Copper Pajamas

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What are Copper Pajamas

They are pajamas that claim to fight off and destroy bacteria within hours.
Copper Pajamas maintain that they are just perfect for your stay in hospitals, nursing homes etc where you might have to worry about bacterial infections. According to studies, more than 1.5 million Americans take ill because of a healthcare related infection, every year. It could be in a hospital, nursing home or assisted living facilities for that matter. Copper Pajamas assert that they will be ideal for these situations where you will be protected from harmful bacterial infections.

Copper Pajamas and why it is effective

Copper Pajamas emphasizes on the fact that it is highly effective when it comes to fighting off harmful bacteria and destroying them. It can do that because it has copper fabric, which is capable of destroying bacteria. In fact, it also stresses that it has been lab tested and clinically proven to offer you protection from bacteria. Copper Pajamas are also engineered in a way that they can attract harmful bacteria to the surface of copper, where they can be destroyed, not only effectively but quite quickly as well.


Copper Pajamas have been specially designed and made

Copper Pajamas are made using bamboo and copper infused fabric, which ensures that your skin doesn’t get dry and cracked. As a result, you won’t have to worry about those itchy skin issues that you might be faced with in certain environments. Copper Pajamas also boast of Deoware technology in their making and it can fight off nasty odours that can be really annoying. It’s particularly true in health care related setups and you are offered much needed respite. Hence these pajamas maintain that they are perfect for short stay in hospitals or longer assisted living setups where you can easily catch an infection.

Copper Pajamas are made for your comfort and convenience

One of the advantages of Copper Pajamas is that they can be worn and feel exactly like your regular pajamas. They fit comfortably and there are no spurs, which is a relief for those who have been suffering from eczema. Since Copper Pajamas have copper infused in them they do no wear off easily or wash out, which is how you can make the most out of them for a long time to come. They also assert that they are machine-washable offering you complete convenience.

What do I get?

You get 1 pair of Copper Pajamas for the low price of 2 easy payments of $29.99 plus $8.95 P&H.Official website


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