want to hug hard things?? Without the pads what little I have was now flattened and I looked horrible. The bottom curled up (I was just trying it – not wearing it!) and I had a new “muffin middle” where it ended. Back into the package and back. I did get my money credited back promptly, but had to pay the shipping, of course. If you can’t try it on in a store, don’t buy online.

  155. I bought the genie bra for my size 40C which is a Large. When it arrived I was very excited to try it on right away. It felt good and seemed to support the girls with and without the pads. Don’t know about you all but I wear my bra at least 2-3 days if its clean before washing. As the days went by the bra started to lose its elasticity and boobs looked droopy. It made sense because the bra is made up like a stocking and after being worn for a while it looses it hold.

    I had read other reviews even where I bought it to buy up a size since it does become droopy after a while. So I bought the smaller size Medium and thought OK for sure it will hold my stuff firmly. Again anxious to put it on and try it but this time it was a little too snug and made double spillage boob. Now it fits like a sports bra but then again after a while of wearing it 2 days in a row it loses its elasticity and droops. I had expected to be lifted all the time not just for a day then become droopy.

    The Genie bra is not so genie after all. This is the closest to a warning as I could get. I bought both of these genie bra’s one at a time from eBay both were brand new just to try. Even though they average about $16-18 from eBay I’m glad I didn’t buy the 6 for $60 + shipping from the genie bra website. If you absolutely want to try it I suggest doing some research to find one at a cheaper cost from eBay or other online stores so you won’t waste too much of your money.

  156. These bras are made VERY cheap. I ordered the XS/S, as I needed as much support as possible, just having gone through a double mastectomy in mid-July, 2011, and currently undergoing reconstruction. When I ordered these bras on line, I ordered two XS/small sets (one set “apparently” free) for myself, and then I ordered two large sets (again, one set “apparently’ free) for my teenage daughter. and a flattening iron.

    The price seemed a little high, but I figured I was getting 12 quality (NOT!) bras, and a straightening iron for under $200; I didn’t think twice about what the total came to. I did not know how much “p/h” (processing/handling) was until AFTER the order was paid for. It was $59.95! I waited three weeks for them to come, opened up the package immediately and put on the XS/small.

    It was white, but as sheer as panty hose. No nipple coverage. No lifting/separating. I opened the larges. I do have to say they were made a little better than the XS/smalls (nicer, thicker material), but they would NEVER fit on my daughter. I put on a large (I am 5’4″ and weigh 115 lbs. and have a size B cup) and it fit like a sports bra on me. This would NEVER fit on my daughter who wears a large shirt, has a size D cup and is 5’9″.

    I immediately called and spoke with a Genie Bra customer service person who stated that I could send ALL the items back that were received and to put my order no. on the package. Inside the package, I sent a letter explaining that I bought the bras for myself because of medical issues and they were NOTHING like I expected, and that I have mounting medical bills, and complained about the P/H charges that were not disclosed (on line or on the infomercial that prompted me to purchase these in the first place) as well as the misleading advertising that induced me to purchase these bras!, and asked that they be kind enough to reduce the P/H charge and/or refund all or part of it, because it was as much as two sets of the bras cost, i.e., $59.95.

    I got my refund about a week after they received my merchandise, and I only got back $119 and change and they kept the $59.95 processing. It cost me an additional $12.50 to send the items back to the USPS. As such, I am out almost $72. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS SCAM. THESE BRAS SUCK! THEY ARE MADE VERY CHEAPLY. DO NOT BUY THESE BRAS!!

  157. Complete garbage! My mom and I were so excited to get the Genie bra when we found out Bed Bath & Beyond was selling them. We got them today – it says “order by your shirt size”, well I’m an XL shirt and a 40 DD so I got the XL Genie bra – it’s TERRIBLE!!!! It’s soft and comfortable all right but it doesn’t fit at all! They say it gets rid of back fat and “spillage” in the front -NO it causes that terribly. My mom who is smaller than me ( a large shirt size and a C cup) tried on the XL that I got for myself and she has spillage in the front even in that one. Trust me ladies – if you’re expecting it to look like the women in the infomercial, don’t waist your money. Doesn’t fit, zero support, flimsy, it’s just a mess. BOOOO!!!

  158. I ordered Genie Bra for myself and my daughter. Of course, as in the advertisement I ordered my shirt size. What a JOKE! I sent all back and ordered the next size up, another JOKE! Still too small. So, I sent them back and ordered the next size, two sizes larger than my shirt size.

    While waiting for that order I found them at CVS, cheaper by the way. I bought two sizes larger than my shirt size and still small. I have spillage EVERYWHERE including falling out the bottom because now the band is too big! And the bands do roll, that is false advertisement and Genie Bra should have to remove that from their advertising, among other claims. I found returning was easy & customer service helpful.

    I called and they sent me shipping label, both times, put label on packages, resealed & took to Post Office. The last order I didn’t even open, just took to Post Office to return. With all the shipping back & forth I doubt they made any money off me for S/H. Now it’s been over a month and my credit card has not been reimbursed.

    I called Genie Bra today and was told it will be done within 3 to 5 business days. I should not have had to call to get my refund. They could have sent me an email if there was any doubt whether I wanted an exchange or refund.

  159. do NOT buy this product these people charged my credit card 3x more than what I was told over the phone my bill would be and when I called to question it I basically got the run around, every person I talk to say they couldn’t help me in fact my bill wasn’t on their records SCAM! DON’T BE FOOLED!!!

  160. If anyone sees “Genie Bras” advertised on t.v. DO NOT BUY them. It’s a rip off. They do not fit and they do not enclose a shipping form to be able to return them. The number they have you call, passes you around and eventually drops you. I tried it several times during their office hours and it dropped me every time. That was a wasted $97 I didn’t have to throw away

  161. Terrible customer service. Waited over two months for bras, actually cancelled order, and then order was shipped. Called “customer service” in INDIA to have call tags sent and request full refund (i.e. shipping) and was told they could not credit account like that. Asked to speak to supervisor and was told they had none…was put on hold for over 5 minutes…operator came back on and asked if I would like to hold longer…ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! What kind of company is this.

  162. The frames from their infomercial are on their website.

    In the frames that run from 19 to 23 seconds, the model is putting on a black bra. Look closely at her back. Sure looks she is wearing a beige bra underneath. My guess is that it’s a padded strapless bra. Disappointing. I had seriously considered this until I caught the deceptive advertising.

    • This made me laugh, I had to look.

      Worse than it being deceptive advertising I think it is not a bra but her own loose wrinkled skin that is getting squished up when she’s pulling the tight bra on. I just had 2 people look and agree, pause it you can see.

      Poor lady, if I were her I’d rather have it be a beige bra than loose skin.

  163. I anxiously waited six weeks for my genie bras to arrive only to be TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED! Unless you are a A cup, do not waste your money. Its so small even the 1x is like a c cup. You are better off buying a sports bra at walmart! My boobs are constantly falling out and popping out of the top, which is like the only reason I wanted it in the first place, to stop ‘Falling out’ everywhere! What a big waste of money and the customer service people are so rude!

  164. I bought this from Bed Bath and Beyond. I did not get from the web site of the genie bra because of all the bad reports I had seen online.(By the way QVC will have these in Oct.) I can not wear wires because they hurt me. I wanted this bra because I had turned to sport bras. I am a 38C cup and I could only find a 2xl in this. I bought it thinking I could take back if way too big. I wear a L top. I got it on and the type of material it is, it fit like a glove. Mine do not bind up on me at all.(Compared to the Ahh Bra which does and is really thin compared to the Genie) The pads came in the box and I put them in. NO problem doing that either.Simple. The material is NOT thin at all and there is a double thickness there. Giving lots of support and it has got to be the most comfortable bra I have ever worn in my life. I usually wear Victoria Secrets but no longer!!! I love love love these bras! Feels like you are in nothing at all. If unsure of your size, I suggest go up. Even if a couple sizes because my 2xl fits wonderfully. Better up than down I think because it will be too tight on you. Allow for shrinking with washing too. I hope you all enjoy these bras as much as I do. And NO, they are not padded and so the feel is different on you. I wear mine all day everyday.Not just a lounge bra!!

      • I would love to hear from Kelly. I think this a a scam that should be reported to the Better Business Bureau. I ordered 2 sets so the cost was $120 but included shipping. I paid to send it back. Never got a refund. So I am out $120 plus return postage (about $3).

  165. I ordered on July 27th and it is now Sept 13th. The customer service dept is in India and they do not speak very good English. They also tell lies like they have shipped my order and if you call again they say they did not and will this week. If you call the following week they will say they are out of stock. I still do not know if I will like the bras. So if you have alot of time to wait I guess you should order. I don’t want to wait anymore

  166. I absolutely love, love, love my Genie Bras! I don’t think I will ever buy any other bra. Have been searching for this type of fit and comfort all my life.

    Problem is, ordering from Genie Bra takes forever… receive. Now almost 3 months and still on backorder. Really, now they should really offer some real great discount, since one has to wait so very long!!!! This part is frustrating…..I may now just order from eBay, they won’t take forever to receive!

  167. I received my bras with 2 weeks of ordering them. If you want a bra that “feels like you’re wearing nothing at all” it’s not the one for you, however good luck finding one that feels like nothing at all. I am F cup, trying to find nice, moderately expensive, and most of all comfortable bras is next to impossible – even with professional fitting and $120 dollars later, the underwires pop out after a few months, or snap. The sides dig in and the straps tend to roll and cut into my shoulders.

