Comfortisse Bra Review

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The Comfortisse Bra features a unique seamless design and an extremely flexible and comfortable fabric to provide maximum support, comfort and style.


Comfortisse Bra
The extra-soft fabric of the Comfortisse Bra adjusts itself to your figure and gives your breasts a natural lift, complementing your figure.

The technology used in the Comfortisse Bra enables the bra to be made without wires or seams. It is made of an extra-soft fabric without clasps, marks or uncomfortable adaptable straps.

The Comfortisse Bra ensures you get the utmost care, comfort and confidence everyday. It is available in all cup sizes and comes in 4 sizes: S, M, L and XL. It is the ideal bra to wear everyday, for any occasion and with any outfit, whether sporty, formal, casual, or semi formal.

The Comfortisse Bra is very easy to put on and to take off. Simply try the Comfortisse Bra and you will never go back to wearing your old regular bras ever again.

Why Comfortisse Bra

Most women are exasperated by ill-fitting bras as they have to constantly fumble for hooks, straps and buckles. What’s more, it’s even said that a whopping 80% of women wear bras of wrong size. While a bra should make you feel comfortable and confident about your appearance, unfortunately most bras do just he opposite. That’s why Comfortisse Bra is just what’s needed by every woman to look and feel great.

Comfortisse Bra is a special kind of bra that has taken the fashion market by storm. It’s a superior, bra that is designed in a novel manner owing to which all the usual bra problems are completely eliminated. It fits comfortably, prevents sagging completely, supports the bust by elevating it effortlessly, thereby lending it a touch of feminine grace. With Comfortisse Bra, gone are the typical problems posed by the clumsy bras using nothing but underwire straps, buckles or hooks.

Comfortisse Bra means no tugging, no fumbling, no bulging and no spilling. It fits most comfortably, makes you feel secure and gives out remarkable smooth lines. It provides elasticity and flexibility that one needs to experience perfect fit and confidence.

Comfortisse Bra is designed using special technology as it employs a four-way stretch system. It offers you maximum flexibility as it makes the bra take the shape of the body perfectly. It is cut to provide you the best fit which has no seams, no underwire straps, thereby leading to no spills and bulges. Also, It’s is designed to have more space in the cup area, creates centre cleavage and greatly enhances the look and even gets support from the back to maintain it.

One more thing you’ll love about Comfortisse Bra is the layering. You can exercise in Comfortisse Bra, play and even sleep wearing it, which is not advisable in normal bras. Since it is very thin, so you can wear more than one Comfortisse Bra together, go creative and mix and match different colors. Just pick up the size that fits you, whether it’s small, medium or large and put it on for best results ever!



What do I get?
The Comfortisse Bra comes in a pack of 3 for just £59.99. Place your order today and you can save up to 50% when you order a second set of bras.


Comfortisse Bra Video


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  2. I’m from the country Philippines, and I like to post a complaint regarding my comfortisse bra I just bought. It didn’t deliver the kind of quality that was presented on tv. Not only does it have any support, it was so thin that there are no pads, so you need to have nipple pads under it or else wear the 3 bras. I called their hotline which is 817-7000 and the customer service told me that I can’t get my money back because there was no money back guarantee and because it was undergarments.

    I was so disappointed, and didn’t know how to claim my money. Pls help, I’m now thinking twice about the products “as seen on tv” and should have read this site before ordering my product my bad pls help on how I can reimburse my payment.


  3. This Comfortisse Bra is the worst product and company I have ever worked with. I didn’t even place an order, but they still sent me product. I put my information, but didn’t hit submit because I changed my mind and they still charged me and sent product. Normally, when you buy something you hit submit and get a confirmation # and email. That is why I didn’t think anything went thru. I had to pay for shipping to send it back and now they are telling me that they will not credit me back for the shipping that I paid when they sent it to me. When I called customer service they would not help me. I asked for supervisor and they would not help me. I asked for their supervisor and they said they don’t have one. I find that hard to believe. Plus the bras are crap. No support! Stay away from this company. I am not sure how they are still in business. They don’t even deserve 1 star.

  4. If anyone wants to buy these bras cheap, they’re selling a three-pack of these bras for $19 on Groupon including free shipping, but no returns unless defective. Imagine the people who previously bought these bras here and paid the exorbitant shipping fee and sees this deal… the shipping fee they paid alone was more than enough to buy these $19 3-pk bras!! I’d be pissed.

  5. I can’t say that I liked the Comfortisse bra as much as the Genie or Ah bra – I sent them back. BUT had I been willing to keep, they would have removed $30 from the price, but they weren’t comfortable.

  6. Bought these and they went right back. They have NO SUPPORT at all. They are made from the thinnest material I have seen in a bra. I am also out $42 in shipping and handling between their charges and the return shipping charge. Do no buy unless your are A or B and need very little support.

  7. Thanks everyone for taking the time to write these reviews. I’m a 32DDDD so you can imagine how hard it is for me to find bras that fit, and forget comfort! I tried the Genie bras and they could not even contain me. These looked like they provided more coverage, but if there’s no support, what good is it? I hops companies read these things and try to develop bras for the women who really need some help and comfort.

  8. I’m so glad I found this site and read the reviews. I was thinking of ordering these bras but now I won’t. I am a 38DDD and figured this was probably too good to be true. After all, how can thin, stretchy fabric be supportive? The gals on the TV ads with larger breasts are obviously augmented and don’t need support. I guess I’ll keep wearing my underwires… (sigh)

    • AJ,

      Have you heard of BreastNest? I’m a similar bra size and recently switched to a Cami called BreastNest and love it. Bras never fit me correctly or were too snug. BreastNest feels great. It’s time for comfort.

  9. It’s pretty comfortable…I like it because I have a pretty large bust, and most bras by the end of the day start hurting me and leaving marks.

    this bra is different…definitely built for comfort, not for sexiness.

  10. First, let me say that I was excited to see the t.v. add about a bra that would finally be comfortable with no wires or hooks and just look natural. Well, if you can get past the phone order with all the other add ons they try and get you to buy, it will be a miracle! All I wanted were the bras they advertised & nothing more. I received the bras and I didn’t like them, (too flimsy for a girl my size 18) and called to return them. (To you ladies that love them, they are really nothing more than colored light weight stretchy material bras.)

