Contour Top

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You may wish to fit into that favorite dress of yours but are conscious because of the bulging fat on the body. But if you need to hide those extra pounds and fit into a dress in an emergency the refuge is in camisoles and shapewears. The problem with such shapewears is that they control the shape of different parts of body and leave a lot of bulge left that shows in body hugging dress or top and is claimed to be removed by Contour Top.


How does Contour Top Work

Contour Top is supposed to be a 3-in-1 inner wear, which combines Bra, a camisole and shapewear all in one. This mainly is done so that Contour Top covers the entire body and leaves no area of the upper body exposed to be seen in a dress. The one-piece Contour Top is claimed to be seamlessly knitted on the famous Italian Santoni sewing machines which is known to create slimming zones addressing specific areas of the body. In a way Contour Top covers entire body and comes in variety of different colors ranging in Red, Blue, Grey, White, Black and Nude.


Since it is said that Contour Top works for a Bra to lift and support the bust region, the slimming benefits of shape wear and comfort of a camisole it is one solution to all unsightly bulges. Contour Top is said to automatically roll in front and back to remove the muffin tops, bulging sides and lumpy fat in the back region. Contour Top also supposedly makes the bust look like lifted and at the same time make the waistline trimmed. In this way Contour Top claims to make anyone look up to 10 pounds or two clothes size lighter. Plus it works under any dress, jacket, top or casual wear.


What do I get?

  • Get Two Contour Top for £39.99 plus £5.99 S&H

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