    The genie bra is a nice change, it is comfortable. More supportive than a crop top (which don’t come in my cup size anyway), however no less supportive than a normal t-shirt bra. It gives a nice minimizing effect. No cutting or digging in. If I wear them only to work that’s half a week of comfort.

    • Am curious about the back log of orders. Have placed new order one week ago and have heard nothing yet. You are always taking a risk when ordering from the Internet. I just hope my credit card had not been charged yet. Lets just hope for the best as this new product sounds great.


      • Hi Regina. No we do not charge your account until the products are shipped out to you. If you leave your email on file we can keep you up to date on your order status.

  168. This is a complete scam, the product is made so cheap, the feel of it it’s cheap everything about it is fake. if you try returning them, they charge you $20 USB processing and handling plus the 10 you pay from your own pocket. Let me just say this processing and handling is a complete excuse to take money away from you. so basically you keep less then half of what you paid for them. Tristar products its the name of the company and they have 100’s and 100’s of products on the market all are complete trash. They live off return money and fake products.

  169. I purchased a two pack of Genie Bras at my local CVS pharmacy which carries many of the “as seen on TV” products for $19.99 plus tax.

    I am a 36 C and my issue was straps falling off my shoulders. Straps on these bras don’t. I also was concerned about getting them off and on as I had some issues with sports bras; these are easy to get off and on.

    I did notice that the band definitely rolls up, so if that issue is important to you, you probably wouldn’t want to buy them. At least if you get them from a local store, you can take them back for a refund.

    I would never order from a website that charges exorbitant S&H. I usually only order from websites where the shipping is FREE. For a $10.00 bra, its not bad and has some good points. NEVER BUY FROM THE WEBSITE

    • I got mine from CVS too a few days ago and it is very comfortable. Had a bit of a problem at first finding where this secret pocket was to insert the padding. Gosh, it really was a secret! LOL. But all in all it is very comfortable and the straps stay in place very well. The bottom band does ride up a bit though but than again they didn’t have any in a 2x so I took a chance on a 1 x so that might be the reason.

      That is my only problem with CVS and their as seen on tv products. They don’t carry enough in all sizes.

  170. I will like to order but I cannot order because I do not live in the USA I live in Trinidad And Tobago this is in the Caribbean I will like to get some of the Genie Bra. How can I order please tell me how.

    • No! Don’t buy Genie Bra or the Ahh Bra. They don’t work. Did you read the reviews? If you’re are large busted (like me) then maybe you should try the Enell bra which you can find on eBay too. Or just go on search for bras and then see how many stars they get. I only bought the Enell because it had five stars overall because it’s one of the best for supporting the larger sizes. Please, buy any bra but this one.

  171. I will like to order but I cannot order because I live in Trinidad And Tobago why not deliver in the Caribbean I will like to get some Genie Bras.

  172. I am so glad I read all this before ordering. I was up early and had the TV on when I heard the infomercial. Being a DD and struggling for years to find a good bra, I was immediately interested. But a couple of things caught my eye:

    1. Every busty girl I know is leery of the bottom band at the base of the bra. They roll up on sports bras, strapless, you name it. So what had they done to stop that from happening – turns out NOTHING! Genie bras roll up too.

    2. The material looks flimsy, the models are ALL standing around in 3″ heels – who does that in real life.

    3. And then I found this site and knew NOT to send in anything, it was a scam. I wish I could remember the bras that everyone was talking about on Oprah. I heard a lot of good reviews.

    • Also I am so glad that I read all the way thru these comments. I had no idea that the Miracle Gravity Bra, the Ahh Bra and the Genie bra were all the same product!

      When you are big-busted, you are always looking for a comfortable bra and these people just play off that! BOO!

      Thanks for all those who took the time to post their comments. You have helped countless women avoid getting ripped off.

    • The bra that Oprah often recommended was Wacoal — sold at finer department stores – can run over $60 each but they are a great bra and you can often find them on sale at Bloomingdale’s, etc.

  173. I kept seeing all the Genie Bra ads and was willing to give them a try plus I had gotten a coupon through my e mail. I wear 50DD and a 3X shirt as I like my shirts very loose. I actually thought about ordering the Genie Bra in a 2X but ended up ordering 3X. At the end of the order, I was offered 6 more bras for even less money. In the end, I ordered 6-3X bras for myself and 6 XL bras for my friend for a total cost of $110…$70 was for bras; $40 for shipping. That should have been a warning! When the bras arrived, within a reasonable time, I really liked how they looked and felt. Then I tried them on…I guess I should say I TRIED to try them on. I could not get them over my shoulders or my hips. Not even close. My friend came over, tried on a black XL and it fit her like a custom made so she went home happy. Of course, we matched the sizes before she left and guess what? There wasn’t 1″ difference between a XL and a 3X. She called me about 2 days later to say she wanted to send her bras back too…seems the black one was the only one of six she could get on…the other five were all too small. Now, I have spent an hour trying to figure out where to send the bras and also wondering what I can send as “proof of purchase” since there was nothing but another ad in my package. I love “Return Rd.” They probably just grind up the bras and stuff Chinese toys with them…they can certainly have all six of mine> I just hope I get some money back.

  174. I saw the infomercial for the Ahh Bra and convinced my husband that I HAD to have them. Well when I got online to order them I found the site for the Genie Bra, with a better deal than the Ahh Bra. They appeared to be exactly the same, so I ordered the Genie Bras instead. I placed my order on 8/31/2011 and received it today 9/9/2011. Not only was it super fast shipping, but this is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. It is exactly what they promised it would be. No back fat, no spillage, great separation. I LOVE THESE BRAS!!! And I promise I’m not getting paid to say this, it is just the truth.

    • what size bra do you wear? it seems that the bigger women are having more problems- as a bigger girl, I understand that. but right now I am wearing a 38C and they really just don’t fit well… I have hope for this bra…..

  175. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing this product. These bras are a joke. They are no more than a soft sports bra. The shipping & handling charges outrageous. DO NOT get suckered like I did. I feel stupid for not seeing the shipping & handling charges for the scam that they are. The idiot I spoke to (Kurt) could barely speak English. He proceeded to offer me a $10.00 credit if I kept the bras. He offered to waive the S&H charges if I kept the bras. UNBELIEVABLE. Scam me once shame on me. Try to scam me twice — well, I can’t print what I’d like to say….

  176. After reading all the negative reviews here I got spooked and tried to cancel my order, fearing that I had been “taken”, but was notified that my Genie Bras had already been shipped. This turned out not to be a bad thing. Contrary to others’ experience, my order arrived in less time than had been promised. I got 6 bras for myself (size S), and 6 bras for a family member (size L). We are both very happy with them. I wasn’t sure whether to get her the L or XL, but L was okay for her and she seems to like the Genie Bra even more than I do. I bought the optional pads and am very glad that I did since I can wear these bras with t-shirts and other summer tops that are not too low cut. They don’t work with all my clothes but they are a nice relief from underwires, clasps, and straps that slip off your shoulder. There are some problems as others have mentioned with the bottom of the bra rolling up but not enough to keep me from wearing these bras.

  177. I am glad to read these reviews. I love front hook bras, of which are becoming few and far between so thought I would think about trying the Genie or Ahh Bra. But after viewing these comments I think not. They sound just like the commercials “too good too be true”. Thanks for saving my stress factor.

  178. I ordered my Genie bras, buy 1, get 1 free with extra shipping and handling. I was advised that my order would be approximately $90. Imagine my surprise when I saw that they had doubled the order and billed my credit card for $171. Why would I do this? They had nothing to say except that when they received the bras back, they would refund my account. I AM PERSONALLY NOT THAT EXCITED ABOUT THE PRODUCT. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN.

  179. Ladies, I am infinitely grateful to you for the detailed feedback regarding your mostly horrible experiences with this product. I am a 38K cup size so I have to get custom fitted at one specific place that offers bras with amazing support, including standard and sports bras, as well as feminine and sexy bras. They run $40-$55 each, but last a long time and actually do what they are supposed to. Goes to show, you get what you pay for. When I couldn’t find the shipping cost on the Genie Bra site, I was immediately suspicious, and that is when I decided to do some online research and found this site.

    The shipping cost is ridiculous…I have ordered items from the Internet that weigh in excess of 15 pounds and the shipping is $7, so $26 for some bras? And it is non-refundable because they know most people won’t be happy with the product, very smart on their part when you think about it. And this little Customer Service shark named Kelly who is stalking everyone on here claiming nearly every complaint is a sizing issue? LOL She is clearly not reading the complaints very carefully. Even if that were true, then they need to fix their sizing chart.

    But when I’m reading words like “flimsy”, I am a smart enough cookie to realize that has zero to do with sizing…too bad their Customer Service rep isn’t. Not that I trust an employee or Customer Service rep of any company who is unable to correctly spell words like “definitely” and “compliment”. Again, a million thanks, ladies, for saving me some money and a lot of regret/frustration!

    • OMG… you where the exact same size as me! where do you get these custom fit bras because the last set of bras I purchased were almost $100 each at Dillards they were the only place I found had my size.

    • I’d also like to know where you get the bras since my daughter is a 38J and has a real problem finding bras that fit or last for a reasonable price.

  180. I watched show on TV, switched channel, went back, switched channel. Obviously scripted, not true about quality, stupid, boring, waste of time. Take it off the air.

  181. I bought these because I saw the commercial for big busted women wearing them.

    I’ll go with the fact that they are comfortable, but they don’t actually lift and separate at all that I can see.

    Worked great for my 70 year old mom though, so I gave them to her.

  182. What a SCAM!! Nothing but a very thin sports bra. They are cut weird in front of the armpits, so I have a raw area on 1 side and a blister on the other. And the bottom rolls up. Very expensive trash!!