    There is no support what so ever. Well, no problem, spoke with a foreign man who I could barely understand, and got the address and thought everything was cool. I got to thinking though, my invoice said, my charge was $99.70 so why did the man tell me I would only get $59.90 back? I called back today 7/12/2012 and to my surprise they charged me $39.99 for rush shipping which I thought had only ordered regular shipping! I would have never paid $40 RUSH shipping for a pkg of bras!! I called and spoke with another foreigner, a lady and she said she was so sorry but I could not be refunded my shipping. I only asked her to refund my anything over the $9.95 shipping which is what I was led to believe when I ordered them. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she complied. As her supervisor got on the phone, I asked here with no disrespect, but I could hardly understand her and would like to speak with an American. She could not comply and was not even in the United States! What!! She ended up taking $9.95 off my shipping, making my shipping a total of $29.95 which I still never would have paid.

    This company misleads the consumer terribly on t.v. and once they get you on the phone. My husband said he saw what looked like the same bras in our Walgreens down the street for $19.95 I can’t believe that the United States is contracting out jobs that our Americans need overseas!! What is our country coming too? Ya know, one other time, I tried to order some exercise equipment off the “As seen on T.V. and they tried to do the same thing to me. I think these products are all part of a big scam. They make their money off the shipping and prey on consumers who are just looking for something to improve their lives, whether it be exercise equipment, clothes, bras, kitchen stuff etc. I think I’ve learned my lesson now……:(

    • Thanks Lisa!

      Like you, I’m a big girl and to hear that the bras really are too good to be true is not a surprise, but still a disappointment.

      And as for the whole overseas contracting – I wholeheartedly agree. US businesses should not be able to get away with giving jobs to people in other countries so they can pay them dirt cheap and have no liability to deliver their promises to customers.

  11. I really love this bra, feels like you aren’t wearing anything and it so so comfortable. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

    • I purchased these bras about 6 years ago and they have held up beautifully. I love them. They feel like I am wearing nothing. They are as supportive as the day I bought them. In my opinion, they are the best bras I have ever bought!!!!!!

  12. Wow! Never thought I would find a bra that was so comfortable and supportive all in one. I wear a 42DDD always had straps that dug into my shoulders. With the Comfortisse bra those days are over. This is the bra I have been looking for. I was considering having a breast reduction, but now I don’t have too.

    • this can’t be for real – I wear a 40 C and there is minimal support in the Genie and Ahh bra’s but these bras were not comfortable. And don’t even buy that crap that none of these bras roll up at the bottom. They certainly do. They are more comfortable that a normal restrictive bra, but they certainly aren’t nearly as supportive either. Ok to wear in the house but I would never go out in them.

  13. This Comfortisse Bra is a junk. The lower band rolled up on me like a taco and would not stay smooth. Totally a waste of money unless you are between 12-16 and are just budding.

  14. The bra is OK, no better than any sports bra. I Would like more support, the band that surrounds, rolls up under breast. I will keep them and hope they last longer than my cotton sports bra.

  15. I am English living in England so the cup size I understand I have is 38gg (debenhams ). I have as you can see large and heavy boobs. If I buy a t-shirt I buy XL or a size 20. I have ordered the XL top. Will they actually fit in hold and not drop out of the bottom. Surely they will if you are encouraging the larger sizes of boobs as these are not nickers or tummy control underwear? am very nervous as have read soooo many bad reviews and was really hoping this was going to be revolutionary.

    • Please, let us know if it will. Unfortunately, reviews are normally made by unsatisfied customers. Those, who were happy with what they have received just carry on. I am pleased, I have bought one even after reading all the negative comments.

      Personally, I do not see how this bra can hold larger breasts. Keeping fingers crossed for you!

      • Hi Veronica, saw your post and agree with the comment you made about these bras holding up larger breasts. You are right! They don’t but the commercials are misleading and you can even order a 3X. Now, why would they make that statement, because they dont.

    • I have a C- cup, they are not pushed up by the bra. I can’t work out in them not enough support. My breasts are held loosely in their natural position.

    • I wear a 40 C and ordered the XL and these were tight so I sent them back. Not comfortable and the bottom band will roll up.


    Please, learn from my mistake, and do not do it to yourself.
    I ordered Comfortisse Bra because it sounded and looked on TV wonderful! However, I needed to return my order because company misrepresented the quality of this product.

    The Comfortisse Bra does NOT provide any support and holds up my breasts together making it to look like one bump I am also very disappointed in Comfortisse Bra’s return policy. I was informed that I would not receive the cost of shipping and processing of $29.85.

    They claim they give you three sets for a price of one, but instead they get everything back, and keep cost of shipping and processing of $29.85. I would call it a robbery.

  17. Hello, I have seen the advert for the bra on a TV. I needed some cleavage solution for the low cut dresses. Before ordering 9 bras, I did some research and came across this site. I appreciate all the comments. But decided to try it out myself. I found that it is possible to order single bra on amazon. so I did order one black size M comfortisse bra (I am 38/C). Delivery came next day!
    OK. support is not great. but if your breasts do not need much support- this bra is perfect solution in for the low cut tops. I am going to order pack of three in colors. Of course, from Amazon.
    Apologies for grammar and spelling, I am from Eastern Europe (not India).


    • I’m glad it worked out for you, Veronika. I agree that if you have enormous breasts the Comfortisse is not likely to give sufficient support. I have fairly average breasts (c cup) and I find all of the as seen on tv type bras to be pretty good for me, but my friend who’s quite top heavy tried one on and just laughed. I could tell it didn’t fit her properly, but it was also obvious that even if it did fit her that it still wouldn’t do much for her. I’ve never seen the Comfortisse on Amazon but the 9 for 1 offers around make it pretty cheap anyway.

      • Katie,

        Buying 9 bras (plus delivery charges) is not a bad deal. IF THEY FIT YOU!

        The point I am making here- buy one, find out if it fits and buy more after! (Or don’t)

        Kind regards.

  18. I am so glad I came across this page prior to my purchase. I almost fell for it! I am a 34DD and in desperate need of a bra with full support minus straps which dig into my shoulders, causing bruising. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Don’t suggest Comfortisse! Thanks to all the ladies who saved me $100! I am truly sorry you were all scammed. From now on, I vow to read products reviews before purchase. I found this to be very beneficial.

    • I have DD breasts also. The bra I like right now is the Vanity Fair Beautiful Benefits 76-380. I was skeptical about the comfort of an underwire but it is very comfortable and it supports my breasts well. It has an added benefit of eliminating back fat. I found mine in JCPenneys and Kohls. Try it out in the store or order online. At least you can return it to a local store no hassle if it is not for you.

