Genie Custom Fit Bra

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What is Genie Custom Fit Bra?

As per the infomercial it is a comfortable bra that provides utmost comfort with its custom fit. It has a convertible seamless design with customizable straps to wear it in 30+ different ways.

You understand the importance of wearing the right bra every time you go out because it’s about your comfort after all. But they can become the bane of your existence because you are left struggling with them all the time. Annoying straps, lumpy bulges, sagging, spillage and back fat can be a nuisance. Custom Genie Bra claims to offer you respite from these problems. If you have had enough of those under wires, which can be quite painful then Custom Genie Bra promises to give you relief like you deserve. It’s said to be the next evolution in genie bra technology.


Genie Custom Fit Bra Claims

Custom conforms to your profile – Custom Genie Bra claims to be the first bra that can custom conform to you. In fact that’s said to be the thought behind this bra and it’s not like any other convertible. To begin with, it’s said to be designed to shape, lift and support so that you feel at your best when you are out wearing it. The multi-positional straps are said to be at the heart of the Custom Genie Bra and responsible for the custom comfort you can get when wearing it.

30 individual placements – Yes, the straps in the Custom Genie Bra can be moved to thirty individual placements based on your own individual comfort level. These positions are available both in the front and the back, giving you a lot of options. You can keep the straps in the traditional manner or use the front crisscross style to great effect. Custom Genie Bra also lets you wear a double strap cross shoulder style, halter and back crisscross style based on your own comfort. Its adjustable straps can be worked around in the back, bust and side zone, according to claims, to offer you complete convenience.

Multi directional weave for comfort – Custom Genie Bra is also known for its exclusive multi directional weave that offers 360 degrees of smoothing technology The bust zone soft contoured cups with knitted wide support bands can conform to your shape so that it can lift, support and separate to good effect. The side zone on the other hand can control underarm and side spillage. The back zone of the Custom Genie Bra has a full control back panel, which is responsible for smoothing and minimizing back fat according to claims. Thus it’s said to give you the right fit without any digging caused by underwires.

Adaptive Design – Genie Custom Fit Bra asserts to have a one-piece seamless design which needs the user to simply step in and wear it. Its stretch fabric provides everlasting support even after washing it in the machine for several times. More shall be revealed once we analyze Genie Custom Fit Bra reviews. The customized straps on Genie Custom Fit Bra allegedly help in achieving 30+ unique strap positions to conform to any style. Genie Custom Fit Bra convinces to work as strapless, crisscross, single side strap and more. Genie Custom Fit Bra reviews will expose the facts.

Get amazing comfort and lift – Genie Custom Fit Bra claims to be a one-piece design with all-new adjustable comfort straps and has no wires or back hooks. Genie Custom Fit Bra maintains to have 3 zones for providing life, shape and support. Currently there are no Genie Custom Fit Bra reviews available that will attest to its claims. The Bust zone provides soft contour cups that conform to different shapes, ruched center and knitted wide support band to separate bust. The Back zone is covered completely to smooth and minimize back fat. Genie Custom Fit Bra’s Side zone controls the fat on underarm and side spillage. Such tall claims by Genie Custom Fit Bra will be validated once users review it.


What do I get?
You get 2 Genie Custom Fit Bras for $10.00 + $13.98 P&H | Official website:

3 thoughts on “Genie Custom Fit Bra

  1. I might suggest ordering a bit larger than the website suggests. I have the Classic one in a medium and it is awesome. I ordered the custom in the same size, and it was way too tight. Exchanged for a large, and still a bit too tight. Also, it does a great job of smoothing, except on the sides under my armpits–it bulges over the top of the bra.

  2. Has anyone tried the Custom Genie Bra, does it really work?

    Are you satisfied with the Custom Genie Bra?

    Do you find it useful?

    Can you share the pros and cons of Custom Genie Bra ?

    Is the Custom Genie Bra ad misleading?

    Would you recommend this Custom Genie Bra to fellow customers? OR do you know a better alternative?

    Would you report this Custom Genie Bra as a scam?

    Did they let you review your order before hitting the “buy” button?

    How much is the shipping amount? is it acceptable to you?

    Do you know the Customer Service number for Custom Genie Bra ?

    Is Custom Genie Bra back-ordered?

    Do you know the return process?

    Did you buy this Custom Genie Bra in a store? Which stores carry them?

    Is this Custom Genie Bra made in the USA?

    • Custom Genie Bra helps you get unlimited bra styles so that it can go with just about everything you wear. You know how difficult it is to find a good quality bra that not only fits you well but makes you feel comfortable in your outfits too. But what if you were told you could take things a step further and make it work for different bra styles? Yes, that’s just what Custom Genie Bra claims to do for your convenience.

      Custom Genie Bra allows you to wear your bra in different styles
      It can give you the option of unlimited bra styles because of the 30+ positions you can get with the top band of the bra. Hence you can wear your bra in many different styles; from strapless to sports, traditional to bandeau and convertible. Thus with one single Custom Genie Bra you will have the ideal comfort companion to go with different outfits you want to wear.
      Custom Genie Bra is known for its multi positional straps that can be moved to various positions so that you can get ultimate comfort, support and style. With this bra you are always in control because it can be worn as halter, criss-cross, one shoulder, racer backs and a whole lot more.

      Custom Genie Bra has been cleverly designed
      This bra has special pouches, where you can easily slip in extra pads that give you further coverage. The curve hugging seamless design of the Custom Genie Bra is another highlight and it makes this bra so easy to step into. It’s also got knitted wide support band that is meant to offer lift and support, which is something you look for in your bra.

      Custom Genie Bra is meant for your comfort
      This bra doesn’t have any underwires or back hooks, which means that there is no painful digging. You can wear the Custom Genie Bra comfortably and let the soft contour cups eliminate spillage and back fat. It is also said to be machine washable, which adds to your convenience on a regular basis.

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