  183. Stay far away from this website and the product! I was charged $90 for the bras that are not worth 90 cents. Then they charged me twice. It took 4 phone calls and a call to my bank to get them to reverse all the charges. It’s a dreadful product. Save your money and go to a reputable store for a fitting.

    • I am so glad I found this site! I was going to order them forget it now. When I read about the shipping fee I know they aren’t even worth trying. I used to work in the shipping industry it does not cost that much to ship something that light!! Thanks again.

      • I wish I would have read these posts before I ordered them. I am so disappointed and returning them immediately. Of course I lost 26.00 in P&H and must pay to return them again. I will never order anything off the TV again. Nothing but scams out there.

  184. I received one of these as a gift from my mother. I am a size small to medium shirt. I have the medium and it is suffocatingly small. So, the commercial said to order your shirt size. all of the reviews say to order a size up. They need to work this out. I have a small bust and it is literally squashed in this thing. I won’t be wearing it much. Not recommended.

  185. Too bad I had not seen this website first! I also ordered the bras according to the suggested sizing. They did not lift, support and even fit my 38 DD breasts. So much much for their false advertisements!!! And I also and stuck paying the $25.98 shipping and handling charges. What a scam! The only thin I can say is …DO NOT BUY THESE BRAS!!!!

  186. Hello everyone. My name is Kelly and I am a customer service representative with Genie Bra. I am here to tell everyone that I can help answer anyone’s questions or complaints. In order for me to help you, I need you to email me and tell me what the problem you are having is. Please contact me at

  187. I ordered my Genie Bras 8-24-11 and they arrived 9-2-11. I tried one on and right away I knew it was a mistake. The band rolled up and the shoulder straps fell down. The bra was uncomfortable. My bras came with pads, which need to be removed before washing. I don’t know how I would remove the pads and then get them back into the bra correctly. I was very disappointed in the product. Not as advertised. To bad I had to lose the non-refundable $25.98 shipping and handling charge. I feel this is a scam.

  188. Julia,

    I too purchased the genie-bra and was very, very, very, disappointed and misled by the representative taking my order. After asking questions about the size and material she assured me that I would be satisfied with my purchase. Well I was not satisfied with the product and and was not satisfied with the return policy either. I would not recommend this type of bra for anyone who is a full-figure size.

  189. I just saw & heard the first time this morning about Genie Bra and the rest of them. I was over the moon and thought great,marvelous I must have them. lucky me I decided to look up the internet and lo and behold saw all the negative reviews. Thanks Ladies you saved me a lot of bother and hassle. No genie or aha for me Thanks to all you Ladies.


    • Hi Margaret,

      I just bought the Genie Bra from Walgreen’s and I am truly amazed at how they look and feel. Not as bad as people make it out to be. I am a 38D and am currently wearing a Large genie bra which is also my shirt size. I too was skeptical but it does work and the best thing is there is no shipping or handling costs to worry about. The price was reasonable as well. 2 bras, one black and one nude for $20.00! Hope this helps.


      • I have really been looking at getting these and this site has helped alot. Now that I know I can get them at Walgreens and not have to deal with the extreme shipping costs I will get one or two there…try them and if they work great…if not at least the hit is not as bad as some of the women on here have had to deal with.

        Thank you!

  190. I’m glad to read these reviews. The Genie Bra certainly knows how to market, but I honestly felt like when I was watching the beginning with the struggling women that I’ve had those problems but most of them went away after I was professionally fitted and found out my bra size was two sizes larger than what I had originally thought! Even a good bra from Victoria’s Secret is cheaper than the 60 dollars and the insane 30 dollar shipping, and with all the honest (and not surprising) reviews, use that money for some good bras and getting fitted professionally.

  191. I just purchased a two pack from a local store and I love them! I am a 44d and bought the XL/1x size. They give plenty of support and lift. I plan to purchase more.

  192. My order arrived today. I was so disappointed, but for a change, my disappointment energized me to action. I called and gave Genie Bra my two cents. Got my RMA, but they refused to refund the shipping and processing fees. These bras are a joke. No support, no coverage, flimsy, cheap fabric, rolling bands. Not even as much support as my Barely There bras, which at least are microfiber, not the crap the Genie Bra is made from. I’m returning them. I’m also calling my credit card company in the morning and reporting this company as engaging in false advertising, a total scam. I’m going to ask them to cancel the payment. I think it is called a charge-back, and when a company gets enough of them, their merchant account gets dinged or cancelled. So to others who are extremely upset and dissatisfied, I recommend doing the same, especially after I read here that some who have returned the bras have not received the prompt refund the company promises. I’m 62, and I’ve never fallen for a scam like this before. I’ve never watched an infomercial before, and now, I’ll never watch another.

    Why are we gals so vulnerable when it comes to our bustlines????

    • I, too, fell for it. I went ahead and ordered 2-3packs. When I got them, I immediately tried them on and was SO disappointed. They have NO support. They are a VERY light sports bra at most. They do NOT lift OR separate (I am a 38DD). I will be keeping them, only because I know I will be charged a ridiculous amount for return. But, I am also in a unique position that I do wear sports bras to work (I am a police officer) under my Kevlar vest. I will say they are light (we sweat alot in bullet proof vests) and wash pretty well. They are comfortable for this reason only (for me). This would never be a bra I would wear for ANYTHING else. I am so embarrassed that I fell for their advertising too!

    • I too am very disappointed with the Genie bra product. Wish I had read the reviews first before making the purchase. My sports bras fit better and look better. And I hate my sports bras because of there poor fit. Well, the Genie bra is a JOKE. I wear a 42DD and let me tell you the Genie bras like you say has not support, no coverage I spill out of it in every direction. I even followed there size chart. GO FIGURE, talk about pissing away money. I my self am 55 and calling my bank.

  193. Beware of a company whose return address is on a street named Return. Not only did it not fit when sized using my clothing size, but in returning it, I was stuck with $26 in shipping charges plus what it took to return the merchandise. Do yourself a favor and go to a good department store who has a trained fitter to measure and fit you.

  194. I purchased 6 bras in 3x, as my normal size is 44 FF. I really knew it probably would not work, and I was right. It is very comfortable, and offers about 25% support. I would wear it to Walmart, but I would hope I didn’t run into anyone I know. I’m going to keep them, just as home bras or walking bras. If you are large, and that is all you want – these are probably fine. Don’t be expecting something you can wear to work or a busy store. Very comfortable, but then so is not wearing a bra at all!

  195. Wow- such negative comments about the Genie Bra– I was very hesitant to order thinking–Oh waste of money again for something I will never wear.. I Love it 🙂 I threw out all my other bras and only wear the Genie bra. It is so comfortable, fits perfectly, and wish they would have lacy bras at the top for under tank tops. Took care of any spillage, back looks great with a sweater for shirt. Sorry girls– I love it!

  196. Wish I had read this before I purchased the Genie Bra. I was uncomfortable, the band – which they claimed didn’t roll up – rolled up immediately. The size I ordered didn’t fit and when I returned all of them, they didn’t credit any of the shipping and handling charges. I’m not sure if I even got the tax back. This product is a waste of money and a waste of my time.

  197. Thank You, thank you, thank you ladies!!!! I’m watching the Genie Bra commercials now and I am so happy that I read these reviews first!!! It sounds like for the full figured woman, this would have been a waste of money..

  198. What a ripoff. Cheap, didn’t work as promised, cost way out of line for items. Could not get almost $30.00 in shipping not refunded at return. Sorry I did not check this website before purchase. The support claim was the big seller for me and there was None, just a uniboob. Go to SOMA store and get fitted much better bra and they do support.

    • I purchased 6 bras in 3x, as my normal size is 44 FF. I really knew it probably would not work, and I was right. It is very comfortable, and offers about 25% support. I would wear it to Walmart, but I would hope I didn’t run into anyone I know. I’m going to keep them, just as home bras or walking bras. If you are large, and that is all you want – these are probably fine. Don’t be expecting something you can wear to work.

  199. The Genie definitely misrepresents itself, but I don’t think it’s worthless. I am 36 D, saggy from 2 pregnancies, 34 year old skin, and breastfeeding. I don’t think I would wear the bra out of the house much, but I do like it for sleeping and wearing around the house at the end of the day (when you can’t stand to wear your bra anymore but need to wear something). I double up and get okay support for around the house. It isn’t the bra that bothers me so much, but the shipping and handling price. There is no way that it costs more than $5 to ship 3 bras in a plastic bag.

  200. I just saw the Genie bra infomercial and decided to see if there were any reviews from actual users before I purchased. I’m so glad I did!!! I’m a 38DD and was a little concerned about the level of support that would be received from the fabric. Just as I suspected this is false advertising preying on our need as women to feel comfortable yet look great. What a shame that other women are helping with this scheme. But I guess you gotta pay the bills somehow. I still may try one for weekend wear but off to Walgreens I go. Thanks Ladies for your honesty!!!!

  201. Thank you ladies for your reviews, I have been watching wonderful advertisements regarding genie bras and thought to make an order by phone number that was shown on tv, but I was a little busy so I thought to order online and after typing genie bra I reached to this site where nothing good has been said about genie bra, I’m glad I looked through the internet or else I would have been part of the scam too. Thank you lots, saved my hard earned money, god bless.