      Good luck

    • I’ve tried similar bras “seen on TV,” I wear a 40ddd right now. I’m always looking for something less binding and more comfortable due to chronic pain issues. The “comfort” bras on TV are not it. The best thing I’ve found so far are the newer wire free bras from Playtex. Plus they’re almost always on sale online.

  19. Absolutely the best bra I have ever worn. I have been trying for years to find something comfortable that doesn’t slide off the shoulder, show bulges etc. This one does it and I will be buying more.

  20. I watched the TV promotion for the comfortisse bras, sounded like a good deal pay for three bras, get 6 free, plus shipping and handling, which I had no Ideal would be 9.95 times 3 for shipping and handling, so I paid 59.90 for the three bras, and then 29.85 for shipping and handling. A total of 89.75 for 9 bras, I ordered XL, I wear a size XL in a tee shirt and a size 40 C in a Bra, well the comfortisse bras are tight, not too comfy. I decided to call and speak to customer service. I could not understand the representative and she could not understand me. I wanted to return the bras for a refund, but after I found out I still would be out 29.95 plus I would have to pay to ship them back I decided to just keep them. While I was on the phone with the rep , she wanted my credit card number again. this really scared me. I felt like she was trying to place another order for me. I told her if another order was charged to my bank. I would take it to the bank and show them and file a complaint, because I did not want to order another set of their bras, I wished I had never ordered in the first place , worst customer service I have ever came across, I would suggest customers, to be careful of this company. The product seems to be of good quality but they run small. And I thought I was only paying 59.90 for all 9 Bras, but actually ending up paying 89.75 I don’t think they tell you that on the TV commercial, or on the web site… Very confusing..From now on before I order anything else online or off TV I am going to check it out before I order.

  21. Total and complete waste of money for this product. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. World’s Best Bra Company misrepresents the quality of this worthless product. Does not even support during sleep. Over $90 for these bras and I cannot even use them. And, they charge $29.95 for shipping and processing charge. RIP OFF!

  22. To the poster that belittles all buyers that are dissatisfied with “high expectations” and lack of common sense,this is the exact words from their ad:

    Comfortisse Bra is a special kind of bra that has taken the fashion market by storm. It’s a superior, bra that is designed in a novel manner owing to which all the usual bra problems are completely eliminated. It fits comfortably, prevents sagging completely, supports the bust by elevating it effortlessly, thereby lending it a touch of feminine grace. With Comfortisse Bra, gone are the typical problems posed by the clumsy bras using nothing but underwire straps, buckles or hooks.

    Sounds to me like that poster may have been an employee of comfortisse trying to make the dissatisfied customers feel ignorant for expecting what they advertise.

  23. I am embarrassed to say that I fell for the hype and paid $90 for a set of “bras” that absolutely do not live up to its claims. I have spent so much money on every kind of bra that I was hoping that this would be it. They do not support-at all-as a matter of fact they stretch out as you wear it. I am between a “b” and “c” cup-avg frame so it’s not as though I was asking for something unreasonable. You will be charged close to $100 for a lame sports bra.

  24. I have had a lot of success with this line of bras. I’m 5’10”, 160 pounds and found it very hard to find a bra that provided the support I needed while also blending in with my outfits. Comfortisse is great for me.

    • I need help! Does the Comfortisse bra work? I ordered some today and know that I have read these reviews I m getting quite scared and now I don’t know if I should cancel the order. What should I do?

  25. I paid a lot of money for these bras and they were the worst. When I called to get my money back the operator was giving me such a hard time she asked me to wear two bras. Who wants to wear two bras. Because I paid 90 dollars for the bras and was only gonna get 50 back I decided to give them to my 12 year old daughter. Money down the drain

  26. I ordered the promotional pack that I found in a flyer (9 bras for 90$ total- 60$ for the product and 30$ for s&p) and added on the second set of colored bras for 14$ free of s&p.

    Ive got to say that I love them, for what I ordered them for… Which is solely to sleep in. I cant stand sleeping without some sort of bra on. The website seemed straightforward but I ordered over the phone. Zero problems there. I got my bras in 13 days. I’m actually ordering ANOTHER 12, because I love them so much. They aren’t suited for day wear (at least not for me personally) but they keep me from moving around all over the place at night.

    Really, all you have to do is LOOK AT THEM to see that they aren’t going to give phenomenal support. When ordering something of this nature, you have to use some common sense. You can see that they are rather flimsy, so complaining after the fact that they are flimsy is plain silly.

    All the commercials and print ads clearly state you are ordering a SET. So don’t be surprised when you receive a SET.

    I find people have these completely unrealistic expectations of these “seen on TV” products. There is a reason that these products are not available in stores, you’re getting a bra for about 10$. And as the saying goes: “You get what you pay for.” If you are looking for firm support you have to shell out more money for a quality f

    These bras are VERY comfortable. Perfect for lounging and sleeping in. That’s about it. If you are anything over a B cup, this is NOT the product for day to day use.

    As for the ladies who had problems returning them and were overcharged, well, that is frustrating. But ANY product ordered from an infomercial is usually near impossible to return. Buyer beware.
    I have recommended this bra to my friends for sleeping in and the two who went ahead and bought them are also very happy with them.

  27. Hi there,

    I felt like trying out this kind of bra. I ordered in Germany (where I live) from a professional seller on eBay for a fixed price, no auction (saw it first on TV, but never liked TV-offers + so looked for a different way to buy…).

    3 Comfortisse bras (white, black, flesh, original stuff in the original, sealed packing) for $46.00, postage $6.50 (that’s a total of nearly €40 – which is an absolute snap for 3 bras.

    Paid via Paypal and got the bras 2 days later. (The seller sent me confirmation of the purchase as well as a mail when he had dispatched the bras.)

    I’m 52, about a 34B (blouse size 4) and I chose bra size M.

    The bras feel very nice and soft + my bust fits in well. They give me enough support + a round silhouette (which I much prefer over a pointed one, and which resembles my natural bust-form ). They do give the look of a reduced bust-size, but that’s fine with me.

    Compared to all my other bras, this one’s much more comfortable. In general, I don’t like much wearing any bra, so this one’s a relief for me. Additionally, I have a lot of small scars in the bra-region (from many removals of basalioma), which sometimes excoriate and thus hurt with any normal bra – not so with the comfortisse.

