Genie Bra Lace Trim Review

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Is finding the right bra that fits you well and is comfortable a perennial problem for you? Wearing the wrong bra it can make your bust are look unsightly. Also most bras make you feel uncomfortable because of the straps and hooks that bite into your skin or even the under wires that are so very painful. But you can now get Genie Bra Lace Trim that conforms to the body according to your shape and also works as a camisole.


Genie Bra Lace Trim
Genie Bra Lace Trim is a smart choice for you because being like a camisole it gives your bust maximum coverage so you can wear dresses, low cut tops and sweaters without feeling conscious about your bust. The Everlast comfort stretch fabric makes sure that the bra does not bite into your skin and fits you very comfortably so much so that it also makes for a very comfortable and beautiful sleep bra.

Genie Bra Lace Trim is also very easy to slip into; you do not have to struggle with hooking it like a regular bra. Also adding to the comfort is the fact that it has a seamless construction with soft contour cups. Genie Bra Lace Trim comes with a magic pouch that lets you accommodate removable modest pads if you want extra life and coverage. It is so amazing that it can lift your bust to 1 full cup size. The knitted support band is wide enough and it takes away the need for underwires.

You can rest assured about the quality of Genie Bra Lace Trim because it is made on a Santoni machine and with best craftsmanship. Most padded bras are not machine washable but you can remove the padding from the magic pouch and wash the bra in a washing machine. Available in all sizes from 32A to 44DDD you can get a set of three colors – white, black and nude at an easy payment option. The risk-free exchange policy of Genie Bra Lace Trim also lets you exchange the set if you mistakenly picked up the wrong size.



What do I get?
Get 3 bras (white, nude, & black) for 3 Easy Payments of $12.99. Official website



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3 thoughts on “Genie Bra Lace Trim Review

  1. The Genie Bra Lace Trim does not provide the necessary support required. In fact, it seems as if you aren’t wearing a bra when you’re wearing the Genie Bra. It’s even worse for women who have double or triple D cups requirements as there is no proper support for them. Also, Genie Bra Lace Trim doesn’t work for women who need bigger cups in bra even though the advertisers wrongly mislead you to believe otherwise.

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