  202. Don’t be fooled by all their advertising! I ordered these bras when I broke my wrist since I could not hold a bra to fasten. I had great expectations after watching the infomercial several times. The original delay in shipping due to popular demand notice was emailed to me. I was ready to cancel the order since my wrist would be useable in 8-10 weeks, then I received an email the shipment was sent. Only it was not at the address by Aug 10th when I had to leave. Aug 24th I was home to open the package. The bra is like wearing sheer panty hose. There was no support, the hem rolled and did not stay in place, uniboob was hideous, as was seeing nipples. No where in the commercials did I see nipples. On TV the fabric looks to be similar to a very popular foundation fabric. The Genies look like a pair of nylons that will get a run in it and fall apart. Sure you can get a refund of the $59.99 for the bras, but forget about the $24.99 shipping. A ridiculous cost even when considering the two unmarked plastic mailers inside a large plastic bag mailer. I will make sure I tell at least 10 friends who I hope tell 10 more and 10 more. This product is a total misrepresentation.

  203. The genie bra is the worst bra ever. It is very uncomfortable because there is no style or support to it. It’s worst than a sports bra. I was bulging out all over the place. Wouldn’t go out in public wearing this bra. I like to see the 2 boobs not just one long uniboob. It is not what every woman wants!!

    • Cindy: Thanks for the awesome review. It made me laugh! And empathize . . . The women on the infomercial all look great, but I was worried it was too good to be true.

  204. Hello, my name is Kelly and I am employed by Genie Bra. I have been saddened to hear about the complaints some of you have posted. I am also happy to hear about the complements some of you have left. However, anyone who is having a problem please contact me at I am sure that I can help.

  205. This is the worst form of a scam I can ever think of. These bras don’t work and if you have big breast just forget about it. Absolutely no support. Somebody need to report them to the BBB. SHAME ON YOU, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. I tried to print the reviews. They were 319 pages of unhappy consumers with similar negative reviews. These will be mailed to the BBB. UNBELIEVABLE

    • Thank you for posting your comment…. I was about to buy one of their bras and thought “why not see if there’s any reviews first”

  206. Does not work at all. No support, especially if you have saggy breast. Worst of all getting a refund is next to impossible. Buyers beware. Make sure before you order, you are prepared to loose your money. I am a size 14. Return for a 2X also did not fit. Called customer service for a refund but instead was told the keep the bra that did not fit but they would send the 4X as a replacement. They came; the cups were still too small while the rest of the bra was enormously huge, my breasts just fell through. Called the company back and was told to send them back for a refund. Waited three weeks no refund, called the company who advised me the two 2x Bra that they told me to keep and not to send back now I have to return them in order to get my refund. I had no use for those 2 bras which I had given away over a month ago; now they want me go send them back. So appalling that this company would stoop so low. I hope no other consumer had this same experience. These bras are a poor representative of what are advertised on the TV.

  207. If you are Canadian DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I purchased bras from this company paid shipping was billed an extra $12.00 shipping charge to Canada and when UPS delivered them I was charged another $25.50 delivery charge. In total I was billed over $60.00 in delivery fees. Next time I will stick with Amazon, delivery is usually free. WHAT A SCAM.

  208. I’ve been wanting to try this bra since I watched the infomercials 3+ months ago, but I knew my neighborhood Walgreens (notice that’s plural – they’re everywhere!) would be stocking them as they stock almost everything “As Seen on TV”. It was a difficult wait as I wanted to try them right away, but from the reviews, this appears to be the most frugal and fastest way to go. No S/H hassles. I bought 2 in Nude & Black for $19.99. I am a 40 D and bought the XL. I love it, except for what happens with most sports bras – it’s not enough support for me 🙁 I really wanted them to work. They’re comfortable and I thought I’d hate the cups they have in them, but I actually love what they do for additional support, although it’s not enough. I want them to work so bad that I’m going to go exchange for the next size down to see if that helps. If that works, I’ll come back here and update my review! But if you are LARGE-BREASTED, don’t expect a miracle from this bra.

    • Hi, my name is Kelly and I work for Genie Bra. Size is the most important aspect of purchasing our bras, especially for large breasted woman. The support issues are most likely being caused by the bra being the incorrect size. If you need additional assistance trying to figure out your correct size, I can help.

      Email me at I’m here to help.

      • Hey Kelly,

        So every woman here who had a bad experience simply ordered the wrong size? How does that even begin to address the other complaints, like overcharging on shipping, problems getting refunds or the shoddy material that is used?

        According to the show, ordering the correct size is EASY! So how could all these complaints be because they have the wrong size?

        By the by, my girlfriend bought one over and the material is so thin, there is NO way it can support my DD’s with any kind of lift.

        So while it’s great that you get paid to try to salvage complaints on websites and review sites, the fact is this is a lousy overpriced product with poor customer service and problems with refunds.

      • Kelly,

        Something I learned a very long time ago I will share with you: just as an employee reflects upon the company, the company reflects upon the employee. My advise to you is to find another company–save yourself.



    • Mesa Mom of 3,

      Please don’t try the next size down, unless you want your boobs to be squished and pouring out over the top of the bra.

  209. Ordered two sets, got them in two weeks. They were padded, I called for RMA and said I wanted entire amt refunded, he replied shipping and handling are not refundable. I said so it is a SCAM…I sent product back and then called them. I did get S/H refunded but spent $14.00 return. They sent me PADDED which I did not order then tried to tell me the PADDED was a free upgrade…what a big joke…..stay away from this company.

    • Dear Lilly,

      Hi, my name is Kelly and I work for Genie Bra Customer Service. I am so sorry to hear that you are having a problem with the bras. We do have padded and non-padded bras and the padded bras are an upgrade. However, the pads are removable. I can defiantly help you get the product you want. Please contact me at I’m here to help you.


  210. In April 2011, I placed a phone order for the Genie Bra. I was offered the special of (6) for $39.99 plus s/h, for a total of $59.97. I was assured it would ship out in 2 to 3 weeks. I was also assured that you need only order the same size as your shirt size. Being large busted, I even ordered one size larger. Fast-forward to June 30, 2011, when I finally got someone on the phone at Genie Bra’s non-toll free number, who told me he could not cancel orders in progress, he could not tell me where my order was IN the process, but that it should ship in 2 to 3 weeks.

    I asked whether I could get any kind of price break due to the extremely long time I was taking to fill my order and he said call back once it had arrived. In less than a week, I received a post card saying they would auto-cancel the order if it didn’t ship within 30 days. Seven weeks after that (keeping count here, 7 weeks is MORE than 30 days!) I get an email stating my order had shipped and my credit card billed for an item I no longer wanted and had not expected to receive.

    Today, the bras arrived. No, they don’t fit. No, they don’t look like any kind of quality garment, yes they are made in China, and no–Genie Bra says they will not refund my s/h fees. They did offer me a credit of $12 if I kept the bras (plus the orig cost of the bras, of course)…when I refused that one and requested a Return Authorization # they offered me $25 to keep them instead of returning.

    Finally, I was told what my RA# would be, but still no budging on refunding my shipping fees. Obviously, I’ll be paying s/h 2x since I have to pay to ship them back. I’ve also called my Master card company and have had them file a complaint and investigation into the purchase since they’d told me they would be canceling it if they couldn’t ship in 30 days.

    My advice to anyone looking at the Genie Bra or any of the clones like it: skip them! Won’t be worth the money at any price.

  211. I ordered the buy three get three free on August 6th and was billed $85.97 which has been charged to my card. Still have not received! I called customer service today 8/23 and was told the they shipped on 8/17 with the postal service and to expect them by 8/30. What the heck kind of service is that??!! Sure as hell won’t order any more!!!

    Ridiculous!! Coming from Connecticut I was told.

  212. I truly thought I would be returning the 6 Genie Bras I just ordered and paid for, along with writing a scathing review, and calls to the BBB. I will do none of that….I just received them in the mail….(about 2 weeks for them to arrive), and tried one on immediately. I have to say I LOVE IT! I am thrilled at the comfort, the no hooks, no back fat and the great looking chest I now have. How would’ve thought? I will probably use these bras instead of all the others I own. Bras are very subjective items of clothing, but for me, I think I’ve found the comfort and look I was searching for, and would gladly pay the price for this.

  213. OK guys. Here’s a couple tips. I wear a 42 C/D (depending on bra). I bought an XL & I love it. Big tip though is when adjusting, grasp where the straps attach to the boobie part in the front, reach in & lift your boobie & then drop it so it’s all the way in, then re-grasp both the strap fronts & pull up as much as possible & then pull the back down from the bottom of the back. Many people have droopy looking boobies ‘cos of the straps being to loose or not placed correctly.

    Now, there are actually 3 out there. Ahh & Genie are the same. Magic Gravity is the same except it has wider comfort straps. Also, the Magic Gravity Bra is only $70 for 6 including S&H. What I would suggest tho is go to Walgreens. They have the Ahh bra – one in a pack for $19.99. While more expensive per bra, this allows you to try it. Walgreens also has a return policy & they are almost on every flippin’ corner.

    Another idea for these is that if u really prefer a custom or other bra, but also want to wear tanks with a bra & not look trashy ‘cos your strap shows, wear your preferred bra & then put this over it. That way your wearing the bra u prefer, but it doesn’t show. Yes the Ahh (or whichever brand) shows, but it just looks like you’ve layered tanks.

    I don’t work for any of these bra companies or Walgreens. I’m just a consumer trying to get a quality product for a fair price. I have major back & shoulder problems & many other health issues. I find these bras comfy & functional, but that’s my opinion.

  214. From the looks of all the reviews I would have to say that the bra supports smaller breasted ladies, a hell of a lot better that bigger breasted, I would say don’t waist your money and instead try to get a custom bra, as I had to do. I am a 44. I and trust me its a pain in the butt to find decent support.