    I like the fact that the comfortisse gives me a nice little bit of cleavage and, at the same time, reaches up high enough to help me avoid the “Dirndl-look” on any low-cut piece of upper wear.

    1. the band below, which to me, feels tight + so a bit restrictive – and it curls up (I have some stomach-fat and a bad posture, which do contribute).

    2. Washing instructions: You should only wash this bra in cold water – not so good for something you wear directly on your skin, and it practically means hand-wash only…

    Although I’m satisfied with my purchase, I wish I could compare it to the Ahh-bra and the Genie-bra, to see which one is best; but I don’t have the money to buy all of them – and I also think that most likely, there won’t be much difference between the 3 kinds.

    Has anyone of you had a chance to compare all 3?

    • I have tried the Genie-bra. Purchased at Bed, Bath, & Beyond using their 20% off coupon. You get 2 in a package, so under $25. I like the Genie-bra, but would like more colors that the Comfortesse seems to offer. The Genie-bra also comes with removable pads which are great for my lope-sided breast! A wider bottom band is best for me, as I have had a lumpectomy due to breast cancer, so comfortable bras are hard to find. I will take your suggestion & look for the Comfortesse on E-bay. Thanks!

      • Deborah, Please look for the website ‘ I ordered 3 of the bras for $18 and free shipping. I figured for that price if they’re not up to quality I can at least wear around the house or yard work. I hope this will help you out. Kudos to you for surviving breast cancer. I hope you peace and continued good health.

    • I got the Genie Bra at Bed, Bath and Beyond and love it!! I only have nude and black so I am hoping for more colors. After reading the reviews here, I will not purchase this! I love the padding and support the Genie bra gives!

  28. HORRIBLE. Worst bra I’ve ever worn. It’s just a sports bra with no support or coverage whatsoever. They say you will get a flattering lift.. NO, your boobs just sag in this terrible stretchy fabric. You would be better off going to Walmart and buying almost the same product, maybe even better for less than half of what you pay for these. Terrible customer service. The day I received my package I called for the 30 day guarantee, then I had to leave town for an emergency and when I got back they would not let me return my bras. Also when I was ordering this terrible product they charged me $30 for shipping!! Then when I got my money refunded they only charged $10 for shipping because they overcharged my $20 in the first place!! Ridiculous supervisor and worst customer service ever.

  29. I saw the infomercial on TV yesterday and didn’t order immediately. I went to the website today to place an order and the site would not let me order the bras unless I also ordered the panties (which I didn’t want). There was a button on the page to bypass the panties, but it didn’t work. It constantly just put you right back to the top of the panties page to place an order. So, I thought this was really strange and decided to look for some reviews…found these. I am so glad that I found this site and these reviews…I will not be buying these bras. I am a 36 and need the support. I am not spending close to $100 for 9 bras to sleep in. Thanks everyone for sharing your feedback, it is helping the rest of us and preventing this company from making more scam money.

  30. I ordered these Comfortisse bras too. $30for shipping and handling is a scam in itself. I also notied that there is alot of legal informatonon the sheets of paper that they send in the box.( I have never seen that before.) Maybe this is supposed to scare the customer from filing a complaint.I wish I had seen this website before I ordered. Even though they are comfortable for now, they are better sleep bras than supportive bras.

  31. Hello everyone, I’ve just received my Comfortisse bra on 3-17-12 and I’m very happy to not have to keep pulling up my straps or for it not falling below my shirt being exposed in public or being for tight, loose, etc.

    I’m never wearing another regular bra except for strapless until they make one.

    Love them, maybe because I’m a 38 C with a large size. If you have a problem with your size just do like I did. I asked about it before I ordered and was sent the right size.

  32. I wish I had read this info before I fell for the garbage that I was told. I ordered the TV special in Dec 2011 as of today, I have not received any products, I have called customer service in India, I have spoken to 7 different people, given bogus mail trace #’s. told I would have to fill out a return form that would be mailed, and given a fax # to send it back to them.(because I do no have internet and have to use a friends computer) after 2 months, 7 customer service people, being lied to, I was finally told that I would be credited in full with in 5 business days. At 8:20 this morning I get a call from them saying I wanted to place an order.

    This is the first time and the last time I will ever order anything from the TV.

  33. OK they say that the Comfortisse bra works for any outfit but what about those strapless dresses? I guess it is not so bad if you have a smaller cup size, but if your like me and have a lager cup size you know that we have to have support. So what are we to do if we want to where something strapless while wearing this bra?? I guess we’ll never know.

  34. What a scam!!! I ordered Comfortisse bras & was told if I didn’t like them for any reason I could return for full refund, which to me means it will include S&P. Well was I surprised when I called for return instructions. I was speaking to someone with broken English who tells me I will only get credited with the 59.90. When I asked about the S&P he said you were told specifically when you ordered the S&P was non refundable,which I was not told at all. Then he said it is clearly stated on the invoice but, nowhere can I find it. I was not happy with him when he suggested he would give me a credit for S&P 29.85 & I could keep the bras. Why would I keep them when they are not comfortable & rolled up when I only tried one on & absolutely no support at all. I called back & asked where My call was being answered & it was INDIA. Tried to talk to someone in CA but was told they are the only answering service for this company. Tried to talk to a supervisor who is fluent in English no luck, so I think I will be calling the Legal Dept to put in a dispute.

  35. After I ordered my Comfortisse bras I then read the reviews and some were pretty negative. I almost cancelled the order, but I thought, I would wait and see for my, and I could always return them if not satisfactory.

    I really am quite satisfied with them. I got 12, gave my daughter six, and she likes them also.
    They’re comfortable,,no digging in at the shoulders. Perfect for exercising, and the colored ones look great under a low top. No complaints.

  36. I enjoy the merchandise, but the customer service for is the worst I have ever had to deal with. They made a double deduction from my visa card last month, they did resolve this matter with a credit, however I had to wait 2 weeks for my refund…again as of today’s date, they have charged my card again for the same total amount that they charged me last month! When contacting them and speaking with several “managers” they’re response was the same…” we are sorry for your inconvenience, but there is nothing we can do!” I will never do business with them again..If you have a choice, I recommend another company with a similar product and better customer service.

    • I have to revoke my negative message above regarding Comfortisse Bra customer service. Yes, the folks at the phone provided, are rude but If you take it one step further and read terms and conditions, you can receive a call from they’re legal department. They represent Comfortisse bras and they were extremely eager to satisfy my complaint. They refunded the “too early payment” and refused to allow my to pay the balance on the dste I had originally set up. read the terms with all you complaints and look for arbitration (legal) it will probably say the same thing I read. We want an opportunity to handle complaint and resolve issues outside of courts. Every website for online retail shopping has this at the bottom of the page…thanks for listening.

