Envysible Shaping Slip Review

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What is Envysible Shaping Slip?

Envysible Shaping Slip claims to be a patent-designed one-piece shaping slip that makes you look slim and sexy instantly. Envysible Shaping Slip asserts to come in an open-bust design that allows you to wear your own bra for the right support and comfort.


How does Envysible Shaping Slip work?

To give you a smooth and slim look, Envysible Shaping Slip alleges to be made of a patented soft and knitted material that compresses gently and does not cling to your clothes. Proclaiming to have a built-in and specialized 360° compression paneling, Envysible Shaping Slip gives you an all over control and contoured figure at all the problem areas – tummy, thighs, waist, hips and upper back.

All over slimming effect instantly
Looking slim and sexy instantly is promised to be very easy with the shape wear Envysible Shaping Slip that gives you a targeted 360° slimming with its compression panels. While most shaping garments are thick and make you feel very stuffy but Envysible Shaping Slip assures to be made of soft and knitted breathable material that is so comfortable that you will feel like it’s your second skin, and even though it clings to your body, you won’t feel like you’re wearing anything inside.

Envysible Shaping Slip maintains to have a V-shaped neck control zone that sculpts and shapes your tummy by targeting the waistline and eliminating the bulges. The side shaping panels of Envysible Shaping Slip declare to target and shape your hips, waist and thighs so that you won’t have a lumpy look. Envysible Shaping Slip convinces to target and smooth out the upper back fat too.


Doesn’t ride up
The problem with most shaping wears is that they ride up and you need to keep adjusting them, which can be really awkward. But Envysible Shaping Slip emphasizes to have a silicone strip at the bottom hemp that guarantees to be non-slip so the shaper won’t roll up no matter how much you move and give you the slimming and support that you need. Envysible Shaping Slip promises to be so lightweight and discreet that no one could ever tell that you are wearing a shaping slip. Envysible Shaping Slip declares that it is comfortable enough to be worn every day to work and on your night out when you want to look slim and sexy.


Wear your own bra
With Envysible Shaping Slip, its manufacturers allege that you won’t be stuck wearing a bra that has a wrong cup size or pattern. Envysible Shaping Slip states to let you wear any bra of your choice with its open bust design that prevents flattening and squashed effect and you can get the support and comfort that your own bra gives you.

What do I get?

Get 2 Envysible Shaping Slip (1x black & 1x nude) for £29.99 + S/h. Official website HighStreetTV.com


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