  215. MONTHS ago I ordered the Genie Bra. Notice I said MONTHS ago! I still have not received the product, however my credit card was billed. I have tried 5 times to contact the customer service department. I get NO response! This is a huge rip off! Think twice before you order. As to the quality of the product and how it wears…supports…etc. I HAVE NO IDEA, since I never received them!

    • I cringe everytime I see where someone posts that they ordered these bras and have yet to see them or having problems with the billing because where I live ….the Ahh bras and the Genie Bras are at my local Walgreens and Walmarts.

  216. I’ve just gotta ask, has anyone contacted the BBB or the FTC? With the number of complaints I think that’s enough grounds to file a report with both organizations.

  217. The Genie Bra and the Ahh bra are exactly the same product. I have both and have compared them side by side. I happen to like the bra. I am 5’3, weigh 120 lbs and wear a 38D. I have been ordering the bra in a size M because I am very broad through the rib cage. I am not young so the girls no longer stand at attention. The support is not great but they get me through the day. I wear a regular bra when the occasion calls for it.

    NOW, THE MEAT OF THIS COMMENT. My first order was from Aah bra. No hitches everything was fine. My second order was from Miracle Bra. WHAT A RIP OFF. THESE PEOPLE ARE THIEVES. First off the product came packaged as Genie Bras, Okay, I can live with that. However, the 2 for 1 sale is not a sale. It’s a come on. The bras were $59.95 for three. the second “free bra set”” cost $29.88 for shipping. That’s a total of 85.97. I don’t care how big my breasts are, a battleship could be sent for less. PLUS, the web site is purposely set up to confuse you. For instance, at check out it says your order did not go through making you think that you have to re-order. I repeat, MIRACLE/GENIE BRA ARE THIEVES.

    I will continue to order the “Ahh” bra from HSN where I paid $39.90 for four bras and paid 5.95 for shipping.

    Based on other reviews I may try CVS an BB & Beyond.

    Remember DON’T order from Miracle/Genie.

    • I agree with you. I couldn’t understand the huge price you had to pay for postage for the additional bras. I order stuff all the time from Amazon and other places that is a lot heavier and I have never had to pay that much for postage.

  218. I have it,and it’s comfortable.but doesn’t lift like they say.and don’t have any support. I will not return it,because it’s going to take long as I received.

    It took about 2 month to delivery that is BAD,BAD. I would not buy again.

    • Mine also rolls under the breast. I know it says for all sizes and that the band under the breast doesn’t roll, but, beware, if you have a stomach that juts out under your breast, it causes the bra to roll under the breast and you spend most of your time pulling it down, especially after you sit down.

  219. Worst product ever. Can’t believe I fell for this scam! all the negative reviews are true I am sure. What a ordeal. I feel violated for believing in this scam. Please do not get fooled. This company should be shut down. Shame on them!

    • Thanks for your post. I just saw the ad on TV for the Genie Bra and was about to place an order when I decided to do a ‘review’ of this product. From all the negative feedback it would appear all you gals saved me and possibly many others from making a big mistake. Caveat emptor!

  220. CVS got them in which was great because I could buy two for 19.99 rather than 6 for 59.99. Unfortunately they didn’t have X-Large so I settled for Large. OK, not my size but I’m in the process of losing weight (fingers crossed:) so I let that influence my decision to try the LARGE. But whether it was my size or not, my main complaint: I bounced. I’m a D so bouncing is not an option. Neither its it flattering. I guess that’s why they have the ladies put on 2 bras at a time on the infomercial. I’m a gal from the ’60s and I hate wearing even one bra. heh. Why on earth would anyone want to wear TWO bras at a time? Because one is not enough to give the larger breasted gal support. Too bad. I was really jazzed to get this. I HATE infomercials. They are wizards at getting us all worked up, aren’t they.

  221. What a mistake I made by thinking that these bras would work for me!! I am so disappointed. The size was all wrong. I did what they said and ordered my T shirt size. Well, when I got them, I couldn’t even begin to get them on. I sent them back. I will not reorder and wait another 8 weeks ….yes, 8 weeks for bras when I can go to the local Walmart and get sports bras right away.

    These are NOT for big busted women. Don’t do it!!

  222. I was going to order the buy 3 and get 3 free deal but am so glad I checked out this site. Sounds like it is just a huge scam like a lot of things you order from those infomercials. No Genie Bra rip off for me.

    I thought I would mention another scam I just recently saw again on TV. I can’t remember the name of the product at the moment but it is a weight-loss product that you sprinkle in powder form on top of your food. Supposed to help you lose weight, but right after I ordered, I looked it up on “Snopes” and they said it was a total scam.

    I tried to cancel the order but they said it was too late — the same day I had ordered it. When the package arrived I took it – unopened – to the post office and paid $32 to return it. So, I learned my lesson. Research BEFORE you buy. Don’t just trust what they say.

    • You can simply refuse a package delivered by USPS. Simply write “REFUSED” on it and give it back to the postman or take it to the post office and refute it on your credit card. No $ required.

  223. Please also note that if you live in Canada you’ll also have to pay duty!! I already paid over $25 for shipping and handling, and then I was charged an additional $32 for duty when the product was delivered.

    Not such a great deal after all.

    • I ordered these bras and did not pay duty and I live in Canada. I called ordered of the Canadian website and only paid HST (sales tax in Ontario). I have to say I really like my bras…I probably could have done with a larger size but I plan on losing weight so they are fine.

  224. Trying to get a refund after 12 weeks of waiting, the product is pathetic, the service is less than pathetic…calling once a week…will keep going till I get my money back.

  225. OUCH – wish I had read all these reviews before making a purchase. These bras are less than worthless. NO support, NO lift. The under-band DOES roll and the straps DO NOT lie flat. The padding in the cups migrates at will. The S&H charges are ridiculous for a package that weighs no more than a pound. The customer service number is a joke. It is NOT a toll- free call. There was so much yelling and background noise I could not hear the service person. There was no way they were going to let me speak with a supervisor. AND then you have to pay to send it back!!

    I wonder who looks at these comments.

    Jan C

      • Thank you for these comments! I was just going to order these bras and after reading the reviews I changed my mind. When will I ever learn that infomercials are SCAMS?!!! The products never work as they are advertised to work. I have a cabinet full of Oxyclean to prove that. Useless.

        • Kath, I love Oxyclean. Never do a load of laundry without it. My whites are always as if they were new. Same with the colors. I am too lazy to pre-treat stains, but they always come out. Try again. It may take a few washings if your things are a little drab.

    • I can not thank you enough for telling it like it is with the Genie Bra. You have saved me a lot of money, frustration and headaches.

      Thank you so much!

    • Thank you!! I was really considering purchasing, but your comments helped me not get ripped off. I didn’t want to buy 3 bras anyway, much less 6! I would have bought 2, probably, if I hadn’t looked it up and found your feedback.

      Thanks again!

    • I am watching the infomercial right now and reached for my phone to buy these. But I hung up and googled reviews to see what others said about it. Thank god I did. Thanks for saving my money and lots of frustration.

  226. This is a major rip off. I wear a size 36D and this genie bra gives no support what so ever. The 6 for the price of 3 is a laugh. They also charge you double shipping. $25.98 is outrageous. I got sucked into this one and the sales person offered me $12.95 to keep the bras. Told him I wanted my $59.99 refunded. Let’s see how long that takes.

    • So glad I look at the reviews on Genie Bra. I was interested until I’ve read all the negative reviews. I am not small busted and need something with plenty of support. these are definitely not a bargain

  227. I purchased my Genie bras from Bed Bath and Beyond. I love them; they are very comfortable and look great under T-shirts (you must use the pads to get the desired lift, shape, support, and separation). However, the sizing is a bit off; if you feel “squeezed”, just go a size larger until you get the correct fit.

  228. Genie bra is a waste of money. I paid $26 in shipping and they are not a good product. Keep in mind, if you want to exchange for a different size, they don’t’ charge you for return shipping. if you want to return the item altogether, you have to pay for return shipping as well. RIP OFF!! Bed Bath and Beyond sells these now in their stores. DON’T BUY FROM GENIEBRA.COM. They will rip you off.

  229. THANK YOU ALL for posting! I went to order and thought, Well, I should check reviews online first.

    DAG I was so hoping the Genie bra would be a comfortable and uplifting bra. Bummer. Not ordering now!

    Anybody find anything else that follows this idea (comfortable, uplifting even for large sizes) online or at the retail store? I’d love another option.

    Like someone else said, everyday I come home at 6 PM and rip off my bra, haha

    Thanks all again for posting!
    Anne in New York

  230. I just saw the commercial on TV and thought this might be too good to be good. After reading all these comments, I can see it was too good. Without offending anyone, please do as I now do (learned the hard way), check out the comments on the internet and most definitely check out any company with the Better Business Bureau. You can also file a complaint with them.

    In some states the FBI has a special department for internet scams (California does) and once you report them, you will receive a case file number. Also, I thought there was a law enacted last year that when you call a company with foreign reps, that you can request to speak to a United States rep and/or supervisor. You can also let any company you know that you will be contacting your and the company’s State Attorney General’s Office.

    I write this with hard knocks learning!! These are the methods I had to take for several problems I had.
    Thank you all for your candor in this blog as I will now seek an alternative to this bra!!

  231. Just to let all buyers of the Genie Bra know their on- line sale for Buy 3 get 3 free is a SHAM! You start with $59.99, thinking you are getting 3 Bras and then you get 3 free. That’s not the way they see it. On the web site it states: Buy 3, get 3 Free with postage & handling. I paid my $59.99, plus 12.99 shipping. There is a place on the site that says: 3 extra bras just pay postage & handling, you mark yes or no. So my total was $89.99. Should have received 9 total bras, the way the web site reads. I received 6 total. So bottom line: You pay $25.99 to get 6 bra to you. Bras are way thin, no way worth $25.00 worth of shipping. When talking to The Genie Bra people, their answer is: You just didn’t read it right. Believe I can read Buy 3 get 3 Free. Not a good word for this Company.