      • I find it odd that the first note by Lori here was well spoken with good grammar and punctuation. The second reply really does not look like it’s from the original poster at all but from someone who doesn’t speak English fluently, who doesn’t spell properly and probably works for the company. If there is an over-looker on this site, please make sure the email addresses that they put in for the same name are the same because it really does not look like the same person posted both comments!

        • I agree! It is illegal to pose as someone else and this does not sound like the same person!! Will not order from this company!! So glad I saw this!

          • Agreed…now this makes me doubly skeptic about online comments. How unprofessional was that? A company has to accept the negative comments along with the positive. This is where one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

        • Michelle ~ Yes you have a point there too. I don’t trust anyone on the net from another country. They say things like “I will like to meet you” ah will? and “if you just have patient” ah patient. They are always dead giveaways from their improper grammar for sure!


  37. I was about to order these Comfortisse Bras today and thankfully took a LOT of time to finally find this site. It was certainly worth it after reading all of the bad reviews of this company. They have done a good job of flooding the internet with what you think are reviews but are in fact more of their sites for sales. I stumbled upon this one after almost 30 min of looking for bad reviews. Thank goodness! I appreciate you all posting as it seems you have saved me lots of wasted money and useless products.

  38. I love these bras! Comfortable, light weight, no pinching, very natural look and support, for even better support when exercising; wear 2 together.

    I was pleasantly surprised how accurate the infomercial was for once. I didn’t deal with the company directly; I ordered from Shop NBC, and got 6 bras for $42.00 including shipping, no hassle. I practically live in those bras, wear them day and night, haven’t worn any of my other bras since I got these. I cant wait for them to come out in more flattering colors. I hope they hold their shape and fit for a long time to come. Pretty good find!

  39. I too was scamed. Back in November 2011, I ordered the nine bras for $59.99. My credit card was charged a total of $276.70!!. I was alerted by my credit card company. I filed fraudulent unathorized charges. I had to close that card and wait for another card to be re-issued. However, the charges were placed on the new card, pending investigation. I am told by the credit card co. not to worry, no need to pay anything while it is investigated. Well…when I receive statements it shows late fees, interest fees, and the irritating fraudulent charges.

    The kicker to this story is that since the credit card did not pay Comfortisse, they send me Past Due Notices for $49.90….where did that amt come from?? They threaten to turn me in to a collection agency!!Go Figure after all the money they have scammed from all of us and I am sure many more.

    I plan on taking the advice and reporting to BBB. Tonight I did post on a Scam Website that is suppose to investigate. Truthfully I don’t have much confidence in any of this now. No more TV info

    Plus, I didn’t even like the thin, nonsupport bras. I am small all over and I still found them to be confining under the armpits.

  40. These bras are comfortable but do not offer support – especially the white fabric. Not sure why it is different. I think these bras would be fine for sleeping if you like to wear a bra to bed. The biggest disappointment is in the return policy. I called to get “authorization” for returning and was informed by 30 day “free” trial would actually cost me $29.85 since all of the shipping charges are not refundable even though all 9 bras came in one package. Can’t believe it costs $30 to send one small package. Also, I have to pay the return shipping fee. So the “free” trial costs close to $40. Guess this is how this company makes money since the bras aren’t that great.

  41. Thank Goodness I read these reviews… I will just go an spend some money on some good sports bras and a bra… I ordered through… but I just cancelled my order… I hope there is no drama like all of you here..

    • Try the Genie bra, but order a size up (I am a 36 B and have a size L). Great support with removable pads. I won’t order any other type bra but Genie!! Available at Bed Bath & Beyond in store so you don’t have to worry about credit card fraud.

  42. Hi…my name is Dona and I am very much disappointed with the faulty reviews that are available on many product review sites. I was really annoyed with these spurious review sites when I realized that they were misguiding me. I read an advertisement about this comfy bra called ‘Comfortisse Bra’ in a newspaper. I thought of buying it online and hence was searching for its reviews with the keyword ‘Comfortisse Bra’. Gosh…..the results I found were horrible! Most of the pages had obvious reviews and when I clicked on the ‘read more’ button it directed me to another site where I was supposed to buy that product. This happened repeatedly. Frustrated….I quit that page. I tried for the reviews again and finally I had them right in front of me. Thanks a ton for your reviews and experiences!! The product might be good but surely not worth the hassle.

    • Yes……you are absolutely right. This has become a rising trend nowadays. The scamsters are finding it easier to increase the ranking of their websites with such malpractices. Unintentionally we fall prey to these fake reviews. So it’s very important that you search for authentic sites like this, where you can get genuine reviews. All the best!!

    • I was interested in trying the comfortisse bras but when I tried to go to their website my computer would alert me not to go to that page. I trusted it and decided not to go there and was looking to see if there was another place to buy and came across these reviews. Boy am I glad I did. I bought the Ahh bra at Walgreens which I figured is the same thing. It is very comfortable. Since I’m overweight it doesn’t really lift as well as I’d like but I still like it and can sleep in it. So I guess I’ll stick with that. I’m not taking the chance of calling and getting all these charges and $40 to ship back? That’s insane. I feel sorry for so many of these reviewers. I hope they all get their money back and that the BBB will check into this place. So glad I found these reviews. Guess the moral of that story is to buy only from someone/place you know.

  43. Be aware of this one. The shipping was $30.00, non refundable. The bra was comfortable but not flattering (flattened). It cost $9.00 for postage to return. Pricey for a guaranteed item wouldn’t you say!

  44. Its Christmas time and I was going to get these as a partial gifts for my mom. The advertisement was so convincing. Anyways I’m so glad I didnt order these thanks to all these helpful reviews thanks!

  45. I ordered the Comfortisse Bras on November 4, 2011. When I got them they had charged my credit card for over the amount. I called their customer service and the lady who answers was an Asian. I told her I needed an RMA number to send the bras back, because it was too pricey. She told me I should not send them back she will give me a credit for $29.00 and I agreed to the arrangement. The $29.00 was credited back to my visa account. Surprisingly today, Dec 5th which is a day after the 30days when I ordered the bras, this company went back into my acct with my credit card number and took out the $29.00 which had been debited to my account. I am going to call my bank and alert them that I did not authorized this credit and my statements shows that it was credited on Nov 16th. I am going to file a fraudulence report against them and if they do not put my money back, I will report them to the Better Business Bureau. If you have not order from this company, beware of misleading information when you call them.