  232. I was duped. What a colossal waste of money. These bras are more uncomfortable than underwires. No support, very poor fit, and cheap material. PLEASE do not wast your money. If it were not for the inconvenience, I would send them back, but then I would probably be without my money as well. I guess I just don’t’ trust these folks. I was told the size I ordered was on backorder. I waited for a few weeks and did not hear anything, so I called. I was told “that size is on backorder”. When I said I felt I had waited long enough, she said “I can send these out tomorrow and expedite the shipping”. That backorder arrived pretty fast, didn’t it? WTH??

    • So glad I read this was so close to ordering the bra really need new ones so I thought what the heck. Well thank goodness for reviews!! Looks like I saved myself a bundle

  233. Received the bras quite quickly in the mail(only 2 weeks), but was very disappointed after wearing them. I am a 38C, ordered Large. As others have stated, it was like wearing pantyhose around your breasts. No support whatsoever. The band that they claim does not roll is in a constant state of being rolled, pinching, and uncomfortable. They are going back-I wouldn’t even consider them comfortable enough to wear in the evening or bed.

    • I have a order in since 7/11/11. It is now 8/16/11 and I have not received anything yet. I’m going to cancel this and I’m glad after reading the comments.

      Thank you

      • I ordered mine on 7/11/11 as well – when I had not received them by 8/19/11, I called and cancelled. They tried to talk me into getting them anyhow and offered to refund the outrageous shipping and handling after I got them. I told them NO – just cancel. They did. I saw them at Walgreen’s: 3 for $19.95. However, after reading these reviews I am just going to forget it. Thanks everyone! Sorry you were duped, but glad you reported it.

  234. well, as someone who actually likes to go bra free most of the time when I’m not at work, I didn’t find these to be the miracle bra they advertised, but they are kind of a good interim pseudo bra for casual wear. I originally went with shirt size (Med) but definitely too tight.

    I got next size up and didn’t pay for inserts (cost a lot extra) but found I could pop out inserts from smaller ones and pop inside the cups of the “Large” size (yes, I ordered a second set of six)… and they’ll stay in place… so when “no bra at all” doesn’t work (in a tank top or whatever shopping on a weekend, Genie bra is more comfortable that that underwire thing I wear to work. So it’s a mixed bag.

    I wouldn’t be likely to order more of them tho. The smoother “look” appears to mostly be the snug aspect of the somewhat uni-bra plus bump from the pad.

  235. Came online to order a genie bra, but came across some other sites too, including this one, so was interested to read others’ reviews. So glad I did! The result is I won’t be buying the genie bra. I need a lot more support than it seems to be offering.


    This is NOT your answer to a great bra—believe me. I am a 36 C natural (and I bought XS to make sure I had the best fit) and this has NO support and is worse than a good sports bra. DO NOT BUY THIS BRA.
    There are over 7000 bad reviews (just that I have found) on this bra that people like you and I actually took the time to search for.

    *** Just so you know. 90% of the people on here that say the bra is great are PAID Bloggers who are hired to write good reviews. That is a Known Fact and the reality of many commentaries on the net. So Don’t believe them! Save your money and keep searching for a great Bra, because Genie Bra isn’t it.

    FYI: Genie Bra makes their income on the Shipping & Handling charges—not the product. The product itself is no more supportive than a low line sports bra. This is a bad quality product. Period. They count on people not returning the bra because of the hassle of shipping it back at your own cost minus the shipping charges (which is $ 20.00) and people can’t get a confirmation # quickly, so the customers just eat the cost and NEVER return or even wear the bra.

    This is the truth. All the customer service agents do ALL day is take back orders AND cut deals on the return to prevent the customer from shipping the product back and that is ONLY if you are pushy.—like me!

    I just now cut a deal with a supervisor who finally said the best he could do was take $25.00 off my order and let me keep the bras as I won’t get back my shipping costs and I’ll have to spend at least $10.00 to ship it back myself. I did the math and that is about $ $15.00 to keep the bras which I may where to bed—that’s it.

    I paid $59.99 for my total. I searched out the best deal on the net I could find, so I wasn’t as ripped off as those who spent $89.99.

    This company should actually be reported to the proper institution for running a scam. Because ALL they do is take RETURNS and cut deals on these Bras! You’ve got to give it to them; it’s a great way to make money. They make it in China and make a minimum of $20-50.00 on each piece of garbage they sell, not to mention the slave labor is not getting paid properly for their output. ) and nobody speaks up that the product is so horrible. It’s false advertising.

    Hope this is helpful.

    • I purchased these for my sister according to their sizing chart and the bras weren’t even close to her size. The quality was horrible and they had no support. I returned them and had to follow-up with them almost a week after my FedEx air bill showed them as received by Genie bra, my credit card was still not credited. When I spoke to a sales rep., they said my account would be credited in 2-5 business days from the day I called, which meant another week before the would credit my account. Two weeks now and they still have not credited my account. I wouldn’t deal with this company ever again.

    • So, Sheilah, why didn’t you report them to the BBB? Your made the purchase and received the product. Instead of spending all that time typing this post you could have made the report!

  237. I am so glad to read the comments that don’t like the genie bra. I feel the same way. I couldn’t wait to get these bras and omg I was so disappointed. I went by my top size so ordered medium…like the one reviewer said it was like putting on panty hose…so tight and so cheaply made. Plus they were padded…didn’t hear anything telling me they were padded. Needless to say….sent them back…no more infomercials..very rarely do you get what you think you are going to get..what a racket!!

  238. The first thing I would advise people to do, is ORDER up two sizes!!! I am a 34 DD, and wear a MD size in shirts. My rib cage area is very small, with no excess meat or flab. The measurement chart reflects a M as the proper size…. No way! I had to go back to Bed Bath & Beyond, and exchange it for a XL/1X. No kidding!!!! Not to big of a deal, since it is close by and I got a two pack, beige and black for $19.95. Plus I was able to use a 20% off coupon. My reason for the purchase was to have something comfy under my PJ’s. The girls don’t really droop, but I would like to keep them that way! I wear Bally Sports Bras for exercise, and regular bras under shirts. I do feel like I could wear the Genie under some styles, but I will probably just use it for additional sleeping comfort and support.

  239. I am in Australia when I fill all the details to get the genie bra, why is there no list for Australia,when its on our ads forever? how BAD is that? where does this message go?

    sorry I bothered

  240. LOVE this Genie Bra. I was given one of the 6 from a friend and fell in love with its comfort the second I put it on. Now I am going to order my own. Was glad to have had the one to try first though because I had been skeptical. No more though, I am now a firm believer!

  241. The Customer Service center reps tell you whatever you want to hear to get the sale…All lies of course including when they say they’ll let you speak with a manager. My bras were promised in 10 days. When I called to find out where they were they said oops we didn’t ship them. They sure charged my card tho. Bottom line…wait til you can buy them at Wal-Mart. I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM BECAUSE IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM…THEY WILL NOT LIVE UP TO WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL DO TO MAKE IT RIGHT.

  242. I want to thank everyone for the time they took to post a review. This was so helpful to us. My husband and I seen the ad on TV and seriously consider making the purchase. I am so glad we decided to read the reviews before making that decision. You all saved us a lot of money and frustration. Again we thank you.

  243. I thought these would be the answer, but they’re going BACK. I was shocked to find they were padded (I must have missed something in ordering) and who wants to hug someone with hard rocks for breasts? Without the pads what little I have left is smooshed almost flat and on top of that (and the fact nipples show) is the band at the bottom that rolled up into a tight wad of discomfort. I should know by now that was seems too good to be true IS too good to be true. Save your money ladies. Oh yes, to get the pads OUT, there’s just a little slit to pull them through. I gave up trying to put them back in to ship them back.

  244. The worst bra ever. Total trash,too small and cheaply made. What makes this bra even worse is the customer service—it doesn’t exist.Save your money,don’t give it to this company.You get scammed by the product and customer service—–BEWARE.

  245. FYI: Do not sit and wait on hold for customer service to return your order. Your Invoice Number = Return Authorization number. That is what I was told when I called. No, you will not get the shipping and handling charges returned which sucks.

  246. Don’t believe a word they say. If you are over 30 and have LOST the muscle tone in your breasts you will end up with a uni-breast! It still shows the back fat and under arm fat, and I am NOT fat. I am 5’4″ and weigh 125 lbs. It squishes everything out. They WILL NOT send a return label so you can send them back. That is on YOU. Call your credit card company and stop the payment. They are liars!!

  247. Thank you all for the feedback. I want to try them so I think I’ll stop by Walgreen’s or CVS instead of ordering them through their website. That way I won’t mind so much if they do suck.


  248. OMG! I ordered these bras and NOT until it ACCEPTS your order does it give you the breakdown on the cost involved. The shipping and handling alone was $54.96! TOTAL RIP OFF.. believe me, as soon as they hit my mailbox they will be going back for just that simple screw me tactic.

      • No, it’s $26, so maybe she ordered 2 sets = $52 still a ridiculous amount of money for shipping! That’s where online shopping screws ya!

  249. I recently purchased the Genie bra (three you buy, three you get free with additional shipping and handling). My order arrived today. Imagine paying $26 shipping and handling for a package that weighs approximately 11 ounces!