    • Go ahead and report them anyway to the BBB. They did exactly the same thing to me. What I thought was a credit they promised, it turned out to be another charge. They have had their bras back for over a week and told me I needed to show proof that I mailed the bras and then they would refund me within two weeks. This company is a scam and it needs to be stopped!

      • DO NOT under any circumstances start an order online, then try and cancel it. They will charge your credit card without you completing the order, then refuse to cancel it. I am now disputing the charge they put through WITHOUT my full consent. Buyer beware, and I guess that includes me…

        • Same thing happened to me. I was just kind of playing around with an order to see how much it would come to. Then BAM! No total, no order number, just a page that says “Thanks for your order!” WHAT?? I immediately called and they said the order wasn’t in the system yet. I called the next day and they said order has already been sent to processing and shipping so I can’t cancel it. What kind of bulls**** is that? They told me I would be billed in two installments. There was never any notice of that on the website either. Very shady practices by this company . . .

          Once I asked to speak to a manager, they have offered me the same $29.85 credit as Amy, however he did explain that this is basically getting the shipping refunded, nothing more. Billing still will be in two installments. So my initial installment billing of 59.80 (which was already posted to credit card by day 2!!!), will be credited $29.85 and then next month I will be billed $29.95 again. So my total cost for the bras is $59.80.

          I actually already own some bras that I got on Steals and Deals from the Today Show in November, so I know I like them. But I really didn’t need 9 of them . . .

          Buyer Beware!

  46. I will be returning all 9 of these…they lack the support that’s advertised…fine if you’re a tiny size 6. I found that after one day’s wear I had chafing under my arms from the seams, the underarm circumference could be deeper, and it doesn’t allow much movement. There is NO support on either side of these either…it just seem so smush you together and flattens you…not an appealing look at all. I couldn’t imagine trying to layer these. My opinion…don’t waste your money!

    • Agreed! These were not comfortable at all!!! False advertising…not bad since they make $30 for each time someone places an order…wish I had thought of this scam…I’d be rich by now.

  47. I do not recommend ordering anything from this company. The bras are perfectly fine the problem is the company in which you order from. I order my bras didnt receive a confirmation number nor was I told how much my order was going to total. Upon speaking with a live person my card has been charged several times. I was informed by customer service that it wasn’t their error but my banks error. I was offered and given a refund only to find out that I would have to give half of it back in order to finish paying for a second or of which I DID AND DO NOT WANT… They need to be reported to the better business bureau.

    • Report them…I did. BBB needs to know this company is a scam!! They make $30 each time you order, even when you return them…I believe the correct term for this is money laundering…

  48. I bought these – it sounds good. It is comfortable and straps don’t slip but if you do not have natural uplifted breasts, these bras do not provide this and you sag. I also bulge at the front and breasts squeeze together. I measure 32 inches around back/chest and ordered medium size but have 32GG bra normally.

    Not attractive.

  49. I was not pleased with the way the bra fit. I called to return the merchandise and could not understand what he was saying. He wanted me to give the bras to someone in my family.

    I asked for a return label or number and I heard a click and the phone disconnected. Poor customer service. My order was taken on 11/5/2011. I received the order on 11/18/2011. Your 30 days starts from the date you ordered the merchandise, not the date you receive the bras. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. My order total was $149.00. OUTRAGEOUS!

    • I’m watching the infomercial and decided to look at the website..I’m so glad I did. I’m sorry for those who have to file complaints and fight to get your money back. It sounds like a scam.

    • I have been tempted by the ads on tv. Every woman in the world would love to find a good, comfortable bra (unless they don’t have to/want to wear one!) I’m glad I checked this out. It sounded too good to be true and I’m old enough to know better. Also, if you can’t understand their “representative” on the phone, it’s got to be BOGUS!!

    • Wow I’m glad am looking on here…they just called and offered 9 bras for 60 dollars (free shipping in the US) but I don’t wanna go through that drama!!

  50. I placed an order and the scam starts with giving you “free” additional bras and talking so fast you have no idea what you have ordered. The English is very broken also. They give you no total, no order review, constantly add to the order, and when mine arrived., my invoice was a whopping $379. and the shipping was $89. Also they do not fit as the size was incorrect. There was no return label, so I had to return them and PAY TO SEND THEM BACK(another $10) I was told the postal service is the reason the shipping is so much-funny they didn’t charge me that. I spoke with our post master and she assured me they did not This is a huge scam. Do not order from these people as I feel they are not even trustworthy. I am consulting the Better Business Bureau for further action. I spent over $100 and have absolutely no merchandise to show for it. VERY UNHAPPY!

    • Report them to the BBB…I did and they need to be shut down. Everyone has the same crappy problems with them and they need to be stopped. This isn’t how legitimate and honest business conduct business in the USA.

  51. Hi there,

    I bought it from in Holland. And the man on the phone did not mention anything about shipping and taxes etc. So instead of 69 I got charged 89 euro. And the bra doesn’t lift my boobs at all!!!

    I have 85F and I have folded the part on my shoulders and put safety pins in it so the elastic bra holds my boobs up.

    I am very disappointed. And my breasts are not separated at all, with or without the safety pins, my breasts are fully touching each other and when I get sweaty I get irritated skin there.

    • Hi Seema,

      I,m also from Holland and ordered the Comfortisse bra. I have the same problem you have, it doesn’t lift my boobs at all. I have an e-cup.

      They said you can do sport with the bras, but when is run, my boobs are jumping in my shirt, totally no good hold up.
      It’s terrible.

      I have them now for a couple of days and I’m sending them back. I hope I don’t get troubles with that. I hope they will pay my money back.


  52. I must say how thrilled I am with my purchase and with the seller, Best Direct, who sent the items quickly – ordered and received within 48 hours. The bras work brilliantly and are by far the best ever purchase of all time that I have made in bras. One minor gripe is that I wish there were no labels as I hate sewn in labels and always cut them out but I can live with that. My bust size is a very full and heavy 36H – yes, 36H and I can honestly say that I get as much support as needed and a beautiful shape. The customer services operator was so helpful and on his advice purchased a size L which is perfect. I wear two together to avoid the visible signs of cold – if you get my drift. I will never return to the dreaded under-wired tortuous garments – a big woohoo for the marvelous Santoni technology I am a real fan!