    The shipping price meant nothing to me, though, as I hurriedly put on one of my new Genie bras. I normally wear a 38DDD. This experience was like trying to put a pair of hose on my chest. It didn’t support me AT ALL. It actually looked like I wasn’t wearing a bra.

    I don’t normally get sucked into buying things advertised on TV, and this was learning experience. Never again!

    • Janet, I had a sleepless night and watched one of their infomercials. I have to say, none of the ladies they paraded out with their “new” looks looked well-supported. They looked squished and yet floppy and no more supported than if they were wearing cheap, flimsy bras. I have found, as a woman with a 34F bra size (try finding THAT size in just any store) that I have to go to a bra-fitter at a bra store in order to get a good, supportive, flattering bra. I go to Intimacy in NYC when I visit and I go to Bare Necessities online when I cannot get there. You will spend more, but a good bra is worth sacrificing other things, IMO.

  250. I purchased them at Walgreens it comes 2 bras a beige and a black one for just $19.99 and didn’t have to worry about shipping, I really liked them honestly I don’t know how people say they roll up it doesn’t happen to me..

    However on the website they are extremely expensive and shipping is crazy , so if you can try to find them at Walgreens or CVS pharmacy..

    • I have purchase a similar bra in PEACOCKS shop in England 2 bras for £5.00. They are comfortable and helpful when I get breast pain during my period. I would like to try the Ahh or genie bra and find it odd that NONE can be found in eBay either used or brand new in packaging. If I got 3 through the post and couldn’t be bothered returning them, I would eBay them. How comes this is not the case? There is Genie Bra/Ahh Bra and Comfortease Bra on every night on the shopping channels and I can’t understand why they aren’t being flogged by individuals cheaply on eBay.

    • Wish I had known I could have bought them at Walgreens for less money. I ordered 3 weeks ago and still have not received my order. The shipping charge was ridiculous. I’ll never order anything again that rips me off like the Genie Bra Company does. The saying “Buyer Beware” certainly applies here.

  251. I bought two sets of 2x (fit size 24-26 according to Global shop dot com dot au). I’m a 24, should be great. When they came, the one I tried on, stitching broke, overspill everywhere and way too tight around the midriff. Cant send them back, one is damaged so I used them for research. Sent one to my mum 18D, they fit around her body, but heaps of overspill, and uniboob look after it was on a while. So now I’m looking for a thin friend who won’t freak at wearing a 2X, to try it out. I did find Ahh bra in 4X fits much better and has more in the cup area. Also tried Beauty Bra from the UK, sizing in similar to Genie Bra but with a bit more cup area, but too tight/small for me, even in 3X, so I’ve sent them back to the UK (from Australia) and waiting for a refund.

  252. I have to thank everyone who took the time to post a review. I had already ordered via the infomercial. After I read what was here (which I should have done BEFORE ordering), I called to cancel my order. I asked for/got a confirmation number; and called my credit card co. to make sure no charges had been put through. Genie Bra had done an immediate *approval* through the credit card company, but nothing had been billed through yet. So here’s hoping. I agree with people who think this co. is happy making their money on handling charges – and there’s also a high percentage of customers who just don’t return items. I wonder how many complaints have to be registered before this hinky co. gets shut down?

  253. Today is Sat., August 6, 2011. I ordered these bras on June 20, 2011 and still haven’t received them.

    When they do come, I will refuse the UPS delivery. After reading all these comments, I do not want any part of the Genie Bra — not for me! Now I will be contacting the credit card company for a refund. I realize that fighting with Genie Bra will be a real nuisance and frustration.

    Ladies, just contact your credit card and have the charge cancelled.

  254. I’m a 34DD — I absolutely LOVE these bras. They are the most comfortable ones I have ever worn. There ad said 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. I got mine in exactly 4 weeks. I have tried bras of all sorts, Victoria Secret, Playtex, Specialty, etc. These are the BEST.

    • Its Funny that you mentioned that you tried Victoria Secret, I happen to work at one of their locations and they don’t offer bras in that size.

  255. I am a 38DD. I bought the pack of 6 and was very disappointed at first–they did not seem to support at all. Then it dawned on me that THERE ARE NO STRAP ADJUSTERS. I have a freakishly short torso and so I folded all the straps over and sewed them so that they are all about 2-inches shorter.

    I have worn nothing else since. the bottom band DOES roll up, but it’s not a deal breaker. As far as price goes, the price I got—with shipping—works out to be about $15 each–which is fine. I did have to spend about an hour sewing all the straps though–annoying, but I have always had the worst time with my bras.

    I’m just glad to have 6 bras that I don’t feel like ripping off my body, screaming, at 5 PM.

  256. Whooooa… glad I’m not a chic and have to worry about bra stuff! I was going to buy this for my wife…but now…I think not (thanks for the information).

    All these negative posts…kinda like a new bra burning revolution!

  257. I purchased theses bras, along with my sister in law, they fit her perfectly, but I needed a size bigger, I wear a lg shirt, and brought the lg XL genie bras. Why don’t they tell you that you need to buy one size bigger than what you wear!! its so stupid, I couldn’t return them, because of going in with my sister in law. So it doesn’t seem fair!! my boobs hung out all over the place, when I had a t shirt on!!

    • What size bra do you wear? I am thinking about ordering and the chart says 1X but I wear a B cup, Thanks for any help!

  258. My mom bought these bra’s and did not like them at all because they roll up. She told me to try them on and I had the same problem we absolutely DO NOT LIKE EM!!!

  259. Kay, so even while watching the infomercial, I was literally yelling at the screen about all the flaws in the product they weren’t seeing, seeing these reviews only strengthening my opinion.

    Flaws I saw:
    1. HUGE PROBLEM, you cant wear them with ANY tank top or strapless. so it does not replace a ‘drawer full of bras’.
    2. The before pictures they show ALL have photos of women wearing bras either too big or way too small, that’s not the bras fault, honey.
    3. They use fancy words to make the product sound scientific, but don’t explain the bullshit words. Interwoven? that’s not a big deal..

    Flaws you saw:
    1. Shipping took a long time, and return policy was unclear, with bad customer service, costing you money.
    2. They don’t fit correctly, bulge, and sizes are confusing.
    3. Its hard to wash, with confusing pads, so NOT worth such bad support.

    • First of all, seems like you have not tried out the bras, so your review cannot be taken seriously, you have not experienced the Genie Bra. A REVIEW is when you have tried out the product. BTW, there is no need to be sarcastic. The Genie Bra is not a miracle worker, it will not work out for everyone. It does not always work, but some women LOVE the bras.

  260. I purchased the Genie Bra package of 6. I received the pad inserts with them because I detest that “peek-a-boo” look. I have been very satisfied with them. They are very comfortable, do not hike up, straps don’t fall…very pleased. Would like to see them a little sexier in the design.

  261. I also purchased the genie bras and they do not fit as the infomercial states. They are uncomfortable, there is underarm spillage. the band rolls up, The ones with out the padding does not have any support. It is strictly a rip off. They are no more than a sports bra which can be purchased at most stores a lot cheaper.

  262. I have ordered the Genie bras about 2 weeks ago n have not received them or got any e-mail on a confirmation or anything can’t seem to find a phone number to contact anyone but they sure have taken my $70 dollars

    • here is a number they sent a post card so I would order them 1800-801-5063 I was going to order but after reading everything I will go to Kohls or JCPennys or Madian Form outlet before I order I like to try on make sure the support is there. good luck you can always contact your credit card or PayPal tell them your not happy.. get your money back

    • I have two numbers for Genie Bra – the order number 1-800-889-9201 from the infomercial and the Customer service number 1-973-287-5154.

      I ordered 9 bra’s 6 regular w/pads and 3 w/lace on July 3, 2011 and they came within a few weeks. I spoke with a gal on the initial order and explained to her that I wear a 22/24 top but my bra size is a 48 G/H depending on the style and make. She recommended that I order a 2X, when it came I tried one on and it was way too small for my breast size and tight around the band. I called customer service and this time I got to speak to a guy, hard to understand (obviously English is not his native language) and tried to explain the issue with the cup size being WAY TOO small, however he said the 3X was much bigger. Okay I sent the 2X’s back and they sent me the 3X’s but this time all 9 are the regular w/pads no lace ones. I received them today, again I tried one on and the band size is good, but the cup is still WAY TOO small.

      Called customer service again, another guy, same language issue, I explained I wanted to return the order for a refund, I don’t think the cup size will be big enough. This man claims that the 4X is 4″ larger than the 3X and I can’t get an exchange or a refund until the 2X which I shipped back over two weeks ago is received. If you can find them at CVS or Walgreen’s DO IT! This is too costly and time consuming to deal with most likely they are not going to fit and then I’m going to be out shipping and handling plus who knows how much, since they may claim they never received the 1 return.

  263. My mother who is very large busted ordered these bras. They of course didn’t fit her so she told her daughters to take them. The size she ordered was XL. Much too small for her. I take a size 6 shirt. I put the bras on with the pads and I have loved them. No rolls, comfortable, wash fine. Don’t mind taking the pads in and out. I plan to order 6 more in my size.

  264. I don’t know why I didn’t think of searching for reviews first. I was so convinced at the infomercial, although skeptical since I’m only a 32A in size.

    JUST placed my order and then had the thought to look up reviews. I really really wish I saw all these reviews first. The site doesn’t even have an online way to communicate with them, to cancel my order. I’d have to call long distance to do it! So disheartened 🙁

  265. CVS has the Genie Bra in their stores this week for $19.99. Buy it there to try it. Much cheaper than paying the $85 from the website of Genie Bra.

  266. Your comments stopped me. I had gone to the Genie Bra site and was confused by the size charts. I am a 42DDD, but they don’t list 42. I don’t generally wear one size in blouses, women’s sizing seems to vary with every product. Does the bust size they list under the shirt sizes refer to band size or total bust size (band+cup)? I think that may be one reason so many don’t fit right. I was concerned about the apparent lack of support for DDDs, and even more so that the sizing was so vague. Something that would fit a 40C frame would probably feel very constricting. Even on the ad the largest size breasts seemed to be sagging and not flattering. There are better bras for large sizes.

  267. Just watched the infomercial on TV. First , there is no band that does not move or roll, period. Figured if they are lying about that, that probably are lying about the rest. I would not need 12 bras if they were as good as they said they were, right? If they always keep their shape, you would never need 12 all at once. Figured there was a scam of some sort here so, got to thinking each bra probably costs them around $2 to make if that. So, you are paying $60 for something that cost them around $24. Now, they can’t offer 1 for $2 can they without it being too “cheap”. So, they offer you (what you think is) a great “deal” at $59.99 for 12. Look at the numbers and you see something is “fishy”.

  268. I ordered about 3 weeks ago and ups showed up at my house Friday July 29 leaving a note they wanted to collect another $39.81 when they re-delivered Aug 2. when I called customer service, they rep told me she could credit my credit card $25 and pay the $39.81 to ups. I explained to her I already paid the $39 charged to my credit card when I purchased the product. she told me I could refuse the package and when they had confirmation the product was returned they would credit the whole amount back to my credit card. what kind of scam is this?? I have ordered several products from the shopping channels and never had this issue?? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, because as it sits right now they have me over a barrel…like I am going to trust ill get a credit on my credit card, when they were not even honest about shipping charges…

    • I am not happy. I received the three extra large replacement bras yesterday in the mail.

      I sent 3 of the 6 L bras back. I have tried the XL on and they still bunch up around the ribcage area. I also measured them against the 3 L bras I still have and they are the same size! What is up with this? The bag I took them out of says XL. I am a size 14 -16. I will not by any of these bras. You may need to be a small size woman for these to work for you.

    • Refuse it and have it sent back. If they don’t take it off of your credit card , call your cc company and tell them you have a dispute. Tell them you never received the item and want the amount taken off. Most credit card companies will do this.

    • I want this bra, but I refuse to order ANYTHING that is delivered UPS. UPS give you their brokerage services even though it is not needed on such a small item, and legally they can’t broker for you unless you request it. Just don’t order anything that is shipped UPS and you will be fine!

  269. The bras are very comfortable! I am a 36DD and they definitely cover me up all over the place. The only thing that I would complain about is the lack of support, but with such a big chest, support is hard to come by. I wouldn’t wear them to work because of the lack of support, but for running around doing errands, and cleaning and such they are great. The shipping cost is ridiculous though!

        • I’m also a 36D. I wear an 8-10 shirt. I tried the Medium first but it was not comfortable. I then tried the Large and it’s perfect. So, in my opinion, a bit larger than normal would be correct.

          If you are able, I suggest you go pick up a box of 2 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. That’s what I did so I could try before committing to multiples. You can sign up for emails and get a 20% coupon on BB& B. Then, the bras are 2 for $16. The only bad thing is that the package has a nude and a black. White is not available there.

          Hope this helps!

  270. I ordered my Genie Bras and they arrived quickly. I am very pleased with the fit and support. I have already ordered 3 more with lace. I am very pleased.

  271. I received a card for $20.00 dollars off for 6 Genie Bras at the price of $39.99, need to know how to order, Please inform me right away.

    Marlene Chandler

  272. I am so glad I read all these comments.. I was going to order the “Genie bra” until I saw a similar bra in “Khols” I tried it on and it was basically just a thin sports bra.. No support at all. Nipples showing (not the look I like). So, I figured the “Genie Bra” had to be similar. Then I figured I would do some research and ended up here.. Thanks ladies for all the comments. I appreciate it. You saved me out of time and money!!! I am one who has to try things on before I buy them and am VERY hesitant to buy ANYTHING that you have to order!!! Things are NEVER how the look on TV. They can make them look how they want on the television. That is how they make the money and I am sure some of the S&H goes to them as well. How else do they make money when most return them? That is why they make you pay the S&H for the so called “FREE” item!!! Again they have similar Bra’s that looks just like this “Genie Bra” at KHOLS.. So, if you are thinking of ordering it, go there first and try it on see if you like it… I didn’t. Just another attempt at a sport’s Bra!!!

  273. Worst product I ever lost so much money on. $52.00 to get them to me and $11.00 to send them back. Worth every penny to get rid of them. They are not microfiber – just plain nylon/spandex. Cups don’t expand. Breasts turn into tubes that flow out of the top and sides. I wear a 14 blouse and ordered both large and x-large thinking I’d wear these “comfortable” bras at night. Even the bigger ones caused overflow. Very, very uncomfortable. In hot climates, nylon just lets you sweat; microfiber wicks the moisture and lets you be comfortable. Everything in the ad is a fabrication – lies!!!

  274. I ordered 12 of these Genie bras. Each bra cost me $12.58 and that price is including shipping and handling! I am a kind of concerned after reading these reviews but there is another site that talks about how great they are. So who to believe. I say $12.58 isn’t to bad for a bra!

  275. Biggest rip off ever! This is a cheap bralet you can buy at any discount store for about 3 bucks and won’t support anything over a 30 AA. They don’t tell you about the non refundable shipping charges of $29.98!!! for 6 of these flimsy things, so they can sell the same crap over and over after it gets returned and still make big bucks! Worst consumer fraud, I too will contact my credit card company! I can’t believe I fell for this!

    • RIP OFF! They should be ashamed of themselves. What a piece of garbage. No support, and the and the quality is horrible. I Love being out $27.00 from the shipping and handling. Tell all your friends and family not to fall for this crap. Hopefully they will be out of business soon.

  276. Hi all,

    I wish I could comment on how they fit, but I haven’t received them yet. I was supposed to receive them on July 19th (the Streamlite website displayed the expected date before or by that date). Who is Streamlite anyway?

    I called the company to inquire, the rep said they’ve been instructed to tell customers the delivery could take another week after the published date. So, he told me to wait another few days and I could file a claim at that time. The shipping company tracker said the shipper did not ask for a delivery confirmation so no other information would be published other than the scan at USPS. I would think a company would want delivery confirmation (but that is just me).

    I am not holding out much hope as it has been two weeks since the package was scanned by USPS.

    The little tidbit about refunds less shipping and handling is not on the main page or the order page of their site. You have to hunt for it on the customer care link to learn that 60-day Money Back guarantee does not mean ALL money.

    Why a “reputable” company would want to do business that way is beyond me. I have this feeling I will be contacting my credit card company.

    If you decide to order these, I wish you good luck.

  277. Hello, my name is Patricia Hidalgo, I need to buy Genie bra. I want to make you a question: where can I buy Genie bra if I live in Costa Rica, Central America?

    Please, write me at this direction
    Thant you very much !!!!!

  278. Pro’s: Lightweight material doesn’t hold in or soak up your sweat like a padded bra. Machine washable. Space Saver.

    Cons: They somehow flatten your chest at the same time of allowing you to sag. Not feminine or flattering at all. The inserts must be adjusted perfectly or it looks like you are wearing pointed pasties. Because the stitching and straps are so wide, I can’t wear them with any lightweight or fitted shirt because it looks like I’m wearing a sports bra. And despite the claim, the lower band does roll.

    Overall opinion: These are high priced sports bras. Maybe they are just meant for woman with a D or larger like the models on the infomercial. I just didn’t get the results they claimed.

  279. Wow, I am flabergasted at all of the negative comments here. I love my Genie Bras. I ordered them on July 1st and they arrived on July 19th. I am a 40 DD and I ordered size Large. They are very comfortable and do not roll up, no spillage, no back fat, etc. I am not skinny and I wear a size 14 clothes. I hate wearing bras and rarely wear them or end up taking them off by mid-day because they are usually so uncomfortable. But I’ve been wearing these all day since I got them and forget I have it on. I look great in them and am pleased with the amount of lift I am getting from them, as my breasts are very very saggy. Oh well….I guess its the luck of the draw with this company as far as quality control and also it must depend on your body size and type as to whether this bra will work for you. Obviously not a one size fits all thing with this bra. Seems to be either a hit or miss with who can benefit from this product….I agree that there is no way this can work for very big breasted or very overweight women. (Funny…I thought I was big breasted! I guess not.)

  280. This is a rip-off. If you return them, they keep the shipping and handling charges twice!!! You pay $13.99 and another $13.99 for 6 bras and if you return them they keep the $27.98 even though you still have to pay to return them. I’m out $37.20 and I have no merchandise to show for it. THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF ITSELF!!

  281. ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU!!!! I am such an infomercial sucker. I was so ready to call and order these bra’s. For some reason I logged onto the website instead of calling. When I googled the product I seen Genie Bra reviews. Thank God I read them. I will not order these bra’s. The infomercial sounded amazing. I couldn’t wait to place my order. OMG thank you to all of you who placed your comments on here. I will most definitely read reviews before placing any further infomercial orders. I have been taken way too many times. So Kudos to all of you!!!!

    • I ordered and received xl/1x bras and I can’t even get them on. I want return authorization and a refund. thank you.

      • Same here, Ina. It just rolled up when I tried to put it on and take it off. The pads kept shifting around. I was spilling over the top and I made sure I measured and bought the right size. I let my husband talk me into ordering since they can be returned. After reading a lot of complaints about the return process and having to pay shipping to send it back, I think I’ll smack him in the head.