    • Hi Angelina,

      What the size of your T-shirts? Because I have bought the XL Bras and they don’t lift my boobs. When I run, they jump in my shirt, as a matter of speaking. And I have cup E. So maybe I can better take Size L then.


  53. I would like to order the bras — however, with all the complaints and lack of paper confirmation mentioned in these reviews — I am truly reluctant to do business with your company. Deb

  54. I saw the infomercial on these bras and I already have the Genie bras which I bought from QVC. I think the Genie bras are great, so comfortable, and good support. If you want to get a bra like this, try the Genie bra. I think there’s going to be a lot of copy-cat bras out there.

    • I had an unbelievably horrible experience with Genie Bras. The band rolls and they charge an outrageous fee for shipping. I would be careful with any of these companies that have the infomercial, as their charges are high and have no English speaking (mostly Indian) people.

  55. I have ordered these bras on 11-02-11. When I went to check in the status of the order, they could not find that I had placed one, I know this is the company that I ordered from and will be calling the tomorrow. Like many have written here, I to had a hard time understanding the lady on the other end of the phone. She also tried talking me into other perches, which I refused. This seemed to irritate her somewhat, but its my money, not hers to spend. I will not be doing business with this company again.

  56. I saw Comfortisse Bra on TV last night and ordered what I thought was a special deal. When I called them this morning they had tripled my charges. The recording for ordering is confusing and long. To make a long story short I ended up cancelling on the phone as they said they could cancel it. I did not trust this company especially that they charged so much for shipping for sending cloth thru the mail. If they charge my credit card I will be contacting my state attorney general and the FCC. This company is shameful in how they deal with selling. I should have known when the person I am speaking with on the phone the next day was from another country. DO NOT ORDER from TV info commercial.

  57. After placing my order by phone for which I had great difficulty understanding the lady, I didn’t get an order number and the amount sounded way too high. So I went online to check it out and sure enough I was charged too much and that’s when I noticed that if you return your order that they get to keep the S&P, so I called them back. I was wanting to know why they charged me so much and the lady was also hard to understand -kept trying to explain to me that I ordered more sets of bras than I did. I wasn’t getting anywhere with her when I asked to cancel my order and she told me my order wasn’t processed yet so I would have to call back in one hour. I asked her if it would be processed by then and if they would still be open for which she replied YES. She lied. They were closed when I called back. I called them back the very next morning and once again had a huge problem this time understanding this lady so I asked to please talk with her manager or someone else because I was having lots or problems understanding her because of her accent. The manager lady that got on the phone was a little better to understand but not much – after telling her that I was not advised of the return policy when ordering and that I wanted to cancel my order – also telling her how I tried to cancel the order just a couple hours after placing it and was told to call back after they closed. It felt to me like one large scam and I told her so. I wanted my ordered cancelled and she finally said OK your order is cancelled as of today. I said thank you and hung up. I went to check my CC online 3 days later and see that they charged me $119.65 the same day I was told my order was canceled. I called first thing this Morning (Monday) and went round and round with a lady who told me that even though I was told my order was cancelled that it had already been processed and I was so angry. She kept trying to take a few dollars off here and there and keep the bras and I said NO I was told my order was cancelled the day before you shipped them out. I asked to speak to her manager and this time it was a man and I cannot understand their names to write them down which is probably not in my favor. The manager said he could charge me the $59.90 (also should have been charged two payments of $29.95 instead of one full charge) take off the S&P charges and I could keep the 12 bras and I said NO – I don’t want the bras they were cancelled on the 10th and you went ahead and shipped them out on the 11th – this is your fault. Now they still tried to tell me if I refused the order and sent it back they would reimburse me for everything but the S+P ‘Fees and I really lost it. I said I will send them back but I had better have the full money returned to my account and he finally agreed to do so but said it could take several weeks after they received the bras back.

    Please people be smarter than me and go to the webpage and read all the fine print. See what you are in for before you place an order. I’m 55 y/o and old enough I should know better. I’m sure It will be a fight. I opened a dispute with my Credit Card company over this charge. Hopefully I will get my money back and if I want a sports bra I will go and buy one and it will be a good one compared to these and I’m sure it won’t be cheap but I won’t get ripped off.

    Comfortisse cannot be in the USA cause they do not speak English well enough for us to understand them and they should be put out of business. I’m also going to open up a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and if everyone else who got ripped off would do the same thing they would either close down and start treating customers correctly. It doesn’t cost them anywhere near $9.99 for Shipping and Processing for 3 flimsy sports bras along with charging you close to $60 to start with.

    I supposedly had 12 bras ordered at $59.90+ 4 sets of 3 X(4X $9.99) S&P =$99.86 + Tax $.6.99 still doesn’t add up to the $119.65.

    Everyone help out go the the BBB and open a complaint and let’s make them do it right.

    • Thank you for your review. I’ve looked at all the reviews, Genie etc. and had decided against them, then Comfortisse showed up on my TV last night and I decided to check out the reviews on it too. You convinced me.

  58. What a SCAM! Do not purchase these less-than-sports bras! I wish I would have read these reviews prior to ordering. The bras are not as described-there is no support and the only thing that lifts is your blood pressure when you get the extra fee of $29.95! And then if you return them, they only refund you $30 of the $59.00 already charged to my credit card! Total rip off!

  59. I received my 6, yes 6 bras there was a coupon book for $29.95*(to be charged every month)I was bullied into buying and didn’t even want. Said I would get a $50 Walmart card and said to cancel when it came, No book and short 3 bras!
    Will let you know how this ends……

  60. I have to say a good thing about the customer service end. I too was shocked that I did not know the total of my order or anything when I finished ordering. Waited my 3 weeks and they came only to my surprise the wrong size. I ordered a large and got mediums. Well no way that was going to fit. So after reading these reviews I was ready for them. I called told them what happened and they sent me a full replacement order no charge for shipping and get this.. no returning of the wrong shipment. Told me to give them to someone that could use them. Now that is customer service. I did say I was not happy about not knowing what the order was or total before clicking on the final placing order. They said they had gotten many complaints and were working on that. That was my experience with customer service.

  61. I ordered the Comfortisse bras, and as mentioned in some of the above complaints, no confirmation, postage explanations, too long of a wait for product…get the bras and the first thing that happens is the lower band curls up when I put it on and that is one of the features mentioned in the ad that will not happen. I called to return the product and the tactics begin, order a smaller or larger size, take a discount (for a product that does not meet satisfaction?) treat your customers with a little more respect, please., and the best of all put you on hold so they can begin the return process, come back later and maybe you are not there??? Skip all the monotonous and insincere apologies, once or twice is enough. The postage, shame for shame, that charge covers the cost of each bra, $29.95??, USPS has flat rate shipping for under $12.00 and the shipping containers are free and you would be supporting and American institution that is faltering.

  62. I order this online and was astounded that at the end of my order…that was it…THE END….no review page to see exactly what I ordered and if I ordered correctly….no confirmation number….no clue as to what was charged to my CC….I called the day I ordered…told to call back….called back…no record of my order….call back in 3/4 hours….called back 48 hours later…still can not tell me what was charged to my CC….no record of my order….sounded foreign….like the people where in India…clueless….I did receive an immediate “we received your order” at my e-mail address but NOTHING else…just “received order” ….. truly frustrated and now I’m reading these reviews and really want to kick myself….Just beware….this doesn’t smell, feel or sound right and now I’m gonna hate the product before I even get to try it on…..DON’T BUY THIS ITEM…..THEY CAN’T ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS…YOU LOSE MONEY…..It’s been 90+ hours and no one has been able to give me an answer to any questions…not one…nadda….

    • I had the same problem with my order. No confirmation number or email. I was really worried, so I call them. I got through and was told the order is on its way…I’m going on three weeks now…still know package!

      The company said they are in Calif, but I think the items are coming from other country. High shipping, no way to stop the orders or return, and the long wait. Oh, no tracking number! That’s my guess for right now!

      I took a change on this order because I like the bras. I don’t think they’re as great as they say, but should work for want I need them for and my card will expire soon, so I can stop the second payment and not be out of so much money…if I return them.

      • Reply to what I said before:
        I got my bras in today. They are a better fit and looks great! I’m very happy with my order. The down side, I only got part of my order. I got a letter saying, They are out of stock on some of their bras and underwear, but I wasn’t charge. Maybe that’s the problem for the long wait. Comfortisse has its problems, but I love their bras. I hope this helps!

        Happy shopping 😀
        Comfortisse is on Facebook and is answering some of your questions.

      • Be careful with this. My cc card had been stolen and when they tried to charge me for items returned and couldn’t, they turned me over to collections. Now I have to deal with that.

    • I’m glad I read this page for Comfortisse bra reviews. I think I will wait and see if they show up in the ‘as seen on tv’ stores. If they are good, many of these items also show up in Walmart, Ross and other chain stores.

      I did order the Genie Bras and I Love them. (hated the high shipping) When I ordered It went through the normal routine, confirmation, tracking # etc. also had a link in their conformation email so I could track my order.

      I wanted the bras for a trip and it took over 10 weeks to get then ‘grrr'(I was home by then) They were very good at sending a message every week telling me that they were backordered and would cancel if I clicked on ‘cancel order’.

      Comfortisse should learn how to set up their business correctly. Good Luck. You can always call the better business bureau in your state.

  63. Typical on tv item. Since they want $9.99 shipping per 3 bras that means that you pay $30 to ship 9 bras. When actually they cost under $10 to ship total. If you return the item they will keep your $30 and you basically paid for the item even though you have no product in hand. Always look at the shipping cost that is not refundable, that is what the item is worth.

    This is really a ripoff.

    • Thank you horse. I was tempted. Never having purchased anything from TV before and thinking the offer sounded too good to be true, I decided to do a little online sleuthing. Guess I’ll be looking elsewhere for a new bra.

    • I understand the shipping & processing as you do. I had only ordered 3 bras but then when I abruptly changed my mind and said I don’t want any that I was going to shop other places, boy did things change. I only had a $20 shipping fee, $59.95 for the 3 bras and a second set free. I was not satisfied thinking its still too much money. I was offered (after we went back and forth with one another) the above plus no other shipping fees and 1 more free set. I told Mandy or Mindy who spoke excellent English that the only way I would even think about ordering is if she doubled the entire order. The reason I told her was because I figured it was not made in the USA but probably India, China or Japan. She assured me and even promised once that they were made in USA. I did tell her at the beginning of our conversation that it was being recorded (same game , right) so I reminded her of being recorded and if she lied I would go to the media, the BBB and told her there were probably enough people to start a class action law suit or something. Talking fast was the other problem that annoyed me to hell so I would tell her every few seconds “say that again and say it slow”. NOW I have 18 bras and 6 panties which I did not even ask about. I can’t believe it. I still can’t!!! When I got to look at all the bras (inspection time) on the panties & bras both say World Best Bra,LLC Made In CHINA! People Please Don’t Let Them Intimidate You. You Control The Conversation And Tell Them What You Will Pay For Their Product. One more thing then I’ll shut up, its sad to think about these coming from China for if the truth be known a 7 or 8 year old is probably making them.

      • I don’t know where everyone’s orders came from but mine was sent UPS from Worlds Best Bra 1392 Sarah Place Ontario, CA 91761 STRANGE!

      • These people did the same thing to me. I ordered Comfortisse bras for my wife online offering 9 bras they only sent 6 and been dealing with customer service 5 times and getting nothing but run around from them from sending me to sales to customer service back to sells back to customer service and the problem is never taken care of. This has been the worst online sales experience I have ever had.

  64. I am very disappointed in Comfortisse Bra’s return policy. I ordered Comfortisse Bra because it sounded fabulous! However I needed to return my order because they were too small. I was informed that I would not receive the cost of shipping of $29.99, and I would be expected to pay shipping of $29.99 for my new order.

    Please think about improving you exchange policy.

    • The tv stated that you could return but be charged the shipping fee. Well, the clerk fails to tell you that if the size is wrong according to your normal bra size that you still can’t return without paying for all the shipping charges.

      I’m very disappointed the way these bras just scrunch you up and makes you look FLAT! The tv showed that the back would be longer that it is and I am very disappointed in that. Their short…

      There is no way again that I would pay $59.95 for 3—but wait!!!! Get 3 more free with just shipping charges—but wait!!! Get 3 more different colors for just shipping charges. All I wanted was the original 3 for $59.95, not 9 for $89.95 CRAZY!!! and to think I fell for it!!!

  65. Does the Comfortisse Bra provide maximum support?

    Is it comfortable to wear?

    Does it have wires and seams?

    Is it ideal to wear with any outfit?

    Does it come in all cup sizes?

    What is it made of?

    Is it available in the US?

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